Shanee Pink - Spreading in the Light

Singer-songwriter Shanee Pink just released this rare jewel of an EP late last month. It time traveled just enough through music history to gather character, but has a true beauty that relies almost entirely on the passion-woven dark trails her voice eases through.

The lyrics add to the mix, keeping about as precisely raw as the production of each individual track. It makes for a seductively familiar tone, while introducing dedicated freshness. The title track probably isn't the best place to find all this, but it does show off beautiful ghost-like vocals over impressively similar musical composition.

It also has an amazingly well crafted video to fit it. The culmination of each imaginative medium might help sway you in its direction. If it doesn't, you should at least dissect the elements and find which ones are worth your time. If it's vocals or lyrics; I'd recommend sticking around.

The EP as a whole is so ridiculously well produced, it actually feels like a thought out LP. It sways through emotions and ideas so swiftly that by the end of it all there's a moment of satisfaction. It displays the potential, her very essence.
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I definitely recommend giving the stream a listen if the title track was to your liking. I also recommend it if you like Folk-Rock combinations, Electronica twists, or the foundations of modern Rock. It was made to be heard.

All this coming from someone who usually shares the spotlight. Imagine what just a little more exposure could do to her. Once you get to the point where you're waiting eagerly for her next release, you might want to consider stopping by her Facebook or Twitter or something.
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  1. I usually don't comment on the videos themselves, but I really liked this one. I think it was done well. I'm surprised it has so many dislikes on Youtube. I mean, I've seen a LOT of music videos that are just strange/stupid/awful/all of the above. This one is not, and the music is fantastic on top of that.

  2. I thought the song was eerily beautiful. Her voice is amazing, clear and strong. The video was a perfect fit.


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