As if "Free Music" wasn't enough to catch your attention, what we're featuring today is a nice variety for any and everyone's ears. A Michael Jackson Synth-Funk remix, some contagious House, nostalgic Hip Hop, and an Electro-Rock duo who are getting ready to take the scene for themselves.

Warming your appetite is Captain Supernova's latest In Space Remix as he takes on the king of Pop. Again. If you're just finding the Captain now, here's everything you've missed out on. Grab the downloads while you can!

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Once you've gotten down with the Funk and decided Michael works a little too well with Synth obsessed astronauts, you should download the track at Captain Supernova's official Mediafire link. If you're deciding you're a fan, you'll follow his socials for the latest from space.

With similar coverage is Paz, this time coming to us with his latest free House single featuring Syn Cole. Much like just about all his prior singles, So Long has all the potential to be that one song on the DJ's set that lifts the crowd to another state of dance.

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The hook will steal your essence if you let it. It took me a couple of listens to truly admire the detail in the production, so download it while it's free and let it sink in before it starts moving entire masses. This is all build-up for the upcoming release of his mixtape. Make sure you follow and be there when the release is set.

Next is a nostalgic 3 minute freestyle. Archie Bang rhymes his way through moments of his past as an intern for Rawkus Records. If you're in the mood for raw skill over classic beats, give Fortified Live a listen.

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Humility and skill are a rare combo in the Hip-Hop world, but it feels snug on the track. Perceptive ears will absorb the moment he's feeding the listener, and propel the track further than an initial listen might let on. Grab it, share it, and if you're really digging it, consider his latest effort.

Finishing off the freebie frenzy is Ever So Android, an Electro-Rock duo who combine equal parts catchy, raw, Rock, and Electronics. It's the popping modern day electronic details with a decade old Rock sound that never truly seems to go out of style.

Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp
Sure, they're on Facebook and Twitter too, but if you want the good stuff you're gonna have to watch these guys live. They're performing the contents of their upcoming EP at these shows, so head over to their website, check the tour dates, and go to whichever event's easiest for you. You'll be glad you did.
A refreshing zest is sprinkled over the Electronic music scene with Electro-Bossa pioneers Bossacucanova's latest studio release. On that release is their lead single, which has been made available for free to the Bossa-loving public.

Featuring Cris Delanno's energetic vocals, Balança is a bubbly uplifting composition. Easy to dance to while still displaying the ability to progress onto a variety of positive sounds. A minute of listening might give you an idea of what's in store, but the definable culture-related details are scattered throughout.

Stream/Download @ Bandcamp

The video is pretty fun, too. It shows the band and the track's guests doing what they do in what seems like somebody's living room. It's proof that music works beyond the physical, creating and developing itself anywhere the passion lies.

The single is available for free, but the album is definitely worth some attention too. It's got smoother lows and more varied moments of intensity. Balança is just a taste of the talent these guys have to offer, Our Kind of Bossa is an entire gift wrapped package.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
Their kind of Bossa is a complicated mix of the sounds they love. Brazilian genres will be spread across it, the melancholic tunes never truly seem sad, and when they say 'dance' there should be no possible way for you to sit still. We may have just found the cure for the blues.

Not every track sits perfectly with me, so make sure to give the album a nice even listen before deciding its fate. It has an amazing variety of talented Brazilian artists that end up making each track stand out differently than the last. If the album's just out of your reach, show some love on Facebook or Twitter as you jam to the free single.
Keeping the old school Electronica flair alive is Tommy Nyasa, an EDM producer with obvious influences from the good ol' Techno days. What keeps him relevant is the ability to take modern production and fuse the worlds together.

Those of you listening to electronic genres 15 years ago will find nostalgia in his work. His beats slowly work up to a climax, exploiting the most of the release, and often taking maybe a little too long to finish. It's that modern twist that sighs a breath of fresh air.

At 6 minutes in length, First Time is one of those tedious tracks that test the average listener's patience. It'll take a couple of minutes to develop into something substantial, expressing itself with odd sounds and a classic layering effect until it gets there. Eventually it drops, showing its full potential and truest colors.

These basic elements make up the album. Long, layered tracks show an appreciation for the way production has progressed. His fusion comes when he makes Techno and Trance in the same release as Dubstep and Electro-House, often even in the same song.
Stream/Download @ Bandcamp
By no means is Energy perfect, but it's a very strong debut. It's varied, it's honest, and it shows a talent for production that often goes unnoticed with the mounds of bedroom DJs idly floating about. When shown as an offering of talents, it's essentially a glorified EP.

There's still a track or two I could go without, but at 10 lengthy tracks, that's hardly reason to avoid his efforts. Add the fact that it's a name-your-price release, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with at least giving the stream a listen.

If you opt for the free download, consider liking him on Facebook to show support for a future release. You could also just spread the word and tell your friends all about the awesome electronic-based album you found at D4AM, but if you really enjoy his production I'd recommend donating a few dollars his way upon download.
Australian Alternative Blues artist Ash Grunwald is offering today's free single just in time for his US tour. Longtime features a Bluegrass-y background that twines nicely with the Blues and more modern influences, while catching the alert listener with its lyrics.

The single also features a nice fun video with Australian surf scenes and friends who together give a bubbly vibe to an already happy song. The video just helps you set the mood, so sit back and click play. It's gonna be a sunny ride.

Stream/Download @ Soundcloud

Those first 20 seconds can make the rest of the track up. They reel you in, attempt to hook you, and sling you onto the rest of the sound waves. Whether or not it works depends on how much you'll appreciate the roots of the work and the direction Ash is willing to take.

If you want to give him a fair opportunity, you should give the album a listen. Clear influences include Hip Hop and Classic Rock, turning his Blues into something that, arguably, sounds nothing like the genre at all.
Stream | iTunes
The self titled release is a kind of 'best of' set to the tune of his own personal preferences, both within his studio releases as well as live tracks. The flutter of a pleased crowd will appear and disappear smoothly against quality production, making the album the obvious choice for anyone looking to experience more of the talented Aussie.

If you like what you hear and happen to find yourself in the US between June and July, you might want to find him and Xavier Rudd as they tour. Dates can be found on his website, and you can keep up with the latest on his Facebook and Twitter accounts.
The piano/drum Jazz duo have left their latest footprint, this time showing growth in style and composition as their latest album, Metanoia, swings in full effect. The differences between their latest release and the prior TSR33 are obvious while remaining true to their chemistry.

A change in tone made its presence clear to me, siding not so much with the melancholy but with the darkened alleys of echoing sound. One of the songs that struck that note clear to me was Cajita Musical (Small Musical Box) which plays a near-eerie tune as an entrance, and then transforms into an entire story.

Paced build-up might be drive a few listeners in circles, but it's only a minute or two. This track is all about details, the light fluttering tones behind the main ensemble, and the progression into stronger characteristics. It feels like an uncomfortable lifetime trapped in a five minute song.

Slight discomforts and hidden beauties practically make up the effort. Even when the album strikes hard, there's swift displays of style that could go unnoticed for years before they become fully appreciated. It's a double edged sword they've created, but it's a gem for the connoisseur.

Stream/Download @ Bandcamp
Metanoia is about as slow as Jazz can get without claiming the aspects necessary for elevator music. It can rush, it can spin around in circles, but even in its darkest depths it manages to calm you. Its ability to control your journey opposite its own can be quite the rewarding experience if you have the patience for it.

Consider a donation for the album if it brings joy to your heart. Alternatively, look back at something slightly different with their prior full length, or keep up with them on Facebook for future releases.
After graduating from university, Billy Moon had to be a grown up. To better handle this, he made a Garage-Punk EP titled Young Adult. It'll totally mention adult topics, like wasting away your youth as a teenager, or a love-hate relationship with porn.

The porn influenced track is the first single off the release, Video Girls, and probably best describes the sound Young Adult has to offer. Grungy raw riffs with talented percussion served with a Pop Punk salad. It's not a feast, but it's enjoyed.

Even though this particular track is a little more Pop than I'd usually appreciate, it communicates with my inner teenage rebel. It glides by, loudly, bumping into things on its journey. The mistakes are true and the essence is real.

You'd also need the details that keep it from becoming a complete nuisance. Sprinkle some Beach-Rock inclinations and dabble a bit with dark humor to lighten the mood. If all goes well, Young Adult could be the perfect addition to your Pop Punk library.
Stream/Lyrics/Buy @ Bandcamp
Now if you're looking for something more along the realms of Classic Rock, try Bad Kids out. It'll show a whole new level of Garage-potential. It's still raw, it still fits with the album, but it could fit somewhere else too. I hope the Billy Moon sound develops more in that direction at some point in the future.

If you just can't get enough, you can find plenty more at the Bandcamp and Soundcloud. After you've sifted through all that, you should probably consider checking the Facebook out for future releases.
Singer-songwriter Sye Elaine Spence's Bloom EP blends simplistic melody with powerful vocals into a perfect recipe, leaving nothing but appreciated empty space between her beautiful sounds. This is hesitantly soulful music.

That open gasp of well-toned breath is heard right from the start of the release on the title track. It shows vocal strength as well as control, the melody is easy to take advantage of but she pauses where necessary to enhance the experience. Sometimes it's the open space that brings a track together.

The video might get a little awkward, but it's just visual aid for the story being told. She explains on the video's information that it's reminiscent of the time in her life the song represents. These are the little details that, while not always visual, help make the EP that much more enticing.

As a single, Bloom feeds you enough to know what to expect from the 13 minute EP. It's a serene release from start to finish, displaying just enough passion to perk your ears on a passing listen. If the single was to your liking, the album stream is a must.
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If you need any more swaying, the track immediately following Bloom is a stunning rendition of Bob Marley's Is This Love. It's courageous ventures like that that could build her core into the warm radiating bundle of talent I'm expecting.

There's only one way to see that bundle grow, and that's to follow her next few steps closely. You could buy the EP for support first, but afterwards make sure you grab her Facebook or Twitter to show a little appreciation.
Bliss influenced Beats will weave into your ears after giving boxboxbox a quick listen. The blissy broken beat trio make smooth electronic entrances that keep the momentum alive long enough to finish with a stroke of beauty, even if with nothing more than the smallest brush.

Today's track is a personal favorite from the EP, showing a peak in musical maturity that I hope develops further. Expect slow-jam progressions and a wave-like composition that compliments the song title as well as the tracks it surrounds.

A house thump and a graceful echo are the fundamental values of the track, and the thump will grow to disappear. It's because of that awkward idea that it sits at an angle, and it's because of that angle that the song stands out.

While it's not the only time they show ideas with potential, this one feels well defined. Other tracks can be a little repetitive or forgetful if you're not paying close attention to the finer points in detail, but they're still a fine listen if you're in the mood to relax.
Stream/Free Download @ Bandcamp
Dive is a decent release; displaying that potential with the execution that will eventually back it. As long as they continue to grow, there's promise for the future release. If nothing more, it's worth at least a stream on a chill day.

It's a short listen and it's available free, so feel no guilt when you make the download and have them grow on you. Instead, like/follow them on their socials, or share them with friends of like minded tastes. Show your appreciation by exposing the talents.
What happens when you take five musical artists, all of which have different backgrounds, and put them in a studio with Jägermeister?

You end up with a mix of metal infused electronic beats, headed by some hip-hop lyrics that is are strangely addicting to listen to. The members, all of which are sponsored by Jägermeister, are bass artist Rednek, bassist Eddy Temple-Morris, drummer Arya, grime artist Beaupierre, and guitarist Ol Drake. They all work together to showcase each other’s full potential. This leads to tracks that are a collaboration of guitar riffs, bass lines, drum beats, and lyrics that stick with you even after the song has finished.

REABO of course is simply an experiment sponsored by Jägermeister to see what they could do if they mixed the musicians they had already backed. To start the flow of musical talent, every one was gathered into the studio and left to work out what they could all come up with. The sound they brought was on the more aggressive side of the electronic spectrum, using sound and lyrics to build up to the in your face beat drops followed by heavy guitar riffs and drum lines. If you enjoy something that reaches into your head and forces you to get pumped then look for their album.
iTunes | Amazon
Hopefully the band can live up to the success that the individual artists have in their own careers and can continue to bring this unique style to the electronic scene.

Justin "Blind" Spearman

Follow Justin @tehxbliindx
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Grab an intellectual. Watch him explore an entire album's concept using the electromagnetic spectrum. Make him write, produce, mix, and master the album himself. Add a Hip Hop base, some Jazzy details, and watch him focus on beautifully laid out lyrics. By the end of the process you'll have something similar to Daysdeaf.

Today we feature the debut single, Giving Life to the Greys. It's the third track in line, displaying early, subtle signs of a pattern. The video will help you through those first seconds until the music kicks in, after which point you've just got double the source for pleasure.

Stream/Lyrics/Buy @ Bandcamp

This one shows a sweet spot in the album, the collection of well located ideas to create a feeling. It has a little bit of everything Daysdeaf has to offer, though admittedly sometimes it's when he strikes an extreme that things get really interesting.

Conceptually, on paper the album might seem a little childish. Everything is made up for in execution. There's an array of emotion tied down to colors and processes that the average lyricist wouldn't be able to pull off without sounding like a broken record. This isn't to say every track lays out perfectly, but most of the album makes for an easy listen.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
So maybe there's a track or two where the emotion backfired for me, where things seemed to go a little over the top or besides the point. This is a full length album exploring way too many aspects for everything to go smoothly. There's a Downtempo inclination here and there, Bluesy tones, some flat-out amazing lyrics, and time changes that'd make the average bedroom producer go crazy. This is ultimately brain music.

If you enjoyed today's track, the stream is a must. If the concept intrigues you, the stream is still a must. Give the first three or four tracks a shot, and if it hasn't won you over maybe it's just not for you. There's a lot of magic pouring out of this.

If you're ready for more, keep yourself up to date with the Daysdeaf Facebook and Twitter.
If you like your Hip Hop raw, but well produced, One Dae's debut album should tickle your interests. You'll find enough well thought similes to make English majors spin, and harsh production that oozes classic influences from every seeping crevice.

Today's feature track is aided by the perfect video for such a talented rhymes-man. Those of you who stick and give up on speedy lyrics will have the video translating a lot of key elements literally. It's a simple subject, it's well produced, and it focuses on gaining new audiences.

Steven Tapia is responsible for the video, but the ideas are all Dae. The way the message is portrayed for you to have to listen to the chorus as well as the verses is a double edged sword, and I think he handles it gracefully. Finally there's Marco Polo's production that might get a little repetitive, but ultimately gives the track life.

Repetitive beats are gonna be just as common as One Dae's undeniable wit, going hand in hand with each other to form what becomes his signature by the end of the album. There are some other interesting tidbits here and there but for the most part we're getting wordplay and an obvious Hip Hop background.
Buy: CD | mp3
Be sure to check the stream out on his Soundcloud if today's track sparked some interest. About six songs into the album gave me a very clear idea of what to expect, but nothing can really prepare you for the subject matter of each individual track. Come album's end, I was bobbing my head to more than just beat. I was in agreement with Dae's views.

The only thing pulling the album back a few notches involve production. It's not that the quality is ever bad, but that sometimes the beats overpower the lyrics a little too much. It's a minor detail when the true art lies in the lyrics, but it might be a deal breaker to some. If he works for you despite this, show some support on Facebook or Twitter.
It might take a few minutes to fall into Afrolicious' Afro-Disco ways, but once you've found yourself within the groove there's no going back. Lucky for us, there's enough of their unique blend to go around for hours of funky dancing.

Crazy is a favorite on their latest full length. It's got nostalgic bass lines and some really well pulled off Afro-percussion, making it an easy track to grow into. Once you've grasped the concept, the rest of the album will do its job of exposing all the extremes.

Maybe a little repetitive, but without the constant thump the House influence would be gone. This is as much Electronic Dance Music as it is Afro-World-whatever you want to call it. There's a few other tracks that do a really good job of switching things up and making things elaborate, so don't shun them if Crazy loops for a little too long.

The rest of the album can get a little predictable at times. You know you're basically getting conga infused Disco every other track until you finally get a Dub influence or a sensually smooth female vocal to spice things up. It's not a perfectly organized album, but each individual track does a great job of building momentum for the next.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp | iTunes | Amazon
California Dreaming feels more like an anticipation album. It's enjoyable on its own, but hearing it makes you anticipate how awesome their live show must be, or at the very least wet your appetite for the next track to come. The release is its own marketing stunt, using your psychology to make itself more appealing.

If nothing more, give two or three tracks the benefit of a stream to see if they work for you or not. There's instrumental tracks as well as artist features to shake things up in several directions, but 15 minutes should give you a clear idea of what they offer.
Today's Folk quartet have been ringing through my ears for a few months now, bringing their melancholic twists through their music with eerie responsibility. Their single We Talked Again struck my attention upon its release, but wasn't as impressive on its own as I expected the album to be.

I can now confirm my expectations were correct, but that doesn't mean the album is without standout tracks. Today's feature, Scarecrow, is a personal favorite. From the moment it begins you can feel the sadness transcend, and by the time it ends you'll hear some Blues influences seeping through.

An excellent display of vocals and their melodies accompanied by very well written lyrics that show a poet's truest expressions. The way the song manipulates itself into more than a single emotion fits perfectly with the subject. It feels so natural and effortless that I can't help but experience its very soul as it plays.

The murals of emotion and the roads to get to them are all explored throughout the album. Some songs will hit close from the start, and others take time to develop as a concept, taking you completely off guard. It won't matter which songs you end up loving, they will all have that last beautifully melancholic breath.
Stream/Lyrics/Buy @ Bandcamp
They never lead you on, you'll always know exactly what you're getting into. From the very beginning, New Skin is forward in style. The only changes are in subject, and even those feel like a well crafted story when put together at the end.

You can find a high quality stream on Soundcloud, but once you know you love the album you can help support by checking out the merch at the above Bandcamp link. If you're ready for their next project, whenever that may be, check out their Facebook or Twitter for the latest.
Cabaret Rock band Mondo Díavolo have released the second installment of their concept EP trilogy, Mundo Ausente (Absent World.) The 6 member set from the Canary Islands in Spain will display a dark theatrical side, a kind of doom influenced Cabaret Rock that could either draw you in or lose you.

It's not absolutely essential to understand Spanish to dig the work, the music does speak for itself, but it'd help. Excellently written lyrics make up half of today's track, which just happens to be the prologue to the EP.

The concept is pretty interesting. Here we find the the most ambitious and brave of kings as he slays the king of the cowards in an effort to steal the sun. With the prior king out of the way, the story unfolds over the next four tracks. You can watch the video here as you witness maturity both in vocal content and musical chemistry.

The emotional sway from start to finish radiates by the end, imitating the same pull a good soundtrack would create. The only thing to really stop you from enjoying the EP is the lead character, which is where the the genre for each installment is defined.
Stream/Lyrics/Buy @ Bandcamp
There's no need to worry about an overly stiff production, they manage to incorporate glee and motivation into the darkest depths of the character's emotions. It's a peculiar fit, but a certain kind of Rock demographic will be extremely pleased. You could also listen to El Rey de los Cobardes (The King of the Cowards) as they venture through distress and love with a slightly more Pop inclined sound.

Such a change from one EP to the next being displayed by will of band is impressive. If you're as curious as I am to check up on the final installment, you might want to keep up with them via Facebook or Twitter. Until then, the first two will have to do.
Traces of Funk, a whole lot of Soul, and just enough of a Rock background make up today's effort. Bridge City Hustle have enough nostalgic influence to bring smiles regardless of your demographic, but contain enough modern-day vocal swing that ends up giving the outfit a special shine.

Today's feature track is their single, a perfect combination of their base foundation with just enough modern influence to grab anyone's attention, at the very least for a few seconds. If it doesn't convince you right away, the minute mark shows quality effort coming to life. Stick around for it.

Having to wait for it to get really interesting can be a deal breaker, but all their songs have a fresh breath of air right at the beginning. Tracks like today's take a light dip before rolling back on top, but the EP as a whole feels more like an experiment taking a positive direction.

It might not always be the perfect direction, but you can feel every step in a higher position. You can groove with them while they're at it, or just dance through the whole EP if it works that well for you. My only complaint lies in production details that I know would vanquish during a live set.
iTunes | Amazon
Luckily, The E.P. is a little more original than its title lets on. It swerves and playfully loses focus, making it a generally rewarding listen. You can stream the release on Spotify, or find the individual tracks on Soundcloud to make up your mind.

If you need a little extra time to see if they suit you, Too Good For Me is available as a free download for the time being. You could also show support by liking their Facebook, following on Twitter, or signing up with them at their website.
The Living Statues are offering their debut EP, Knockin', free to those who want it. At least, for the time being. You should expect Garage Rock with quality production and well marked influences that keep the release from ever boring you.

The title track is just barely my favorite. It's not some above-average masterful composition, but it's raw and dirty. It pulls you in with the rebellious sounds of Rock and Roll and catchy lyrics, it keeps you because of quality production and a slight Pop influence.

It starts off catching your attention more than one usually expects from traditionally influences indie bands. It might lack a bit with its hook, but it's quick to pull you back in with each verse. Add some solos and enough respectful musical chit-chat, and you wonder why this isn't on the radio.

The whole EP might not be as suitable for radio play as the title track may be, but it's entertaining. A dip in quality here and there, but this is a crammed display of their talents. Take it for what it is and you'll understand the potential.

iTunes | Amazon
For such a short listen, it's incredibly fun. The 5 track EP will go by in 15 minutes, and within those few minutes you'll experience Pop Rock, Beach Rock, Punk attitude, and ultimately their own blend of good ol' Rock 'n' Roll.

Stream the album on Soundcloud (or Bandcamp if you want a peek at the lyrics) and check it out for yourself. If you're interested in grabbing it free, the download is currently available through their website. If you want to show some support, you could just buy it, I'm sure they won't mind.
I just heard the latest from underground Hip Hop artist Shabaam Sahdeeq, and as far as lyrical quality is involved, I'm impressed not just for this album but for the next few to come. With a slick flow and an acquired air of confidence, Keepers of the Lost Art could serve as a display of matured talents for future generations to come.

Today's feature track sits comfortably over the best of two worlds, S-Dub's poetic vocal displays and some of Lewis Parker's finer musical productions on the album. It also features Erik Rico's slick vocals, adding the final funky twist to the song.

It sounds right; it fits together well enough to bop your head and make you pay attention. Where it starts to fall a little short for me is the lyrics. You listen to it on its own and it's easy to agree they're top notch, but when faced with the rest of the album you tend to think otherwise.

Musical production will shape the lyrics from great to better. A dozen talented beatsmiths are featured over the course of the 23 tracks available for digital download. Sparking things up are the occasional featured artists, but the true magic is between the beat and Shabaam.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp | iTunes | Amazon
As far as production goes, hard sounds and intense dark moments are practically the basis to half the album. That unsettling series of sounds that lets you know you're stepping over to the wrong side of turf makes for an uncomfortable battle that Shabaam won't let you step away from.

The physical copy should be out later this month, but you can pre-order right now if the music's calling your name. Alternatively you can enjoy the digital release with its 3 bonus tracks and grab the CD later on.
Just before the EDM freaks got comfortable with Porter Robinson's Language, Paz decided to remake the track into his own re-birthed party starter. The third single off his upcoming debut is available free for a limited time, so check it out now while time is on your side.

If you're familiar with the original, you'll have a good idea on what to expect from Paz today. It gives the song you've already warmed up to a little something extra to analyze, while leaving all your favorite moments practically untouched.

It might take a full listen or two to get into, but only because there's so much to take in. Otherwise there's a certain buildup that might disappoint newcomers to the artist, but only for the minute it takes to realize the track is still intact.

The written lyric and the recorded vocal is all him, as well as a few instrumental modifications and add-ons that some audiophiles will catch right away. He makes sure to leave his mark throughout the track, making each version unique enough for you to know whose it is.
Free Download
As mentioned, the free download has an expiration date. Grab it free, legally, as soon as you realize that you simply won't be able to live without it. Or alternatively, before you hear huge DJs using it on their sets (it'll be for sale by then.)

It'll only cost you a Facebook Like, and if you feel like adding some love to that mix you can always follow Paz on Twitter. You could also share and make it go viral, with the pull and content of the lyrics, we could turn Paz into the next Rick Astley.
This time representing nine physically deceased individuals who remain alive in the souls of today's population; Rodrigo y Gabriela are back for the world. Gabriela's acoustic percussion still blends exquisitely with Rodrigo's keen eye for detail.

Today's feature track celebrates Viktor Frankl, and is somehow as varied in sound as his life's biography. Fans can expect the common upbeat Rod y Gab moments, but might be thrown off when it blends into a slowed down display of versatility.

The vocal samples also add a new layer of depth to the track, pushing the mind into a logical aspect while abstract sounds weave in and out of your ear canal. By the time it ends you'll have heard a lot of what the album has to offer.

The album isn't without its surprises, though. You'll be able to foresee this smoother side to them after only a few tracks, but the different influences and implementations really throw a curve ball for those of us who've been hearing the duo for years.

Buy @ Bandcamp | iTunes
Despite the slowing melancholy feel backing the album's direction; it's fun. It brings joy while remaining true to sad truths and silver linings. My only complaint is that I expected firmer Flamenco roots and more upbeat tracks overall, but I also know that if they'd stuck with the same pattern I'd have criticized their lack of growth.

Personal issues aside; the album is worth a listen. You get to hear the first three tracks from the album at the above Bandcamp link. The rest of the album stream, for the time being, is only available via Spotify. Honestly, if you like the first three tracks you'll definitely enjoy the rest of the album. Purchase will just depend on how curious you're feeling.
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