Ottmar Liebert - Dune

I found this piece hidden through months of old emails the other day, and I decided to finally give it a listen. I don't know how many of you might be familiar with Ottmar Liebert, but he plays an excellent modern Flamenco style guitar that transcends the genre with his band.

Today's track is my favorite of the streamed chunk of his latest album. It's got the right length and the right sounds too. Check it out.

It's got that tropical breeze sound that one wouldn't typically expect from a German born guitarist. Nothing too new, but he did write the song and the composition is a subtle kind of excellent. The details make it stand out, and the guitar is talented but not overwhelming.

If anything, I think the bass could be a little more elaborate. It's definitely not looping, but it makes it sound a little canned for my tastes. I still found most the other instruments accompanied the song quite well.
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As with some of his past albums, I find this one to be a little difficult to handle for a full listen. There's some hardcore guitar aficionados who will definitely enjoy his style, but I think most of these will have already heard of him and taken what best there is to take.

I couldn't make anything more out of any other song than on today's, but it was still an enjoyed listen. I just don't think I'll be making this purchase any time soon.

Still, 9 of the 14 tracks are free to listen via the Soundcloud stream. If you liked today's track; make sure you go check those out. He's a very talented individual and his band aren't short of talent either. Worth a listen.
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  1. For a moment I thought I was listening to a Gerudo Valley remix from OoT. Quite nice and relaxing.

  2. This is a real treat for me this morning, I love that kind of guitar playing style and he does it oh so well, great song.

  3. Great stuff, but if you like modern flamenco, you must check out Jesse Cook


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