Bago - Sunday's Best (Free Download)

When hearing about the LA based singer who finds her influences within Etta James, Johnny Cash and Amy Winehouse, I couldn't help but give her entire debut release a listen.

What we've got is a low key Electronic base thanks to the album's producer Alexander Spit, and Bago's perfectly raspy and catchy voice to continue setting the mood. Give her a listen.

A more recently developing sound here. Just chill bass and electronically modified twists and turns around a vintage voice. I really like the contrasts on this song, but the whole album shows the same style to it.

By the end of the song, if it's to be to your liking, you should be nodding and humming along. It's just catchy enough without being too annoying. Independent without delving too deep into that Indie sound. Maybe it's just me, but I really like the Bago/Spit duo.
Soundcloud Stream | Hulkshare Download
Making it even harder for me to believe that this isn't leaving a giant dent in the music world is how the album is free. Not even name your price, just plain old free for download. Share with your friends, your family, and with the random hobo down the street.

If the day's track didn't convince you and you think maybe something a little more upbeat could, give I Forget You a listen. Between that and today's track, and knowledge of even Trap sounds going into the production, you should know what you're getting into.

It's not without its imperfections, though. Maybe her voice gets a little too electronically altered with the echos, maybe the music can too easily lull you to sleep before the depth of her lyrics get to you. In the end, all that's stopping you from enjoying this gem is it not being your favored genre.
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  1. I really dig the vibes of this man, so much that I'm actually off to download it, it's too good to miss!

  2. Sorry i think I fell asleep during this one!

  3. I would gladly share this with the hobo down the street, but he seems to prefer malt liquor to music. Too bad for him.


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