Nanaki - Afterlight

Fans of Instrumental Post-Rock should be thrilled for today's travels as we explore Nanaki's latest EP. Composition and performance are all entirely manned by Mikie Daugherty (of Postcode) making the fluidity and creativity an awe inspiring factor for the release as a whole.

I should feature Regretfully, I Must Decline Your Invitation today, a video single with direction and talent, however it didn't really win me over. It's a complete song, shows the diversity, but instead I want to showcase it's anger fueled successor, Fuck Spotify. It's just more fun.

Seven minutes and a few spare seconds will create the story. It's a legend full of chaos, loops, and epic climaxes. Multiply the invested time and you'll find yourself listening to a soundtrack for your favorite action star's latest flick.

Of course the rest of the EP isn't exactly like that. Expect sweet transitions from track to track, excellent progressive skill, and insight into the depths of an elaborate artistic mind.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
It is all based on Post-Rock, so don't go into it thinking it's anything else. A few progressive twists and some emotional background might sway some of you, but it's important to note that it's all explored within its base genre. It's a difficult task, and Afterlight presents it well.

It's a name-your-price download so pay what you can if you're capable, and grab it for free if you must. If you love it, consider buying the well priced limited edition CD. Otherwise, just show your support through the Nanaki Facebook and by spreading the word on your own time.
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  1. You know I'm a fan of this type of music. I had to laugh at the title. I love my Spotify!


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