The sound of youth coming together and making quality, angst-driven noise punk is a rare find. Today's band manage to pull the sound off with a whiff of '90s influence, while staying true to their own sound and driving unwanted listeners away.

Their debut album starts off ready for the accepting audience. Read My Mind has a droning, old school grunge feel that's a bit easier to swallow than some of the upcoming tracks. Because of this, and because of the album's scene-by-scene layout, it's also the best first listen.

A bit repetitive, kinda catchy, eventually loud, this is ultimately a sprinkle of what they'll end up doing. There's constant noise and an inescapable dark punk essence that grows into their own signature monster.

I was also pretty shocked that that '90s influence fit in so well. They managed to blend in some nostalgic tones without ripping the era's influence apart. Not to say the album's perfect by any means, but as you listen you can tell they had a clear idea of what they wanted to bring to this release.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
Bringing the album together fully is each track's puzzle piece noise. Feedback and white noise help each track fall into each other, but the track list layout on its own really does make for a great experience. It definitely wasn't made with shuffle in mind.

Now if you're gonna dissect the work track by track, some songs fall a bit short with their content. A lot of it is really well done, but there's definitely room for improvement. The best part is you can already see improvement right on the album.

You might be better off with the Soundcloud stream if you want to take in the album for its worth. If you've decided their sound is for you, give them a Like, a Follow, or check out their website and show love for the artists that deserve it.
Our weekend feature comes in from Naples, Italy. Tuccinelli, a little known producer from Kenneth Bager’s Music For Dreams Records, has delivered a very mellow two-song EP perfect to enhance that weekend vibe you get on early Saturday mornings. Bager’s label focuses on the famous Balearic/Ibiza sound, and Tuccinelli keeps up with that line. Creating sounds with the perfect mixture of lounge and tropical, while keeping that chillout vibe through each of his songs. No sound is too harsh, every instrument is toned down, the mixdowns are flawless; here Tuccinelli masterfully showcases his production abilities.

Composed of two tracks, the EP starts with the main “Solo Un Delay” (stream it!) The song starts straight to the point; first hearing the melody which is synthesized to the point that oddly reminds me a little of Donkey Kong’s arcade games melody, but that's just me. The percussion, as well as what feels like a guitar, appear in a faded motion. The percussion contrasts the melody, as the melody is very mellow, and the drums keep you moving, wanting to dance, but Tuccinelli makes sure the tranquil vibe is the one prevailing through the whole song. The genre is definitely chillout, but Tuccinelli incorpoates tropical/Ibizan elements through the drums, which really make the song stand out. Around the middle of the track the lyrics fade softly in. The lyrics say "solo un delay", which means "just a delay" when translated, and I love the fact that the lyrics portray exactly what they are saying. They are delayed, making the track more metaphorical and placid at the same time. This main song is really attractive because it just manages to lower the energy during a set, while the vibe keeps on going, increasing even.
The second track, called “Tempo Libre” is a pure instrumental track that shares the same Ibizan/Caribbean vibe that “Solo Un Delay” showcases. “Solo Un Delay” is a very mellow track that is more about the vibe, rather than the technicality. “Tempo Libre” is more of a proper house tune since the beats are really marked, and since it renders that typical deep house kick-snare combination. This second track is a more commercial track, in the sense that it incorporates a lot of characteristic elements from the genres of house and lounge, but that doesn’t take away Tuccinelli’s originality. The bass line, although repetitive, is very enjoyable, but in my opinion it can’t beat the vibe created in “Solo Un Delay”. It’s a perfect second track, it keeps the most elemental aspects of the main track (the inspiration and the vibe,) while altering its sounds to offer a much deeper and slower track. It keeps the EP fresh, not making a bore of the listening experience.

Beatport | iTunes
     I really liked the EP, I found it very refreshing because it explores diverse, multicultural elements. I’d play this production on a beach party, following Kenneth Bager’s line of sound, and I’d really use it for a warm-up set since it’s very pleasing both to listen and to dance to. Consider putting these tracks on your weekend playlist, because they are really nice, really pleasing, and very relaxing. The price of the EP is pretty reasonable for the quality of this production.

— Memo Torre
Memo produces and mixes.
Keep up with him at:
Hi friends! It's April 9, 12:30 in the morning, and I find myself in a Miami apartment facing what seems to be the end of an amazing time on the road. Touring the States, Canada, and Mexico, was an amazing experience. Tonight I sit down to share my personal experience using Rick Hanes guitars as both my main and backup guitars for this whole tour (Olympic White and Glossy Green.)

Before mentioning specs and all that good stuff we guitar nerds always want to know, I have to mention all the devastating road abuse these guitars went through on a daily basis.
  1. Warm weather 
  2. Cold weather (below 0 degree temperatures)
  3. No hardshell case, only Rockstone Gigbags
  4. Having venues with no temperature control and playing live with the outdoor temperature. 
(Note: The Olympic White never needed a string change.)

Needless to say, these points would scare the living hell out of quite a few of us. Lets mention specs now.

  • Body: Top Maple and Mahogany Back
  • Neck: Maple
  • Truss Rod: Dual Action
  • Fretboard: Maple
  • Fretboard Radius: 14"
  • Fretwire: Stewmac Wide Jumbo Frets
  • Number of Frets: 24
  • Scale Lengths: 25-1/2"
  • Pickups: Duncan Designed HB 102 Bridge and Duncan Designed HB 102 Neck
  • Bridge: Original Floyd Rose 1000 Series
  • Tuners: Original Grover Mini Rotomatics 205 BC 6
  • Knobs: 1 Volume + 1 Tone
  • Switch: 3 Way Switch
  • Strings: D'Addario EKXL110
  • Construction Type: Bolt on
  • Headstock Angle: 14 degrees
  • Finishes: Green Candy Glossy

Color wise I have both green and white, both are beautiful, but the most shocking thing about the body is how ergonomic it is while maintaining a very common super strat type shape.  The body is fairly smaller than an Ibanez RG body (just to help you understand.) Lower fret access is insanely comfortable and effortless. The guitar's beveled right hand rest is the key secret of its perfect comfort.


I would say the neck feels as if an Ibanez and a Fender had a night of fun, and 9 months later this neck was the outcome. It is a very comfortable neck, it's very smooth and resonant. It maintains evenness from the headstock to the neck joint.


Usually when you say "Seymour Duncan" you get hyped because you know that's the good stuff, but when you say "Duncan Design" usually a face of dissatisfaction is quick to appear. I'm here to let you guys know that I was so wrong to ever think that Duncan Design pickups might have a lesser quality sound due to better affordability. They are somewhat low gain and at the same time they can handle huge amounts of gain with ease. Very organic and sensitive to dynamics, full and rich; they don't lack a thing.


I have to mention the fact the this is the most efficient working switch I have ever come across. Its efficiency is due to its placement in the body and its angle. I found that when switching it didn't make that horrible click or switch slam that resonates in the body and gets in the way of your music. Its position is so perfect that at times you almost don't even have to move your hand that much to change it. It's a 10 out of 10.

I won't be mentioning the remaining specs because we all know that the hardware and bridge used are of optimal performance. I had no tuning issues on both my guitars, even with the constant temperature changes and old strings.

I would recommend this guitar to any starting musician or any professional guitarist. The quality on these are right on point. It's versatility goes from crushing riffing to sweet leads in a heartbeat. I give this guitar an overall 8 out of 10.

— Gio

Find the Rick Hanes ShredGuy Green Glossy
Find the Rick Hanes ShredGuy Olympic White

Gio Mirage will play and review your gear!
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Special thanks to my friends Mark Claytor and Chris Bickley (both Rick Hanes pro artists.)

I spend most of my days listening to Rock bands trying to add their own twist to a classic sound, so I'm always happy when bands like today's succeed. These guys have a slight Pop twist, hazy vocals, and talents that are mixed well enough to give a crisp finishing sound.

The Sacred Object EP features only two tracks, so it's more of a fan-creating teaser release than a display of their capabilities. The tracks feature both their Pop Rock tendencies and a more frequently featured smooth Blues-Rock feel.

You'll start off with Arm n' Arm, a bubbly track with a catchy riff and contagious properties. It's my least preferred of the two because of some very Pop oriented studio decisions, but even then it's got some great progressions and well handled ideas. It's also a free download on Soundcloud.

Next is The Man from Home, a much smoother track with excellent musical definition and a refreshingly smokey vocal. This is the track that brought them to the spotlight for me. It's where everything they have starts to fit as it slowly becomes a more complex idea.
iTunes | Amazon
If you like what you hear, consider buying both tracks. After you've given them a chance you might want to consider their debut LP, Unknow You. It's got a lot more of that smoked firmness, while being a lot more elaborate than what they can show with today's feature.

After you've given them a listen and made sure their efforts are to your liking, show some love. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter. You could also keep up with all their other socials and news by checking out their website.
Poncho Records released their first ever compilation album a short while ago, featuring their Beach Rock, Punk, and Alternative based musical artists. The release has a certain flow to it, which is probably why they were confident enough to release it in audio cassette.

Since this is a 19 artist release, there's really no other way to start than at the beginning. Opening the album is Psyche Tongues with a sweet little retro beach-y single. It might take a minute to adjust to the sound, but it keeps you after it develops.

A little awkward, a bit of a hazy recording, but saving it are sweet transitions and echoing vocals. While I admit it'd sound way better live, the essence is caught. The slow vibe, the mellowed guitar solo, and the distance in the vocals.

If you only kinda-sorta like it, keep the stream going. All the artists have a spark to them, and if this is generally your kind of music you'll be sure to find a few who tickle your fancy. Then again, you might also want to look into the release if you're a fan of Lo-Fi Punk or creepy compositions.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
That's how I'd divide the release, into thirds. Pop sun splashing Rock at the beginning, darkened Post or Punk Rock to balance things out, and the final Experimental tracks throw you off guard all over again. It's a wonderful listen for the open mind.

D4AM regulars should already know of Walrus, Whoop-Szo, and Scott Nicks. Those fans should be excited to know that every track featured on the compilation is brand new and currently unrelated to any of their other released projects.

There's also currently only 6 audio cassettes remaining for those of you eager to put your new cassette player to use.
Indie Alt Pop-Rock band Ivory Hours made something I rarely find. They've created a musical mishmash of the things I love and the things I highly dislike put together in such a way that it tears at my eardrums. If unlike me you're a lover of Pop, you should experience nothing but love.

My favorite track is the title track, Mary. It's quick to reel you in with Indie charm, and its lyrics captivate from the get-go. The mixing was clearly perfected to match the original production. Give it a listen and see for yourself.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp

Personally, I could live without the chorus. I like to hope that in a live setting the melodies stand out more, and that there's some more detail work going on in the background. Everything else is up to standard though, from dark lyric to bubbly execution.

These dark bubbles are practically synonymous with the EP. The six tracks that make Mary focus on emotional slumps, leaving the silver lining to the music. The listener's interpretation makes the final phase, leaving that final view completely up to you.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
About half the release could please Pop-deniers like myself. Smooth bass lines, fun acoustics, and well prepared vocal melodies are the finer ingredients that contrast positively against the harsh Pop tendencies. There's never a perfect track, but there's positive direction. I look forward to a future release, myself.

If you like today's track, why not give them a shot? The full album stream can be found at their Bandcamp, and they've got tons of well made videos at their Youtube. If you're a fan, give them a Like or a Follow and show them some love.
Australian born musician/songwriter RY X released this quick gem late last year. I'm pretty sorry I missed it. His debut Berlin EP shows an emotional delicacy that many have tried and few can pull off as well as he has.

Understanding of his own vocal range and capacity helps, never over-doing what needs but a gentle push. The additional spark-igniting elements are left to musical composition and written talent. Vampires is an excellent display of those transitioning spark-starters.

This is probably the most energetic song on the release. It's elaborate, it doesn't fixate on any single moment, and so it moves with you. It's a little Pop-y but it works favorably, and most of the song keeps the EP's signature delicate state.

A very strong debut, Berlin touches a moment within your most realistic day dream, and it explores that area to its own satisfaction. Roaming, wandering, and delaying itself, but always going somewhere. It's the constant movement that keeps it fresh, but it's Ry's talent that makes it worth listening.
iTunes | Amazon
I'd recommend giving it a listen if you enjoyed today's track, or if you enjoy that empty-indie feel. The EP is full of emotional peaks in slow motion, and it feels great to submerge yourself in it. You can find three of the four tracks on his Soundcloud. That final track is probably most easily streamed on Spotify.

If you burn through this EP and just need more, know he enjoys putting new music up just to tease. The latest of which being a live version of Howling (find the studio version and its video here) and an unfinished demo version of a track called Sweat.

After you're done with all the music, give him a Like or a Follow. If you're ready to see the magic live, check out his tour information.
Those that have been following me for some time now know that all throughout last year I have been getting more and more involved in trying out new and independent brand named gear. This past June 1st I sat down to share my experience with a custom pickups company called 4 Seasons Pickups. Located in the Netherlands, 4 Seasons Custom Pickups is owned and operated by the super talented/humble Bob Gabriel. Bob has worked as a luthier for the some of the most prestigious guitar companies in the field for many years, but Bob's real passion is making custom hand-wound pickups. This review is for a very special set he made for my white Rick Hanes Shred Guy guitar model.

There's an interesting and equally amazing feeling of actually answering the question: ''Who would you like your set to sound like?'' Would you know how to answer this question right off the bat? I thought I did until Bob asked me, and then it hit me. I actually needed to give this some deep, extensive thought. I gathered videos clips, some music, and the overall concepts of the tone I wanted in all the live/recording playing scenarios. After this I elaborated even further, explaining how I wanted those pickups to respond in their dynamics, output, compression, and configuration of the magnetic poles and the materials for the poles themselves. We emailed maybe 4 times until the information was covered enough for him to start hand making them. It was the most exiting pickup shopping experience of my life; you could tell Bob was a real pro!

Un-boxing and first impression

Even just when you first see it, you can tell it looks of better quality. When you pick it up it's somewhat heavier that your normal Dimarzio, Seymour Duncan, or some of the other more popular brands that still sound pretty good/are considered good upgrades. When you turn it around you can see that the waxing, winding, and sealing was made to perfection. It's as tough as a tank.

My 4 seasons custom set
My 4 Seasons custom set
Installing and first tone impression

In the prior emails between me and Bob, we already talked about how I was gonna install it so it came pre-wired and ready to install. No dealing with having to cut extra wire and prepare your wire tips. When installed I was with a good friend and he was the one to play it first. I must say I could tell in an instant that these pickups are the upgrade of the upgrades! I had a set of Seymour Duncan Distortion/Jazz on my guitar before these and I love those pickups, but Bob's 4 Seasons were something else. In 5 minutes with my friend just noodling around playing whatever came to mind, I was making notes of all the better qualities in my new and improved guitar.

Rick Hanes + 4 Seasons = Sexy time
Rick Hanes + 4 Seasons = Sexy Time
New and improved properties and customer service that exceeds all expectations

Happy with this new found tone, I took my guitar back and plugged it straight to my rig (it's important to keep in mind that my rig was E.Q. to my previous pickups.) I flicked the on switch and began to play with an E.Q. that wasn't made for them, and even then my current setting sounded better than ever. I could tell that it had the right amount of compression when needed; when you play hard it was transparent to how hard you are really picking, and when played soft it was like wine. There was an overall clarity and organic-ness to the sound, better bass response with clarity and attack, but it still retained thump and depth. Mids that were very musical and none-harsh, a perfect balance of warm and aggressive. Highs where shimmering and clear, never thin and weak. Full and rounded out, while remaining snappy with aggression. After 3 days with it I think I became greedy. I found areas where I thought a little more progress could be made, so I emailed Bob and told him that they were by far the best sounding pickups I have ever played... but I still found areas to improve. All I could think was: "This dude is gonna tell me to f*** off!" But he didn't, Bob was actually pumped and ready to make a better version of this already amazing pickup! No buts, no excuses, Bob takes pride in what he does and he clearly showed his sincere dedication to his company and to making musicians happy. To have excellent customer service is very important when it comes to buying anything. 4 Seasons gets a 10/10 there.

Installing new set... Mind is blown!

Lets get straight to it. I get my new set, super pumped, got it installed and then... Damn... Damn... Damn! How could you get better? Well my friends, it did. All of the past tonal properties mentioned where improved, making this a set to keep!

New Neck Pickup
New Neck Pickup
I have taken these to studios and jams, and I just let people and friends try them out and all of them always say two things. First: "Wow. This guitar is super comfortable to play!" Second: "Wow. This guitar sounds amazing!" You cant go wrong with Rick Hanes guitars, and on top of that you've got your own personal custom made pickups made to the specs that I've wanted for such a long time. 4 Seasons should be in your next pickups buy for sure!

Check them out!
Bob Gabriel on Facebook
4 Seasons Pickups on Facebook

Gio Mirage will play and review your gear!
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Latin-fusion band Karikatura bring us an excellent debut. Reggae and Jazz will blend into an assortment of modernized Latin genres, making for a soothing album with passionately moving tunes and enough spice to have you booty shaking in your seat.

The title track starts the album off with uneven heaps of that spice. Afro-percussion and a grab bag of Latin tendencies are pulled into a soulful intro. Smooth vocals and great overall band chemistry will keep any musical loose ends from showing.

Stream/Download @ Bandcamp

This single is truly the best chunk of album you could first listen to. It's not the best track on there, but it shows what they're capable of and where the album stands. It fails to hide influences behind shady curtains, leaving their ideas exposed and ready for your ears to take in.

It also shows smooth bass lines and excellent brass solos, two very strong elements they make the most of throughout the album. The only thing that doesn't clearly stand out here is an admiration for Reggae and Jazz that manages to stay relevant within the release.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
Thirteen tracks and rarely a dull moment, Karikatura's first full length release is everything it should be. Extravagant displays of talent, musical unison, and unique sounds that crush closed-minded listeners. If I had to name a complaint I'd say the vocalist needs add some character to his perfection, which honestly isn't even a complaint.

If you liked today's track, give the stream a chance. If you like Latin Jazz, Reggae-Fusion, or the Latin-genre world at all, you'd be out of your mind not to see what these guys have come up with. Support good music; show them off. And if you have the time, maybe give them a Like or a Follow, too.
French Pop-Rock musician Talisco has been on my radar ever since I saw the Run short film earlier this year. He pulls off a commercially resonating sound while staying true to his identity, while adding his own zest.

Sadly, the album isn't available for stream very easily. All you'll have to go by are a handful of awesome singles. The best display of these singles can be found on the very Run video I saw just a few months ago. It shows his western influence, hazy mediums, and even a single from the earlier released debut EP.

This video contains adult themes.

First you're hearing one of my favorites from the album, Sorrow. It's the clear-cut example of everything you want to do right when you're making music for the masses. It's Pop with a nod in the direction of the classics. Next will be Follow Me, showing off an easy going change in style, and it'll end with My Home from the My Home EP.

This makes up most of the tracks you'll be able to hear before diving into the purchase, though it does show off what you need. If you can hear the short back to back 3 times and keep bobbing your head, the album as a whole will be much more elaborate and equally fulfilling. Your Wish, the first track on the album, also has a video on Youtube you might want to check out.
iTunes | Amazon
Some of you are just gonna have to trust me. The album is as good as the video. There's a couple of tracks I could do without, but I'm rarely into Pop-Rock as it is. Talisco takes shape and grows on you, ultimately making Run a collection of memorable tracks that will keep fresh within your own musical affections.

Going in blind with music is among one of my least favorite feelings; I know I'm not alone. You can find the My Home EP stream on Youtube and Spotify to get a better idea of what Talisco has to offer. Once you know you can dig it, keep up with him on Facebook and Twitter.
Lo-Fi/Chillwave/Electronic/Rock grab-bag artist Jasmine Golan strikes a pose as a completely independent artist with her debut Marmalade Haze. Think M.I.A. meets your local eclectic DJ while on some kind of psychological steroids.

Today's track stands out from most of the album. It'll start off with some of that eclectic DJ material while gradually manipulating itself for Jasmine's vocals. Keep a steady ear and an open mind, this one takes a minute to get into.

By the time the chorus shows up you've heard the base of the song, the synchronization of the musical production awkwardly coupled with Jasmine's floating vocals. It's that awkward strut that breathes life to the track. The harshness of that ending; the feel of immediate transitions.

It's tracks like these that work on surprising details and combinations that end up making the effort worthwhile. Marmalade Haze would be nothing but a haze without the spontaneous tracks in an assortment of genres.
iTunes | Bandcamp | Amazon
Some of the featured tracks also make themselves hard to chew. Occasional vocal slips, experimental ideas gone awry, or just general execution flaws make a portion of the album a little less amazing than it should be. These things are overlooked in a live setting, and would probably fix right up in a professional studio. There's still a few tracks already on here that would make for a great EP.

If you like what you hear you might want to consider supporting the growing artist through iTunes or Amazon. If you're not sure how you feel yet, Bandcamp offers a much more practical price range. And if you want to keep up with her, the best bet is at her Soundcloud.
Tati Ana brings us a hauntingly beautiful voice, an eerily provoked air, and a composition that aches together with modern Industrial music. Her Crescent EP explores a happy medium where dark corners can meet bright aisles.

The final track on the effort packs the most emotion. MRI is three and a half minute bipolar episode. It'll show that rugged Industrial side against the purity of her longing vocals. The contrast is harsh and makes for a stronger impact when the lyrics are soaked in.

The musical production is simple, clean, and perfect when pinned against Tati Ana's vocal talents. Her voice is that shimmering warm light at the end of the murky tunnel, and with the help of the rest of the EP, it makes for a full-circle ending.

At just three tracks in length, Crescent shows how quick a cycle can occur. The effort feels complete without ever really giving you much substance; almost like a musical placebo. It's able to shift ideas and emotions effortlessly, displaying its own kind of magic for the listener.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
It starts off with the equally impressive but much smoother Four Walls. The mood will be set in seconds, and before you know it you'll drift off into a land of Bluesy Alternative Electronics. Pianos and melancholy will lead you straight back to MRI.

I can't wait for more. Maybe not an album, maybe a cycle too large will ruin the Tati Ana effect, but I'm curious regardless. If you are too, keep her in your sights. Find her on Facebook or Twitter and show her some love.
Six Degrees Records are right on time for the World Cup with this release, saving us from the culturally lacking Brazil '14 playlist with a blend of their own artists. Be sure to indulge in the Portuguese lyrics, Latin flavor, and Electronic twists.

They offer but one free track, so Bossacucanova fans should be happy to know it's a remix of their Balança (Não Pode Parar!) single. Adam Popowitz brings his own Electro-flair to the track that can be heard just as soon as you click play.

It's just a different mood from the original, a bit more dramatic. In reality, it's just a taste of what this bundle offers. DJ friendly production and enough Latin passion to take you out dancing regardless. Brazil's flair might be the only obvious thing the track list has in common.

It'll start off with a Trap-y remix, and end with some slow and sensual Jazzy directions. Six Degrees Records like to show off in style though, whoever put the playlist together was able to make enjoyable transitions from track to track while displaying a wide range of offered talent
Buy: iTunes | Amazon
The album makes for a truly enjoyable collaboration effort. Hip Hop-ish Céu and Bebel Gilberto remixes are just some of what's in store. Not every track works out perfectly, but they do all compliment each other in the long run.

You can find the stream here, or on Spotify. If you're using Spotify you might also spot the first volume of the series. If you like the stream and you're digging the artists, find Six Degrees Records at their website and explore what they have to offer.
Much like last time, WHOOP-Szo have developed gritty sound combinations that work for our ears' benefit. While the Lo-Fi Folk-Rock still plays a role, Niizhwaaswo has a much stronger experimental side. No doubt, the raw attitude it develops is due to the fact that it was recorded earlier than some of their prior releases.

Today's track is probably the best to feature this highly experimental side without completely turning off the unsuspecting listener. It'll feature ideas that stretch as far as Folk-Punk and Psychedelics as well as changes in time and math-like musician fun.

Within a minute you'll have heard an earful. A single song could make for a decent EP if you just stretch out the ideas a bit. Instead we have a relatively short album with a rainbow selection of emotion. None of which are very likely to get radio play, but that's half the fun.

There's an awkward touch to the track that resonates with the album. This song plays it cool, keeps its head low while it struts what it's got, but the rest of the release is far less timid. These in-your-face changes combined with certain overly-experimental sounds, could make you question the band's state of mind during execution.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
This is an amazing release. It's very difficult to get into, it has a lot of ups and downs and songs that are barely music at all, but it creates atmospheric bliss. Every sound adds a detail in the Niizhwaaswo universe. It'll dip into "normal" music often enough to keep you intrigued.

I recommend the stream if you're into those creepy sounds that play right before a clown gets ready to torment children. You'll get some Folk-y stuff to ease the mood up, but for the most part this is raw WHOOP.

If you dig it, you might wanna keep up with them on Facebook or Twitter.
Some of you might remember today's Funk-Rock group from earlier this year when they released the first single off this release for free. A slight pop production helps the album glide, but it's the Funk/Soul details that really make this six track effort a great listen.

If you're into radio-friendly composition, give their latest single a listen here. I'm more into changes in style that show off how diverse a band can be, so today's feature track is Walking on Flames. It needs a nice full listen to be appreciated, so sit back and enjoy the positive flow.

It'll take a bit past two minutes for the song to meet its breaking point. The bass carries more weight, and the lyrical melody serves as contrast. It's a natural effort, it shows chemistry and it shows potential talents that could be brought out in the future.

The rest of the effort rings similar to what we've already heard. Slight over-production here and there, the occasional experimental track, and a lot of emotion yearning to be released. Frankly; this first Odd Fish release shows a fork in the road. This is either the best they'll do, or just a taste of what's to come.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
This release shows so much potential, I can't help but hope the next one is a step in a positive direction. They blend a nice variety of sounds together well, but it's still missing a spark. An extra oomph to make your hips shake. This is fine on its own, it's an easy listen and a good time, but it's not as memorable as it could be. Or as addicting as it might become.

If there's anything I've learned from the last time I heard Bubonik Funk, it's that they take some time to grow onto you. You can listen once and be alright with it, but that second and third go really bring the melodic details to the forefront. It's a short release; consider a second stream.

If they start calling your attention by the time they're done with your ears, show some support. Find them on Facebook and Twitter, or buy a track or two.
Northern Soul blends right into Modern Funk on Smoove & Turrell's third studio effort; out today. The album's core is as catchy as the Disco influence, but as talented and emotional as the Soul they represent.

I might not be ecstatic about the album in its entirety, but that's because it wasn't made with the studio in mind. Tracks like the debut single, Lay It On Me, are less impressive trough headphones than they would be live with a crowd's adrenaline to feed off of.

Then there's songs like Will You Be Mine. Clear examples of different worlds colliding with success in mind. The absence of sound brings the clear vocals and the excellent synchronization of instruments to the forefront of the track.

This is probably the catchiest example, but most of the album makes for a fine display. Not to say the lead single is bad, or that the album lacks some points, it's just built for the live audience as well as the home listener. It makes for an occasional shake in sound, but it all works together gracefully.
Buy: CD | mp3 | Vinyl
Broken Toys is full of booty bumpin' beats, occasional bursts of energy, and a stream of unwavering talent. It'd probably make for a stunning live performance, but as an album it holds its own. I'd say it's definitely worth a stream.

If there's no time in your schedule right now for a full stream, at least give the title track a shot. It's only seven and a half minutes of amazing. If you're digging the Smoove + Turrell harvest, make it known. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter, but follow along on their website for cool info and tour dates.
Jason Laidback states Breaking Bad is the best show he's ever seen, so he decided to combine it with his other love, Beats. It'll have that pretty obvious dance-worthy 'pop' in the background, but it's also got some night-friendly bass lines in it for added freshness.

The music video might help you get into the flow of things, featuring the idea of a bar-tending or break-dancing Walter White. Sadly, it's a few minutes shorter than the official version, but sticking around for the complete release will be a gem for the EDM fans.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp

Extremely simple, yet equally addictive lyrics make up the track's adhesive. It's the bass-heavy Breaks and nostalgic video game sounds that give the track substance. In the end, it's just for fun. As a single it stands out just because of its inspiration.

Half the song's proceeds go to cancer research in the UK, because what better way to prevent Heisenberg from ever happening? You'll get the full four minute track for about the price of your favorite candy bar. If you have no favorite candy bar, you might as well support growing musicians.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
If four minutes just isn't enough for your Vince Gilligan fandom, Jason Laidback provides his own 30 minute Breaking Bad mixtape absolutely free. You can find it on Soundcloud, and you can stream it and download it right there if you like it. You'll find everything from Queen to The Prodigy in his own Beat heavy style. He combines the songs with iconic moments from the show, so yeah, expect spoilers.

If you're digging his style, check out the rest of his Soundcloud for more freebies. If you're still loving his capabilities, check him out on Facebook and Twitter for the latest project or free mix.
Dabbling her Nordic influences with smooth electronics is Hannah Thiem's debut EP, Brym (pronounced Breem.) Her violin plays no small roles here, bringing a profound sense of beauty to every track on the release.

Today's single is among my favorites. Visual aid often helps, but the song can fend for itself. It lures you into its core, ultimately releasing all of its worked-up emotion. It's a slow track, but sometimes the best things take time.

A very defined bass line is almost all of the help she needs those first few minutes. By the time she molds it into a cluster, it drops. It's a peculiar combination of elements, and she really makes it work for her. I was only upset it's not a longer song until I heard the rest of the EP.

Again, beautiful. Beautiful best describes her string portrayals, her emotional efforts, and her musical charisma. The skill involved in these mere five tracks is enough to fill many musical artists' entire portfolios, and then she adds a touch of modern day fusion with those well produced electronic elements.
Bandcamp | iTunes
It never really gets boring. Brym is everything an EP should be. It's a tease of what's to come while keeping itself satisfying to the ears. It shows a broad range of ability and imagination, leaving her luscious Downbeat sounds to just one well explored area within her reach.

I can't wait for more, personally. Who knows, Hannah's future might not be as bright and elaborate as I'm imagining right now, but the potential is there. The talent is blatant and the energy is poetic. If you feel the music the way I do, show some support. Find her on Facebook and Twitter and maybe buy a track or two if you have some spare change.
Indie Folk-Rock band Tales of Olde have just released their five track debut EP for the masses. The six piece ensemble keep a clear Folk influence, and even display a talented fiddle while they explore their depths of their capabilities.

Their first single is, in my opinion, possibly the best track they have to offer. It's catchy enough to make a radio feature while staying true to their founding sounds. The song keeps the talents subtle while making sure everyone has a positive influence on it, ultimately creating balance.

It'll take about 4 minutes for the track to reach its highest moment, the culmination of positive feelings evoked through instruments. Even as this happens, it sides with a commercial tone that keeps things rigid and in place. It works if that's usually your type of sound.

The rest of their debut felt like a very slow decline. Every track feels more and more Pop oriented, bringing itself a little too near to a possible fault in execution. Luckily for them, and for all the listeners and fans, it never happens. The EP maintains its positive state, bringing joy with their stories and charisma.
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By my relatively high standards, it falls a little short. The EP shows enough potential to maybe make a hit of a future full-length, but on its own feels a little too much like radio background music. Maybe they're just best live with the right audience and an adrenaline boost.

If you want to check out the potential for yourself, I'd give their Soundcloud a listen. If you like what you hear, find them on Facebook and Twitter, show them some love.
Singer-songwriter Trey Overholt released his Alternative/Rock/Americana album about a month ago, its contents best fitting for a relaxed afternoon with some fond memories. Consider it an easy listening effort. A little forced at times, but always smooth.

There's diversity within the track list; you'll hear everything from a very commercial lead single, to well lifted Pop Rock. Today's feature is a personal favorite, siding more with a well influenced bass line that lends for a more dance-inspiring tune.

Smoke Rings is a pretty straight-forward effort. What you hear is almost instantly exactly what you get. It's just long enough to hook you without needing to elaborate its composition. It's a minimalist track shown in the right light, for the right people.

It's not that every track on the album has a similar musical influence, but the writing is similarly simple all throughout. Sometimes it just takes less to say something, and it feels like Overholt understands that well. My only complaint is that sometimes the musical background feels a little uninspired.
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Goner is still a pretty decent release if you don't mind a few commercial tendencies and a less-is-more attitude, and it's definitely a healthy stream if you're in the mood. I just wish it had an instrumental or two in there to spin life in a different direction.

If you like the music, show some support! You can find him at Facebook and Twitter, or check out his website for a full grasp of everything he's up to.
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