Emily Danger - Easy Remix (Single)

Crawling away from their earlier Folk Rock tendencies are Emily Danger with their latest in Dark Cabaret Rock. Expect quality musicianship from each band mate, as all of them are classically trained and do their part in showing nothing but the best they have to offer.

It starts pretty slow, so prepare yourself for the first few seconds before the vocals kick in. Everything after the point should be mesmerizing. Just sit back and let yourself shower in the emotion.

Then we have that amazingly executed video, directed by John Patrick Wells and pieced together by a cast and crew who were obviously as dedicated to its production as the band was to the song. If anything, the video might slightly overshadow the music; depending on your personal tastes.

The lyrics finish the project off by bringing an unclear focal point within the whole scenario, leaving the message up for interpretation. The track all its own allows you to adapt itself the best way you see fit. It's music to think about.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
If you wanna get ahead of yourself and show support for the worthy artists, you can buy the single right off their Bandcamp on the above link. However, with a little patience you should find it within their upcoming full-length sometime in the summer of this year.

You could also hear Easy in its original form on their debut EP Paintings. It shows their Folk Rock colors well, and might be a little easier to get into if darkened music isn't your usual cuppa. I find both versions of the song extremely well composed, so it should only be a matter of preference.

Not sure you'll remember to check back on them in the summer? The upcoming Peace Arch album will be documented right here on D4AM, but you can also find them on Twitter, and at EmilyDangerBand.com for the latest news.
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