Kneel - Interstice

I've recently gotten myself into a heavy Rock mood. Extreme head-banging riffs, strong and well timed percussion, and angry vocals. It's just been a while, and so the cravings kicked in. Thankfully; I found Kneel.

Kneel is a one piece Metal/Mathcore experience from Portugal. He makes sure you know that even though a few lucky guests managed to leave their footprints on the release, it's not a band. "End of story." Check him out.

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I felt this was the most well-rounded track on the album. The harsh vocals, the progressions, and the amazingly well kept times all show the talent pouring into the effort. A bit lengthy for some, but it really divides everything he's capable of and gracefully shoves it in your face.

If you like the track, the album should be right up your alley. It's not all as perfectly executed, though. Most of the shorter tracks do nothing more than place you in mosh-pit-mode, but the album as a whole feels more like fresh released aggression manifesting itself with calculated detail.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
If you're already used to Math Rock bands, if you enjoy elegant musical transitions coated in dark sounds, this one's worth looking into. It's a noisy, loud, well produced chunk of time that will have you in your own personal circle pit within minutes. And then it's got classic Metal influences that keep the sound clear enough to digest if you're not used to too much.

Interstice is full of those moments that make happy-sighs happen. One of my favorites is the first 7 seconds of the last track, Sovereignty, where the stereo possibilities were executed perfectly upon reaching my headphones. I guess if we can't see him play this live, the album might as well transcend through every detail.
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  1. This stuff is crazy man, I've never heard of Math Rock in my life either, it's definitely an experience!

  2. Sorry. I couldn't even finish the song. I just heard screaming and then stopped it. :(

  3. Thanks guys! :) Glad you like it! \m/

    1. It's a great album, thanks for making it public! Is there anywhere I can follow you to keep up with Kneel and your other projects?

  4. Awesome stuff!!

    KNEEL's Facebook page:


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