Wild Rumpus - Musical Blaze-Up

Today's duo may have been around for a few years, but their debut album has only just been released in all of its genre exploring greatness. Within its nine-track confinement you'll find dozens of influences; from Disco, to Reggae, to Country, and every little crevice in between.

We're featuring the title track today. Electronic base, Dancehall vocals, Reggae influences, and a Folk twist just to make sure you've never heard anything like it. Because of this insane mixture, it might be a little difficult to get into. Give it a few minutes, see if it doesn't win you over.

It's also just over seven minutes long, which might make the listen a little overwhelming if electronic musicianship isn't your usual thing, but it's absolutely necessary for the progressions to work. Just listen to that Folk twang echo through the bass, feel the composition shape itself for its own situations.

The track alone shows intense diversity. The album might not be as elaborate from start to finish, but it does show the range they attempt to explore. It shows fearless composition between grand electronic production and a top notch guitarist.

Wild Rumpus Soundcloud
Cosmo and Gary have been on this project for so long, you can actually hear maturity between tracks. Subtle differences in the ways songs play out, in the nature of the progressions, or the extreme lengths they make their genres leap through.

If I were to nitpick, I'd say it could be a little more cohesive. It feels like it'd sound just as good if you shuffled the tracks, which isn't really a bad thing anyway. I just couldn't quite find the story. I couldn't find the reason I'd listen all the way through a second time. Maybe I just need another listen.

The album won't be out for another month, until then you guys can check out the above linked Soundcloud for an idea of what's to offer. If you're eager for anything, prior efforts have been released on Bitches Brew.
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  1. Didn't think that reggae & electronic music would work together, but this mix is pretty cool.


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