Captain Supernova - Remember the Time (Michael Jackson/"In Space Jazzy Mix") [Free Download]

It's been a few months too long since the Captain's offered us one of his sweet Funkified remixes, so he took it upon himself to remix a Michael Jackson hit for the fans. Those of you not already familiar with Captain Supernova should expect Funk and Jazz fusing together electronically in such a way that your dance moves will bust right out of you.

Not that MJ's original really needed an extra dose of Soul or anything, but when Captain Supernova provides it, we know better than to argue. Click play, stand up, and bust a move.

If you're checking the original out and watching the legend's expertly executed music video, don't let the visuals cloud your senses. Sure, the musical background to that track didn't need much help to throw you onto the dance floor, but CS adds the magical spark. Funk guitar, spacey synths, and a very pronounced bass line.

This is just the latest edition of the In Space Remix collection preceding the debut album Imaginary Voyage. If these mixes are any proof of the quality the alien encounters will display, that debut album will be an unstoppable Electro Jazz-Funk force.
Free Download
Until then we have these remixes. If you're late to the early stages of the Voyage, check out his Soundcloud for the tiniest nibble of what's to come. There will be more, so bookmark that page and be on the lookout.

If you're ready to accept Captain Supernova as a Funkadellic gift from our solar system to us, check out his Facebook or Twitter and you'll get all the latest anyway. Alternatively, just follow D4AM via our social mediums.
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  1. Gotta love the MJ. This is a refreshing remix. Love the free price tag too!

  2. I'm really digging Captain Supernova, and I'm quite looking forward to this upcoming album of his.

  3. A fun remix! How could anyone not like MJ? ;)


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