December 12, 2013

Twin Wave - Twin Wave

Twin Wave has been a tough band to follow these past few months, but with time and focus I've finally witnessed their debut release. The self titled EP consists of 4 tracks totaling 17 minutes, and is elaborate enough to play back-to-back if the sound fits you. I'm on a 4th listen myself; as I write this.

Today's track is their first single, Relapse. Expect traditional Psychedelic Rock tendencies, catchy Indie Rock inclinations, and a particularly enjoyable set of strings on the chorus. Needless to say; the track is well rounded.

There's something about it that hooks you before the music really starts. Then once the song gets into its groove, there's another form of magic to behold. It's normal for me to boast on about talent, but in this case the talent is such that each individual instrument is playing an amazing enough tune to hold its own without everything surrounding it. The fact that it all fits so well together is just an amazing display of chemistry.

The rest of the EP is still a pretty decent listen. It's a bit calmer, and has more of a gentle sway effect. It's not always as musically elaborate, but that's nothing to dock points from. Some of the best records I've ever heard have similar qualities.
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There are two kinds of EPs as far as I'm concerned. You either get a taste of a single style, or an idea of the variety you could expect from an entire album. Twin Wave's latest shows the latter. It's got a little bit of a lot of style, all placed together in a compact session so you can know you're gonna love them without the potential loss of time.

They don't even allow you the opportunity to forget them. If you don't have the money to support them (and don't mind questionable audio quality) the EP is temporarily available for individual download over at Soundcloud. Relapse is available at name-your-price at Bandcamp for the audiophiles. There are no excuses.


  1. Definitely got a neat little vibe to it. Be nice to listen to on the radio or on a car ride, but I wouldn't actively seek it out.

  2. Just brilliant buddy, really enjoy this kind of music and it didn't disappoint. Actually going to download.

  3. Now it could be the Christmas music overload going on around here, but I really like that!!!

  4. Very nice melow sound! Sounds like a band worth checking out!


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