Watercolor Paintings - When You Move

The sibling fronted, Lo-Fi Folk/DIY Punk, Watercolor Paintings have had this one out for just a few months. Expect female 'Indie style' vocals and some impressive backing musicianship to hold it together when it should all be breaking down. Their latest effort is almost human; broken in a way that feels right.

Today's track is my personal favorite, picking up a general idea of what they portray with a delicate riff while introducing the vocal style to the rest of the album. If it feels awkward, just give it a moment. Let the composition speak for itself, let the lyrics seep.

It relies so heavily on that guitar those first few seconds that it won me over. From this point on I thought the album could do no wrong. I was mistaken, sure, but it still shows general execution quality. The gentle sways of progression and the clash of the lyrics against the twirls of melodies finishing the track off. Short, but powerful.

Most the rest of the album will rely a little more on the lyrics, but there's no need to worry about the musical quality because it's just as good, just not as blatant. It's definitely missing a puzzle piece, but I think it's exactly because of that piece that it gains its passive-assertive awkward tones.

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By claiming When You Move is not a perfect album, I'm also giving you the very reason it breathes. Instead, I'll mention that I couldn't wrap my love around it. There's passion, but it's foreign. Maybe it's because the album just isn't up my alley, but I think in part it's owed to the frequent monotone vocals.

The stream is free, their Facebook is active, if you like what you hear find a way to support them. If you liked today's track, at least try the album on for size. They put a lot of love and effort into it, it's just not the lovechild for me.
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  1. It was okay. Her voice is beautiful though. I also enjoyed the third song, Birds's Wings more than When You Move.


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