Conte - Conte EP (Free Download)

I've been a fan of Jack Conte for a while now, so when I saw hints and sneak peaks at Electronic genres I got excited. I hoped for the best and waited for the EP, which has been out for a while now so I kinda got here late.

He managed to put together a number of sounds and influences that on paper, I wouldn't have liked. However, his skilled ear allowed him to pull off a vintage inclination on a very modern Electro-House sound. My favorite track on the EP is a bit different than the rest, but I think it's also easier to swallow. Give it a try.

Almost before the 8-bit, you get a blast of what he wants to say. "I'm a real DJ and no one's gonna stop me." This is followed by a sweet transition and the kind of drop that doesn't overpower the track but does start groovin' the booties of those who can appreciate it.

The track continues to evolve with beautiful transitions and great use of electronically enhanced instruments. Add some absurdly squeaky vocals and you'll be singing along to a well sung chipmunk for the rest of the day.
Soundcloud Stream | Patreon Download
The 4 track EP isn't perfect, but it's different and it's full of talent. The first two tracks are a little stiff for my liking, focusing on House percussion, but it makes for an odd on-and-off sound that goes on while still being sweet dance tracks. The third, Pedals, has a music video worth checking out, and the sound really starts smoothing out at that point.

You'll notice he has a thing for autotuned vocals, which you can understand in his homage to Daft Punk and Skrillex, but when it comes to his sound you just can't help but notice he does something a little different. It's nice.

The best part for many of us; it's free. It's a good EP full of attitude and sweet vibes in a short time. All he asks in return is that you watch the video at the link, and if you feel so inclined, help him out through his new website. You're not forced to watch it, you don't need to provide your email or like him on Facebook. He's relying solely on your gratitude to give him a listen. Here's the link. Enjoy.
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  1. So good man, this kind of music has been up my street recently so naturally I enjoyed it here.

  2. This is one that is just too modern for my old ears. I can't wrap my head around the electronic voices and the pitch on it is so high that it bothers me. Oh man am I getting old...

    1. That's fine, Anne. I have a feeling you'd enjoy any of his other work though. Electro just isn't your style, but he's talented in many other genres.

  3. The voices, it just killed this for me. I thought I was listening to chipmunks on helium.

    I guess that's why the ending segment was my favorite part because it was an instrumental segment but they stopped singing.

  4. I see what you mean about the chipmunk vocals. Cute.

  5. Cool sound, and I agree about that drop. Not too attention grabbing but still very effective.


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