The Pedrito Martinez Group - The Pedrito Martinez Group

I've been following Pedrito since before the release of this studio album, and I was actually a little sad I didn't have anything to write about. Now that there's finally a release, I can say something, but still feel the need to tread lightly.

It's hard finding the studio material online, so today's track is a live version on one of my album favorites, La Luna. I prefer the live version, less thought out and much more passionate. It features broader horizons and is probably easier to jump around with.

If it makes a difference, the softer-spoken studio version features Steve Gadd. It might not mean anything to some of you, but those of you who know him will know to expect percussive genius on the track. Granted, it's 4 minutes shorter, but that might make the version even more persuasive.

You can hear the fundamentals to the album right here on this track, a relaxed tune played by musicians who express their passion through their instruments. It's fun to watch, great to hear, and if you feel the motivation to dance you'll get the full effect of the group's magic.
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Most of the album is probably easier dance material for people just getting into the genre, so it has that going for it. That, and the fact that aside from Gadd, featured artists include Wynton Marsalis and John Scofield. It's hard not to salivate from a music-nerd perspective, but it all pays off for the average listener regardless.

Unless you have Spotify, this one's a tough stream. The only way to get a clear idea of what the group's about is to check the live videos on the website. I'm not sure how much longer they'll be up there, so take advantage of those while you can.
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  1. That was a blast to listen to. And, admittedly, to watch. I bet that'd be a great live show to attend. I just really, really wish I could find a stream to listen to. I'm not sure I could just buy the studio version sight unseen.

    First world problems tho, amirite?

    1. I was able to find the whole album stream on Spotify. I found two of my least favorite tracks on Grooveshark. There's some stuff out there, it's just not made as easy for the public to stream as we'd like it to be.


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