Croosh - Don't Squeal

Stumbled onto this thanks to social mediums and their sharing methods. A friend of a friend likes some good Hip-Hop, and Croosh (AKA CruciaL Chaotic) came to view.

Initially I was digging it. What I found were sweet chillaxed beats underlying a talented rhymes-man. One of those rappers that sound like they've studied a thesaurus and learned to mix and match words to make them more pleasing to the ear. Some might say that's all you need.

It's tracks like those that make me want to just sit back and enjoy the rhyme flow. He keeps his rhythm with a persistent touch that sounds great against The Doppelgangaz relaxed production. The contrast is something many rappers should aspire for.

The problem is he doesn't say much. A lot of words, big and small, but no goal. Nothing to really say other than I'm here and I know how to rhyme. It's okay at first, but this is a complete album of the stuff.
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To its favor, it's a name your price album, as are the individual tracks. You can grab a track for free, for 25 cents, or for $500 if you think it's worth it. I admit the guy has talent, I just like them to massage my brain and make me think about the story being told.

All this aside, there gets a point where after you've heard enough rhyme magic, you realize he raps like a white guy. And I don't mean Eminem or Asher Roth (props for the mention, Croosh) but more like Beastie Boys or Vanilla Ice. It's not too easy to spot, but after a few listens you can tell he could iron out some wrinkles in his style.

For the price it can be, it's worth a listen. I can't deny the talent and that my head was bobbing back and forth for the majority of the album. Just make sure to open your ears, or maybe read the lyrics on the page.
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  1. I would cruise in my low rider to this, damn good.

  2. I think this is so badass haha, like Francis says, perfect cruising music haha!

  3. It was ok. But was that Home Improvement at the beginning?

    1. It may have been, but most of the album follows a discovery sea world-ish set of samples.

  4. I dig this. Also, let me just say that "he raps like a white guy" is one of the greatest things you've ever said. I kinda want to blast this here in suburbia. You know, just to represent.

  5. Let me say this, when you download it, it comes with all of lyrics and a letter explaining what it's about. If you read what it's about and actually dissect some of the stories, you may learn something. A lot of material may have gone over your head but you should take time to break some of my lyrics down and see why I even put this project out. Also my other EP on my Bandcamp tells more personal stories entitled "Fresh From The Ziploc". I appreciate the blog exposure and some of the write up but the LP has more to offer if you listen to it a few times and break down what's happening

  6. It's been forever but I just wanted to say, I really appreciate the post


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