Tagged with Math Pop, I was curious to give these guys a listen. I've heard some amazing Pop influenced music before, and I usually really enjoy Math tendencies, so they can't be too bad, right?

What we have is that same release you get when straining your ear for details, coupled with the refreshing tendencies of their Pop side. A complicated overall sound with a simplistic base. It's a little hard to visualize, so if the Spanish lyrics don't bother you, give 'em a listen.

Right away you hear enough talent to keep you hooked. It might be the track that best displays their capabilities, and that's fine. At least it's the first and it allows us to appreciate what's to be heard.

To the downside, if you don't like the rest of the album you're kinda screwed. Individual tracks are not for sale. But if you do feel like supporting them, the album is only $2.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
Translated to The Great Fruitastrophe, the album's title and artwork resonates what they're about perfectly. Refreshingly off, or just a kick in a normally unexpected direction.

All I have against it is the vocals. The lyrics are fine, the music is quality as far as I'm concerned, but I didn't feel any attachment to the voice behind the story. I felt little emotion, and even less character. By the time I realized that was what I didn't like; I would've been happy with a rapper stepping in on the action.

If the vocals didn't bother you and the music was sweet (it should be), it's definitely worth a listen. It's at a great price and it's not your every day jam.
As I heard this one, scribbled on my notepad and wrote "Beautifully discordant Jazz". It's that flow of sounds that don't match up and yet still belong to the same body of energy.

It's also that more technical Jazz side that I only really started understanding a few years ago. Today's track is a bit softer. Still very technical, just easier to digest and make sense of. Give the trio a listen, and enjoy the progressions.

If you think you can handle something more Math inclined, here. Otherwise, wait for this one to speed up. It takes its time, sucks you in, and bends into something we can't expect. Let it grow on you.

The whole album has a core that's rooted directly to pure Jazz. My only real problem with it is that Vijay (piano) likes to hog up the spotlight. I usually prefer a bit more sharing. Considering the overall production exceeds my standards though, I let this one slide.

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To top it all off, it's one of those all-in-one albums where it's better heard in its entirety and ends up becoming one really long song. The mood fluctuates, the talent captivates, and the piece as a whole begs to be heard and understood.

If you need any more incentive to give it a try, they even rack up the courage to cover Michael Jackson. Of course it's much easier to cover him when you're not actually singing, but it's still impressive that they took Human Nature and turned it into a near 10 minute Jazz epic. Or at least I loved it, try it yourself.

Definitely worth a listen to anyone who enjoys fine displays of technical ability or top notch Jazz. Not the easiest to get into if you're just exposing your ear to the genre, but still worth trying if you liked today's track.
This was a refreshing find. Ondatrópica is a fusion of the tropical beauty found in Colombian Cumbia, and the crisp digital production from the English scene. The end result isn't always perfect, but is generally easy to get along with. Fun to dance, hum, and work to.

Most of the album's contents are instrumental, so I figured I'd show off one of my favorites. It's lively, energetic, and just spontaneous enough to keep you on your toes as the song progresses.

It might be a bit too fun and upbeat for some, but the rest of you will enjoy quality percussion, classic Cumbia bass, and enough horns to make your musical demons jealous. Some vocals or a few trimmed seconds wouldn't be much to ask for, but I think it works out well regardless.

The great part is this track's preceded and followed by tracks of completely different standards. A vocal base, a slow paced melancholy piece, and even a Ska side can be found on the diverse yet dead-set album.

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As a first effort it stands strong. You might notice some repetition, or maybe some unnatural sounds meshing together. Just remember that that's the idea. The whole point is to bring a modern twist on a classic sound, and that means things are gonna get awkward.

The good news is that's easy to get used to. The bad news is it might just grip at your nerves until you do, and I can't imagine someone sticking around after half an hour of annoyingly awkward loops.

If today's track sparked some interest, it'll be worth checking out. The overall album shows a nice bright side to a classic Colombian genre that will help younger generations, as well as old, get into the foreign groove. Give the first few tracks a listen, you should know if you'll like it or not by the Iron Man cover.
Stumbled onto this thanks to social mediums and their sharing methods. A friend of a friend likes some good Hip-Hop, and Croosh (AKA CruciaL Chaotic) came to view.

Initially I was digging it. What I found were sweet chillaxed beats underlying a talented rhymes-man. One of those rappers that sound like they've studied a thesaurus and learned to mix and match words to make them more pleasing to the ear. Some might say that's all you need.

It's tracks like those that make me want to just sit back and enjoy the rhyme flow. He keeps his rhythm with a persistent touch that sounds great against The Doppelgangaz relaxed production. The contrast is something many rappers should aspire for.

The problem is he doesn't say much. A lot of words, big and small, but no goal. Nothing to really say other than I'm here and I know how to rhyme. It's okay at first, but this is a complete album of the stuff.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
To its favor, it's a name your price album, as are the individual tracks. You can grab a track for free, for 25 cents, or for $500 if you think it's worth it. I admit the guy has talent, I just like them to massage my brain and make me think about the story being told.

All this aside, there gets a point where after you've heard enough rhyme magic, you realize he raps like a white guy. And I don't mean Eminem or Asher Roth (props for the mention, Croosh) but more like Beastie Boys or Vanilla Ice. It's not too easy to spot, but after a few listens you can tell he could iron out some wrinkles in his style.

For the price it can be, it's worth a listen. I can't deny the talent and that my head was bobbing back and forth for the majority of the album. Just make sure to open your ears, or maybe read the lyrics on the page.
After apologizing to myself for not knowing about Marnie sooner, I went ahead and gave her latest album a second listen. It's good enough the first time but like most great artwork, it takes multiple visits to digest everything.

At first there were some ifs and buts. I'm not a huge fan of her vocals, but they grow on you quick. And some tracks seem a lot more simple than they really are, again, multiple listens necessary. Give one of my favorites a listen or two and see for yourself.

A tinge of Indie and a lot of talent is what makes up the general sound. Add a dash of well written lyrics and a lack of commercial molding, and you're left with the sheer beauty of The Chronicles of Marnia.

Or in this case, just Proof of Life. But really, the whole album latches onto you the same way. It's not all full of the same level of talent, but the production quality is just as good all throughout.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
The album as a whole ranks high for me. It's catchy but not Pop-y, it's got originality overflowing everywhere, and it's got Marnie's sweet guitar skills displayed perfectly for our ears. Adding to all that, the percussion is so good while often being so subtle, it's literally like topping it with a cherry.

The sundae of an album doesn't disappoint me at all; from start to finish it's a piece of beauty in raw forms. While that may not be to everyone's liking, lovers of finger-tapped guitars or Indie-Punk influences should be happy with the end result.

Definitely worth checking out if today's track was to your liking. If the vocals weren't, overlook it and try it anyway. Between the lyrics, the strings, and the percussion, this is an album worthy of at least a streamed listen.
Italy's Metal scene has left me impressed. A short while ago I was contacted and shown what T-Mule was. A rising Thrash Metal band that's swerved and changed up since its conception, but should now allow a stable view at what they're doing.

What we've got is dark and a little twisted; some might say it's full of angst. If you can take the Metal growls, give them a listen yourself.

This isn't my favorite track, but I do love it. It starts strong, it transcends to something more than just heavy riffs and growls, and it's a clear enough listen. This really shows off why I'm digging these guys.

There's solos, light progression, just to make sure nothing's monotonous. What I love is the clear goal to make you face-bang your face off, and after a couple of songs, the album is just infectious enough to get you there.

Grooveshark Stream
The cover might seem like a generic Metal band trying to shove through the masses, and maybe to some they are, but I don't think it does them justice. From start to finish, the album is a worthwhile listen that does its best to pull you into it.

The first track, How to Cook a Goat, was their first release, and a great way to start the album. What's great is you can tell they've evolved with each track that comes after it. It's not even a bad track, they've just gotten better.

It's not the perfect awe-inspiring Thrash album that you have to listen to over and over, but it's more than decent with just as many amazing tracks as average ones. It's definitely worth checking out, just be ready to hear some average tracks after the great ones.

Need more? Like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. Contact them through those very means if you want to purchase their work.
Looking this band up I stumbled onto a Bandcamp with an old EP. I liked what I heard, and was just ecstatic when I found a full album stream for their debut on Youtube. And then I heard it and something was missing.

I turned back to the Bandcamp, gave Flaimingoh an honest listen, and realized I just like these guys better live. Check a track out.

This is their version of Mahmoud Ahmed's Belomi Benna, as performed live in Club Alize and recorded for our listening pleasure.

If the vocals and inclinations are a little weird to you, that's because Debo Band's lead is Ethio-American. The blend strikes quick and leaves its impression thanks to a healthy dose of Funk and Jazz swirled into the African genre.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
Contrary to their studio stuff, this I like a lot. They're good otherwise, sure, but I can't get over the difference. They're much more loose and vibrant when they're performing, and that makes all the difference for me.

It can still get a little monotonous at times; part of the genre. I'm sure if I understood the lyrics I'd get a little more out of it, but since I don't and I'm left with nothing but the music, there's dull moments while I listen.

They're not that many, and the vocals are definitely interesting to Western trained ears. I recommend the listen anyway. It's just 4 tracks, a simple EP, and it's varied enough to keep you occupied. Give it a try, and if you really like it, go ahead and look into their debut too. It'll be worth it.
My mistake was expecting anything in particular from a Flaming Lips album. I'd have been better off blocking their name from my mind and going "this is interesting" for the better half of an hour. But no, I was expecting a raw, gritty boom of sound.

Instead I got depressed. And not because the album is bad, but because they provoke the mood so well. Melancholy, the sadness of nostalgia, the ache of a lost love is what the overall sound achieved for me. Maybe I misinterpreted it, so give a track a shot yourself.

It's not my favorite track on the album, but it's not my favorite album either so it's a good start. You can almost hear desperation in the song, over the transitions and the electronic loops and whirls. If you can hear the talent in the music, it's hard to pull away from the feeling.

I can't remember a love album that's managed to make me so depressed. I've witnessed songs about love with different feeling music, or "love" songs that shed different light on the subject. Here though, it seems they focus on the lack thereof.

Buy: CD | mp3
I can't imagine why I'd listen to this album again, but I'm also really glad I heard it the whole way through. At first it seems like something odd; like some alien life form being recorded through the eyes of Rock and Roll. It takes a while to mature, and once it does it's not too disappointing.

For example, my favorite track is 13 minutes long, You Lust as performed with Phantogram. At first it was annoying, it was just a loop of sounds and it just went on adding details and twists and talented whiffs of fresh air and all kinds of other magic. By the time it finished it had evolved, all while maintaining the very same sound.

A similar illusion is kept throughout the album. It's the light at the end of the tunnel, or the happy ending to the sad story. Maybe I just couldn't see it, but I never felt it get there. And that's not bad, it's just not to my liking
I've overdosed on American Reggae recently, and wasn't expecting to find something good when I stumbled onto this California based band. I was expecting the same vocals, the same defined but monotonous melodies, and the same talented-but-not-talented-enough overall band.

Luckily, these guys want to stand out, and I think they're pulling it off nicely. What they're aiming for is a nice fuse of Rock and Reggae without turning all out Ska. I've heard it before, but they do it different. Check it out yourself.

This isn't my favorite track, but it's the first on the album, it's the title track, and it shows pretty well what they're about. It shows the Rock side clear enough with a light solo and progression at the bass. The percussion isn't at it's finest, but overall it's more than decent.

It's also catchy, and we owe that to a slight commercial inclination. It'll move in the direction that too many bands also aim for, but it's done while being at least a little bit original. It just barely shows on this track, but throughout the album it leaves its mark.

Buy: mp3
Sometimes the Rock overpowers the Reggae base a little too much for my liking, I just think the sound becomes overwhelming at times. It all could have been avoided with a little track list re-positioning.

I like the release, I like what they're doing. I would've loved to have them tone down the commercial tendencies down. But between keeping it Reggae and not Pop based, and even showing off a Ska track, they're fine on my book.

I'm just really happy they're not trying to imitate every other American Reggae band. They're doing what they like. Their influences are fine, their tendencies aren't my favorite, but they work well. They sound better. That should be all that matters.

Give the album stream a try.
I don't know why it struck me when I heard her voice, but as soon as I did I was glad I found Pretty Heart's Dark-Electronic material on Bandcamp. The simple production and brooding vocals make for a delightfully depressing track; when done correctly.

The first track I heard was the first song from her first release. It takes a particular mindset to fully appreciate this one, but if you like simplistic music and decent female vocals it's worth its listen.

It left a good impression right away, and I thought that if half her music were as good, the album would be alright.

I ended up jinxing myself, as literally half the album was as good. After that point; I was kinda disappointed. It's still a noteworthy first effort, but then I went through with everything else she had. She's not bad, but I'd recommend starting at the beginning and working your way up if you're curious.

Buy/Stream @ Bandcamp
It's the first three tracks I fell deeply in like with, and it was the three that followed that let me down. It's to be noted that I was only let down because I really enjoyed the first few and wasn't expecting a slide back down to average. It's worth checking out.

And frankly, the album (and it's singles) are available for whatever price you want to pay. So if you just liked the track you heard, give it a download and let it grow on you. When you admire what's being done, leave a donation.

If you like what you hear, and don't mind an inclination towards an 80s-ish sound, check the rest of her Bandcamp out. There's more music, free singles, and the quality is not bad. Definitely worth checking out if today's track was to your liking. I just personally prefer this album.
Lost in a sea of year old promotional emails, I found this. Intrigued by the fact that they were dubbed 'Chew it up, Spit it out, Rock and Roll' I gave them a complete listen. I wasn't convinced at first, but I listened through.

While I'm not sure I'd agree it's a chew and spit sound, I do agree with the Psychedelic Pop Rock. All the influences are obvious, but they pull through with something difficult to achieve. A unique sound.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp

This was the first track that really showed promise for me. Yeah, a little too happy for my liking, but it grew on me. It's catchy, and yet if I heard them on the radio I'd know it's them and not a stream of other bands all imitating this new, edgy Indie sound.

Plus it has a guitar solo. A sweet, but not amazing guitar solo, that doesn't respect the vocals enough to stop when the chorus comes back up. It's not the best song in the world, but it's got my respect tucked into a tiny appreciative ball of thank yous.

Buy/Stream @ Bandcamp
I don't know what it is I have against happiness, but that's probably the worst thing I can say about the album. It's just so damn happy. It kinda makes me want to plant flowers, make them grow, and play hide and seek in them.

Yes, it's got a strong repetitive Pop influence, but it's got some catchy originality. It's got the occasional blunt truth track, and more solos. I'm really happy about the solos.

If today's track was to your liking, give the album a shot. If you need some persuasion, the title track is really impressive. I think it's my favorite of the album, and that's even after listening to the whole thing a second time and realizing I liked it a lot more than I thought.
In what seems like a really short amount of time, The Echocentrics have made a significant amount of music. I may have gotten there a little late, so I started listening where one should. At the beginning.

They've got Funk and Electronic influences mated with a hint of classic Latin singing style whenever there's vocals. All of this is displayed quite nicely on the day's track, Esclavo y Amo.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp

We owe the beautiful vocals to Argentine Natalia Clavier, whose voice over the funked out bass and electronic details results in a captivating contrast. Though individually, all the pieces that make this sweet piece are of great quality.

Maybe for some the ending is a bit abrupt for such a delicate sounding track. With the rest of the album still peeking at you from behind the speakers, the mesmerizing effect will continue. There's nothing to worry about as far as this piece goes.

Buy/Stream @ Bandcamp
The rest of the album has a similar mood, though the music varies quite a bit. It flaunts an Electronic side while keeping a steady stream of sweet rhythm. It's a good combination, but it doesn't land perfectly throughout the album.

Still makes for a really good listen. The contrast of varied language lyrics on an album that isn't even completely lyric based is intriguing, and works as a grounding device for that moment just before you think you've gone too far into something too odd.

If you need some persuasion, have an instrumental track. It'll show some of the album's diversity, but if it seems to your liking you should hear the whole thing on the above Bandcamp link. You know; for full effect.
Unaware of who this guy was, I dove into his second release. It took a little looking up, but I had heard him before. A few times on albums I almost wrote about right here. After the research, I had my expectations, and he raised the bar way higher than I was prepared for.

What we have here is a trumpeter making Jazz happen for the sake of Jazz. Be it smooth and sensual or wild and intensely progressive. To my delight, he's a big fan of those swift, dramatic progressions that make Jazz its own genre. Give him a listen and see.

It starts simple, anyone can listen to those opening sounds. It's sticking around that won't be for everyone. If the hectic talent spilling out and into your ear drums is a bit much for you, I can't guarantee the album will be to your liking.

And this isn't to say every song is as crazy and overflowing in oddly timed and synchronized sound. There's tracks like What's New that are much smoother and seductive for the simpler aural needs.

Buy: CD | mp3
It's the type of album that brings me joy every time a track starts. Some might not like the all-over-the-place sound, but that's what makes it so amazing. It's not random, it's chemistry. It's quality in talent, and it's relatively new. Something I expect less and less as time goes on.

I wouldn't really say this is the best place to start if you're just getting into Jazz, but don't miss out if you love a fine trumpet or a great Jazz album. Give the stream a listen and hook yourself on, if you're curios.
It's been a couple of years since I mentioned this guy's talent, but my love for what he's done brought him back to me. Yesterday he released a new track, along with nonsense about being mostly retired and other such profanity.

The track is simple, and unlike a lot of his other material, it won't necessarily sound better live. This track was recorded a long time ago, and performed only once because of how difficult it is to capture. Check it out yourself.

Just simple, somewhat Bluesy, Folk oriented sadness. Wrapped wonderfully in a triumphant come back that might just put you in a carpe diem mood for the next hour or so. Thank that wonderful harmonica.

It's reasonably priced, but if you really like it, he appreciates larger donations. Then again, if you really like it you might also want to consider some of his albums.

Buy/Stream @ Bandcamp
That one there is a sweet little gem full of well written lyrics and attitude. You might not agree with everything he has to say, but you have to show respect for the way he says it.

Maybe some of this would be much more impressive live, but the quality is sufficient for the purchase. Or you know, start small. Support his new stuff so he can release more. He wants to.

Keep your eye on him. Here's his Facebook, Bandcamp, and his potentially abandoned Twitter. These might all be useful for the heaps of new music I'm hoping he starts releasing.
I found this sweet little band a short while ago. We've got Indie Rock with some ambiental or nature-like inclinations that make it light and airy, great for a relaxed mood. It's even better if you're paying attention to the details.

Right off the bat they reminded me of Rusted Root, a good sign early on. It didn't take long for me to get tired, but on those few tracks where they changed it up a little they had a pretty cool sound to build on. Give one of my favorites a listen.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp

It takes about two thirds of the song to make that change I was craving, but once it's made I understand why I'm listening. These aren't a quickly put together band; they're finely talented individuals with a common goal, to make great music.

The fact that the music isn't much to my liking after 20 minutes is just my taste. The way I see it, this isn't the type of track you can play whenever, you really need to be in the mood for it. I could be wrong but even if I'm right, that's not so bad.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
It's a great debut, the talent is undeniable and the flow from track to track is great. Maybe a little repetitive, but it's about as colorful as the album art. I just wish it were as random as the album art too.

It's definitely worth a listen. The stream is free, and if you like you can grab the CD or the vinyl. There's enough fans for merchandise to be available, so why not at least give the first few tracks a listen?
Searching for a completely different band, I somehow found this gem. It's fresh out of the studio and I still can't comprehend how they're not more popular. Maybe if we just give them some time...

What we have today is Italian Death/Thrash Metal. No quirky new twists, just great talent and inspiration from all the greats. If you remember those greats, this is gonna be a nostalgic kind of talent. Give them an ear.

Now the growls might not be for everyone, but as someone who often overlooks it I know it's actually not that bad. All deathly screaming aside, what I love here is the power in the music. Those deliciously heavy riffs, the banging yet awesomely well played percussion, and the fact that there's an amazing solo.

Let's not stop there. The production quality is great, the mixing is spot on, and before it's even over it leaves you with a thirst for more. What shocked me the most was how the album didn't let me down.

Buy mp3 @ Amazon
You hear one or two of these guys' tracks and you figure it out; they're replicating an era of great music. And really, how often does that work for longer than an EP? Normally it doesn't, but these guys provide. Even though the idea of what they're doing has been done and outdone, they've come up with a magic spark that makes it possible for them to shine as bright as some great bands did a decade or two ago.

And it's fine if you're not convinced. Give the album a full listen if the genre suits you. And if you like them, you can grab a free track over at their Facebook. Be sure to give them a like while you're there.

Just be careful, it's like hearing brand new, quality Thrash Metal for the first time all over again. The whole album is Venetian gold, and if you're a Classic Metal metal-head, this one should not be overlooked.
Experimental-Indie-Pop-Psychedelic-Rock didn't initially sound like something I'd be too fond of, but it didn't take me long to fall in love with Secret Mountain's perfect recipe. I was expecting something worse, but they've pulled this concoction off much better than I could anticipate.

Today's track is one of my favorites. It shows off quite a bit of the Indie side without being the cliche modern day band, and it has enough Psychedelia in it to really grab the attention. Give it a listen.

The vocals might be too weepy for some, but I think they suit the song really well. And even then, vocals aside, it's that catchy riff and the bass that hook your ear. It's the oddly well played Pop percussion that keeps it from monotony. It's the band as a whole that pulls this track off, and that's why I'm so into it.

Just to top things off, the track keeps getting better. It reaches a high point early on, and instead of just leaving it at that, they risk ruining the whole thing and change it up. Luckily for them, it works. It keeps getting better and better.

Buy/Stream @ Bandcamp
It's those sudden changes, those risks, that make this album such a great listen. The talent is great, but not mind blowing, so what's really keeping this together is composition and vision. They know what sounds good, and without sounding like just any other band, they make something for their listeners.

If you like an original Indie Rock sound, or if you like the Psychedelic vibe as it's been used lately, it should be worth checking out. The stream is free, the album is cheap. There's not really much to lose, is there?
I've been getting a little too close to average talent American Reggae, and it's discomforting. I wanted something better, where my love came from. So no, no Bob Marley today, but you best not be complaining about Dennis Brown either.

Superstar was more of a tribute album to some sweet singles on the radio back in the late 60's/early 70's, but it also has some great originals too. For today's track though, I'm keeping it cool with one of those covers. Give Dock of the Bay a listen.

Some of you will know the track. For the rest of you, please take a moment and enjoy Otis Redding's Original.

This was a bold move on Dennis' part, making a cover on such an iconic song. Then again the song was only about 10 years old and hadn't stood the test of time like it did today. All this aside, even if this cover came out today, it'd probably make the radio happy.


If you like sweet Reggae covers, it'd be a good idea to look into this. From Jerry Butler, to his own version of Black Magic Woman, and even with those gems it's the original tracks that keep the album consistent.

A word of caution, if you're ever phased by Reggae's religious roots, stay away. Tracks like He's Above or When I'm Down strike harder than Gospel, but the talent and excellent musical quality will make it a great listen to even the less spiritual among us.

I really enjoyed it, it's always good to look back on Regge greats and appreciate an album. It's a little hard finding a stream (or a sale), so I made one for you guys on Youtube. If you find any problems with it, be sure to leave me a comment and I'll fix it as soon as I can. Enjoy!
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