I was about half my age when I first heard Frog One rap on THUG. It was at the same time I was first exposed to other greats, from Cannibal Ox to R.A. the Rugged Man. It was Frog One that struck the hardest, and he was also the most difficult to find. Just a week ago I came into contact with him and found the whereabouts of Frog One's leftover material, I had to share.

If you're of the many nostalgic fans out there yearning for Blah Blah by Juan Linnon (AKA Frog One) you can buy it here. But today's post shows more than just what he's done, it shows what he's capable of. If you like well produced beats and slick rhymes, give Feel Me a listen.

It's Sy Smith's vocals that balance this track out, but it's the overall composition that makes it work. A topic, some funky R&B vibes, and a bit of knowledge behind the spoken words. Over confidence is probably the worst flaw, but it's not like there's no talent. It's an easy listen with a lot to say.

The rest of the tracks have equal portions of verbose talents. The background music isn't always amazing, but there's always something to talk about. If anything, maybe one track too many about all the rappers out there who don't have anything to say.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
Actually, it's probably because of those anti-materialist-rapper tracks that I felt such a bond with the collection. Track after track, little details get spoken, the same things I feel compelled to mention when having an educated Hip Hop debate; it was refreshing to experience something so pure. Not every track was perfectly executed, but the ideas were exposed and that's what the genre is meant to do.

If you like Hip Hop for the lyrics, or if you've been a fan of the genre's classics, this will be worth the listen. It's 7 tracks and a lot of calculated thought. Alternatively, just look back at his Jah Juan Dragontree stuff and give his ideas a listen from a Reggae point of view.
Usually when a free teaser track is being released, I like to show it off through Facebook and Twitter since there's not much else to say. However this week we found 2 free teaser tracks from very different genres, in addition to a new single that will solely be shown on social mediums tomorrow.

For now let's get to what you can download! First up is Nicaraguan Metal formation, Primate, with their latest single Renacer (Rebirth.) If you're generally a fan of Hard Rock or Post Metal, this should be up your alley. Check it out.

I was hooked into this track because the heavy riffs and loud vocals didn't create an angry atmosphere. I felt a bit on the hopeful side, and despite what the lyrics may or may not say, it was a pleasant sensation. You can find the free download on the player or by clicking here.

There's not much more on the future album aside from the fact that they're working on releasing it. Hopefully we'll have the review up here when it's out. Until then, it's time for your other free download.

Mario Dones has been releasing a few teaser rhymes here and there for his upcoming Black Watermelon debut. I shared the first release on the social mediums and it was awesome; if you're a fan of Hip-Hop you should check it out. But the most recent release is found below, give Stop Me a try.

Relaxed vibes and a firm presence is what's working out for the latest single. It's easier to see flaws in the rhyme flow, but the track still works. It shows diversity in style and quality in rhyme material. If all heads in the same direction I've been seeing, Black Watermelon should be a great success.

His debut album was originally due sometime in October, but is now said to be released November 5th. Expect a post right here, shortly afterwards; I'm looking forward to it.

Stream/Free Download @ Bandcamp
If you need a bit more of Donesy here, check out his most recent mixtape 10 Summers (also completely free of charge) and see if that doesn't satisfy you.

If you're just a fan of free singles such as these, you might wanna catch the ones that slip the creeks of the website and join the adventure on Facebook or Twitter for updates and occasional freebies.

Enjoy your music.
I had previewed a track or two of this self titled release a month or so ago, and I was pleased. I found potential for great things, I saw Indie Rock being taken to more unique grounds than common directions have been striving for, and hence my interest was struck.

And then I heard the album. It's not as unique as I'd hoped, it's not even all as memorable as those lucky random tracks were, but it still managed to hold my attention. Today's track is among the most popular on the album. It's got funk vibes for you to dance to, and a sweet high tenor vocal. Try it.

If you're digging the vid, give the extended version a watch. If you're just soaking up in music, enjoy it while it lasts. We know we've heard similar, but it's still easy to enjoy. It doesn't take much, it doesn't have to be much, it's just nice.

The album kinda follows through with similar intentions. It'll occasionally branch out to new ideas while remaining within the walls of the genre we've been hearing actively for the past few years. Then the music goes through ups and downs so quick it feels like an emotional wreck. This album is your angry bipolar ex, the one you wish you didn't have feelings for.

Buy: mp3
I believe this is their debut album, and if it is it's not a terrible way to start. A lot of somewhat memorable tracks and some faulty ones that'd probably sound a lot better with another track list. The mistake here is the songs don't mix and match, so it's best heard on its own than as a whole.

There's a long way to go before their genre reaches the "Sex Pop" they want it to be, but until then it'll be fun to tag along and watch them progress. If you're interested, find most of the tracks on their Soundcloud set, or stream the whole album on Spotify if that's your thing.
Last time these guys released something (10 Deadly Shots Vol. II), I praised the instrumental quality of their Reggae. Yesterday they came through again, and they added just the right amount of vocals and details to the music. The instruments are still important, the vibe is still pure, but they went back to the good old times and lit their own special spark for us all.

Today's track was recently premiered over at Relix, and serves as a definition of this album's direction. It shows their direction, their capabilities, and that you can sing over a good Reggae track and not dilute the instrumental beauty. Try it out.

It can't get more well-rounded than that. The bass is simple yet strong, the melody is catchy, but most importantly the vocals have that tenor that almost makes it sound like Smokey Robinson decided Reggae was the next best thing.

Of course that's what makes this track special. This track is slightly different, and it's great, but it's not my favorite. The album on the other hand, is made up of interesting details and quality lyrics. This is just a good single within a stream of great Reggae.

Buy: CD | mp3 | Vinyl
Skycatcher is another positive step forward in the world of American Reggae. After every cliche 'love and be Rasta' album that's gone through, it's because of intelligent albums like this that I still have faith in the evolution of the genre.

The rest of it should have classic Rock-like progressions, well portrayed Dub influences, Jazz roots, and a vibe that'll manipulate the empty spaces into beauty. It's not without a couple of average tracks, but as a whole it's a great display of their capability. As a whole it shows they can make beautiful sounds happen, and unlike some newer and some seasoned bands, it shows they can make that happen without overdoing it.
I first laid ears on The Civil Wars a bit over a year ago. A friend was really excited over how good the duo were, over the amount of talent and their portrayal of melodies. I was instantly hooked, and have been looking forward to a new release since I finished enjoying their debut.

Finally, their latest peaked through. A self titled album bringing the essence of what they feel they are, and showing what they can be while hiding behind fancy production work. If you've been a fan of them before, or simply enjoy some well played guitar work, give I Had Me a Girl a listen.

A bit of a western touch, somewhat catchy lyrics, and some amazing vocal melodies are just the obvious reasons I'm loving this track. You can top that off with subtle intricacies, or odd combinations of influences to further develop an already unique sound.

If you end up really liking the track; you're in luck, odds are you're going to love this album. If it's just a sweet track to you, it might still be worth looking into, but there's some red flags to watch out for. It's slightly overproduced, and they pull off the somewhat-romantic-melody card out a little too often.

Buy: CD | mp3
It's still an album worth having, in my book. It just happens to sound a bit worse than it's predecessor, but only because of the production. Once you hear these songs live; you'll be glad you learned to appreciate what the album has to offer.

Only one track breached the line between too Country and just-Country-enough, and one track out of twelve is nothing. If you've always been a fan, if you liked today's track, or if you're feeling for simple music with a lot of talent to back it, I recommend the stream (if not the buy.)
I gave in to the Latin sprouting Elastic Bond yesterday after months of anticipation, and some weeks of not finding a proper stream. I was curious to see what all this "Alternative Latin" stuff was, only to realize it's a mix of electronics with just about every major Latin genre out there.

Once I got the gist of it I figured it could go one of two ways. It could either light my fire, or put it out with lack of chemistry. Personally, I think they pulled through, but it can still go either way for you guys. Give today's track a shot and see if it settles well.

I love how simple it sounds while keeping all the intricate details that give it form. It's easy to dance to, and has a Pop element, but doesn't strangle you with it. What completes it is each musician's individual talent showing brightly at different moments.

If you're solely turned off because of all the Spanish, here's probably my favorite track on the album. It's in English, and shows some amazing Bossa Nova influences. It was just much harder to find multiple sources for that one.

What I found really impressive was the balance between their own artistic pleasure and the key elements the audience needs to booty-bump (or shuffle in your chair) while keeping their sound. They work it so well that it gives the entire album life.

Buy: CD | mp3
The album is mood. If you want to feel full of life, of flavor, and of spice, giving this one a listen will be a great idea. If contrary to that you have a problem listening to an honest bilingual album, maybe you should look for that flavor elsewhere. That'd be a terrible reason to miss out on this, though.

Regardless, it's not without some disappointments. I felt from beginning to end the tracks progressively lost spirit. I was hearing influences from Salsa to Reggaeton in there, and somehow halfway through the album it started to slope. If that doesn't bother you much, make sure and give the stream a listen. They're catchy, fun, and worth at least the decency of your curious ears.
You know that feeling you get when you work your way up through the Motown archives and finally get to Bruce Willis? You saw it coming, but it's a little shocking. Not bad; just odd. I felt that same shock as I clicked through Buygore and found Hip-Hop.

Still expecting Electronica all throughout, what I really got was a dim lit setting over very talented verbal maneuvering. The influences are scattered, Ash is still finding his ground and setting his name up, but out of everything he had to offer I particularly liked the raw tracks with darkened bass lines.

I just really like the backing beat here. I was even expecting it to be some commercial filler track, it was so good. But what came off of it was much better than that; it had an element of surprise, gut wrenching emotion, and that eerie Rocked out chorus to top it all off.

Nothing is better for the genre than someone with something to say. He's venting, and he doesn't have to flaunt as he does it. He's comfortable enough with himself to show his colors without mentioning them, and he maintains those elements throughout both parts of this EP.

Stream | Download
The only thing that really swerves anywhere here is the beats, and they're all excellently produced. The talent is what matters, and he keeps it on the same level all throughout both parts of the EP. It's just six tracks though, maybe in a complete release he'll fall short with material. I just hope, for his talent's sake, that he keeps up with thought provoking lyric.

He can be chill too, and that's a plus. He'll seep through to the masses in no time at this rate, so be sure to grab this download soon before it's gone. I stumbled onto the EP by searching for the free debut Buygore single (ironically named "Free") and all that was left were two files for parts 1 and 2 of VS the World.

If you got to it late, or are searching for that Free track, check out his Soundcloud. Here's the link to Free, the single, and here's the link to VS the World parts one and two.
I've been looking forward to this album for a bit over a month, which is odd since I've never really been an avid fan of their past albums. Maybe my tastes have matured, or maybe I'm getting easier to please, but when I heard Do I Wanna Know for the first time (along with that awesome video) a psychological switch flipped.

Seeing as most of their best tracks have been released as singles, and seeing as you can get your feel for those at their Youtube account, I decided today's track would be a lesser known track from the album. If you've liked them so far, or trust my enthusiasm, give Arabella a shot.

Just let that sound sink in for a moment. Feel that thick bass line resonate between the creeks of space where the percussion eases its grip; let the playful guitar notes flirt with your ears. This track is proof they've found their perfect balance.

What's best is that that perfect balance is found all through out the initialed album. It might take a few listens to grow on you, but when you come to terms with what seems like imperfections you'll find yourself submerged in what they have to offer. Themselves.

Buy: CD | mp3 | Vinyl
I was baffled at the reviews this was getting. Perfect 10s, high recommendations, and even praise from people who've previously had nothing much to say like myself. It's only after listening to the album and finding its core that I understand.

I can only think of two faults. First, there's a couple of tracks on there that never really grew on me like the album did. Second, the final track was wonderful and all, but it wasn't the climactic ending I hoped for. Pretty easy to overlook, but just a few details that hinder me from calling it perfect.

Needless to say, the album's still pretty solid. I recommend the stream (find most of it here) to anyone who's been turned on by today's tracks and/or those singles they've released.
A while ago I got an email with some information on a band called Catamaran. The single I found showed everything they said they were: a Psychedelic/Surf Indie-Rock band. Needless to say, the chill vibes and ocean air caught my attention despite the band only offering a single.

You already know what you're gonna get. Expect those long airy vocals we hear in that modern Psych-Rock sound, a swift easy-going guitar, and the potential urge to want a lot more— if it's not a tad too commercial for you.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp

It starts with a defining bass line, and quickly escalates to show quick guitar hooks and those vocals I was telling you about. It's not the most original track, but it can get stuck to you. Even if the riff ends up annoying you by the end of your 40th repeat. If you get that far you should probably buy it anyway.

What this track doesn't show is a lot of diversity. It shows a lot of that Indie and Beach vibe, but not as much of the Psychedelic tendency as I know they have in them. I had the pleasure of giving their demo album a listen before it was taken down, so all you have to go with is my word here.

They're good. Maybe not "hey let's drive across the country to see them perform" good, but definitely good enough to give that EP a listen when it does come out. It's sad that I can't share the demo with you guys, but the truth is the audio quality wasn't as tight as it's going to be, and what they're gonna release is gonna end up being a lot more impressive.

If the single intrigues you enough, show some support. The single's only a dollar, and you can like their Facebook or follow their Twitter for all information regarding future releases. If you live on or around the Dallas, Texas area, you might even get to experience the magic in person.

Alternatively you can tune back here between January and February of 2014, which is their expected EP release date. I know it's hard to be excited when this is all you get to hear, but if you trust me, know that I expect them to pull a few sweet tracks through and make it a more-than-decent EP. We'll just have to wait to be sure.
I've been looking forward to this release since it came out back in August. Finally got around to a stream yesterday, and it ended up beating any expectations the prior Hawaiian Reggae albums had set onto me. It's a little too smooth at times, but they know how to get you in the mood.

Today's song is my favorite on the track list, and a bit more true to the genre than most the rest of the album will show. It's still got their flair, but it's with a well placed bass and eased vocals that the song carries through. Give it a shot.

The lyrics tie the song well. It's a decent composition, and a pretty sweet way to motivate the people. This is that one 'don't stop' track that will cause many an epiphany when heard live in the right mentality. It's not the most original, but it's strong.

That's probably the most powerful aspect of the album too, the strong lyrical content. Through every twist, turn, and spiral in any direction they manage to go through, you can tell they always try to provide a message. It might not always be clear, and it might not always be perfectly executed, but the effort shows regardless.

Buy: CD | mp3 | Vinyl
I see growth in this album. I see well made decisions, and a few risks that should be handled better in future releases and live performances. But overall, I'm happy with what came through. My only problem is that they found a nice recipe for commercial success and exploited it a little more than would be wise.

Aside from a few tracks with too much popular R&B influences, they actually even pull that off well. And if you're not a fan of the Reggae for Radio sound, they show their true, very talented and very original talents from time to time as well. The resulting extremely well balanced album is probably best for those who can enjoy any kind of Reggae, but suitable for anyone in between.

If you like the genre at all, I recommend giving this little gem a listen. As long as you know what you're getting into and don't mind the occasionally silky vocals over the deep bass, there should be nothing but sweet vibes and melodies for you to enjoy.
It's a Friday double post kids. Today we've got music from Hip Hop duo Axel F. (composed of producer J Rocc and MC MED) together with BTS in a live video. There will be a free download! We've also got news on the new BaLAnce EP, and another live performance to accompany that accordingly.

First things first, the free download. What we've got is a well written, well performed track with the BTS team backing the original duo up. The end result is a smoothed out Jazzy side to some sweet rhymes. Give the video a try.

It's just so nice to see this combination. Of real, fresh, and well composed music being combined with thought provoking lyric. As far as Hip Hop goes, you usually only get one or the other. To see this work the way it did was a breath of fresh air.

The good news is the musical quality isn't shelved completely on the Traveling Sounds' shoulders. J Rocc came up with the original production (give that a listen) and they just played over it. The live video shows this has life elsewhere of the studio and your mp3 player.

Buy : mp3 | Vinyl
There's not much else I can say for the EP, it's not available for stream anywhere as far as I'm aware. However with a very solid reputation on both their parts, I'm pretty sure the three tracks and their Acapellas/instrumentals are worth it. In any case, just see them live when you get the chance and make your decision then.

The excitement continues, though. BTS made it clear that they wanted to show off two projects. The first was this live event, but their second live video shows the first of four clips that will make up their 4 track Bedrock Sessions EP. Give that a try if you enjoyed the last track's music.

I got excited because I saw improvements. I've been a BTS fan for a while, and I've always seen the imperfections that wouldn't take much to fix. With this track, I see the originality and the fluidity to truly leave an impact. Needless to say; I'm happily impressed.

If you're looking forward to the rest of the videos, check their Facebook, Twitter, or website for future info. The EP should be releasing sometime late in October, so keep your eyes peeled and your ears on the ready. Alternatively, just stick around D4AM, we'll be writing about it soon after its release.

If you can't see the video, or if you absolutely need some more of that fresh sound, check back on old BTS posts here. The downloads are free if you want them to be. Enjoy.
This gentler remake of their 2012 release Dead End Kings has been receiving massive attention for months now. DEK definitely wasn't my favorite Katatonia album, but the thought of spinning it off with more acoustics and softer tones sounded like a great change.

So I went ahead and gave it a listen. It could have been done better, that much is clear, but they pulled off everything I was expecting. To give their defined sound a twist and to pull it off as if it were always meant to be. If you're already a fan, this'll be a treat. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy a Hard Rock influence with an Acoustic base.

If this starts a little too slow, maybe it's just not for you. It's a simple sound, bordering on eerie. Really soft, but still produced on a major studio. You hear it all put together with Jonas Renkse's vocals and it creates its own mood. If by 1:40 you're not convinced; it might be time to check the original version.

Now if I were comparing it to the original I'd say this version is less dramatic. The original goes through mellow moods, but it also gets that harsh power-chord-of-darkness effect that we in the Rock world often love. And even though all this is pretty much set in stone, Dethroned & Uncrowned makes for a better album.

Buy: CD | mp3 | Vinyl
That was probably the most surprising part, too. Based entirely off an album I didn't enjoy that much, an album I admire was born. The problem with its predecessor was that it was a reoccurring sound we'd already heard on better efforts. It sounds cool regardless, but they'd already done it. What makes Dethroned shine is that it has all the key Katatonia elements while changing the entire base to their sound. It's as if they decided they could be their own best cover band.

Of course, I'm no longer a hardcore Metal junkie, so if their original sound is the only reason you like them you're probably best off without this quick fix. For the rest of you intrigued; I definitely recommend the stream. It might drag on here and there, but overall the album's pretty solid.
Just a few days ago Goldroom released this fine little Disco House EP. Excited as I was, thinking I was a Goldroom fan, I went ahead and gave it a complete listen. By the time I finished I realized that yeah, Goldroom is real cool and all, but what I really love is Chela's vocals.

I'm not a huge fan of the EPs title track, but give that a listen if you enjoyed the previous Goldroom post. If you're like me and you just can't get enough of Chela, today's track is for you. Give the awesome combination another listen, and enjoy Adalita.

This track is just very true to its own Disco House sound without being too commercial. It's got a strong Disco element so it's definitely commercial, but it's not overwhelming. It's well balanced, and I think the balance comes from Chela's serenity.

The rest of Embrace is actually pretty cool. I was surprised the title track was somehow the track I enjoyed the least. Right when I thought I had to drop the listen, it went and got really good. Not an ideal reaction, Goldroom, but thanks for the surprises.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
The EP made two major, defining points for Goldroom in my opinion. First, I couldn't buy this EP. I could maybe buy one track if it gets lots of air-play and I get it stuck in my grey matter. The other major point is I would pay my way into a Goldroom event. The vibe is just right. I can chill, or dance, or float away to another galaxy. I'd have my options.

Maybe it's just me, though. I know there's talent in the production here, I can hear some complex backgrounds and amazing interwoven beats. I just found a lot of it to lack the fairy dust I heard the first time around. I recommend the listen if you miss the Disco era, though. It might just be for you.
I've recently come across this little gem of a band. If you're into your typical every day Indie group, this is the stuff you'd probably beg bands to make on a regular basis. They take that simple sound, add just a little bit of flavor, and keep it within the realms of minimal greatness.

The EP is so good that picking today's track was a hard choice. I finally settled on the title track, which hints a bit more towards an original sound while keeping some familiar elements. If you enjoy a delicate piano and a well written lyric, you should already be listening.

There's just something genuine about it. I've heard similar vocals, I've heard similar talents, but there's something about the way it's composed that stands out a bit. Maybe it's the fact that the piano is at such a pitch and such a pace that it makes the track seem more relaxed than it really is.

Whatever it is, it's not an accident. Out of the five tracks, I enjoyed four, and of those four I loved two. Being as picky as I am with my music; I was happy to see such results. I just hope the future album will have a similar D4AM success rate.

Buy: CD | mp3
For now this is what we have. A tease; a taste of what's to come. And it's right around the corner too. In fact, I almost wanted to just wait for the album. It's already been recorded; all we're waiting for is a release date. But this EP was just so damn solid.. I had to mention it.

Just expect more Indie and a little less piano and you'll be set for what's to come. The talent is the same all throughout, but it has a commercial air on some tracks that might turn a harsh hipster off. Otherwise it's nothing but a great display of a well balanced band. If you feel like you should wait until the album release, be sure to at least stream it. If you liked today's track, you won't want to miss out.
On the hunt for more information on a different, completely unrelated album, I found this little gem. Navasha Daya's debut solo EP is a soulful vocal Jazz ensemble complete with beautiful scat singing, emotion, and range.

With such diverse ground, it's no wonder my favorite track is a combination of two. Today's tracks show off a crystal clear set of vocals for a few minutes, and follows that with a transition into a more passionate area. Don't let me spoil it too much; enjoy Prelude to a Kiss/Sweet Kiss.

It really is two separate songs, so be sure to stick around past the 2:30 mark if the slow vocal Jazz isn't quite your thing. If you really want to enjoy it, let her voice relax you. Feel yourself be let go as soon as the bass starts. She'll leave you placed on fresh ground with waves of Funk and Soul washing over you.

Regardless of how much you enjoy today's tracks, as long as you like her voice there should be something for you. It's a 5 track EP and considering its length, it might be a little too diverse. It'll end with a Rock inclined tune that didn't sit well with me, but might be the final push for many others to make the buy.

Stream | mp3 | CD
The EP left me pleasantly surprised. As the first song played I did my bit of research and found that she went solo after gaining recognition and taking a break from Fertile Ground. Side solo projects simply aren't usually this good. I'm glad I didn't get the chance to prejudge the release.

I still think it's a bit under cooked. The first track didn't win me over, it just kept me listening. I heard the talent right away, I just didn't feel it was being used to the best of its potential. By the time you finish the listen you should be aware that Navasha is experimenting with her comfort zones, and though it shows, it's still a decent EP. If nothing else, worth a listen.
I'd honestly never heard of these guys, but apparently they've been making waves in the UK since their debut in 2011. Luckily for me, I found their pre-release single That's Classic a few months ago and decided I was going to cover them when the album came out.

Well it's been out for a few days now and I've analyzed all I have to. I thought they blended Pop just right on the recent singles but they're also pretty good at bringing back a bit of that old school vibe. Try them on for size.

It's still got a nice 'up' feeling, but the musical production really feels like a thankful nod to the roots of their genre. They still incorporate some of their more commercial influences into it, but they mesh it together so well that it just works. I appreciate that end result.

Now when you get down to it, this is Hip-Hop. This is lyric based, and the lyrics are definitely above commercial average ,but overall I was expecting a little more. There's a few tracks where the song writing gets really cool, but it only ever gets to cool. Occasionally they'll stop by the corners of Cheesy Street and Almost Witty Boulevard, but even when they do they make sure the music sounds right.

Buy: CD
The album came up a little short for me. There's talent; sure. There's a few great tracks capable of sticking to your head and having a true message behind them. There's musical diversity, there's a bit of experimentation even, but when it comes down to it I wanted more lyrics backed up by hours of thought. I wanted to experience young minds philosophizing. It's there, just not as often as I'd like it to be.

Maybe I'm expecting too much. Maybe I should understand that any producer would be proud of an album with more hits than misses, because that's exactly what this album is. It's just talented enough to please the maniacs like me, and just commercial enough to get repetitive airplay.

Maybe that's all they wanted, but I still have hopes they decide they can do better some day. Maybe they will. I still think it's a decent album, so give it a listen and make your own opinion of it.
I'd consider myself a moderate Andrew Jackson Jihad fan, so when I heard there'd be a live recording of one of their tours, I got a little excited. Mostly, I got happy because I believe live music has a bit of magic. It'll never sound as nice as the studio release, but even on a recording you still feel the band's energy a lot better.

Since I'm extremely biased with every track from Can't Maintain, I decided to look for some other track that had a positive spin from its live turn out. Today's track is from People Who Can Eat People are the Luckiest People in the World, enjoy the live version of A Song Dedicated to the Memory of Stormy the Rabbit.

Here's the original if you're curious about any changes. I just feel it's musically complete here. A bit of a Jazzy element never hurt anyone, and honestly if not for the grainy live near-boot-leg style audio, this would probably beat the original recording hands down. In other words, you guys better do this again when I get a chance to hear it, AJJ.

If only that sweet little winds section were used more often throughout the show, this might become a must for the collection. Instead, they did what they felt was right and only really exploited the talents at the end. It's not terribly upsetting, but most the rest of the originality barely shows with the audio quality.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
Despite it obviously being more fun in person, the live album was still enjoyed. It's great to see the chemistry of a well built band, and the chemistry of the quite possibly very drunk audience. At one point they even started asking questions during a song. I'm sure I'd be curious about salad gloves too guys but come on.

So it's a little annoying because of the audience sometimes too, but if you don't mind them the album's worth a listen. At the very low price of $6.66 (unless you want the vinyl) the 25 track album is definitely a steal. It's just probably a little better for the fans.
I don't know what it is about 2013, but it feels like some true-to-the-heart lyricists are finally getting decent exposure. Not that they weren't getting around before, but talented Hip-Hop is becoming easier to spot every day. Today's case is I actually heard of Canadian rapper Shad K's latest by word of mouth.

Shad's always brought true rhymes to his music, but combining this 5 track release with Skratch Bastid's production is where sparks start to fly. It's not always a fresh feel, but sometimes the sparks are fireworks regardless. Today's track probably shows the better half of both worlds.

The introduction has that classic sampled out definition to it that turns into the raw bass driven track we'd expect. This track is, in my opinion, Skratch's best work on the album. It's a great composition on Shad's behalf too. It's very real, and the written lyric goes beyond what one expects from the modern day rapper. There's a subject, it's well thought out.

And yet it's not the best written track out there. It's not even that original, albeit decently written. However, it does become easier to admire when you hear the rest of the album and get a feel for the diversity. He doesn't stroke his ego, but he knows he's better than average. It's a confidence that together with Skratch Bastid, makes the release worth trying on for size.

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I enjoyed every track (though I have a favorite), listening to Shad rap over some classic sounding beats was a wonderful experience. My problem lies mostly with the same reason it's a great release: thought out lyrics and classic beats is what we all had back when Rap was starting to boom. It'll definitely be worth a listen if you miss the era, but otherwise you'd be just as well digging through decades of worthy Hip-Hop CDs.

On the upside, you can pay what you want for The Spring Up. You can stream it, grab it, and share it all for free if you like. But if you do end up appreciating the talent for all it's worth, make a small donation or just share it with the people who'll admire it. The two of them deserve the recognition.
It's not every day you just stumble onto some trippy Prog-Rock, even less so when you're not even trying to stumble onto anything. Still, you can bet your last shiny marble that late at night when I've got my headphones on and a smile plastered on my face that that's exactly what I found.

Enter Mahogany Hand Glider, a 5 piece Post Groove band from Leeds, England. Their style on this particular EP should be a refreshing listen to any who admire Rock elements tilting significantly towards a Jazz sound. Give 'em a shot.

Right away you'll be hit by a restlessly tranquil percussion. The sound is slow to add all its puzzle pieces together, but just a minute in and it should already be somewhat satisfying. A few extra seconds and you'll start to see how true musicianship can shine through odd time changes and swift swerves.

Then give it a space theme, a bit of a Souled out Jazz background, and the rest is up to you for interpretation. It's a lengthy track, and it'll show an eccentric side before it gets to finish, but so will the rest of the album.

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The rest of the release is pretty similar in style. It's relaxed, easy to listen, but still complicated enough to keep experienced musicians happy. The final product could be stripped away of their chemistry and that sweet Jazzy air, and you'd still have a nice big plate of talent with a side of mashed progressions.

With a more frequent change in tempo, this could make for a great full length. Add a few darker tracks and maybe some spaced out trips and you might just have a work of art. I already know they're capable, the question is whether or not it'll be as good as I hope it'd be when it really does come out.

Until it does you can snag this gem at their Bandcamp. It's a little pricey, so if you want to get more for your money (or if you're tight on expenses) check the rest of their page out for the freebies. I'm not sure how long it'll last, but the music is good so grab it while you can.
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