Thomas Blondet - Future World

It might just be time to hear something you'd never otherwise experience as Thomas Blondet releases his appropriately named debut, Future World. The genre-naming title explains exactly what you should expect, despite the fact that it'll be near impossible to imagine before hearing it for yourself.

One of the better songs to ease you into the idea is today's feature track, "Un Amor." It'll feature Spanish vocals, Arabic tendencies, and a Downtempo base that'll add to the majestic feel. The concept won't be too difficult for the ears; try it.

This is just the first taste, the general view before you dive head first into the deep elaborate trenches Blondet has to offer. As far as I see, Un Amor is actually a little stiff. It's basically a loop. A very pretty loop, but still just a mostly recycled beat.

The rest of the album will explore so many different genres within so many different cultural backgrounds that it's hard to find monotony outside of the frequent House baseline. It won't always work, and yet it never falls flat on its face either. Some tracks are just better than others.
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Indian, Arabic, Latin, and European influences are just some of the more notable reasons Future World is such an amazing release. You'll find mandolin and accordion solos that resonate long after their respective songs are over. Every beautiful detail is twisted into the Electronica and transformed into an evolving cultural clash.

The only way to really grasp the Future World concept is to listen to it yourself. Check out the first video single Tu Va Partir, or stream the album in its entirety on Soundcloud. Be curious, have the will to explore, and you'll likely find an album begging for your ears.
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  1. I'm still trying to figure out what I think about this. It's unlike anything I've heard before, it's all over the place, each song is a different mishmash of genres and styles... and yet I kinda like it.

  2. I like the Mediterranean influences in the song.


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