Lightning Bells - Chime

New Zealand based Lightning Bells just barely made it to my attention a short while ago with their debut Chime EP. It's not a perfect release, but it shows a conscious effort to exceed the average mundane Indie Pop release.

Today's track is a personal favorite from the record, displaying vocal emotion and transparency that isn't quite as fluent on the rest of the release. It's a simple acoustic with rich lyrics and character; pay attention to the stream.

More than anything, this track proves potential to me. It evokes emotion whole making peace with your ears. It's like musical emotional bribery, maintaining balance as it tells its story.

And then we've got those lyrics. They're basic enough to understand, but written well enough to introduce different angles and deep meaning. They're straightforward while evoking thought, and just poetic enough to stand ground A Capella if necessary. It's the way those lyrics are written that the entire release has to offer.
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The EP as a whole, from a purely melodic perspective, isn't all that amazing. It's a somewhat common sound with an occasional leap in the right direction followed by more of what we're used to. The redeeming factor is the lyrics, and the avid interest it shows in bettering itself.

If you see a future for them too, or if you want to watch them grow personally, be sure to check them out on Facebook. Show some love, feed them support, and grab the album.
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