Sumner McKane - Select Visual History

Some of Sumner McKane's more recent releases have been recommended, and so I tried to look into the instrumental guitar work with as little bias as possible. I think I pulled through with some deep understanding to what's presented on the following album, but there are still some shady areas I feel bad for not really getting.

Today's track is the second on the album, but the first I truly associate with the release. It's got some well blended progressions, and a nice Bluesy/Jazzy gracefulness to it that will either lull you to sleep or awaken some inspiration.

If this song is too slow for you, or lacking the action you really need at the moment, step away. It only gets softer and more detailed from here, often appearing to be more of a soundtrack than a studio album (though that can be blamed on how his work usually is a soundtrack...)

Make sure you give it at least a couple of minutes before letting it out of your reach. It's gonna take a bit of getting used to before it seeps into you and transforms. It's a lovely feeling if the mood fits, but it really felt to me like you have to be in a specific emotional range in order to feel its pull.
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As the title implies, each track really sounds like part of a specially put together photo album. Something you can look back on, share an emotion with, and put back away. Each title implies a general direction, and the rest is for your mind to decipher.

Despite how beautiful the idea seems; this won't be for everyone. How far you can take the listen before you decide to switch depends solely on your mood and how deeply you can admire a well played guitar. For some, this is the perfect release, full of shifts and pauses and some wonderful compositions. Just in case that's you, I'd do my part and try the album out.
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  1. This is super mellow stuff, something you'd want to listen to on a beach while relaxing.

  2. I really, REALLY liked this one. I'm not even kidding.


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