Over the years I've grown to respect Janelle. A strong, stern voice in modern music that just oozes of talent. I often saw the commercial side, the singles, the radio play, and it's because of that that I was so shocked when I finally gave a complete album a listen.

Today's track shows the best of what I enjoyed throughout the release. The tasteful vocal quality, the smoothness in her strengths, and the ability to stop herself before she does too much. If you don't mind varying influences or basic concept love songs, give it a listen.

The vocal melody is so fresh here; this is one of the few tracks I fell for instantly. There's decent music going on, too. From the sweet little bass line, to the developing strings, the musical piece feels complete from beginning to end. It satisfies, it shows what she's capable of as a rounded artist.

The rest of the album wasn't as easy to get into for me, but then I also boycott the radio. Songs like Dance Apocalyptic (that are official singles) don't really make me wanna stick around. Catchy, fun, not really a bad addition to an album, but I can live without it.

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Most of the album grows on you, often before each song even ends. It's also suites IV and V of an entire 7 suite opera, so the fluidity between track and track is usually in favor of your ears. On the few occasions where they break the mold, you'll have a funny interlude where a radio host clarifies the story line a bit. It entertains if there was ever a chance to grow tired of it all.

What hit me the hardest were the influences from artists and genres. I could swear I heard Stevie Wonder's female form performing some Future Space Funk, and if Jazz, Rock, and Hip-Hop weren't meant to be, Janelle makes it possible. I recommend the stream if you enjoyed today's track, or just admit to her talent. If it doesn't sit well with you, just leave it alone and come back later. You'll be surprised.
Indie Synth Pop hitting us hard today as the Summer Camp duo sneak into my ear canal and slowly weave their way out. The genre defines them as something I don't usually like, so keep that in mind as I rave and deduct a few points from their latest efforts.

Today's track is my favorite off the album. It shows a healthy bass line, sweet riffs, and influences that can be heard back up to the '60s. The '80s based Synth Pop is still pretty clear, but it grabs a little funk and becomes even easier to dance to in the process.

The reversed video might help for some, but what does it for me is the details. The percussive background, the friendly riff, the weaving bass line and the male backing vocals. If anything, maybe during the chorus it helps a little to ignore the lead.

The vocals aren't really bad here, and they're never any worse throughout the album. I find it's the lyrics that could use some work, and even though this song is really different to the rest of the album, it still suffers from some of that mishandled lyric melody that I was able to find periodically on the release.

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I really like half the album. If they cut it down to a long EP, I'd be satisfied. It's not even that it grows old; the second half, for the most part, simply feels more generic in nature. I even tried starting the listen over after lengthy periods of time just to be sure. It's not bad, it's just a little too similar to things we've already heard.

Then again, they lasted a lot longer with my tastes than I expected. With each listen the album grows closer to you, it latches itself onto you and exploits itself. You already know its true colors, it just makes sure you learn to love those colors over time. It also puts you in a pretty good mood, so go ahead and give it a listen if you're curious. At the very least; it's decent movement-music.
Introducing a hint of Pop and Post Rock into their more complete Math Rock style is Enemies' latest album. I've only just stumbled upon it, but the Irish quartet have had this one out for months now. I'm just happy to have found such a gem.

Mostly instrumental and never truly focusing on the lyrics, Embark, Embrace is gonna be a tad difficult to get into without the aid of the acquired Math taste. For reference; if you've previously enjoyed Giraffes? Giraffes! or Cours D'Math this should be right up your alley, though the general Math Rock lover should be pleased regardless.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp

It's hard to lie; there's a few tracks on the album like Nighthawks or Unit Shifter that would probably be easier to digest for broader audiences. However it's songs like the above Coral Castle that make the album what it is, a systematically erratic display of sounds and talent.

If you don't see it, let it sink in. Embrace the complications, the transformation of melody and the grace in which it transcends. Undeniable talent and synchronization is what you can strip it down to, but why get rid of all the unspeakable beauties in the process? Just sit back, realize the magic, and enjoy.

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The first listen feels a little weird. Unsettling in a happy way. Each following try will feel more comfortable, more at ease. It's the kind of album that never feels wrong but still feels better with time, with each listen, and with each new note discovered. I'm not sure it's what they tried for, but the result is an infectious string of songs pieced together to create one swift movement.

If you start to really feel it, you'll be able to find the vinyl on Top Shelf Records for an extremely reasonable price. Otherwise, just be sure to make the most of the ride while you're on it, and to share the voyage if it means enough to you. These rising stars are gonna need a bit more exposure if we want them touring further outside of Europe.
It's a rare occasion when I'll allow myself to call something World Music. It's an often generalized term for something foreign that you don't know the name of. Today however, German Deela focuses on Electronic beats with Afro influences, and maybe some Latin spice as well. If that's not best described as World, I can't imagine what could be.

Dancing Fires is a two-song release, so give the first a listen and allow the second to play right after it if you're still in the mood. Expect the consistent EDM "unca"'s and a beautiful variety of weaved instruments.

It's a slow entrance but a quick beat. One of the few issues for me here is the borderline cliche whistle, but making up for it is a series of well positioned samples. End result, to me, felt basically like a really good score to an African based video game.

I'm also torn at the appealing, yet equally monotonous use of the Dem Bow. I have to wonder for both tracks how much of a difference a more eclectic percussive line would bring. It's best not to dwell and focus on what we do have; a very electric and laid back sound you can dance or chill with.

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I find it easier to keep the tracks in the background, do something fun while they're on. Sip a tropical drink, parachute into the ocean. I do admit though, that that could all change as soon as I hear it with the aid of a healthy subwoofer. Maybe with the right DJ, and adequate application on just the right set, the sounds would reach out to us even better.

If you like what you hear and want more, be sure to check his site and maybe sign up for the monthly newsletter. It said something about monthly tropical tracks, you might wanna look into that (wink wink.)
In May of 1968, many people were able to witness the Miami Pop Festival for themselves. Several decades later it's finally been released for the general public. I've waited over 2 weeks, and I'd say I waited 14 days too long, to give the release a full and well deserved listen.

It's really difficult to challenge these icons; it's difficult to criticize something that's so perfectly flawed. To hear the shortness of breath, or that single moment in the event where the times were off for all of half a second, is all nothing but some odd form of magic.

You can hear it all so well; for such finely aged music. Redding shredding at the bass, Mitch Mitchell's percussive high, and of course Jimi's own guitar. I mean sweet mother of whammy bars, does Jimi's guitar love being outside of a studio, or what?!

This isn't even my favorite track out of the set, it's just the easiest to find. It shows a bit of the improvisation and alterations that a Hendrix Experience will bring to you, but the full booming power of it all is captured at its best throughout the live album.

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It's not like we haven't heard these songs before, even the lesser Hendrix fans will know most of what will be heard. What brings this to life is how genuine each version is, recorded on the spot with all the little mishaps. An occasional missed note, a change in tempo, or just a few minutes added time because they were digging the tune that much. This wasn't meant for radio, it wasn't even meant for recording. This was demonstrated passion meant only for the immediate listeners. We're just the lucky ones that get to hear it anyway.

If you're a more dedicated fan (and for some reason are only just finding out about all this) you might also want to grab the documentary adequately called Hear My Train A Comin'. It came out together with the live album, so it'll go well hand in hand. Grab it on DVD or Blu-ray and feel a rush of Jimi's life breeze by, or just settle for the music (or the stream) and learn to move through it.
A short while ago I received insight into a debut release from last month. I was happy with the contents, so I'm here to share. Meet Bruto (literally meaning Brute,) a Chilean "Fuzzgressive" band with a classic Metal influence breaching through iconic genres and their own little fuzzy distortions added to the mix.

The only flaw, and this is my nitpicking audiophile side talking, is in the mixing. It sounds a bit musty, a bit fuzzy, and it's an effect that I think hinders the overall quality of the release. The composition is still excellent though, give it a listen and see.

Stream/Download @ Bandcamp

They define themselves within the general realms of Stoner Rock, including Doom and Psychedelic genres, which is probably why I felt a strong hint of Black Sabbath in their sound. The only place I see those Doom tendencies stray a bit is on the crisp vocals that are clouded by fuzzy mixing. It felt off at first, but it grows on you.

The rest of the LP isn't always as captivating as this track, but it does maintain a thick layer of talent at all times. It shows adequate use of guitar solos and improv-like periods that end up defining the type of album this is. It's their debut, and it sets the bar pretty high.

Stream/Download @ Bandcamp
Expect heavy riffs and decent progressions. Expect things that aren't really being done anymore, and expect fresh material while you're at it. You might not hear it all the first time around, so if it was good enough, give the album a second listen too. Thank me later.

Best of all, when you finally decide to grab it, pay what you want. Or better yet, pay what you can. It's a name-your-price release, so take it for free if you have to. Just find a way to enjoy the album that these guys made on their own for your pleasure, and remember to share.
Out today, The Rebel Lights' latest Beach-Rock single hits our ears in full blast. It might be a few months overdo for many, but it brings such warm tones to the table that it's hard to be upset with the final product.

It's just one song, so there's not much to analyze here. Expect beach-like influences and classic styled vocals. If The Monkees and The Beach Boys are to your liking, hit play, lean back, and relax.

I like the individual elements going on here. There's enough progression to keep fluidity, but it also feels like there's no hesitation towards the sound. It's as if they came straight back from the early '60s, maintained their youthful air and basic influences, and released a breath of what's now an extremely refreshing sound.

Of course, it's not without some minor setbacks. The biggest issue for me was some looped monotony hidden behind the vocals just before each chorus. It's not a deal breaker; it just didn't fit with the suave style the rest of the track seems to have.

Stream/Lyrics/Download @ Bandcamp
This is supposed to just wet your appetite for their future EP, so if you really like it you can either keep synced to D4AM or glue yourself to their Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively you can snoop through the Bandcamp and find an old release. I expect that old EP will be nothing like what's to come, but it's also worth its listen.

Remember, the track is available for free, but they're accepting anything you'd offer through Bandcamp, and it will also be available for sale through iTunes as of today. Just do whatever's the most comfortable, enjoy, and spread the Beach Rock vibes if you can.
Despite what you might initially think, today's Post-Rock talents come straight from Italy as multi-instrumentalist Gian Spalluto shares the spotlight with Mina Carlucci and Giuseppe Argentiero of Vostok. The resulting debut album manages to create a mixture of dark and peace inducing elements.

Today's feature track is an instrumental piece, as is most of the album. It's probably one of the best tracks to show the overall diversity, and the ability to swiftly change in style. This is the track that ties in the Post Rock/Metal with the the Ambient/Shoegaze side the best. This is the track that shows you what kind of album you're in for.

The video probably helps the end result for a lot of you. Instrumentals of this nature aren't always the easiest to digest. However the album flows really well, rarely ever displaying the anger that's typically found within its Post-Rock base, but taking in the meditative side and exploiting its powers.

There's also some beautiful vocals to balance things out on occasion (courtesy of Mina) that really help the 35 minute ride settle properly. The only downside is that for now, you're going in blind for the purchase. Exhilarating for some, but scary for those of you with tighter budgets.

Buy @ Immortal Frost Productions
The album fades in and out with hints of Electronica and ample Ambient backgrounds that complete the overall sound; to stray from monotony. It still might sound just a little too empty for some, but I blame that on the common commercial use of vocals. In other words, you'll get over it after a few listens.

I'd never whisk you guys into a decent album blind, so if you'd like you can find 4 of the 10 tracks found on the album on the Australasia Bandcamp, you'll also find the prior EP with a bit of snooping. Alternatively you can find other tracks on the Youtube account (a personal favorite being Aura) and find some odd tracks here and there that you might not hear otherwise. If you're still on edge about the album, but find yourself liking what there is to offer, the very least you could do is give a like to the Facebook page. Any means of support rack up in the end; I'm sure it's appreciated.
I've been waiting patiently for this release for a few months now, hoping the teasing singles and anticipation wouldn't let me down. I was able to give Black Watermelon a thorough listen the day of its release, and am pleased to say it is top notch Hip Hop.

On the downside for many, it's not the extremely commercial music production most people enjoy the very first time around, but of a more raw background that might take a listen or two to properly grasp. Today's track might be like that, or it might just be well produced. The truth is I'd heard it before, and I'm pretty sure it sounds better now just because I'd already come in contact with it.

Stream/Free Download @ Bandcamp

If you follow D4AM on social mediums you might remember this, and if you remember this it might just click a little better now. Now yes, Nice Rec did do a pretty sweet job producing, but that's not the end of the magic. The magic is the way Donesy pieces his lyrics together for us.

It really does take more than just the first listen to realize what he's got going on. He's easy to understand, he makes things as fluid as good conversation, and even though you understand it all there comes a point where the message starts to fit much better than before.

Soundcloud | iTunes
The album might not seem all that special the first time around, and especially so if this is the first time Mario Dones' rhymed down your ear canal, but after allowing it time it shows its true colors. Gritty, scraped from the gutter, ashy residue that has to be analyzed. Every statement, every critique, it's all put in such a way that might come through as average just because you haven't taken the time to dissect the syllables.

It's not like the album's full of innovative juices; it's original but not to an extreme degree. No, what it truly has in its favor is its similarity to a really good movie. This is the type of album that you can hear over and over again and always take something from, so if you even just kinda dug today's track, give the stream a chance and get back to it for later. You might just find it rides well with time.
A couple of weeks ago I found this peculiar "Carnival-Freak-Blues" duo from Belgium. They won me over almost instantly because of the coarseness of the vocals together with the intricate playfulness of the accordion. Yes, this is what we're getting into.

Needless to say it might take a minute to get used to. Luckily for the over-tamed set of ears, there's also a pleasurable video to aid your experience. Expect the accordion, expect a mysterious bass line, and some simple sounding drums that actually tie everything together.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp

This is one of my favorites on the EP. The playfulness on those keys is almost unexpected, striking us so quickly. Then you hear everything else. The truth is, it's a deeply lyrical duo, but the music makes up almost all of the chemistry. The voice would still sound amazing A Capella, but without the accordion we've got nothing too special.

The release is short, sweet, and far from the point. It shows the broadness within the style they're willing to go, and some great flexibility that pushes through what one would think are their limits. It all comes together as they display precision in their instruments, and a good time together.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
What's really interesting to me is that the track I like the least (Delirium Lumens Deus) is also the one I have the most respect for. I can't even mention how it could sound better, nor can I criticize its contents. I just personally couldn't get into it enough to hear it on a regular basis.

The rest of the EP still sits comfortably though. The remaining three songs, though very different, evoke that same thoughtful playfulness that they've gotten me to enjoy since the beginning. I'm not sure how I'd take a whole album, I'm not sure it'll work out with their current setup, but I find it difficult not to be curious. Maybe they'll change my mind.
It's easy finding Punk Rock hybrids. Influences can include Blues, Electronic Elements, or good ol' fashioned Indie Rock. It's much rarer to find a band like today's, where even though the influences exist within their sound, most of what they offer can be traced back down to the classics.

Today's track is the first on the album, and it has the principles of what the band creates. Expect time changes and simple-yet-raw riffs pieced together in such ways that would remind you of that dying genre while spitting a brand new loogie in through your headphones.

It should take about half a minute for their energy to show its brightest colors. No terrible screaming, no overshot mixing; all they have is a defined sound source and a pretty awesome bass line. A bit repetitive for some, but this is what Punk is made of. If you need variety, just be sure to stick around at least up to the two minute mark.

Now if you end up really enjoying that track, you've got a 35 minute album waiting ahead of you. It might lose some momentum, but it always picks itself right back up to put you in that special let's-run-naked-down-the-street mood.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
To get you a feel for what the rest of their album should sound like, their influences range just as well from The Stooges to Nirvana, so know to expect some musty riffs and plenty of attitude. They've also got a nice Bluesy side you can find on tracks like Steven Seagal Will Have His Revenge On..., but don't get too used to that.

Maybe it's because these guys are based in Chile that they get to sound so vintage. There's less to taint their influences with, and the possibility for stronger dedication. All I know is I wasn't expecting an album of such a recent release to be as good as it is. Not quite perfect, but definitely worth a listen.
It's been a few months since I heard of Fossil Collective's deeply appreciated Tell Where I Lie. As I stated at the end of that post, I've been looking forward to their next release. Now that I've found and heard it, I might not be as ecstatic as I thought I'd be, but I'm still very pleased.

What we have is a branch further into their Folk side. Acoustics, simplicity, and stories to be told over the 4 track EP. There's still a lot of talent going into the effort, it just takes an open ear to spot it all. Today's track makes the versatility a bit easier to spot, try it.

It's hard to miss the heavy contrast since their prior release, but it's still obvious to the ear that they're not making a very traditional Folk sound. What they've made is theirs. Simple enough to base itself on acoustics, but elegant enough to hold all their other influences somewhere along the line.

What I really like about this track is the musical transitions slowly piling on top of each other. By the time it ends you're left with a completely developed song. I was hoping for something a little more captivating, but it still holds true they've made a beautiful track.

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The other 3 tracks are just as simple, but maybe not quite as impressive. The EP focuses so much on such a particular kind of simplicity, that had it been any longer it would've been boring. Then again, it is only 15 minutes long, and that much goes down rather smoothly.

I guess in the end I was expecting the same kind of magic I felt from the preceding effort, but with less time and a different approach. I'm still sure that their next full length will be closer to what I'm expecting, so for now I guess we can all just enjoy these songs and use them as more of a mood setting set.
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