Eufórquestra - Fire

Funk-Reggae-Soul fusion band Eufórquestra released their latest effort just a month ago, displaying a heightened state of musicianship. This isn't to say the effort is without its flaws, but despite them, it works towards your emotions. Their Fire rekindles itself if anything should seem to go wrong.

Today's feature track inclines much more heavily on their Reggae side while keeping a funky bass line that really works in the tracks favor. It also features Elliot Martin (of John Brown's Body) breathing freshness into the track and setting a quality standard early on in the album.

It only takes a few seconds to hear it come alive, but what might take a while for the ears to even notice is the Funk influence. The subtleties that separate the track from the herd of Reggae songs making their way to our ears on a regular basis. Topping all that off is graceful chemistry, and well written lyrics.

If you give the track a listen through the album stream, you'll hear how fluid the transition is from Solutions' Reggae, to Soul, to flat out Funk. It's at that point you see the thought that went into the production of the album as a whole, and it's because of that vision that Fire works so well.
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The albums worst set back is that, occasionally, it'll show signs of overproduction. Certain areas sound a little too perfect where some hearty mistakes would have been appreciated. It's at those moments that an organic negative could turn a track into true Soul, into a breathing project.

It says a lot when the worst you can say about an album is that it's too perfect, so stream it and make sure for yourself. Let their music wash over you, and allow your own listening experience to become the humanoid aspect they just barely lack.
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  1. This one wasn't for me. There was one part that was a bit confusing sounding, like it had two tracks at once playing. Maybe I need to listen to it again at another time. But, today, not my cup of tea.


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