I was in the mood for Rock. Not a specific genre, nothing particularly mesmerizing, just good ol' fashioned Rock 'n' Roll. I stumbled onto Circuital, My Morning Jacket's 6th album.

I don't know them well enough to compare it to previous efforts, but I know my ears well enough to know when I enjoy something with good reason. If you're feeling like Rock right now, don't pass this up. Give today's track a listen.

Just a hint of industrial, giving it the Space-Rock feel, just a tad Indie, and just Prog enough to keep it from being a monotonous pile of waste. Managing all this without being too in-your-face about what it's made up of is what makes it special.

It also means it could easily get lost in a sea of generic rock, but it's thanks to the consistent album that Davy Jones won't take this one's life. Cheesiest thing I've said in a while. I'm sorry guys.

Buy: CD | mp3 | Vinyl
It's consistent. From beginning to end, the album is as smooth and satisfying as a good Rock band at a well stocked pub. The only problem I really see is that it wouldn't sound amazing live at a well stocked pub.

The tracks are about as good as a bad album's best single. That special spark that makes you wish beyond what's normally there, except it really is there. It's a decent album, and it's left at that.

I'd say give it a listen if today's song suit your mood. If you like that and you haven't heard the band before, give their previous work a listen. They do sound awesome live, but they sound awesome live because of a few sweet gems from the past.
I'd heard this girl before, and yes I was impressed, but it was checking up on her to see if there was anything new that made me want to give a screen a standing ovation. Maybe I was tired, or maybe I was just impressed that it was all recorded live.

Final result, she covered Adele and got away with it. While I don't think Skyfall is Adele's best track, I'd be a fool not to admit that it takes talent to pull it off. Now watch Josie pull it off while she plays the keys.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp

Not saying this is the best track ever either. Had she switched it up a bit and really made it stand out as Josie Charlwood's version I would've been really impressed. Instead she followed it through how it's known, and let her vocals stand side by side a great artist.

If you want, compare Adele's voice in a live majestic version, then compare the music in the original, and finally listen to this one. I think the youthful Ms Charlwood could have a bright future, the way she's handling things.

Buy/Stream @ Bandcamp
Skyfall is a lone track, but she does have an album out there for those who want more. Impressively, the entire album is also done live on the spot, and sent to Youtube. Check her channel out if it's tempting.

While there's a few really catchy tracks on it like Lands of Make Believe or Piece of You, I still prefer her in short dosages. The album is great quality, but I'd rather hear her randomly on shuffle than for an hour or so.

Check the stream out above, or surf through her videos. If you like what you see, show some support. Grab a track or 10 and give her a like on Facebook. I'm sure it goes appreciated.
A quickly scribbled email was sent to me early yesterday morning with a short introduction and a link. "It's peaceful electronic music" he said, so I went with an open mind and gave it a listen.

It's always a pleasant surprise when you check through the coal mine of email submissions and find a little gem. It's not perfect, but for those first few releases it's a great way to get you hooked. Give the track a listen.

He calls this Lovestep, and it goes well with his introduction. He pretty much composes his feelings, gives them a modern twist, and refuses to do collaborations. I don't blame him.

It's not the most original piece ever, there's not an awful lot of that first time spark we'd all love to hear, but it's a neat little gem to have on your Soundcloud. When there's more variety and he's become a bit more popular, he'll look back to this and feel proud.

And oh yes, it's free to download. If you dig it that much, go to his Soundcloud and give the other couple of tracks a listen, they're currently up for grabs too. One to watch out for is a remix of Rameses B's I Need You. Give that a listen if you've got the time.

All in all, I do recommend the listen if you like general chill Electronica, but there's nothing too special here yet. In due time, if he keeps up the pace, he could become a recognizable producer. Keep your ears peeled.
I was in a Reggae mood recently, and I went ahead and found this cool little one man band. I heard a few catchy tracks and went in search of his latest release.

It's not the best thing ever, but it holds itself up just fine. Just a touch of generic American Reggae-ness and enough going on to keep your Dub needs in check. Give Weight of Sound a listen and see what I mean.

It's got pretty decent production quality, it's pretty decently composed, and it's decently written. It twists and turns and makes sure it stays fresh, which is something a lot of other Reggae bands are lacking.

And yet I feel it missing something. Even though they're well rounded, it feels to me like he tried to give all the depth to the bass and left everything else at 'alright'. It's a common mistake within the genre, so I can't dock too many points.

Buy: CD | mp3
The rest of the album follows through similarly. The keys and guitar really lack, for my standards, and the percussion is decent at most. This leaves the bass to stand most of the album out. A great effect for many, but many seasoned Reggae listeners will know it falls short.

All this considered, the guy does have a very dedicated fan base. He's definitely been doing something right, so maybe it's for you. You won't know until you give it a listen.

I still think I'll forget about the album as a whole by this time next month, but it's undeniable it's got a few great tracks worth watching out for. If you liked today's song, it'll be worth it to give him a chance.
When I saw Anthrax was releasing new material, I took my sweet time to check out what it was made of. Not being a giant Anthrax fan, there was no rush. That changed when I saw it was pretty much an EP full of covers.

It doesn't have much range, but it's pretty flexible. Everywhere from Journey, to AC/DC, to Boston, to Rush. I particularly liked their version of Rush's Anthem, so why don't you give that a starting listen?

It's kinda gutsy to take on Rush. You need to be sure of your band, and you have to bring something new so that it doesn't sound average. Of course Anthrax has a big enough fan base to cover The Wiggles and get away with it, but this effort is solid. Just listen to that solo..

What really amuses me is how it takes a 5 piece band to attempt to stay afloat for this cover. Just compare Geddy Lee's bass to what they had to do, and you'll realize that if not for all that attention this would've been mediocre.

Buy: CD | mp3
It was a lot of fun to listen to. If you know anything of Anthrax, you'll realize how awkward and confusing it sounds to have them cover such "oldies". At the same time it's easy to admit they do an awesome job, and have great talent and chemistry to pull it off.

And if you know nothing of Anthrax, by the end of the EP you'll find some original work. It's the new stuff, and it's tainted with experience and production quality that still doesn't sound like ancient Anthrax, but is still a better taste than the rest of the release.

Give it a stream either way if you liked today's track, or just love Classic Rock re-makes. I wouldn't buy it, but it's definitely a fun listen.
SoftSpot was introduced to me as an Experimental-Pop duo. I was hesitant, but fearing the worst, I gave them a shot anyway. It was surprisingly un-Pop and had a refreshing Indie sound.

I noticed only after re-listening to their debut, that their sound is much easier to get into after lending your ears to the first track. Give Disciple Fix a listen.

It might take 2 minutes for the listener to catch on, but the transition from meditative nothingness, to lyrics and cymbals, to their eventual core sound, is what makes the track so special. It keeps from being boring, and shows you what to expect without blatantly handing it out.

The rest of the album isn't so graceful, but it expands right from this base sound. You'll know what to expect, whether or not it'll keep your attention is another story.

Buy/Stream @ Bandcamp
That's my only problem with the release, really. Right after I finished hearing a song, I'd forget about it. Not every track, but half of them. They were all good tracks, real easy to listen to with enough of a unique sound to keep you there. But for me, personally, just way too easy to forget.

The lyrics might not help with that factor, but they're part of what really won me over. The harsh surreal feel they have, how they sound like another language or a harsh accent, is really what makes the album stand out. If you check the stream, you can read them and see they're just as meaningful as they are odd.

I'd still say it's worth checking out. I definitely enjoyed my listen, and I'd really love to see this duo perform live. I just didn't find some of their melodies to click with me.
This one was recommended after listening to MIS's Politico, which basically means this is a Latin oriented band with sweet electronically inclined composition. It's good for dancing and meditation.

As soon as the album starts you feel a mellowed out jam. Just soft spoken lyrics, down-tempo well-structured bass, and plenty of change to keep your mind's eye occupied. It ended up being my favorite track.

It's the little things, the details. A well placed sample, the near gibberish-like vocals melting into the music, a talented bassist, and the fact that these sounds come from a band.

Of course it was all taken from me slowly. It's probably the prettiest track in the album, with its swift turns and mellow hooks, but that doesn't mean the album was bad. It just means it transforms into something I wasn't expecting. Maybe it's for you.

Buy: CD | mp3 | Vinyl
Translated to Tropical Elegance, Elegancia Tropical is exactly what you'd expect out of an Electro incorporating band. When rapped, the lyrics are hard hitting yet smooth, and the musicianship is often monotonous but always exotic.

It's the chemistry they have that takes the album to the level it's at. Everyone just flows together so nicely, it's like everyone's roles are so evened out that there's no choice but to admire them as a whole. Sure, an occasional repetitive loop might throw it off sync for a little bit, but only for a little bit.

It's definitely worth a listen if you like to dance to both Latin and Electronic genres. Be warned of a club track or two and you're ready to go. Enjoy.
It's been a good few months since I heard Ghosts & Liars' first single, and my hopes and expectations have slumped ever since then. Their bassist, Nathan Navarro, and their keyboardist, Jonah Wei-Hass, left the band sometime after the album's production.

Aside from that, a few previews here and there were less than exciting for me, and the inclination towards a Muse-like sound has already grown kinda old for me. It's thanks to my lowered expectations that I pretty much enjoyed the album.

This is an interesting track. It starts off with the electronic feel we all expect, it switches over to a Hard/Alt Rock feel, but it keeps those twists that people recognize as Dubstep noise. It's a happy medium, and it works. It's just not as amazing as I'd like it to be.

If it's not your thing, don't let it stop you from checking the album out. Every track is different enough from the last. It really just feels like they were experimenting the whole way through.

Buy/Stream @ Music.PinnPanelle.com
Really I'm just not digging it much because of an excess in Pop Rock sounds, but if a mix between modern day Muse and Transformers having sex sounds cool to you, you should already be checking it out.

It would've made for a good EP had they trimmed it down. Once they get past the experimenting and ground themselves in their sound; what will come is a stream of rabid fans eager for their every lick. Let's just hope they find a worthy bassist/keyboardist before they're forgotten.

I think they've got some polishing left to do on the lyric writing, but the vocals are smooth and the idea is great. The album is worth listening to, even if just to acquaint yourself with them for the future.
Tumbling through Twitter a few days ago I found this guy and his music. I gave it a very quick listen, jotted him down on my notebook, and continued to listen what I was currently writing about.

Yesterday I gave him his well deserved listen. I heard the different sounds, read the background, and enjoyed the end result. He's not perfect, but he's chill. Give him a try.

It starts slow, just a looped lick that casually turns into something more. You're hearing the resulting natural, mellow effect.

It's almost meditative (okay, it is). It's soothing and calm, but it's also got enough going on to keep your ears happy. What I'm getting at, it tries to do something that could easily bore you while keeping you fresh. Or do my ears deceive me?

Stream/Buy @ Soundcloud
Can you remember that feeling you get when listening to a Prog-Rock album and it goes into a daze-like state? If you hear the album from the beginning, that little daze can be magical, but otherwise it's just some trip the band had. That's the feeling I got when I listened to this one.

In other words, the release is a really, really long interlude. Go listen to that stream and see for yourself. It's easy to flow with and the material is light, airy, and created quickly with tons of inspiration.

No, really. The back story is he basically woke up really early every day for two months and made a basic sketch of a song in 2 hours. The full explanation of it all is fascinating, so find that at his site here. It gives the album a different perspective, but what you hear will always be what you get.
I've been a Watsky fan for a while, so when I heard his latest release was his best yet I refused to doubt it. He's perfectly capable of creating something beyond his fans' expectations. He's done it before, and I know he's got a lot left to give.

If you want the catchy stuff that sounds good and will make you smile when you pay attention, give Hey, Asshole a listen. If you'd like to hear his talent at its peak while reciting a story for us all, enjoy Dedicated to Christina Li.

I really thought this was gonna be another one of those ordinary tracks at first. It sounded real nice, and the story seemed average at first. It's when you get the twist that you realize the homage he's paying. Whether or not it's obviously fake; he turned what could have been an ordinary track into a great one.

And there's more of these little gems. There's only one poem (and it's beautiful), and a couple more honestly touching and well thought out tracks. Even though I'm not particularly fond of the album as a whole, I still think it's worth a listen.

Buy: CD | mp3
I was expecting what everyone said to be true for this album. I wanted this to be his best yet. I wanted to see originality soaring from track to track, I wanted to see everything Watsky is capable of in under an hour, and I wanted to see collaborations reach perfection.

Then I heard it and I wasn't too impressed. Occasionally there's that one great track that sticks with you for the rest of the day/week, but generally you have random catchy tracks about stuff and he says things that are funny.

It's easy to love, it is a good album. It's just that it's just good. If you've been a fan of Watsky, if you like what you've heard, or if you like talented mainstream Hip-Hop, be sure you give it a listen. It's worth it, I just think his previous efforts have been better.
Every once in a while something goes through my ears and I go "Hey that's alright", only to realize that no, it isn't. Yesterday I got hit by one of those. It was depressing, difficult to stomach, and damn near excruciating. Unless you generally like Pop, in which case you should disregard everything you read in this post and listen for yourself.

Even if you don't really like Pop, the guy managed to grab my attention elsewhere didn't he? Give one of my preferred tracks a listen.

See, this shows off some of that Alternative side he mentions when describing himself. It shows promising transition, generally good composition, and good use of his talents into something original enough for me to look forward to. It shows promise.

It's also incredibly misleading. If every track were as well made as this one we'd have a great album and little bad to say. Personally, I'd give my left... earlobe to compose something like that. I guess I'm happy the track exists, but that's the end of that.

Stream | Buy
I enjoyed the ending of this album better than the beginning. If that's not a metaphor for how I feel about it, I don't know what could be.

It came across my sites because he was giving away Hide & Seek for free, which was an alright track. In fact, here's how you can acquire it if you like it. It's only after streaming the whole album that I realized it's not my cup of tea.

I really do like the one Senseless Charades, but having the rest of the album follow it, even the other 'ok' tracks, just turns me off from downloading it at all. It's just my opinion, and I'm just not that big a fan of Pop Rock. If you're not either, ditch the stream and get yourself that one track before it's too late.
I've been meaning to write about this one for a while now, just because I truly love percussion and I know Terri works those drums beautifully. I took my time, gave it a nice long listen, and tried my best to beat bias.

Although it might not be a perfect release, the album does show a few musical gems worth keeping. Usually covers, and always unexpected, it's tracks like today's that really make the record really stand out.

Some might notice instantly, others might not know it at all, but this is a cover of Esperanza Spalding's track and it's graced with her own vocals. The original is more spaced out with some awkward times and jagged vocal turns, whereas this one focuses more on a stream of melody.

Esperanza is still the magic glue that starts it off and keeps it together, but after a minute it gets so much more intricate. The details should flow through, and Terri's drumming will be the icing on the cake. As far as she goes though, the drumming will be excellent throughout every track.

Buy: CD | mp3
As soon as you start listening you realize it's just a little chaotic. A bit difficult to digest, but still pretty and cohesive. As the album plays, everything becomes more organized, things start falling into place, and it starts taking a shape we can understand and love. Much like any other mosaic.

I'm personally not a fan of how that pans out, but I also think the album would be better off without most of her original compositions. I'm sorry! Between gems like today's, and her work over talented producers like Al Green or John Lennon/Paul McCartney, there's no doubt it still deserves a listen.

Lend it your ear if today's track was to your liking, and just remember to stick it through an extra track or two if it's not entirely to your liking. It may take time to see the big picture, but it's a great piece.
I stumbled onto this album months before its release and, since I don't like writing for teasers, decided to wait for its release. It hasn't been out for long, but it's been enough for me to give it a nice long listen.

It's pretty much what anyone would want off an Indie band. Catchy music, well written lyrics, and a certain unique flair that's becoming harder and harder to find.

Back when I stumbled onto them, it was this song I heard and they were giving it away for free. Apparently they still are, so if you like the track and need a little more persuasion, give it a download. It costs nothing but your email address.

The track really does show off what they've got to offer. They're just a simple band with good use of melodies and well placed lyrics. That plus the decent Indie vocals and the occasional switch in the composition makes them stand out just a little more than the generic bands we can find anywhere else.

Buy: CD | mp3 | Vinyl
That particular track might not make the musicianship stand out much, but they're capable of more and they show it throughout the album. They just like sticking to the simple and catchy sounds.

I honestly wasn't expecting to enjoy the album so much. I'm not the biggest Indie fan, and all Shake It Off accomplished was getting me to respect them enough to continue the listen. Several months later, I have Memo replaying in my head.

It's a good release, and if you like general Indie music this'll be worth your time. Give it a listen, or just download today's track and let them grow on you.
I gave this one a listen after ripping it from a CD to the library. I had completely overlooked it for a few months and randomly heard a track a few weeks ago when it caught my attention. Why it hadn't caught my attention earlier than that is beyond me.

What we have is Branford's soothing, classy, rainy mood saxophone alongside an excellent team of musicians who all had the same principle in mind. The talent and imagination makes known songs theirs entirely. Give their version of Dinner For One Please, James, a listen and see for yourself.

In a song where the lyrics and vocals are key, taking them away and not making a cheesy mess out of your Jazz is impressive. This is expected of the veteran though, and as expected, he pulls it off with flying colors.

Between the piano that starts peeking through about halfway into it, and the stunning subtleties in the percussion, it's no wonder the track doubles the track's average lasting time. The improvisation was slick, and the chemistry was great.

Buy: mp3
Unfortunately for me, the disc I ripped was scratched and I couldn't hear the last two songs within the albums flow, but I can assure you they don't ruin the album's style. It remains a beautifully smooth listen from start to finish.

It could be a little more flexible as far as the genre goes, but I think the way it holds itself out for just the right amount of time saves it. Add the fact that it caters to the fancy mood perfectly, and you have no reason for them to make any adjustments.

Give it a listen if you ever get the chance. I know I was pleased to find the CD laying around; the least I could do is pass it on to you guys.
I found out about this release after realizing the Electro-Tango group were back in touring action. Pleased as I was, I wasn't sure what to make of the album they celebrate with.

I've given it a long hard listen, and my expectations were way lower than they should have been. The single, and the only easily streamed track from the album, drastically underestimated what the album is made up of. Even when you stop to consider that; it's a pretty great comeback.

Please forgive the VEVO discomfort. Here's a direct link if you experience any trouble.

Yes, it's still a cool track. The video does pull your attention away from some of the monotony, but you have to consider this was meant to be danced to. It's not the perfect track to reminisce in memories with, but it is great to move with.

I think they might be showing off the hard electronic sways a bit too much, since not much of the album actually develops this sound. It's an occasional thing, and what this single does is show that they're capable. The album in its entirety shows they're willing to be diverse.

Buy: CD | mp3
After 6 long years, they've managed to come back the right way. With new material, a difference of sound, and even more experience to make sure nothing goes wrong. The talent, though often covered in sound effects, is stable and just as classy as ever.

They could be a little more daring, but I think they were trying to please everyone on this one. Pulling that off is not as easy as some fans would make it seem. That being said, I did feel a strong, dark, and suspenseful vibe from the album. Occasionally reaching into epic depths that would make you imagine an Argentine pirate ship during a tsunami.

It's not currently too easy to give it a listen. The kind folks at NPR Music have graced us with a First Listen, but I've no idea how long that'll last. Listen while you can, or take my word that it's up to par with their last effort.
Just recently checked the email and I found Mkaio's own luxurious Chillgaze waiting for me to stream a listen. I had an idea what to expect at first, comparing himself to M83, Mmoths, and Toro Y Moi, but one always suspects things when someone hypes themselves up. I was cautious.

I didn't really have to be. The production quality was sweet on the ears and the fresh ideas were served perfectly throughout the release. Since he starts catching your attention right at the start of the album; here's one of my early favorites.

A very natural, very chill sound all achieved through bedroom production. It's got a slowly easing set up to the base of it that makes it easy to transition in sound, and even easier to captivate you while it does so.

But this is just one of the instrumental tracks. I tend to prefer them a little to the vocals used throughout most of the album, but the vocals are still great and the production quality shows talent and promise all throughout the lengthy listen.

Buy/Stream @ Bandcamp
If for whatever reason the above Soundcloud widget isn't working for you, you can check the same track out on his Bandcamp. Just making sure you don't miss anything before delving deeper.

An ambitious release, Mkaio serves us 16 tracks in a vinyl styled digital double-album complete with some slight Pop influences and the occasional monotone vocals. They go well with the Chillwave, see for yourself. What ends up really pulling this together is the production.

And to show ambition (and balls too, in my opinion) he even covered Bob Marley's Is This Love just before the end of the record. Make of that what you will, but know it takes an open mind to appreciate it. If on the other hand you have a preference for the plain instrumentals, he offers that as a name your price.

If you're more into the collaborative and interactive sides, you should visit his website for more fun and great tunes.
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