Paz - Never Die Alone (Free Download)

If you enjoyed Paz's previous catchy single The Silence, then you're in for another dazzling treat today. This time it is a collaboration with the talented rising star HeRobust. Grab it for free on his Facebook.

'Never Die Alone' features catchy pop vocals with glitchy electronics, and a juicy bass with a hint of hip hop. Paz successfully uses elements that welcome a larger audience while appealing to the more intense electronic fans.

The ambitious 25 year old LA producer has been in the spotlight lately for good reason. This last April Fools Day Paz pulled a stunt in which he meticulously replaced 5000 Justin Bieber CDs with his own. Instead of Bieber, young girls cried in horror as they looked at a Doge stuffed taco. One of these planted fakes sold for $183.50 on Ebay.

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Paz on Soundcloud
While he's pulling ingenious publicity stunts, he's also producing more great music on his album 'From The Bottom of My Heart to The Top of Your Lungs' with big names such as Porter Robinson, Dillon Francis, Kill The Noise, Bassnectar and HeRobust. This is reason to be excited; we'll get to hear the rest soon.

If you want to know more about why Paz replaced all those Beiber CDs, have a look at what he said.

Paz on Facebook
Paz on Twitter
Paz on Soundcloud

— Electric Addict

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  1. I heard about what he did with the Bieber CD. Brilliant man, just hope he didn't in too much trouble.


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