Eclectic Method - The Wolf of Wall Street Chest Thump Mix

Fans of the The Wolf of Wall Street will likely dig this track. It was a pretty good movie. If you enjoy something a bit edgy with NSFW lyrics, this might appeal to you.

I'll admit this isn't my normal cup of electronic tea. However, the track has warmed up on me. The bass replacing the chest thumping is juicy. The vocal clips are simply awesome. Without the lyrics, there wouldn't be a whole lot going on the track but it doesn't need a lot. The lyrics are the focus.

Eclectic Method also made this little video remix. It's essentially just clips from the movie.

The track is free so download it here or go to the Soundcloud to check out more from Eclectic Method.

 — Electric Addict
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  1. Ugh! It won't play. It keeps stopping at 21 seconds. Grr.

    1. I may not have written this one myself, but EA still put the video and direct soundcloud links if anything goes wrong.


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