I've been listening to the Evil Friends album for a few weeks, just on and off while I sifted through other musical journeys. It's yesterday that I finally decided to man-up and hear the whole thing out, give it a chance from start to finish.

While the album's not perfect, it's got some pretty great tracks in there. They're capable of a basic Rock sound while adding bits and pieces of their personality, and somehow on some tracks making it just commercial enough to succeed. Today's song is one of those.

You should be able to pick any of the other songs from the album right from the video, so be sure to check that out if this song's to your liking. I warn, though, this one's my favorite. It stands out from most the rest to me, and that's because the Pop is subtle, the vocals are catchy, and the Rock influences shine just right.

It's got a few other songs that shine too. Undeniably talented tracks. Occasionally the lyrical contents will catch you off guard, and sometimes the highlights make any faults worth listening to. I just like listening to music and enjoying it right where it is, not needing it to get to the chorus in order to enjoy it.

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There's decent vocals, some occasional falsettos, varied Rock influences, and enough talent to hold its head above water. Although I wouldn't say so myself, it's arguably the perfect modern Rock album. I just really don't like waiting for the good stuff, or the overly-Popped out tendencies they get every now and then.

It's still a pretty decent listen. Half the album's got above average quality for the genre, and even the less amazing tracks have got a little something that could latch onto you after a few listens. If you're intrigued, give the Soundcloud or the Youtube stream a shot.
I found this sweet English Indie-Folk trio not because of their debut album, but because of a sweet Get Lucky cover they pulled off with AnTenNae (it's a freebie, go fetch it!) I was merely pulled towards the debut after hearing some sparks of originality.

I'm happy to say there was no disappointment with the sound. It's a much more earthy sound than what I had been presented with on the Daft Punk cover, and the vocals are so Indie it might be a turn off to many more. But I think the lyrics, musicianship, and steady progression, makes up for any immediate faults the band might have.

This track shows them off well. They're delicate and powerful; playing off their own sound to make the message stronger. It's her haunting vocals brooding over the tense moments that makes it such an impact. From a subtle guitar, to three people making sounds you can feel.

It sounds cool. It's been done before, but between decently well written lyrics and a well synchronized sound you've got something worth looking into. It just sucks that the overall album falls short, because they show most the right kinds of potential.

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The problem they've really got is repetition. The album starts with a cool, mellow, lyric based track. The track will have a climactic peak, and will continue on to the next one which will pretty much follow with the same order. And this isn't to say they can't make an original sound, they just already released their best displays as singles.

It's not a bad release, in fact under certain circumstances it might even be worth buying. There's some nice writing, and the occasional talent-exposing track. As a whole though, it's probably best suited for a grey day and a numbed mood.

Worth a listen if you're feeling today's track. Keep in mind the album contains a certain repetitive air and there should be no room for disappointment. Sit back, grab a hot beverage, and enjoy.
I found this Folk-Punk gem back when there was only a preview of the first track. After hearing it, I eagerly anticipated the album release, and I've been soaking it up ever since I realized it was out. It could last a little longer with what we've been made to wait, but the end result is still delicious.

It's actually pretty difficult picking a favorite track here. The album's fluidity makes it hard to rate songs on their own. Today's track stands out regardless, I figure it'd be one of the easier ones to push commercial success upon. Give it a listen.

There's that sound. As soon as it starts it feels like it might be a Ska piece, and though the inclination is there, it's the rest of the influences that really make this one pop out. A well played guitar, the horns weaving in and out perfectly, and those memorable lyrics are what define the piece.

The rest of the album will take several other turns, but if there's one thing you can be sure of it's a level of fresh rawness with a surprising amount of talent. Actually, the track immediately following this one is the longest on the album, a beautifully composed instrumental.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
There's some screaming, a lot of short tracks, and a light base of Punk that can almost go unnoticed with all the talent and percussive originality. What's really impressive is the influences. I hear some Blues when the bass player expresses, and some Classic Rock vibes from the guitarist. Everyone has their own little flair, but it's the chemistry they have together that makes the sound so damn nice.

If you liked today's track you should already be at the Bandcamp stream. The album's only worth as much as I've praised when in its entirety. You can't even buy the tracks on their own; these guys know what they're doing. Just listen, enjoy, and support.
With a few catchy riffs and airy Indie vocals, I was introduced to Snowden a couple of weeks ago. I was expecting similarly catchy chemistry and maybe an odd track here and there. What I got was just a little short of a great summer release.

Today's song is the first of the album, as well as the first I'd heard. A 7 minute title track with an ok intro and one hell of a climax. By the time it reaches the end, the feeling has changed into something else entirely. If you have the time, give it a try.

It's 2 minutes before it makes that first, true change in sound. With those odd synths and the picked up percussion, it swerves into that movie scene where everything starts working out. It begs for your smile as you applause for the good guy.

With style and grace, the track will continue adding elements to itself. Out of nothing, it becomes a lot more. It takes elements together and complicates more than necessary for our ears. It's a great effect, but it's a little overdone over the course of a whole album.

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Just about every track on it starts off slow, dull, and boring, yet ends with some amazing talents being displayed. It's the time spent on the journey that upsets me, the culmination is amazing. Is it that no one's in control, or are they controlling it a little too much?

If a little Pop-monotony at the beginning of eight or nine tracks doesn't turn you off, the album might be worth your time. I can't deny it's different, that they're some highly talented individuals, or that the originality is something worth remembering. If all this suits you, you should definitely give the SoundCloud stream a listen.
Today we've got some talented musicians making sweet Indie sounds on a short, 5 track EP. We've got a mess of well composed songs and "edgy" lyrics capable of pleasing the masses as well as the finicky listener.

Today's track is my personal favorite. It's a message we've heard thousands of times on too many songs, but it's written with modern tongue in a way that can stick with us easily. Don't let me spoil it; give it a listen.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp

Let's run this band down. We've got a guitarist who understands he doesn't need to show off to make an impact, a drummer who inclines on Pop without losing his identity, and a bassist that's unnecessarily good. Add those cool lyrics, spark that Pop twist, and we got a track that deserves some praise. Not as the most original piece ever, but as a good idea that's been well executed.

Sadly, not every track on the EP is up to par with Waste My Time's talent. Out of the 5, I think it's the last 3 tracks that really turn the release into anything for me. Today's track being the climax right before the hazy ending.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
It's those first two tracks that just barely do it for me. Without them, as a 3 track EP, it'd be such an easy sell. There would be nothing to think about; nothing but great music. However, it's with those tracks that we see the truth behind the band. They've got some maturing to do, but at least they're on the right track.

If anything, the average Indie/Pop/Psychedelic Rock listener should enjoy the quick listen, maybe enough to support the band. If you like them, but not that much, be sure to give their previous EP a shot (it's name your price!) Again, it could use some maturing, but it really shows how far they went in a year.
I've been listening to R.A.'s rhymes since my early teens. Just the occasional track. I was a moderate fan enjoying slick flows, blunt use of vocabulary, and the dark atmosphere he can pull off so well. Fast forward to a month or so ago, I find he's recently released an album and it's getting praise. In fear of a biased opinion, I stay away, but I caved in yesterday and I think I can pull off some honesty.

I had forgotten he was this good. I remember some great tracks, I memorized his rhymes and still struggled to flow as well he did, but I never remember such strong lyrics. We won't all always agree with him, but if he's got something to say he'll make sure he says it right. Give one of those tracks a shot.

What we have here is straight Hip-Hop from beginning to end, sweet production quality, and poetic freedom to match. An immediate con: it might be a little too easy to get lost in the rhymes if you're not a genre native. The rhymes are quick and your ears might just struggle to listen, but when you build the endurance you'll find a fountain of brilliant rhymes spouting out of your speakers. Until then, lyrics are right under the video.

What's really cool is while I love this particular track and find myself agreeing to a lot of what he has to say, I don't agree with it all. I admire that he can speak his mind and make his point without needing to shove it all down my throat. It's a gift to charm in such a way, but it's a gift he doesn't exercise regularly so be prepared to hate him if the rest of the album keeps pushing your buttons.

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Alright, maybe the album title is a little cliche. Maybe there's an occasional cheesy Rap track hidden in there under airy rhyme patterns and dense material. Overall, though, the album is stunning. R.A. rhymes too well too often, so it's packed with featured artists to switch things up and make it listenable. It just seems like they knew; too much of a good thing won't do it here.

Winning me over further is the variety. He can go from rapping over Mozart samples to verbally beating himself to a pulp to just speaking truth. The content doesn't get boring, in any case, it's his rhyme style that might be too much for a single sitting.

If today's track was decent enough, I'd make sure and give it a listen. It'll be a lot to swallow for some, there's just too much content. Otherwise, the beats are well produced, the featured artists are insane, and R.A. delivers material worthy of no less than your respect.
We've got some Psychedelic Indie-Rock today, so expect smooth vocals and airy guitars. Also, in Cliffs' case, some real thick bass lines too. The band was thrown at me some months ago and, though I'd heard a track, was foolish enough to wait until now to give the album a listen.

Today's song was the second I heard, and the first they auto-stream on the Bandcamp page. At first it'll sound a little generic, exactly what many of us have grown to expect from Psyche-Indie. Just give it time, it'll evolve.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp

You have to take it in, so if it starts becoming a little monotonous know you're creating the atmosphere. All you need is a minute for it to take a turn into a weird Rock carnival, and only another minute to hear beach vibes and a healthy change in tempo. It might not suit everyone on the first go, but it grows on you quick.

And that's just one of my favorites. There's a few more, but if there's anything you can expect it's a bass line that will hook you, even if it has to do so subconsciously. Combine that with common-day Psychedelic sounds and all the right distortions, and you get an album worth checking out.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
This is a good album. If those modern day, Tame Impala-ish Psychedelic sounds are truly your thing, there's no way you can pass this one up. You just need to give it a listen. Otherwise know that while it's good, it is flawed. The bass is often overly defined, reversing roles and at some points leaving the guitar to be a mere detail in the background.

At least the bass is really good. And and hey, if you pay attention it's not hard to notice the whole band is pretty much just as talented. Maybe mixing is at fault, maybe it's all a matter of what the band perceives as 'just right', but if you give it a true, deep listen, you'll be sure to find satisfaction.

If for whatever reason the Bandcamp link's not working, or if you just want a hi-def stream, try the album out at Soundcloud. If you end up liking what you hear, give them a Like or a Follow. Show support the ways we can, and enjoy the music while you do so.
My ears came into contact with these guys about a month ago. The Turkish band has found some success playing at big events and exposing their talent, but this is all before the album. That one defining moment when they have a series of songs people can own, share, and grow attached to.

Until that moment arrives; we've got a nice 3 track EP for you all to enjoy. It's varied, but it's all got nice strong Indie influence. They keep it fresh by building on classic sounds with prog influences and elaborate displays of talent. Give 'em a shot.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp

It's just that combination of a well executed sound and risk that rolls me in such a direction. At no point do they allow me to bore. It's always talented, you can tell the sound's been thought out, and if it's ever close to monotony they'll stir it up and fluff your pillow. You just lay down and relax.

The comfort doesn't stop there. The EP contains 3 tracks of a similar nature, but to the band's advantage none of the tracks sound the same. You can tell it's them, the vocals make it clear and the talent never falters, but they also show that they're not just a one trick pony.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
It took a while to grow on me. And that's to say I finished the third track and went: "Woah, let's just listen to that all over again." The only way I could be any happier with the release is if it were suddenly 7 tracks longer.

If you liked today's track, you're in luck's grey area. There's 2 more, and only 2 more tracks for you to obtain. Don't be afraid, they're good. You might like some more than others, but the overall talent will sustain. Trust me. In any case if you ever decide you need a little extra, they have a video for their new release's first single. Check that out here, and enjoy.
I've been waiting for this release a while now. The album preview was the first track, and it was decent. It was just regular old Hip-Hop with a lot of talent, and a lot of rhymes spewed in just 2 minutes and a half. I wondered what could be done through the course of this next album, and just yesterday I got my answer.

I was expecting nothing more than rhymes. I was expecting some okay beats, some talented verses, and maybe the occasional statement. Instead I got some very fine musical production, rhymes for fun, thought provoking subjects, and an overall well suited mood.

Just let that track sink in. That's admiration for a fine era. A combination of sounds that weren't meant to flow with these rhymes, and here we have a group of rhymes-men showing they're too talented to let a beat overtake them.

It also helps they know how to stick to a subject, or just build on it in a way that makes sense. It's not a common find, but then neither are good Rap groups. This small group of rhyming intellectuals pulled off an entire album well, and though it might not suit everyone that enjoyed today's track, I find they've earned themselves an applause.

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Maybe it's my fault I don't find such eloquent combinations of sounds when I look for Hip-Hop. Maybe sometimes I give up early, maybe there are a lot more equally talented Rap groups out there. But, where these guys stand out, at least for this album, is that they don't stop. Every track has got something so well done that it begs to be listened.

It's not all as finely produced as today's track, so if Hip-Hop's not normally your thing, there might only be a few more songs worth checking out. If rhymes are usually right up your alley, this is a good find. Give it a stream, check out the rhymes. If you really like it maybe you'll find yourself buying their vinyl. I'm sure they'd appreciate it.
I found these guys a few months ago through an ep promoting their next release, today's album. I liked what I heard back then, and the release is still a worthy listen. It's Surf Punk. It's that yelled out cluster of noises that empathize with angry adolescents, copious amounts of energy, and Beach Rock.

Today's track shows 2 minutes in the harsh dark completeness of the album. It's got classic punk-vocals, some '80s Rock influences, and even a guitar solo. If the genre suits you, give it a shot.

It starts strong, and it shows just a little bit of that Surf Rock influence at the beginning. Everything else is pretty dark for the band and for the genre. It's a cool sound with all the elements we need to be familiar with it.

And if it's too much for you, I can't see the album getting any easier. While yes, they do have a decently unique sound, or maybe they've just explored into near virgin waters, there's still a lot of classic elements that could lighten up. I'd personally be a lot happier if the vocals were mixed to a slightly lower tone during production, but that's just me.

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The album pleases me in every way I hoped for. It also failed to deliver everywhere I was expecting it to. The rants are clear, the messages are great, but they're just a little hard to listen to. The style is a mix of Classic Punk with dabbles in new sounds, but they mainly just evolve when it's comfortable.

Basically, if you've been in need of a fresh Punk sound, something that hasn't been sitting in your music library for years, this is a great place to look. They offer the quality us regulars deserve, and the enthusiasm we long to see.
A few days ago I was presented with this little gem. A Hip-Hop mixtape that probably wouldn't be so underground back when Hip-Hop was about talented MCs and not about commercial production. A release that was mixed into a cassette to give you that nice old fashioned sound a lot of people might just nostalgia over.

Of course that's imitating an expired sound in the genre, and will only be fully appreciated by a selection of individuals. Further narrowing its listeners is the current sole music video representing it. Expect n-words, a chill yet repetitive beat, and a decent rhyme flow.

Free Download/Stream @ Bandcamp

I like the track, I just don't think it's the best way to recruit listeners. It's limiting your sound to people who already love Hip-Hop, and as the rhymes progress you realize he really does have a lot to say. Maybe a rocky start to the release, this is the first track you'll hear, but a few tracks into it and everything else will make sense.

I didn't even start liking what I was listening to the first time around. I've been brainwashed to enjoy far less decent rhymes with bigger and badder beats. The truth is it was a little too raw, and it took some getting used to. It was after the initial listen that I started finding the details. The lines became priority, the music was just the room they danced in. This is a mixtape for that market.

Free Download/Stream @ Official.fm
Over half of it is gonna have excessive cursing and expressive freedoms exploited to their fullest potential, so if you were thinking you could escape tracks like today's: No. Yeah, there's a song here and there that you might freely allow your toddler to listen to, but only because they won't understand the concept of what's being told. In reality; there's some adults who might not be ready for Dones either.

Even though it's not my favorite release of the year, I can appreciate it. If you wanna try and down it but are tip-toeing around so you don't lose yourself in despair, try hearing it on Youtube. Here's the [A Side] and the [B Side], both links with the perfect atmosphere for this kind of release.
I'd heard about this release a little while ago, but I was unaware it was so short and talented. I was also unaware it was free, a plus. I got into expecting some monotone vocals over basic electronics, and maybe some occasional Jazz sax solos or something. But I was only half a track into the mixtape, so my assumptions were off by a lot.

Then comes the second track, Don't Regret Me. You get smooth seductive vocals, a well produced bass-line, and lyrics worth hearing out. A relaxed mood and enough talent to hold its own is all I needed to be won over. Give it a shot yourself.

It's got that chilled out vibe right from the beginning, so when the guitar pulls through with the bass you've already got the appropriate mood. It won't alter too much from there, it gives you something and it lets you keep it there. The same emotion, the same mood.

It's just a good thing the release is a mere 5 tracks long. It's that same mood pretty much all throughout, and if it got far beyond those 40 minutes there might be a small problem. Then again, replaying the album was a must. I heard it back to back maybe four or five times before I finally decided to start writing.

Soundcloud Stream | Download
The tracks slowly latch onto you, giving it a high replay value. There's no particularly commercial rhymes, there's no mind tickling beats, and yet the second time you hear it every track stands out a bit more. After each listen you start humming along, singing, remembering what she said last time. Relating to the message and the mood as if they were the same, ultimately understanding the combination of emotions.

The problem is it's not that amazing the first time. Not to just anyone at least. It takes a complete listen to start getting into it, and I can predict there's a lot of people who won't give it a chance. It's not their fault, and it's not hers, it's just the way the music works.

Still, the release is free and the music is decent. If you liked today's track at all, give the stream a listen. If you enjoyed the stream, grab the download. Listen, enjoy, and share.
Recently leaving a mark in the Electronic scene, Rudimental have caught my attention. There's some singles I wasn't too happy about, but the few that caught my attention did a fine job. They've been closing the gap between hard edged Drum & Bass and smoother tendencies, completing a flow and adding vocals to taste like salt on your dinner plate.

Today's track is a little more liquid, and has lyrics performed by upcoming talent Angel Haze. It should sound like a relaxed Hip-Hop track. Give it a shot if it sounds to your liking.

If you let it sink in, or just allow it to play over in the background, it will latch onto you. You will have that loopy bass-line repeating through your head, and you'll sing along to a few of Ms Haze's easier lines too. It's just a seemingly simple track with enough details to please your ears after way too many listens.

It starts to get scary when you see a similar formula throughout the album. Great lyrics, catchy electronic "backgrounds" and a very commercial feel. It almost feels like this Electro-quartet is suffering from Guetta syndrome.

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Aside from clinging on to vocals for commercial success, the quartet have a nice sound to pull off. Sometimes DnB, sometimes overly produced bass, always somewhat original and catchy. I don't always agree with it, but it's a decent album.

I'd rather feel it live. Some of the tracks are just too rich, too perfectly produced for me to get into otherwise. I just feel like, as long as they're decent DJs, that particular sound they dominate will transcend better. It's okay as a studio release, but I can't imagine hearing all this back to back just for fun.

The release is still more than decent for anyone who loves to dance to modern tunes, or anyone who appreciated well written lyrics over talented electronics. If you fit that demographic, give a stream a listen. It's a bit lengthy for me but maybe it sounds better to you.
I remember the first time I heard these guys. It was 2011, a Rock blog had presented me to the newcomers. The well played riffs, the eventually ironic Satanist lyrics, the dark growl-less atmosphere. I loved them; I loved the package. I think the first song I heard was Elizabeth.

Well it's been a few years since then, and they decided to change. And I mean I don't even see how such dark lyrics are still relevant, but they make it work with the sound anyway. Give it a shot with one of the better balanced tracks on the album.

What I love about this track is more than just the catchy tunes, the smooth Psychedelic Rock vocal tendencies, or even the progressions they pull off so well. No, what I love the most is how eerie the track can get when you take any little element away. Just listen to it on a bad set of speakers; you won't get a worse effect if you tried to back-mask this.

But aside from that, and well the vocals obviously, it sounds like nothing more than a well produced Rock track. It was almost shocking playing the album and getting this out of it. Not that we didn't know they were capable, they made that one excellent cover of Here Comes the Sun, but I'd never have guessed that over half the album would strum along those more cheerful lines.

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My guess is they're trying to upset a lot of people by reaching a lot of people. With the ridiculously well played Pop tracks, and the dark mood-setting lyrics, they've somehow expanded their horizons. They've adapted to society, and kept their base.

Had I been a more devote fan, though, I could see myself upset with the album. It's change, it's a display of versatility, but when you get a track that (if not for the lyrics) could be played on Disney, there's also supposed to be something wrong. And yes, it gets to that point.

For the rest if you, what should really bring the album to life is the bridge from Metal to a smooth Rock or Psychedelic feel. If you liked what you heard today, you should give the album a listen. It's a fun and demonic, some might say sinfully, well made album.
I've come across this nice debut EP, listened, re-listened, and even started repeating a few songs just to see which one stood out. Usually when nothing stands out it's a bad thing, but in the case of this EP it just means everything is of about the same quality.

So if you like a raw Indie sound with some slight Pop (and what sounds like a sprinkle of Punk) influences, make sure and give at least one track a listen. You can start right at the beginning here, with the first track of the release.

And what a great introduction to their sound. It starts off with that fading chaos, with that simple bass line hovering over it and then eventually the guitar. It won't take long before it swoops out of it all and becomes Rock. Just Rock; nothing much more complicated than that.

The vocals are almost generically Indie, but it suits the mood well. There's some quality percussion for the genre, but it's the chemistry that pulls everything off. The vocals are just a detail for me, it's the combined effort that makes the track worth listening. The evolution of it all.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
You know those songs where you listen to it once and you like it? Then you give it another listen and it's just a little better? And then you just keep listening and it progressively becomes one of the best songs you've heard all week— I know you're relating to this. This is an entire EP of that kind of song. Five short tracks, each capable to lift you off the ground like fairy dust. With enough exposure; of course.

If I could point out a flaw, aside from maybe being a little too simple sometimes, I'd just say the studio work could be a little better. I'd rather the sound quality fail a little than have some hot-shot producer ruin the vibe though.

And then again, the album is name-your-price, what's there really to complain about? So if you liked today's track, do give it a listen. Pay what you want for it, even if that means downloading it free. But like them on Facebook, follow on Twitter, or just share them with your friends. I'm sure they appreciate any form of support.
I've been hearing about JB here and there, and just decided to give his latest a listen. It's free Hip-Hop, so I expected the worst and was pleasantly surprised with what I got. The end result is of decent rhymes and awesome beat production.

Today's track is one of my favorites. It's pretty much your generic pot track complete with Collie Buddz and a Reggae beat. But Joey shows wit, flow, and plenty of potential. Try it out if the genre's to your liking.

Stream/Download @ LiveMixtapes

The dub tendencies did win me over a little early. After you stop analyzing it, you realize he's out of beat a bit at the beginning. Aside from that it's quality lyricism and a chill track. Maybe a little too complicated, but it sounds alright.

Then you get some cheesy pauses to emphasize his puns and some overly-gangsta lyrics and you find yourself an exaggerated track that could be a lot simpler. It's not a perfect song, but neither is the album, hence it shines and it shows you what the release is made of.

Stream/Free Download @ LiveMixtapes
The album goes wrong when you start to realize he doesn't have much to say. He's just 18, got too well known too soon, and has little of significance to say anyway. Yeah, there's some great songs on the release, but I think if he'd just kept it at 7 tracks it would've been a lot better.

He basically shows near impeccable style, only to give the effort away for free. Go download it, listen, get hooked and come back for more. At that rate, it does make sense. But at a mere decent listen, I would probably download less than half of it.

I give him my respect, it takes a lot to make a release of this quality. I just think he needs to expand his horizons a bit further before he turns into the really good artist he has the potential to be. Yeah, give it a listen if Hip-Hop's your thing. Otherwise, don't expect him to be changing your mind on the genre.
I've been anticipating this one for a while. It's been hyped through my email, and word of mouth has been eagerly awaiting its release. Now that it's come and I've given it a thorough listen, well, it's just Pretty Lights.

For those of you unfamiliar, PL has a distinct sound in the Electronic scene. His bass wobbles a certain way, and a few of his tweaks show more often than some would like. It's not hard to see why he's gotten so much respect, especially with songs like today's out there. Give it a shot.

This one's a bit more relaxed. It shows different Lights while maintaining some of his well known sound. Just hit play, sit back, and let the beats sink in. It's that mental massage that will leave electro-lovers happy after it's settled.

Sadly for some, and probably not for many more, the rest of the album sounds a lot like regular old Pretty Lights (here's an idea.) That peculiar bass wobble, those odd breaks in time, and a talent that sounds great even when repeated.

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It's just a little too much of the same thing for my liking. That's basically saying it's too much of a pretty nice thing. The Pretty Lights experience is a unique trip through his alternate universe. It's a relaxed, often dark escapade that can swirl your brain around yourself if you let it.

The album does try and stray away from monotony. It's tracks like today's that show that off well. But in the long run, it's just too much. I think if he teamed up and became a DJ duo it might be a different effect. Nothing wrong with this, I just think it's better left for live performances.

Regardless, if you like it enough you can stream it on Grooveshark. If you're tight on funds, you can download it free of charge at PrettyLightsMusic.com. Just remember that if you do end up liking it, at least give a donation at some point. Show some support for the artists we love.
I'd heard about these fine ladies before, but it's not until a short while ago I gave their debut a listen. The raw Rock and emotion caught me, but it's that subtle blend of Classic Rock and a modern style that made me stick around for an entire album.

There's not an awful lot made easily available to the public, but out of what is out there, Gonna Make My Own Money is among my favorites. Ready yourself for a dirty sound and give 'em a listen.

Just consider this a teaser. Most of their track listing consists of short adrenaline fused Punk-ish vibes that place a firm 'F U' over any happy-go-lucky emotions you might have. All this harsh sound, and this is the remains of two frustrated artists who met during crochet class.

The fact that it's a guitar/drum duo does give it a White Stripes feel, but I felt them take their own direction. A somewhat generic, well written, and curious direction. Where some tracks reminded me of a rocked version of Dubstep, and where unexpected twists worked in their favor.

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For what it is at its length, the album is perfect. It's an overwhelming sound that many can compare and many more can just sit down and enjoy, but if the album lasted any longer it'd be a monotonous pile of dung. The entire effort is extremely well produced, mixed, and created. We gotta give it to them for that positive outcome.

I still think it'd be more interesting to see live. Having those two create such an atmosphere with so little has got to be a show. The percussion alone would be a joy to watch, but that raw guitar makes for happy insides too.

If you're curious for more, check out the exclusive NME stream. If you want more of those videos, DV's Youtube should be the link for you. Just remember to be in the right bird-flipping mood to make the most out of the experience.
I love surprises. I'm a fan of the unexpected and that sudden release of joy when you get something you want. In this case, it was the first sentence from an email I got some days ago. It went:
"Good day, we are Monroy Y Surmenage, an independent alternative rock band from Nicaragua."
Hello, awesome Rock bands from Nicaragua. Fancy seeing you again! Today what we got is Latin Pop Rock. Before I divulge any further, just give it a listen. Try it.

Stream/Download @ Bandcamp

It was with this song that I decided I was writing about the album. There's a freedom to the track that's almost like an acoustic piece. It's strumming with gusto and singing with Pop-heart. It goes through changes, it's decently produced, and overall I'm happy with it.

But it was after this song that I started to really sink my teeth into what I'd gotten. After a few harsh tracks with those same sweet vocals and progressions that tune into each other, there was no way I could resist embracing those unexpected surprises. The album is Pop Rock with plenty of talent, and deserves its own praise for what managed to be done.

Stream/Download @ Bandcamp
First impressions are worth a lot though. The first two tracks of 'Here Come the Aliens!' left a mild feeling in my gut. It was the presence of decade old music that everyone and their mother tries to copy. I was getting that feeling the album might be a waste of time. Then with the third track, today's, everything changed. It's like some mastermind snapped his fingers and said: Oh no, no. We can do way better. And for the remainder of the album, they do.

There's still going to be a very strong Pop Rock base to it. If you understand Spanish it might be easier to get into, and it might also help to just get lost in the decently sung foreign vocals. All in all, great team of band-mates and sweet chemistry make the album sweep through.

The album is name-your-price, so you can either feel free to download it at no charge, or support them just a little. Remember, any little bit counts for the artists with passion. Alternatively, there's another album also up for grabs for whatever price you choose to pay. Check that out too if you're curious.
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