Audioglider - Accidental Beauty

Exposing more classic roots from the Downtempo scene is Audioglider's debut album, the aptly named Accidental Beauty. The project stumbles while grounded to an organic light, keeping it down to earth as it explores your surroundings.

Today's feature track is a personal favorite as well as the album's ending. It features swift progressions and a glowing composition that could ease you into the idea of having your own personal soundtrack. If you don't mind length; you should already be listening.

Cortexaphan starts with a slow, embracing entrance. It works its way up, becoming warmer and more elaborate with every passing second, and then it releases. There's no fixed point as to where it becomes majestic, it just happens. It brings you in and floats you through it.

The rest of the album offers those same composition-based happy-gaps where you can just float off with the song and feel content. Where it lacks a little more is fluidity and comfort. There's a lot of long tracks, and a lot of those long tracks don't really need to be.
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If only it were a soundtrack there would be nothing wrong with this. It's a beautifully composed, excessively long display of elaborate talent within a box of pushed boundaries. It's just not best for those with short attention spans; in the long run it's just shy of Shoegaze perfection.

I'd definitely recommend the stream if you have time to burn. If you're looking for more of Audioglider's work you should check out his Soundcloud. If you want to support and keep up with whatever comes next, have his FacebookTwitter and Myspace.
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  1. It was pretty good. I let the whole thing play to make sure I'd hear all the ebbs and flows. I'd probably enjoy it more if there was some type of vocal in it.

  2. I'm a sucker for shoegaze, and this definitely sucked me in. For me, this is perfect writing music: easy to get lost in my own head while listening.

  3. Agreed! It's a beautifully composed song! I could see this being used in a movie!


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