Thursday, December 5, 2013

Plini/Sithu Aye - I

In case any of you missed Plini the first time around, he's back again with Scottish Sithu Aye to make a split one-man-band EP. The release has 4 tracks consisting of two singles from each, and each with one track featuring the other as well as other special guests.

If it sounds a bit confusing it's probably because it's meant to be analyzed with your ears, so sit back and give the first track in Sithu's side of the EP a listen. It's a sweet Prog piece that shows most of the talent in the guitar work, but still contains the necessary musical background to feel complete.

It's quick to show the Metal influences, but between the riffs and the bass you can hear a clear Jazz guitar influence that's almost undeniable. The only thing truly keeping it away from a full on Jazz piece is the hard hitting percussion.

This is also the Sithu track that features Plini. The change in style is subtle, but you'll be able to hear it pretty clearly. The beauty is how well they can adapt to each other, and how in the end, despite their differences, they can make one big elaborate concoction. The same goes for the entire release, if you don't pay attention you'd swear it's all just one band.
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The collaboration results in extremely well balanced sounds, and begs to be carefully analyzed with each progression onto a different chapter. The emotions discovered and the clash between the young guitarists is the blissful balance; with nothing but intricate beauties to separate them.

I is a name-your-price release, so grab it for whatever you can offer if you love it, and snag it for free if you're not sure how it'll grow on you. Just make sure to share it if you acknowledge the talents involved, and to appreciate the efforts it took to create the EP.


  1. Loved this entire album. A good mix of relaxing and motivating stuff.

  2. You're right, D. Towards the middle it can seem a bit like too many instruments playing at once but once you listen carefully, you can discern all the different pieces and hear how well they fit together. I like this one.

  3. That certainly wakes you up, good though!

  4. I like it man, I really dig the whole thing to be honest!


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