I've had this one on my notes for a couple of years, but due to early difficulties have only just gotten around to giving it a complete listen. What we have is a Reggae Roots artist from LA bringing us hard-hitting lyrics and smooth verbal flows.

The album as a whole has an experimental air going on, but today's track has got a very traditional composition to it. A smokey atmosphere, sweet lyrics, and enough Roots to make an out-of-place Rastafarian feel at home. Give it a listen.

A thick bass line, chilled out vocals, and even a Nyabinghi presence in the backing instrumentals. Without the band, Juan's leading lyrics would be nothing more than a lost stream of consciousness. A splash of wisdom stirred into the chillax mindset, and we have the perfect Dragontree experience.

The complete experience isn't for the occasional Reggae listener. There's a thick Reggae influence throughout the whole album, but it's the addition of R&B and Dancehall tendencies that really shift it into an experiment. It's a relaxed, but not everyone will like the road it takes.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
It's a fun ride if you do actively listen to the genre. It has enough spirals, twists, and turns to keep focus and never really get monotonous. Occasionally a cheesy line will slip and you'll feel the full force of a quick idea put together, but what really ties you in is that it usually works anyway.

At the very least, it should be worth a listen. The album's a steal regardless, but if your pockets are particularly empty he'll still hook you up with a free download. Maybe show a little support and like him on Facebook if the music is right.
I'll listen to Post-Metal occasionally. It's not a favorite, usually dwelling in monotony and heavy riffs, but today's band steps outside the mold. What they have is a nice, purely instrumental sound that occasionally salutes  Prog-Rock. It's no wonder they find it easier to call themselves an Instrumental Metal band.

Today's track seems to be a bit of a fan favorite, and with good reason. It should define their sound and encapsulate a certain range of emotions they emulate well. It'll have a nice heavy Post influence with plenty of little details to side it. Give it a listen.

Stream/Listen @ Bandcamp

Not everybody will be happy about the 9 minute ride, but it says a lot that they can pull so many different kinds of energy over the course. If you can stand listening past a minute, it'll be worth it to listen through and feel the subtleties as they happen.

What best displays their image here is the song is true to the album. It takes a little patience to submerge into the atmosphere, but if you allow it to take over it rewards you. What the track doesn't show is that sometimes after bathing you in a certain sound, they'll go as far as to sprinkle a sweet little guitar solo over it.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
It's a 5 track journey until you're On the Steps of the Temple yourself, but by the end of it I found myself to be pleased and just ready to turn something else on. Despite the Prog influences, the solos, and the lack of monotone Metal-growls, I could still only take so much before I was fed up. They pulled it off when it came to talent and timing, and I give them my respect for the resulting well balanced album.

Then again they had my respect from the beginning. The band is composed of two musicians layering the sounds they're capable of until you hear that thick Post goodness. I would even go as far to say the two of them have made an album worthy of a super villain's movie score.

If today's track was to your liking you should already be streaming it from the beginning on their Bandcamp. If the whole album sounds as nice to you as I found it, the album's a steal at just $5. Check it out; support the good ones.
It's been a couple of years since Hugh put Let Them Talk out, and it's no surprise this one's finally coming along. I could sense there was room to better things, and I can tell he's taken notes from past errors and carried that along to the new effort.

The problem I've found is that with focus on previous mistakes, he allows room for new ones. It's nothing that can't be overlooked if you're just hearing a song or two, so give one of my preferred tracks a listen and see if his latest release suits you.

If you just can't stand a bit of Spanish and absolutely need to know what's being sung, stick around for a bit. The magic of this Tango is how Hugh and Gaby pulled off a bilingual affection towards a Latin love. The track's a play off two classic displays of deep affection towards music that are inspired by a song about corn.

It shows that Hugh's willing to be versatile. He doesn't have to be the lead to have the song shine, and I'm glad he's really applied that throughout the album. What I really love is that he kept the passion, and it's with songs about passion that he demonstrates his love for music is the purpose of the album. Sometimes.

Buy: CD | mp3 | Vinyl
Most of the time it's Blues, often with a slight southern twist. Most of the time it's classic tracks and lesser known gems. It won't always work, but the effort still displays a key element of passion that was found in Let Them Talk. If his first album was to your liking, this one should be right up your alley.

I only liked about half of it. His voice can still use work, character is enough to build on if you now how to use it. Some tracks, especially the title track, simply annoyed me with repetition and cheap background music, but ultimately it's inconsistency that drove it apart. It's still a decent listen, just not much better than before. If you liked the old gems, or if you're a true fan of the Blues, it'll still be worth hearing out.
"I'd love to hear what you think" were the last words read before I drifted into another dimension late last week. The email contained a link to The Clear Night Sky's first full length album, and it may have taken me no more than 5 minutes to realize I was in love with the new musical surroundings.

A bit of a sci-fi background, some Industrial inclination, but the overall sound manages to push the limits of all its inspirations and truly experiment. If Experimental Electronics is your thing, you shouldn't hesitate to give this one a listen.

This is the second track on the album, and I think it's my favorite. It's that track I anticipate every time I play the album, but it's not the one that sold me the first time around. Then again the way the entire track list weaves one song into another is the reason the album's so good to begin with.

This would be my choice for first single. Its first few seconds might be a little odd, but it shows talent and diversity. It shows catchy sounds right away, and it highlights a lot of what the album's gonna sound like. Very particular, very easy to hate, but once you get it and it clicks it's nothing but aural delicacy.

Stream/Download @ Bandcamp
The release has a strong sci-fi feeling pressed on by well executed synths, a smoothly transitioning progressive background that comes to life with amazing percussive detail, and some airy psychedelic vocals to balance the sound into experimental bliss. With just a bit of production work and the album art falling into the hands of another very significant person, this album was almost entirely created by one man. Keep listening as you let that sink in.

Eventually he hopes to have a band make the music come to life for live events. Until that happens, and he gets known enough to travel across all our lands, Impulse Controlled Deviator is free to stream and name-your-price to own. If you don't have the means, like him on Facebook, follow his website, or consider it a free download and share it with those who might also enjoy it. I'm sure any means of gratitude are appreciated.
I just found Churchill a few days ago. A cool little 5 piece set who once said they were a Folk Rock band, but in reality there's a big Pop element that ties their sound together. Maybe they really did change their mind sometime before the (rumored) split-up. The world may never know.

Sweet 'n' catchy lyrics, a bit of musical flavor, and some duo-vocalist spice is what could have kept them afloat until they were well grounded. I don't see why things had to go wrong, but for now all we have left to enjoy is the remains of a defunct band.

It's the mandolin. Okay, maybe it's not just the mandolin, maybe it's that awesome carried melody, or it's the simple yet well presented lyrics. Either way, the mandolin makes for notable detail in a song full of generic undertones and well executed fashions. I mean holy poo.

The song was so well received it has two videos. So whether you liked today's video or not, base your bias off the music. Here's the first of the two videos, and enjoy that. Come EP time, you might not be as excited as you'd like to be.

Buy: CD | mp3
The EP is 4 tracks long. It's got a lot of talent and a lot of aspiration, but it falls short for me. I only really liked Change and Gone Too Long, and I probably dug Gone Too Long a bit more because of the average tracks in between. Usually, this is the point where I say 50% isn't bad and they've got potential to be big. And maybe they do, but right now their status looks a bit murky.

I hope in a future whatever differences or issues they might have can clear up. I'd love to see them working towards a full length album, or just to find they're touring regularly. Until then, you can fuel your addiction by playing out the Soundcloud stream.
Just yesterday, surfing around sites and looking up notes, I found Wing Dam. A gritty Experimental/Indie sound with an odd enough mixture of emotion to catch my attention. They're not exactly perfect, but it works out for them anyway in most their songs.

Today's track is one of my favorites on the release. It shows Punk Rock's slow but equally raw cousin, and some out-of-place Indie vocals that somehow end up working great with the overall sound. It'll take a minute to show its colors; give it a shot.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp

It's also got that '90s touch. It's just a dab, but I feel the influences in the composition. At least; for this track. It still shows off most the elements they'll end up using for the rest of the release, even if in less than perfect doses.

There's just something about the release in digital form that doesn't work quite as nice as an individual track does. It's too much of the same sound, and not enough spark on individual tracks to make the entire listen worth it. Luckily they're trying to sell the cassette. Listen to one side first, then later when you feel like it give the rest a try. It suits them perfectly.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
Not in favor of your luck is that you probably haven't had a functioning cassette player in about a decade, if ever. But even so the album has its moments. Their overall sound reminds me of a romantic construction worker. It's a little rough around the edges, but it adds to the charm.

I recommend the listen if you really did enjoy today's track. The album's a roller coaster with dips into bad, rushes into great, and plenty of loops between it all. Who knows, you might even have a cassette player laying somewhere to make use of the album as it was intended.
The anticipation for this album's release has gone through leaps in the past few months. I've been deeply intrigued by the few teasers I've heard, and was happy when I finally got to listen to it all a few hours ago. The result was a pretty sweet mainly instrumental Hip-Hop mixtape.

Today's track is from the voiced-out side of the release. Not quite rapped, so the female vocals give it a push into Trip-Hop territory while still keeping the essential Hip-Hop production EOM's so good at. If you don't mind some modern R&B vocals, give today's pick a shot.

This particular track sounded pretty advanced to me. Maybe just a quick spin off a popular sound or something. Then I realized the track is 3 years old. That means someone, in this case mister Elements, made a really sweet and overlooked beat around the same time B.o.B. came up with Airplanes. Let's not focus on the lyrics here, but the musical production.

What I really liked, aside from the production quality, is the variety. He's got the slightest 8-bit/game signature style going on that you'll almost always hear, but while keeping that style he'll delve into so many different musical styles that any Hip-Hop listener will be able to find something to enjoy.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
I don't know if it's really meant to be loved by the average listener. It actually sounds more like a resume you send an established lyricists when you want to nail the interview. If that's all it is; E succeeds. But for the average listener a few beats go on for far too little.

Half the album is still pretty sweet for your every day Hip-Hop lover, and if you're particularly into Hip-Hop Instrumentals you've just found buried treasure. Be sure to give the stream a quick glimpse, and support the artist of the production satisfies.
I got an email a little while ago from upcoming talents, Howler Jr. From their description, I think I was hoping for something a little cloudy. some relaxing summer music, or an Alt to the Summer Rock vibe, but instead I got an Indie Rock band with a heavy Beach Pop tendency.

It's not necessarily a bad thing, but it does make the music hard to share. It's difficult enough finding which song stands out in the album since they all had their ups and downs. I settled for showing off the only song with a music video (so far.) Give it a listen.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp

This track probably has some of the most unique elements anyway. The cliche guitar/vocal/romance intro is quickly struck down with a very Pop sound. The development makes it a better overall track though, with a nice bouncy guitar riff and a sweet little bass line to bob with. It's not a perfectly rounded track, but with enough exposure it'll still have its place in radio.

The problem for me is that as a band they've gotten what they wanted. They know how to execute a nice smooth Indie sound, they can perform a Beach vibe pretty well, and they can flow together nicely. All they need is to stick all those elements into one song, so that it's not an album of scattered sounds, but individual tracks worth listening to.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
It's not a bad album! In fact, it shows a lot of promise. There's the occasional witty lyrics, enough talent to make a smooth, albeit often generic sound, and unique enough influences to expect great overall compositions in a foreseeable future.

The way I see it the band and their sound can go either two ways, they can either start blending quick and exposing the individual talents they can accomplish as one, or they can start narrowing down their sound into what would become an inevitable train wreck.

For now, this album's pretty much quick fix for anyone in need of a Pop overdose. At a mere 5 tracks in length, it won't take too much of your time. Who knows, you might even come out of it hooked on a new track.
What have I just found, and why has it taken me so long? Hands have got to be one of those few bands that start things off completely different to the mood they ultimately achieve. If not for my persistence, I would've thought them a cheap rip-off of an alt genre.

Instead what we get is a little odd flame that powers up an entire unique Indie sound. Maybe it's because of those odd beginnings they're not as well known as I'd like them to be, but if not for those same odd entrances they'd probably have less flair. Press play; see what I mean.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp

Trouble is the first track on the album. It's got that funky experimental vibe for all of 30 seconds, and then they just incorporates that sound into their style. It becomes an essential peculiarity hidden by the packaging we're all used to, topped with a pretty ribbon.

What's real interesting is that, no, I didn't think it was so special when I first heard it. I figured they got lucky, they were inspired. Maybe they just forced themselves to use that odd electronic element as a dare or something. But it goes deeper than that, it's who they are. It was a refreshing surprise to realize that that this wasn't an accident, but a collection of slightly different ideas put together by the right amount of chemistry.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
The true magic lies in the album. One song on its own isn't gonna impact you that much, but back-to-back displays of talent aren't that easy to come by. Sprinkle that with a bit of Pop and some catchy lyrics and you've got a debut worth looking back to.

It's not mind bending, it's not perfect, and it's not that one album you can gloat about when you have it in your collection. It's just different. It's unique enough to hold its own and withstand a number of listens. It will shine a different light when placed next to your other favorite Indie Rock albums, and it will be a respected addition to your collection. You don't have to trust me, just stream it yourself.
I received an email recommendation for these guys, and I figured I'd give them a try. Upon doing a little research I found their latest album and thought I'd be clever and write on that one instead, but as soon as I pressed play I understood my mistake.

Instead we're sticking to Lights Out, their debut. It's not the perfect release many artists hope for, but there's a few cool tracks on it making it worthy of a listen. Try one out.

It's cute. It's got a nice delicate background with an equally delicate female vocal that somehow over-powers the male. Between the simple touch and the youthful lyrics, we have something nice. Maybe not terribly unique, but easy to listen to just the same.

Luckily the rest of the album strays from the same mold. Sure, you can find some youth-driven angst in some lyrics, and the music only ever gets as complicated as a form of Post-Folk, but it's a decent release. Simple, smooth, and decent.

Buy: CD | mp3
I guess its disadvantage is their versatility. You're either gonna get 2 acoustic guitars flirting with each other, or an electric guitar hesitantly playing by side of an acoustic one. The vocals have been done before, the lyrics aren't too special, and the sound's barely original at all. If not for the fact that the album flows well together, it would only be worth it to check out the best tracks.

At the very least, if you really liked today's track, it'll be worth checking the album out. If you really liked that and you wouldn't mind a strong Pop Rock flair, you might even want a shot at their latest June Gloom. Just because it's not my cup o' tea doesn't mean it can't be yours.
A touch of Blues can make music go a long way. From true R&B, to the beginnings of Rock, there's no way I could find a lack of respect for what a hint of Blues can do. Recently, I've found some of Tony M's Australian Blues-Folk. It's not without its faults, but I consider it worth sharing.

Today's track is my favorite on the album. By far, too. It's got everything from a well written story to a more-than-decent melody, and all this while performing as a lone acoustic musician. Give it a try.

It's got a serious tone to it right from that opening lick. The way he manages through the strums and back is what makes the track stand out at the beginning, because the lyrics aren't captivating until half a minute into it. Follow the track up with just the right kind of melodic production, and it's no wonder this is the track you can find on iTunes.

Not every track on the album is as well laid out as this one though. There's some slight and overlook-able production errors, and you can hear some other studio/microphone mishaps, but overall his talent is of a fine quality.

Stream/Download @ Bandcamp
The only clear fault I have with Back to the Roots, aside from some minor studio-work details, is the lack of a backing band. Yes, live and in person he sounds amazing. I can imagine the atmosphere and the impact made upon the listeners as they witness such a performance. Otherwise it's just a very well played guitar and the man that sings to it. A little bass and/or some form of percussion in the background would do this album wonders.

But all this aside and you still have a decent album. I probably wouldn't buy every track, I admit, but I can feel the talent. There's some great song writing, and an even better control over his guitar. If you're feeling it, go to that Bandcamp and get it for name-your-price.

Otherwise, if you dig his sound so far, maybe like his Facebook or surf through his Youtube. There'll be lots of little gems that have yet to properly be discovered.
Pop Rock's not normally my thing. I usually stray away from it all, occasionally embracing a track or two from a particular band but rarely ever feeling the need to get into the whole album. Usually there's some brooding producer making sure every track has the same magic touch, ultimately taking away any flair from the entirety of the album.

Until today, the day I finally hear of Take Part. A small Indie-Pop-Rock band from Nova Scotia, Canada. If you like smooth vocals, general Indie Rock, and a pinch of Pop, you should already be giving them a listen.

It was actually hard for me to pick a favorite track this time. This one's just lucky to have its own video and be among the top rated within my notes. It shows they have a thing for catchy lyrics as well as an understanding for musical climax. They know how to build the roller coaster so you can best enjoy the ride.

Being someone who doesn't frequently enjoy Pop-anything, this is something I could grow to love. Maybe their roller coaster wasn't as well laid out throughout the album, but the individual tracks have their spark. There's actually a few songs I could see topping charts and gaining excessive play on the radio.

Stream/Download @ Bandcamp
I'm actually glad they haven't been discovered. Or maybe I'm just glad they weren't discovered before this debut was released. They have the spark, they have that commercial touch big record labels like to exploit, and it's because they don't yet have that executive voice hovering over their shoulder that such an album could be made.

Not perfect. Not every track was fully enjoyed, and that's not really saying much for someone who usually doesn't like 'Pop' much anyway. So if you're intrigued, if you don't mind the near boy-band vocals or the occasional Pop percussion, I'd give it a listen. You can own it for whatever price you're willing to pay.
It started when I wrote on Rudimental. Intrigued by Haze's melodic lyricism I delved just a little deeper, and found that she was supposed to have an album out in the summer. Well summer's nearly over for most of us and all we've gotten is some teaser track.

I decided to go back a little bit, try and search for her New York EP, but was confronted with just about nowhere to stream individual tracks (here's a full EP link though.) It was only a little bit of research later I found all those tracks and more were on Reservation. A mixtape from July 2012 with everything I was looking for and more.

If not for Reservation I wouldn't have found today's track. A very heavy, very well written track with lots of emotion. With lots of despise, with enough hate to create a black foam at the edge of its last step. All of this in one verse and a chorus.

I'd be closer to calling it a masterpiece if not for the constant ghetto-slang. Yes, it's part of the person, part of the soul's expression, and maybe I just have to adapt to it better. But right now, the inner perfectionist really wishes she'd never said finna shoes.

Stream/Download @ DatPiff
Sadly, Angel's not perfect. There's a lot of self-promotion, a few commercially inclined tracks, and what seems like an ego the size of a hot air balloon. At least the talent deserves the ego, but it can only go so far before it gets tiresome. Seeing as she's a Detroit native herself, and seeing as she seems to have a thing for Eminem, I have to start wondering if Michigan is the place where lyricists are born to rhyme flawlessly and lack diverse subject matter.

Luckily you can handpick the songs you like, most of them are freely available (legally) on the internet. If you like her so far, here's the Soundcloud, and here's my favorite track on the same site. If you end up liking her enough, show some support, she can only boom if we help her.
I don't listen to the radio. When I do listen to things you might find on the radio, it's usually hand picked by close friends that have decided to deem it worthy of my ears. And even then, I tend to disregard most of it for something a little more earthy.

Today however, I'm presented with 10 remixes courtesy of Mkaio (some of you might remember him from here.) Although they're not all perfect productions, there's a certain quality you can't deny would sound pretty sweet during a live set. Then again, maybe I just can't discriminate well enough with music I've barely ever heard.

Considering the composition of the original, this is practically a whole unique production. There's some vocals, maybe a few sneaky/well hidden samples here and there, but for the most part this is Mkaio's House style. It's his music and his vision shaken together with Lana Del Rey's voice, served as your cocktail.

Most importantly; it's fine by me. Sure I don't mind the original either, but I could imagine hearing this at a club and socializing with a tapping foot. I'm not too sure I'd buy it, but luckily for all of us the entire 10 piece album is free to download.

Free Download @ CX
So it's a cool album, I'll give it that, but not everything is as nice to my ears as today's track. He introduces what I'd call 'House-Step' pretty nicely on a few songs, and there's a lot of original production going into it, but there's just such a harsh Pop sound that a lot of it becomes forgettable. For me, anyway.

It's still really good on the background, and if you're not paying attention there's some cool surprises in his remixes worth checking out. If you like the radio as much as House and Bro-Step inclinations, stream the whole thing and download what you like individually on Soundcloud. Otherwise, enjoy the free CX download.
Gotta thank email updates for alerting me of this band through their Twitter account. It's not every day you just stumble onto a good band like this, but today I'm certain I've found some new Folk favorites.

As I started the stream I had low standards. The first track admittedly wasn't the best to start with either, but I was in no mood to rush things and I ended up with a very decent sound. Today's track is one of my favorites, it shows some talented diversity. Try it.

Stream/Lyrics/Buy @ Bandcamp

There's just a bit of a traditional feel going on. The style of those riffs, the simplicity of the music, and the lyrical style, all help pull the sound together. It's that dark depth that pushes the track into something more. There's emotion resonating from the very music, the lyrics only tell the story behind the feeling.

Then there's all the little details. The plucked banjo, the catchy Hi-Ho chants between every other line, and the way the guitar riffs echo perfectly against the vocals. The track is a great example of a simple yet perfectly executed sound.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
By the time the album finished I was impressed. It starts a little slow, but just 3 tracks into it and I was sold. It's not all as dark as today's song, they do have a much stronger traditional Folk feel, but there's just so much talent going into those strings that it's hard to place them up next to all the other artists in the field.

Then you've got lyrics that are truly well written. I actually envy the finished product, the composition of it all. It's as if they've mastered their own blend of verbose simplicity, of story telling with flair. Maybe it really is just me, but I think if they don't boom soon they're gonna be the victims of covered songs with unknown authors.

If you liked today's sound, yes I recommend the listen. But if your wallet's been empty lately and you still want a bit of their style, their previous album is also up for name-your-price. Check that out, and donate a few bucks if you really like it.
It's almost time to come down from last week's 'Punk high', but first we've got two 7" vinyls to explore from the same Drunken Sailor Records that brought A Page of Punk to our attention. Each vinyl's divided by two bands, and the first ones to take a look at are Good Grief and BUZZorHOWL.

Now first in line on the digital release are Good Grief, a Pop/Surf Punk band from Liverpool with enough musical knowledge to spice things up. But the track I'm gonna feature is from BUZZorHOWL's side. It's got a thick bass line and enough noise to accurately represent the genre.

A few seconds of silence, the bass I was talking about, and ultimately the noise. The only place I start to oppose is as the vocals kick in, they're so crisp it almost sounds like it was diluted by a hot-shot Hollywood producer. Luckily the rest of the track, especially the drums, manage to keep a nice raw tone that ensures some Punk quality.

BoH's second track isn't as nice on the ears to me. There might be some slight mixing errors and some minuscule pitch issues, but it still works for them. Overall, their debut vinyl has an impressive sound.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
Good Grief's side is about as opposite as you can get within the genre's confinements. It's a lyric based sound with an inclination towards '90s vocals. A pinch of Pop and Surf Punk are the only musical sparks you'll get, and that's not really a bad thing.

Overall, it's both bands' effort that makes this such a diverse listen. I personally prefer the howling side, but if these guys toured together I'd wanna catch the show.

Next up is Fist City and Piss Test.

My favorite track here's on Piss Test's side, a primarily vocal piece with enough Classic Punk influences to get you hopping up and down like a drunken buffoon. Give it a listen.

It's short, sweet, loud, and rugged. If you like the No Money sound, the rest of their side will be a worthy listen. Between taboo subjects and a sense of humor, Piss Test's earned themselves a new fan.

Not as much can be said about Fist City, but again, if they were playing a show near by I don't think I'd miss it. Some strong vibes, but a lot of repetition. No room for a wandering ear, here.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
Between both of them though, we get a real solid EP. Pure Punk, some wit, and a balanced sound without having to go through extremes. Fist City/Piss Test is definitely my favorite release here.

However both of today's EPs are extremely reasonably priced, so go check them out if anything sounds to your liking. It's not exactly pay-what-you-want, but when a vinyl's less expensive than a decent meal you've got a good deal.

Try them out, both streams are short and sweet with a strong Punk background. Often repetitive, but always short enough to endure a listen.
Nostalgia rushed through my veins yesterday as I heard A Page of Punk's latest release. The first time I heard a friend's Punk mixtape, the first Punk Rock event I'd ever been to, even the first few listens where I really started caring about The Ramones, all rushed through me for the half hour I was listening.

Every time the nostalgia rushed by, all I had left was the urge to shout onetwothreefour onetwothreefour every 30 seconds. If you're in the mood for that, and a taste of Punk influence from decades past, give today's track a shot.

If this was just a little too long for you, don't fear, the album average is of about 30 seconds. This is just a nice display of what they're capable of, though in reality they're usually a bit more raw. Here we get some defined riffs, some angst-yells, and even a bit of fluid melody.

And if you can't understand what they're saying, don't even worry. I personally can't always tell if what I'm hearing is English or Japanese, but I blame that on the fact that they really are Japanese, and they often do sing in their native tongue.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
The Japanese Punk band's got everything they need to earn my respect. The rebellious ways, the anarchist playground, the ability to create different sounds within the limits of their genre, and today's whopping 49 track album. Don't get carried away, though, it only lasts about half an hour.

They're not without their faults. First off, aside from the Japanese lyrics, there's nothing here the avid Punk Rock listener hasn't heard. Oh, you wanna drop the F bomb all over America? Well that's cool and all (no really, I enjoyed it) but it's been done. The only reason it does, and will sell is because they love it so much.

There's a lot of passion going into this, and you hear it after only a few seconds. Maybe not on today's track, but give the stream a listen. They announce themselves, they finish the introduction, and they play all they are. The only way to make this album a better Punk experience is hearing them live. Until that moment comes, enjoy the release.
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