Mkaio - A Far Off Horizon

Just recently checked the email and I found Mkaio's own luxurious Chillgaze waiting for me to stream a listen. I had an idea what to expect at first, comparing himself to M83, Mmoths, and Toro Y Moi, but one always suspects things when someone hypes themselves up. I was cautious.

I didn't really have to be. The production quality was sweet on the ears and the fresh ideas were served perfectly throughout the release. Since he starts catching your attention right at the start of the album; here's one of my early favorites.

A very natural, very chill sound all achieved through bedroom production. It's got a slowly easing set up to the base of it that makes it easy to transition in sound, and even easier to captivate you while it does so.

But this is just one of the instrumental tracks. I tend to prefer them a little to the vocals used throughout most of the album, but the vocals are still great and the production quality shows talent and promise all throughout the lengthy listen.
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If for whatever reason the above Soundcloud widget isn't working for you, you can check the same track out on his Bandcamp. Just making sure you don't miss anything before delving deeper.

An ambitious release, Mkaio serves us 16 tracks in a vinyl styled digital double-album complete with some slight Pop influences and the occasional monotone vocals. They go well with the Chillwave, see for yourself. What ends up really pulling this together is the production.

And to show ambition (and balls too, in my opinion) he even covered Bob Marley's Is This Love just before the end of the record. Make of that what you will, but know it takes an open mind to appreciate it. If on the other hand you have a preference for the plain instrumentals, he offers that as a name your price.

If you're more into the collaborative and interactive sides, you should visit his website for more fun and great tunes.
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  1. Ooooh! That was really nice. And I want to hear more!

  2. Like you, I like the instrumentals a bit more than I like the songs that include vocals, but those aren't bad by any means. I gave the entire album a listen, from first track to last, and I rather enjoyed it. That's pretty impressive considering the album's length.

  3. Hard to believe that this wasn't recorded in a full studio. Excellent production value. Very relaxing, mellow and sweet.

  4. To me this guy is an absolute talent to be able to put this together from his bedroom, it's awesome! Great music man!

  5. Kinda reminded me of Ryuichi Sakamoto's music.


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