Sæth - The Human Sense

I stumbled onto these guys a little while ago, or maybe they stumbled onto me, but I gave them a listen. I was hesitant at first, very hesitant, but there's talent. The average Rock lover should come at this release with an open mind.

Their latest effort, The Human Sense, isn't perfect by any means, but there's a few tracks here and there that make it a worthwhile listen. One of those songs is One Step to Dawn.

Check it out.

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Now it may incline towards that generic "Alternative" Rock side, but they do manage to incorporate a unique sound in there. It's not clear enough for me to fall in love, but it's there.

 The overall band sounds great, too. There's quality in the bass, the percussion, and there's some sweet licks here and there from the guitarist. What falls just a little short for me is the vocals, which is a shame because they're a heavy part of the album.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
The entire album is loaded with English lyrics, making the voice portraying them a necessity. It's also a little odd because, well, the band is currently located in Mallorca, Spain.

 Aside from this detail, the band comes through pretty nicely. They've been active since 2007 and they're self produced, which is really impressive. Worth checking out if you need to rock out to something new.

 If the voice just barely passes for you though, they have an earlier release that can be yours free of charge. The vocalist back then, to me, is good enough to make that download worth while.
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  1. Totally agree with your assessment. Decent sounding band, but the singer's voice doesn't nearly match the intensity of the instruments.

  2. I think that this is amazing and way better than some of the alternative rock I've heard, honestly man I like this and even though you and Bonjour are right about the singer for some reason I kind of like it!

    1. Just because I dwell on certain things doesn't mean I can't acknowledge that not everyone else will. I do understand the talent, and I was sure it'd be liked. I'm glad you do!

  3. "It's not clear enough for me to fall in love, but it's there"...I'd have to agree but not too bad!

  4. This was one I just couldn't sink my teeth into for some reason. Not sure why.

  5. I liked it, it was fairly unique.

    And then when you told me they were from Spain they suddenly became more special. Didn't notice an accent or anything.

  6. Not bad at all, quite liked the Smiths sounding guitar work.


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