Butcher Knives - Misery

Genres of the world were mixed together into the Punk Rock concoction that is Misery; as Butcher Knives demonstrate what Gypsybilly sounds like. Well crafted peculiar sounds await those of you curious enough to give them a try.

Today's feature track has enough popular influence to remain heard, while creating its own blend of Rockabilly roughness. It's also got a pretty entertaining video to show off, so even if the music feels too odd at first, the video will keep you around long enough to condition you for the best moments.

There's also an amazing variety of genres that are pulled together with perfect chemistry. The way they managed to pull all of those strings off and still have a cohesive composition is the beauty here. The video might help you visualize that a bit, but the magic boils down to their own individual minds.

In the long run, the collective of great minds from all over the world have made fun. The album creates an uplifting sensation that's most commonly attributed to good times with good people. It goes above and beyond because of the range of its influence.

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That means that yes, Misery feels far from miserable. Maybe a closer look at the lyrics will have you groaning in the opposite direction, and maybe those dark corners in most of the songs weren't meant to show off anything other than the depth of a shady situation. It becomes this immensely enjoyable roller coaster ride anyway.

I feel a little bit of Ska and a little Cumbia just peeking through every now and then, with some faint Asian influences immigrating into the bundle in the background. It's those final details that win over my respect, that make an album worth listening to at least once in your lifetime.

If you're digging it as much as I have been, show some support. Hear the latest at Facebook, Twitter, or Soundcloud.
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  1. Very tasty. So upbeat and yeah I can hear all those influences coming together into one concoction. I also like the way they did the vid with those movie captions.


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