Christos DC - Long Road

It's been a while since I've been able to sit down and truly enjoy an American Reggae album, and then Christos DC came up with this little gem. The guy was born in Washington D.C. to Greek Opera singing vocal coach parents, only to spend copious amounts of time in Jamaica where he refined his sound.

It works. You can tell it wasn't just him floating along; you can hear the passion in the composition and some of the lyrics. Today's track should show a lot of that off, though honestly it pales in comparison to an entire album's listen.

Just Talk to Me is the first single, and is definitely a fine display of composition off the album. Decent lyrics might top it off, but it's the emotional impact the collection of sounds create by the end of the song that really sends a message. It's nothing new, it's just really well done.

What might be a little new is the Jazz influenced air. The occasional brass, the mishaps, and the empty spaces ready for full on improvisation on a live set. Any fault the album might have is ready to be worked over on a stage, if the occasion should arise.
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Long Road is extremely consistent as far as lyrical quality and musical talent, which ends up being its own worst enemy. You know what to expect, you understand where he's coming from, and then you get more of it. There are a few other standout songs that keep you interested, but it could use with a little more diversity.

Go ahead and stream the album. When you're done nitpicking over quality, you might want to give the Just Talk to Me Interview a few minutes of your time. If by the end of those you decide you're a fan, find him on Facebook and Twitter. Show some love.
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  1. Speak loud when the moment's right - powerful lyric. That's what did it for me, D. The lyrics. I enjoyed the sound but the lyrics are what really grabbed me on this one.


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