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Have you heard of Kongos yet? Odds are if you haven't already, they'll be swarming your ears soon. The four-piece South African set are sibling sons of John Kongos, which means the chemistry is there, the talent is alive, and all that's left to perfect is production.

I first heard them on this trailer for Holy Motors a few years ago, but they haven't really stopped booming since then. The waves of their creations have just recently hit North America by storm, inching them ever closer to global recognition.

Today's feature track is their latest single, falling a little heavy on percussion and taking its sweet time comforting you. The truth is, this is the kind of song that takes half its length before you realize you're hooked to it. It's not even subtle, you'll just feel yourself bobbing your head all of a sudden.

It's also not even close to my favorite track on the album (that's probably goes to Come With Me Now.) The rest of the album falls under deep surveillance for me, often heading too far into commercial realms for me to enjoy all the way through.

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About half the album was really worth it to me, meaning the album felt complete overall. Not ideal, not near perfect, but decent. It's got your occasional Reggae inclinations, a strong Pop Rock tone, and potentially revolutionary accordion solos.

The production is where it all falls short, being just good enough for commercials and other 30-second-thrills, but not maintaining a consistency through to the end. If the linked tracks caught your attention despite this, you can find the complete stream at their Myspace.
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  1. This definitely got my head bopping. I like the range of instruments they use 'Come With Me Now'.

  2. I really LOVED these guys. Their music just has that beat that makes you get caught up in it. I'm following them on Spotify now. Great choice!

  3. Yep...yep. Got me. I'm going to have to check out more!!

  4. Our local modern rock station has been playing Come With Me Now a lot and it got me hooked. This post reminds me that I need to grab their album. Love their sound.

  5. This song makes me want to jump up and down and do some head bopping! :)


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