Vacationer - Gone

If you're feeling like a vacation, be it a murky or bright beach day, Vacationer are a good sound to start off with. It's a basic Indie Pop sound, simple and airy with decent lyrics and just enough talent to stand out of the crowd.

Today's song, the title track, is one of my favorites. Mixed emotions are easy to pull from a song's matched lyrics, and it's catchy without getting annoying. Not quite perfect, but still a fine listen. Give it a try.

It's got that somewhat-ached-but-I'm-okay feel that almost sounds like the Michael Cera of musical styles. It's the lively keys behind the simple bass line that make it seem more uplifting than it is, and hence, making it a lot more easy going.

The rest of the work has similar lyrics, and a varied feel within their own style. A nice easy going Dream-Pop and Chillwave combination that's really turning into the base of the future's sound. And yet, even if it has been and is being done, I still managed to really enjoy the album.
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It's not that perfect summer movie soundtrack you grow to love, and it's not that underground freshness that a lot of people really love, but it's a well made piece of work within its element. There's artists and bands who can produce a sound, but Vacationer execute it almost flawlessly.

If today's track sounds to good to you, the album should be worth a listen. Just don't expect more than what it is, a good plain old Dream-Chill-Indie-ish album.
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  1. If you ever want me to NOT listen to something, just call it the Michael Cera of music. :)

    Kidding aside, I really enjoyed this. But then again, I love dream-pop, chillwave, and that light, airy sound. Great song, and I'm looking forward to checking out the album.

    Also, please don't ever call us the Michael Cera of writing. That's the kind of thing that could force a guy into retirement.

    1. Don't worry, you guys are more along the vicinity of McLovin. AHAHA

  2. It's very airy, not that that's a bad thing though I'm not sure I get the comparison with Michael Cera.

  3. "Michael Cera of musical styles" - great description!

    I could see myself lying on the beach listening to this song. It was catchy and I enjoyed it very much.

  4. Mmmm, thirty seconds into this song I had to add it to my bookmarks which is a sure sign that I'm enjoying it, such a treat buddy, very relaxed and floaty, the lyrics are remind me of a rising sunset which is a bizarre yet in my opinion apt description.

  5. It sure has that indie vibe. This is the kind of song that I don't love right away, but usually after a few listens, end up infatuated with it.


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