Amapola Dry - Amapola Dry

It's through a stream of potentially calculated chance that I've found Amapola Dry. An Electro-Tango group with a few twists and spins in directions our ears can easily come to enjoy. Giving them an upper hand in North America is the frequent switch from Spanish to English vocals.

They're fluent, bilingual, and depending on what track you're hearing they range from Jazz to Electro oriented Tangos. Today's track, the first of the album, probably has the strongest Tango feel. Give that one a listen.

I find  the beginning of the track a little ironic. We have the great Carlos Gardel giving a small speech dedicating his current work to Spain and Latin America. Then the rest of the track follows in English. It starts making more sense when you realize he's working from New York, as are Amapola Dry.

We have Sofia Juan's luscious voice seeping out of the track and into our ears. Though sometimes she may overdo it a bit, the result ends in a smooth, sensual, 007-ish feel. It goes real well with the Tango base and the amplified bass lines.
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The rest of the release switches up in musical direction quite a bit. It's almost as if it takes the beginning to take flight into another genre entirely. The Tango influences are always there, but they're subtle enough to get lost in the process. It'll allow many a wandering ear to feel as if they've flown from Buenos Aires to New York.

The main duo, Sofia and Martin, show promise in production quality, in vocal talents, and in ease of genre alterations. At a mere 5 tracks in length; that's impressive. Such varying sounds means it also might not be suitable for everyone, so be sure to give it a listen with an open mind.
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  1. It's not bad, reminds me of a song from Mr and Mrs Smith the movie.

  2. I really enjoy this, I had no idea that Electronica and Tango mixed so well, Electrotango huh? I like it!

  3. It's nice, I just wish I could understand them when they sing.

    1. So basically, you either listened to less than a minute, or don't understand English.. right?

  4. Oooh those vocals are delicious. Sends tingles down my spine. Nice track here.

  5. Hi there!!
    Thanks for the comments, I hope you enjoyed the music.
    Big regards from NYC.


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