February of 2014 has been a great month for music, it's been so awesome that I have an ongoing list of talent to feature in the near future! It's also been kind enough to offer a variety of free tracks from very generous artists. I've picked out my favorites and left them for you today as a farewell to a great month in music.

Starting the list off is Australasia's latest Post-Rock/Shoegaze release, a cover of Angelo Badalamenti's Twin Peaks theme from the early '90s. The cover is both an homage to the grand composer, and a means for the Italian artist to share childhood memories.

Stream/Download @ Bandcamp | Soundcloud
The Twin Peaks soundtrack shows where Australasia has come from, and this cover shows the direction his project is moving towards. If you like what you hear, find more of Australasia at his website or right here on D4AM.

Next we have Captain Supernova's brand new remix of Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing. He transformed the classic into a Future Funk space boogie of his own. I recommend coming at it as its own track, just because of how difficult it is to compare the versions with each other.

Direct Download
This is just an additional tease to the upcoming Imaginary Voyage debut. More on that here. If you're already looking forward to more of the Captain, remember to check out his Facebook and Twitter for up-to-date information.

Keeping the Funk theme going is Bubonik Funk and their latest effort, Ghost Child. I dug it enough to mention it via social mediums, but I'm bringing it up again. Enjoy the fun, upbeat Funked out Rock display.

Direct Download
Make sure you grab this download while it's still around. There's no guarantee it'll still be there after the album release later on in May. You'll be sure to hear about that here, but just in case, you might want to keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Finally we have newcomer to the scene Memo Torre and his mash-up/mini mix consisting of Orishas' Cuban Rap (El Kilo) and Flume's Australian Electronica (Sleepless.) The transitioning elements are a little rocky, but once everything comes together there's a sweet piece of work.

Stream/Download @ Bandcamp
If you're interested in Memo's multiple-genre-blends, he has entire sets and hopes to bring more singles out in the near future. Be sure to follow him on Facebook for the latest.

Alternatively, be sure to check back at D4AM.net or add us on social mediums for future freebies and updates on the artists mentioned above. Enjoy your downloads!
You may have heard today's Progressive Metalcore band if you're following D4AM through social mediums. For those of you that haven't, meet The Mirage Theory, a 6 piece collection that will happily caress your remains after shredding your face to bits.

We've already shared today's track before, but it's the perfect combination of all their styles within an audience friendly time frame. You get stunning progressive changes, and a very broad look at all of their talents. Yes, there will be screaming, but today's track shows a half-and-half vocal display.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp

For those of you not patient enough to let the intro develop, you can skip ahead to just past the 1:00 mark for the song. Alternatively, here's the Soundcloud link. Once it's on you'll realize it starts pretty harsh, just push through until after the chorus for balance and you'll feel the variety for yourself.

As progressive as the rest of the EP is; every other track feels more firm within genre. Too Many Dreams will easily flow through a varied blend of styles, whereas everything else finds an uncomfortable and ultimately beautifully executed idea to keep snug in. That's just this EP.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
Origins as a release is a little bumpy, but once the final track plays, everything makes sense. You get a nine-and-a-half minute finale that allows you to understand how every other track builds towards it. Every song states something, whether it be the diversity in talent or the ability to do more than just Hardcore Metal. Origin ties everything together.

I've been blessed with a sneak peek at the second half of the divided release, and I can guarantee that when it comes out they'll be raising the bar. If you're as curious as you should be, I'd recommend checking them out live while they're on tour. You can find currently established dates here, but your best bet for future dates and nearer venues would be to Like or Follow the band yourself.
Today's Lo-Fi Noise-Folk is brought to our ears by WHOOP-Szo. I'm not sure what their name is, but the genre sure fits. Expect awkward twists into dimly lit corners, as well as airy tracks with a more traditional folk influence.

Today's track is one of my favorites, as well as the lead single from the second part of the album, Odemin. It shows a decent transition within their open style, and makes for a great first look. I'd recommend sticking through to the end to make sure you grasp the band's concept.

The gritty quality builds the scene, the music strikes out of tune until it fits snug into the grand scheme. A simple riff here, the drums dropping in and fitting to size, and finally the vocals. Sudden outbursts of sound will roughen the experience up, denying it from ever being too comfortable.

Both sides of the album have a similar feel as far as comfort is involved. It's there, it's a good sound, but it rocks you off just enough for you to always pay attention to the details. In the end, it's the details that'll keep you listening.

Stream/Download @ Bandcamp
As a whole the album has only the flaws you would want. Everything that makes Lo-Fi worth listening, and enough oddities stuffed between its loosened cracks to keep you intrigued. As a two-part album, I have a preference with the second half. It feels a little more progressive, and it says more with just enough time to spare.

If after you stream you feel attached to their sound, the download is name-your-price so offer what you can in exchange for quality musicianship. Alternatively, show support at their Facebook and Twitter. If you're picky about your artwork and music library divisions, you might want to buy Qallunaat and Odemin individually.
As far as EDM goes, House isn't usually my thing. I tend to prefer it in the background when I need to keep busy; caffeinated sound waves. Today's single still contains the hyper base and the same monotonous bass percussion, but the influences are varied. From modern Electronica details, to tribal backgrounds.

The end result initially feels like a mess. It feels like puddles of different ideas mixed together into a very awkward tasting cocktail. It's muddy, it refuses to work cohesively to make its point, and it's only after you let that idea sink in that it becomes magical.

It's not uncommon for the genre to work that way. You need to let the dominant loops fade, and enjoy the transitioning elements the most. What these guys made together is the clash; the freedom of allowing things that shouldn't be together work almost exclusively because you have to mentally drop some elements.

This is definitely not a single for the masses. This is a single to be enjoyed in the dark with (at least) a dozen other sweaty individuals jumping up and down with you. This is the song you zone out to, that makes human connection out of the whole set. You just have to live the moment to feel the impact.

Buy @ iTunes
What's interesting here is the following steps. Fever is the sneak peek at Tiga's currently untitled forthcoming album, which is to be co-produced by Audion. The thought of an entire album's worth of Feverish tunes is as exciting as it is terrifying. I look forward to trying it out.

If you can't wait blindly for an unnamed release, you can at least expect the remix package come April 7th. If you end up waiting for it, you'll be hearing Maetrik, Acid Arab, Tom Trago, and Kink. Alternatively, if you find yourself near Berlin, Glasgow, or London, you might want to check Tiga or Audion's Facebook for tour dates.
They call it Garage Pop, and I guess when you consider the lo-fi essence and those subtly composed flaws, it makes sense. By the end of the album what I saw was a trip. What I felt was beach music, it's the perfect listen for just after crashing waves on a red sunset.

In my opinion the weight of the entire album lies on the intro. Art is art, give the rest of the album a listen if you feel so inclined, but I really think the first track sets the standard. At the very least, give it two minutes to make a point.

Stream/Lyrics/Download @ Bandcamp

Or maybe it's more of a sunrise. Maybe it's the monotone energy that gradually moves into a progression just beyond those two minutes. Maybe it's the single note surf vibe that really feels appealing, or the playful backing bass line. I can't quite put my finger on why it works, but it does.

The rest of the album just melted. The quality was there at the beginning, and it either went on for too long or didn't show the same power necessary to plow through effortlessly. It's got a few setbacks, but all in all it was enjoyable.

Stream/Download @ Bandcamp
By the end of Slow Friends you start to see a general transition. You see the psychedelics sprout, and start to feel the monotone background as it turns into a trance. it's not a giant leap, but the genre mix is questionable enough to understand why some might not like it. Those of you who do will appreciate the effort put into this.

This is a name-your-price release, so chip in whatever you can or whatever you want. Download the songs that make you happy, or take in the album to see if it grows on you. And maybe if you really like their music and you're feeling like it's time for a blast from the past, you'll buy the cassette.
Some days ago I heard word of Captain Supernova, American astronaut/multi-instrumentalist sent to outer space back in 1979 on a top secret US government mission titled “Project IO”. Here's my favorite part, "the objective of the mission was to interact with extraterrestrial life with synthesizers in outer space." Are you not impressed yet?

On his voyage to the outer regions of space something went terribly wrong, and now, after over 35 years, we've received a message from the captain. He wants to let us know something, so, well, just check the video out.

No, this tease of a video is not today's single, awesome as that would be. This is Captain Supernova's message, and you can make of that whatever you like. This is the warm up, this is what gets you ready for the Electronic Soul/Funk from space.

Today's single will be the album's title track, Imaginary Voyage, which also just happens to be the name of his specially designed space shuttle. The shuttle comes equipped with the most advanced technology from '79 to interact with extraterrestrial life. This means that yes, it comes equipped with a variety of different synthesizers.

This absolute perfect blend of Funky synths that just progress into the syrupy Space-Soul is only the first gift we've been graced with. A very smooth entrance with memories of Earth's transitioning late '70s comes together and twists until we have extraterrestrial eloquence.

For the time being this is all we have, so let every last second work its way into you. Feel the modernized progression contort the track beyond the average producer's comfort zone. Let it take you away to a better place.

Immediate Free Download
For those of you who're really digging the sound, he's offered us the debut single free of charge. Grab it at the above link, or click here to listen on MediaFire before downloading. Alternatively you can wait until April to buy the album in its entirety. It'll either fund past decades of Project IO, or help support Captain Supernova in future voyages.

If you're just as music-hungry as I am for more evidence of his travels, your best bet would be to tag along on his social profiles. Have his Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and the ever important Soundcloud to keep up with earthly releases.
Once again Chelsea Wolfe hits us with a slice of her darkened Folk vocals, this time with varying musical tendencies to keep you refreshed despite the melancholic tendencies. It should feel like a depressed iPod on shuffle, so this will be right up your alley if the mood fits.

Today's track shows a clear-cut difference from when we covered her acoustic album. It's got Electro-Pop influences, and the same echoing vocals that define her. What ties it together is the eerily melodic vocal, and an evolving future.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp

Depending on mood and just how far you're analyzing the track, it can get pretty monotonous. The melody loops a little too soon, and the music evolves just slow enough for you to notice it. Now if you let it take over, the rest of the album will clear things up.

That can get a little awkward. It all makes sense, but it feels pieced together with more passion than logic. The album's track list flow is held together only because of her voice, which would be fine if the music weren't so varied.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
As a well produced studio album, I might dock a few points, but I see it differently. Pain is Beauty, to me, is just a collection of tracks with a certain state of mind in place. It's not the genre, it's not the style, it's an emotional peak that she scaled and conquered. I respect that she could maintain her talents while claiming foreign ground.

If today's track was to your liking, I recommend giving the stream a chance. Then again, if any melancholic variation of an Indie genre is ever to your liking, there's bound to be something there for you anyway. Give it a listen when the mood fits, or let it seep in and share the moment with her.
Two years and ten releases into their life and Walrus are still tagging their music with Psychedelic Pop. It inclines generously on psychedelics by now, but I guess if you press your ear hard enough you'll find their catchy swing is due to those radio-friendly influences.

The EP will start off with Banger which should increase your average Psych-Rock expectations by a few BPMs before easing you into more of a peyote-lullaby state with each following track. Despite the borderline Beach-Rock tendencies, I couldn't imagine starting this release any other way.

It just fits together so well. The condensed riffs and the ghostly vocals feel special enough to hold for the three minutes they have to, and every following step is so well placed it feels strategic. It feels like composing emotions to better manipulate your own.

It's probably because of that composition that the entire release flows so well. It doesn't matter much what mood you're in, if the talents are ever to your liking, they'll grab your attention. They've developed an equally subtle and forceful touch.

Stream/Download @ Bandcamp
Swift transitions and a well constructed track list makes Glam Returns a very appealing EP. Just four tracks in length and about 19 minutes to listen through, all supported by pronounced bass lines and playful guitar tones. At the very least, give the stream a chance.

I'd say it's definitely worth a few dollars, but it's a name-your-price download so grab it for free if you must. Alternatively, if you don't think you'll end up loving these specific tracks, the rest of their Bandcamp should be equally appealing.
Today we've got Nick Jr. on acid. Or, well, the latest single from Candice Gordon's debut EP, as directed and animated by award winning Conor Finnegan (Fluffy Mc Cloud.) The combination of Gordon's sugar coated darkness and Finnegan's smooth adult animation just makes waves.

Go into it with an open and perceptive mind, and you might just fall in love with the culmination of these masterfully mixed elements. There's only one way to find out, so click play, lean back, and enjoy the show.

I see a match made in heaven. The cheering trumpets aiding the soulfully eerie vocals with questionable lyrics fit about as well as the pink asexual creature falling into its own distressed psyche. Maybe my interpretation varies from yours, but I still think the video puts the music on a pedestal.

If the music was a little too odd, but you dug the video, you'll definitely want some more of Conor at his Vimeo account. If you found yourself understanding the music, with every dirtied crevice and its own whiff of dread breezing through the cool composition, you'll want to try her EP out.

Buy: CD | mp3
Before the Sunset Ends contains 6 tracks pieced together with influences from Candice's past. Her roots from Botswana, her youth in Ireland and France, and her circus band days in Croatia and Turkey, all blend together to create the achingly colorful debut.

If you're curious for the rest of the EP, you can find it on Spotify. If you're curious about her music in general, her Soundcloud is a pretty sweet place to be (free Bowie cover anyone?) The debut album should be out spring of this year, so give her a Like if you're looking forward to it.
Last year we heard Howler Jr.'s Indie Surf Pop for the first time, and I admit I was pretty harsh with their self titled EP. I knew they could go either way, and I'm glad to say that with the release of their latest single they've taken a few steps in the ideal direction.

They've kept enough Surf to stay hip while bordering Ska's uplifting tendencies, they've dropped only a little bit of Pop and become more flexible musically in the process, and most importantly they kept on enjoying their path. It's those three near-subtle details that gave the single more power.

Following up the single is a cover of Paul Simon's You Can Call Me Al that I think they really pulled off. I prefer their presence to that of the original, personally, but also feel they should have used that momentum to show artistic freedoms and alterations.

What both these tracks show is a special kind of comfort within their talents. Nobody ever really lacks, they just give each other space so they can all be heard. It feels well-knit while staying fun, and that's all I can hope to hear from them in the future.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
I'm really hoping these tracks gain some popularity, just to show that when a group dynamic focuses well enough, things pay off. Maybe if it all keeps heading well for them we'll get to hear an album with similar influences to these.

They're offering the split as a free download, so take advantage of it early and let them know the tracks are worth having. If you're feeling generous you might want to chip a dollar or two their way for the efforts, but I guess you could also just stick around through Facebook or Twitter for more behind-the-scenes support.
Fans of An-Ten-Nae or Releece's EDM talents should be happy this week as their music baby Dimond Saints have begun to release the first chapter of their debut album, Shingetsu (translates to New Moon in Japanese.)

This first chapter shows off their Future Beats as a potential transitioning wave within the ocean of electronic genres out there. It ends up being an eclectic mix of inspirations, intricately pieced together to sound like a hyper-evolved machine.

The chapter's title track definitely holds place as one of my favorites. It contains subtle elements behind the bass and dominant vocal samples that create a beautiful web of masked detail. It might be a little difficult to get into for some, but it's different. It might just need some time to prove itself.

Or if you're like me, you'll 'get it' right off the bat. The awkward relaxation manipulating itself into as close an organic melody possible, ends up creating a shade of internal post-resistance. It basically submerges you without the fear of drowning.

Free Download @ Soundcloud | Facebook
Songs from The Rising have been uploaded daily from the 10th of this month, and will continue until the 14th. So far they've been showing their versatility and a healthy electronic bass influence that probably makes the genre easier to slide into for hardcore Electro freaks.

Stream what you can on Soundcloud, and keep up through their Facebook. You're gonna have to give them a Like if you want the downloads, a small price to pay. If you like what you hear but need an additional shove in their direction, their remix of Lorde's Everybody Wants to Rule the World is also available for download upon Liking. Hurry up and grab the steal, nobody knows how long it'll last.
I don't usually write about Pop, I don't usually even like the genre, but Royal Tailor bring an additional element of surprise. They maintain the media-worthy production quality when they perform their Christian Pop Rock for the masses.

Maintaining my bias towards it all, I can still admit the talent. It takes a certain ear to know what people are asking for, and it takes a certain level of skill to manipulate the perfect balance of opinion and modern music into something soothing for the general audience.

I have mixed feelings about this one. It starts so strong, it's almost forcing the pop down your ear canal, but the vocals are crisp, it's exactly what you'd expect to stick to you against your will later on in the day. Add some Electro-fever to mix it all up and you have a radio friendly song.

If Pop really is your thing, you should be all over this. You should feel the need to start dancing by now, and maybe even get in tune with the lyrics. If Pop isn't normally to your liking and you still enjoyed today's track, you might just want a peek at the singles and take things from there.

Buy: CD | mp3
Bias might have gotten the best of me, but I really think it was the rest of the album that finished me off. They went from the cutting edge of the overly produced genre, to near-generic. It's still worth a shot, and if you feel like giving them a try you can find them on Spotify.

Alternatively you can keep up through their Facebook or Twitter accounts and see where they head in the future for yourself. I'm not to sure I would, but I also wouldn't have expected them to come up with something of this quality.
Scott Nicks and his band published this sweet little Indie Folk-Rock EP a few days ago. It's a 3 track release made up of the singles from the upcoming album, which means that yes, this is an EP made of gold. Each track should have its own portrayal of passion, so if the genre is usually to your liking, you shouldn't miss out on this gem.

It starts off with the title track, which is probably the most mass-appealing track on the EP. It'll show a nice flair of Surf-Pop, giving an early breath of life. You might wanna stick around a couple of minutes to see some sweet melodic transitions that'll hook onto you in the long run.

This is followed by my favorite track, The Pond, a melancholic piece that was extremely well produced for an Indie track. It's the kind of song that ends with a bang to make sure you don't feel as empty as the lyricist might have.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
The Gat Do EP ends with a happy medium; showing off an assortment of different vibes within Scott's style in a single EP made of singles. The EP gives me high hopes for the album release, and fuels an admiration for the guts it takes to do this. It's a rare strategy to put all your singles in their own package before an album release, but it's a sign you have faith in your material. I hope it pays off.

The album, String of Dreams, will be out sometime this upcoming spring, and I'll most likely be covering it here— but just in case I don't, have the Scott Nicks Band Facebook or Twitter and keep an eye out for it yourself. If you really like it you might want to show some support. That limited edition CD is pretty tempting.
There are times when you hear Electronic production and slink into its monotone goodness with ease, it's at these times where we can feel satisfied with the best 30 seconds of a song. And then we have edapollo making waves and disturbing the peace with his own version of it.

Today's track is the first off his debut EP. Just like every other song on it, it showcases the intricate details and beautiful twists and turns his production creates. It also shows how warped his style is, having it incline towards Chillwave while introducing upbeat patterns that bend the mood.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp

There's a lot of elements to take in, so give it time to settle for you. Let the acoustics fade through the rest of the music; hear the changes. The echoes, the quality of the bass, and the percussive droplets, all simple little details that end up creating one big picture. An audible journey.

The remaining three tracks on the release also feel like little journeys put together to make a collection of musical trails. They're separate items that work together because of the genre, because of edapollo's relaxed-happiness style.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
Shallow Swell is everything you could ask for in a chilled electronic EP. Not quite droning enough to be Chillwave, and progressive enough to keep interesting for long periods of time. If it doesn't suit you, it definitely won't be the fault of lacking talent.

The EP is so diverse within his own relatively fixed style, that the promise it shows for the future becomes intense. All this, and the more immediate future only shows collaborations and remixes. Make sure to  follow him on Facebook or Twitter if you wanna be around when those happen.
Some months ago we covered Catamaran's single, All Around, and now we've got the complete EP available for your streaming pleasures. Expect a nice well rounded release displaying the Indie/Surf Rock band's most vibrant colors. A dash of Pop and a summer's mood will complete the experience.

Today's track is probably best enjoyed while not in a foul state of mind, but then so is the rest of the release. You might want to play this one at the night time beach party with friends, and your beverage of choice by your side.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp

It has a few chaotic seconds in it, just to display how relaxed the droning riffs can become. The lyrics enthuse the excitement as the background to it all just begs for a run at the edge of the shore. It clashes so much it becomes neutral, but it's a nice neutral.

And that's probably the most exciting track for me on there. Not the highest display of capable talent, but the most unified effort. It just felt a little more complete to me on its own, whereas some of the other tracks latch onto other ones here and there to maintain height.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
Weekdays is okay. The title track feels about as exciting as a weekday, and having that start your listen is probably my biggest concern. The rest of the album clicks well, it's good enough to feel like wanting to watch these guys live, but the often monotonous intro song carrying the weight of the release feels wrong.

The band as a whole, as Catamaran, still works for me. They show an occasional Psychedelic splash, they're timid with how they showcase the talent but they do, and they're ultimately a pretty uplifting sound. The EP is just slightly underdone, so check it out if you like that Indie Surf sound, or give them a Like/Follow if you feel like keeping up with what's to come.
The sibling fronted, Lo-Fi Folk/DIY Punk, Watercolor Paintings have had this one out for just a few months. Expect female 'Indie style' vocals and some impressive backing musicianship to hold it together when it should all be breaking down. Their latest effort is almost human; broken in a way that feels right.

Today's track is my personal favorite, picking up a general idea of what they portray with a delicate riff while introducing the vocal style to the rest of the album. If it feels awkward, just give it a moment. Let the composition speak for itself, let the lyrics seep.

It relies so heavily on that guitar those first few seconds that it won me over. From this point on I thought the album could do no wrong. I was mistaken, sure, but it still shows general execution quality. The gentle sways of progression and the clash of the lyrics against the twirls of melodies finishing the track off. Short, but powerful.

Most the rest of the album will rely a little more on the lyrics, but there's no need to worry about the musical quality because it's just as good, just not as blatant. It's definitely missing a puzzle piece, but I think it's exactly because of that piece that it gains its passive-assertive awkward tones.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
By claiming When You Move is not a perfect album, I'm also giving you the very reason it breathes. Instead, I'll mention that I couldn't wrap my love around it. There's passion, but it's foreign. Maybe it's because the album just isn't up my alley, but I think in part it's owed to the frequent monotone vocals.

The stream is free, their Facebook is active, if you like what you hear find a way to support them. If you liked today's track, at least try the album on for size. They put a lot of love and effort into it, it's just not the lovechild for me.
I've shown my love for Scott Dunbar just about every chance I've gotten, but now I get to admire the talented being alongside Samantha Scott in a Folk ensemble worthy of your lonely ears. Together they make Socks & Shoes, a simple Acoustic duo with a lyrical edge.

Today's track is one of my favorites, excelling in artistic freedoms and adding up the little details to a story with proper background. It'll also display the melancholic tones displayed throughout the album, but then with a name like Don't Talk About Love, what else could you expect?

The asynchronous vocals, the selective lyrics between each of them; it's as if two stories are being told at the exact same time, with a similar outcome through different perspectives. Maybe I'm reading it all wrong and it's just a lack of a proper studio that makes me see it all this way, but I like what I see and I wouldn't change it.

Amateur production quality and other little "mistakes" are the details that bring this one to life bringing the best out of each artist while maintaining a rugged independent feel. It's not always the perfect track list, often working just a little too slowly track after track, but it still grows on you. It still has power.

Stream/Download @ Bandcamp
I was pleasantly surprised with this one, thinking for all of their initial track that the release would bore me halfway through. While I can't deny the album's effect depends on your mood, I can assure you the talents involved are worthy of a listen regardless.

The stream is free, and if you're not sure it's worth your money, the download is name-your-price. Grab it for free while you can; make up your mind on what they deserve later. Let their creative juices inspire you for a while, or just Like them for future works if you think they've got maturing to do.
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