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R&B is possibly one of the most successfully evolved genres out there, and Chaz Langley's debut EP does its part in keeping its quality right where it belongs. He blends the core values of Rhythm and Blues with modern day bass-inclined production, leaving us with both nostalgic approval and curiosity for more.

If you've been following us on socials, you might have already heard the lead single Song of Sorrow, but today's feature track will sway less acoustically. Devilish Eyes features a stronger bass line. It's a smooth song with a somewhat Bond-y twist in its composition, an easy listen to relax the mood.

The vocal melodies aiding the chorus lifts the song from common ground. A subtle use of diverse instruments adds to potential commercial success without selling out. It's more of an experiment than an item, the vocals never over-do, and the production is always classy.

The rest of the self titled EP maintains a firm hold on silky vocals and contagious melodies. It'll swirl in all directions relating to R&B, and it'll end with a catchy house remix of Devilish Eyes by Robert Lux that shows the ability to stand his ground anywhere. His passion transcends the genre, his passion is music.
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A promising debut from a talented artist, it's almost too well done. It lasts just long enough to show he's capable of mastering diversity, but I'm still curious to find out if he can keep it up for a full length. Until that time comes; this EP will set a standard and hold us over.

Give the stream a listen, it's a real easy 18 minute listen. If you like what you hear, consider following Chaz for the ride. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter. You can also check his website for the latest updates and information.
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