Summer Heart - About a Feeling

I don't really remember how I got to know about this album, but it was on my notes along with the fact that it's Swedish and I decided I'd give it a listen yesterday night.

It's Dream-Pop, and as such you should expect it to sound like the colorful soundtrack to your mind's eye. Or just, you know, floaty and chill and all that. Give a track a listen, you'll see what I mean.

Listen/Buy @ Bandcamp

Rusty Cars is the very first track on the album and it gives a great idea of what's to come. That's not a great thing here, and that's not to say the track is bad either.

What we've got is some interesting use of layered vocals, some sweet bass, and a ridiculously Pop finish. It's not something you'd hear on the radio just yet, but when people get tired of their auto-tuned vocals and looping percussion.. wait a second...
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
This is one of those albums that, regardless what the artist wants, would love to be let loose in the mainstream. It could change the way people see current Pop, and it's just catchy enough to make a lasting success.

Being as I'm not the biggest fan of Pop at all, I found it a little annoying after 3 tracks. Even though it gets switched up every once in a while, hearing 3 minutes of the same endless loop gets to me.

If this track did it for you though, give the album stream a listen just in case. It's a lot better than some of the other stuff on the radio. Give the guy a chance, yeah? Looking for more than this album? Give his Soundcloud a listen too.
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  1. Dream pop is about the only pop I can stomach. Sorry Katy Perry. Now, I couldn't listen to this on repeat, but I like it for a quick listen. It's light, and airy, and put me in a pretty good mood.

  2. This is so good man, really puts me into the Summer mood which is funny since we're so far away. Great post buddy.

  3. Hard to listen to until your ears get used to it, not bad at all.


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