Ollie Vee - Lonesome Girl

A very classic American Rock atmosphere was exposed to me when I first heard Ollie Vee several months ago, and the sound stuck with me well enough to consider looking them up. Lonesome Girl (as an album) was released back in July, and while I can't say I love the release front-to-back, I can definitely say I appreciate the effort.

These guys bring the classic sound out with a sweet double bass, a bouncing drum set, and a couple of guitars (or a guitar and a 'gitar'.) Add in some near southern flavor and vocals Elvis could tip his hips to, and you've got today's concoction.

This is one of my favorites. It's got a swing to it, decent flow at a nice pace, and it feels just original enough to have a refreshing twist on it. You can tell it's a recent recording, but all the predominant puzzle pieces scream for the early years of Rock and Roll.

The album follows on a similar track. An admirable, arguably perfectly executed mimic of early Rock and Roll with future equipment. My problems with it are mostly hidden within the details of the execution, but also go as far as biased flaws within the composition. I know I'm wrong when I judge some of these tracks.

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Issues for me range between the southern flair getting a little too Country for my tastes, and some faux-tropical guitar riffs that actually bring out some more of that Elvis feel in the vocals. I can admit to the elegance, it's just a matter of personal preference. I know lovers of the general era will enjoy this modern day gem.

You can currently stream it all at their website and their Soundcloud, so enjoy that while it's around. And if you do love it, consider the purchase. It's not like these guys are generic wannabes, and the real deal deserves its support.
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  1. I enjoyed the hell out of this stream. Not all songs are winners, and that tropical twang can be a bit too much in certain spots, but overall it's a blast to listen to. Will definitely be buying this one.


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