Rainy Milo - Limey (Free Download)

I'd heard about this release a little while ago, but I was unaware it was so short and talented. I was also unaware it was free, a plus. I got into expecting some monotone vocals over basic electronics, and maybe some occasional Jazz sax solos or something. But I was only half a track into the mixtape, so my assumptions were off by a lot.

Then comes the second track, Don't Regret Me. You get smooth seductive vocals, a well produced bass-line, and lyrics worth hearing out. A relaxed mood and enough talent to hold its own is all I needed to be won over. Give it a shot yourself.

It's got that chilled out vibe right from the beginning, so when the guitar pulls through with the bass you've already got the appropriate mood. It won't alter too much from there, it gives you something and it lets you keep it there. The same emotion, the same mood.

It's just a good thing the release is a mere 5 tracks long. It's that same mood pretty much all throughout, and if it got far beyond those 40 minutes there might be a small problem. Then again, replaying the album was a must. I heard it back to back maybe four or five times before I finally decided to start writing.

Soundcloud Stream | Download
The tracks slowly latch onto you, giving it a high replay value. There's no particularly commercial rhymes, there's no mind tickling beats, and yet the second time you hear it every track stands out a bit more. After each listen you start humming along, singing, remembering what she said last time. Relating to the message and the mood as if they were the same, ultimately understanding the combination of emotions.

The problem is it's not that amazing the first time. Not to just anyone at least. It takes a complete listen to start getting into it, and I can predict there's a lot of people who won't give it a chance. It's not their fault, and it's not hers, it's just the way the music works.

Still, the release is free and the music is decent. If you liked today's track at all, give the stream a listen. If you enjoyed the stream, grab the download. Listen, enjoy, and share.
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  1. A pleasant tune, very easy listening, nice voice.

  2. She has a voice that's easy on the ears. Not sure I'm a big fan of the lyrics though.

  3. Personally I like it, like the guys have said there's a wonderful voice behind this track, it's a good one off listen.


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