Ambassadeurs - RAIN (single) [Free Download]

Darkened, near steampunk Electronica meets ghostly vocal samples and a deep respect for a steady bass on Ambassadeurs latest single. This'll be just a taste of his upcoming debut album, which should be out summer of this year.

It's nearly six minutes of an evolving composition. Its layered sounds add dimension as well as include the unique genre-less touch that will either pull you in or spit you out. Keep an open mind, click play, and let the bass move you.

Really gotta love those subtle progressions hiding behind the beautifully warped vocals. The extra little details like the liquid drops or the echoing metallic clunks just give the song a story. Technically that's what those vocals are for, but the details make everything come to life. An audiophile's scenic route.

The problem with this taste is that it turns a page in both style and emotion. Even when you do check his earlier stuff out, you won't find anything quite like this piece. I doubt you'll find anything identical on its album either, but I do expect amazing progressions from track to track.
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If you need more, or if you want to make your own Ambassadeurs predictions, you might want to check out his Soundcloud. If you want specifics you should hear Alone in the Light and Trouble EPs, they give you a taste of his capabilities. Just expect relaxed, well composed Electronica.

Alternatively you can download RAIN and every other free download he has to offer. All he asks for is a Facebook like and enough of your attention to click on other fancy buttons.
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  1. They sucked me in to their sounds, just like you said. I dig this guy.


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