Listening to Tangina Stone's Cops for the past month has been little preparation for the rest of her EP. Cops alone shows strong vocals and excellent range against the perfect blend of retro rock and R&B, but The Fall shows a completely different angle with the same talents. Everything is spot on; from musical production to the written lyric.

Cops is the lead single so be sure to check that one out, but I think Suntan embodies her essence the best. Vocal range and progression, sweet jazz based musical company, and just enough heart and soul to capture the audience without overdoing it. This one deserves to be shared.

There's a simplicity in the backing musicianship that misleads. It sounds like minimal effort but it's quite an elaborate pull just for the sake of reinforcing Tangina's vocals. It gives the entire song balance, and it allows for a special kind of devotion to be heard in a live setting.

The rest of The Fall has that same effort backing it. It's clear that lyrics and vocals are the focal point, but that doesn't mean everything else has to lack. It's a refreshing view that adds value to the listen, and hope for a bright musical future.
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It's a five song EP, with two of those being remakes of Cops and Suntan. Don't expect a heavy electronic influence, instead expect a down-to-earth vibe that'll leave you in a positive mood for hours. Reasons, the third original track, is part of that settled earthiness. The entire listen is exquisitely produced, making The Fall a true gem of a listen.

After you've heard either of today's tracks, be sure to check out the EP stream on Soundcloud. It's nearly 18 minutes of bliss, I couldn't recommend it enough. After you've fallen in love with the music, show the artist some support. Snag the EP, or follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Maybe it's because this is the first time I've heard a Seekae album all the way through, but I did not like it the first time around. I'm not sure which peculiar detail stuck out to me, but had it not made its mark I would've let The Worry slide away from me, and I would have missed out on a stunning musical experience.

Monster ended up being one of my favorite tracks on the album. It has a certain magic to it on its own, but when placed near the end of the effort it evokes different emotions. It feels like home, but only if home isn't the happiest place to be.

This one's beauty lies in its diversity. It's composed with grace in its transition and with floating ideas that form a cohesive single, but context will change the feel of the song dramatically. It's the kind of song that would take you by surprise live, simply because its presence is as human as the minds that created it.

Combined with the electric push the band is known for, the album feels refreshingly like a well oiled cyborg. Robocop couldn't make music half as entertaining without having something blow up in the background, but Seekae manage to gently tug and pull in such a way that eases the mind into the right mood.
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The Worry feels delicate, but built on strong enough character to maintain your attention where it needs to be. Your ears will often wander but the music will never truly escape you, leaving just enough room for your own interpretations of what they've allowed the public to hear.

Streaming the album proves difficult, but I highly recommend it if ambient-rock or experimental-indie sound pleasing to you. The main problem is they've scattered a handful of the album throughout too many mediums. You can find a couple of songs on their Youtube, a couple more on their Soundcloud, and their label Future Classic also has some offerings on their Youtube and Soundcloud channels as well. The easiest way to access the whole album is through Spotify.
The most prominent internet label in the electronic music industry, Soulection Records, and one of the companies in the forefront of streetwear fashion, Stussy, have come together to make a massive 20 track compilation featuring the best of the label’s artists, as well as some new talents. The urban vibe that Stussy offers through their merchandise is practically palpable through this compilation, as each track reflects the high-end street-wear phenomenon currently exploding worldwide; combining both brands into a medley of high quality urban sounds that recreate the high-fashion, artistic environment in which we’re living on a daily basis.

The artists featured through this compilation are: Zikomo, IAMNOBODI, Goldlink, Orijanus, Esta, Mr. Carmack, Sam Gellaitry, Connor Pearson, Evil Needle, 10A, Ta-Ku, Jay Prince, Jordan James, Sango, JD. Reid, Sivey, J-Louis, PYRMDPLAZA, Mikos da Gawd, Jarreau Vandal, starRo, Leland Aleem Fākir & AbJo. Together they manage to make an out-of-the-box compilation, featuring tracks that vary from heavy trap to chill rap, from hip-hop to soul. There are even some house beats squeezed in as well, capturing the whole vibe behind this new, fresh wave of urban fashion.

For the purpose of this review I’ll be dividing this compilation according to the different genres featured throughout, and I’d like to start with this labels finest craft: trap music. Trap is most definitely the label’s strongest musical component, and this compilation delivers it at its finest. Tracks like “Bells” by Mr. Carmack, “Antidote” by Evil Needle, “The One” by 10A, “CaseyBanks” by Ta-Ku, “Tell Me” by Sango deliver heavy trap vibes influenced by more experimental and “chill” sounds, making them very placid, without diminishing the heavy bass vibes.

Featured track: Although I’ve been a Mr. Carmack fan for various years now, out of this selection my favorite track would be “The One”. The xylophonic melodies 10A managed to create, and blend with the trap beat are simply out of this world; it’s one of the tracks you can’t simply ignore while listening to this compilation, it stands out.

Throughout the album there are various songs that break the barrier between trap and hip hop, conforming a gracious blend between each genre. These are the most ‘urban’ tracks in the album as the melodies, the percussion, the basses and the samples used throughout recreate modern beats as well as classic west coast rap beats. Some of these tracks are: “Pillow Talk” by Sivey, “On Air” by JD. Reid, J-Louis’ “Perseverance”, “Mantralu” by PYRMDPLAZA, “Bout You” by starRo; and each is kind of a surprise to the listener as they give you false conceptions on the song’s outcome. They start developing into something, but the outcome is very different from what you, as a listener, would expect.

Featured track: The piano at the beggining of JD. Reid’s “On Air” had me instantly locked. This track resembles the essence of what chill trap is suppose to be. This selection for me was a no brainer, it was the first track I liked (like literally, on Soundcloud,) and since that moment it’s been in almost every set I play.

Tracks like “Luna” by Esta, “When You Know It” by IAMNOBODI, “Champion Riddim” by Zikomo, and “The Seems” by Sam Gellaitry & Connor Pearson; are this compilation’s curveballs, each of these artists delivers something unexpected. These tracks have more soul than the rest, and each combines new instruments, new original rhythms, or some really nice vocals; barely used in the typical electronic production being released daily. These are my favorites of the compilation as they are the most original. I mean, it’s not every day that you get to listen to electronic soul, or electronic reggae…

Featured track: It’s difficult to pick… but I pick “Luna” by Esta. Tracks like “Champion Riddim” and “The Seems” are very distinct and original, but they can’t quite manage to blend other rhythms as good as Esta. He manages to take the whole vibe that a classical guitar can give, which is one of those incomparable feelings that only an acoustic instrument can impart, and mix it with a handful of urban beats and bass melodies that are typical of his productions. This track is simply fire.

Although trap music is what you’d generally think of when someone says ‘urban beats’, “The Sound of Tomorrow” delivered a pair of deep house tracks to mix things up. Deep house has been a rising subgenre in the past few months, popularizing artists like Seth Troxler, Jackmaster, Skream, & Eats Everything once again (check out their back to back Boiler Room set live from Ibiza)

Although it's a genre that's getting more ‘mainstream’, both Jarreau Vandal and Mikos Da Gawd delivered pure original gold. Jarreau's "Essence" features his usual dancy vibes, but moves into a more experimental deep drop, with heavy basses and deep melodic keys. Although it gets kind of repetitive, it's a perfect mid set track. Mikos Da Gawd, on the other hand, got way out of his comfort zone. The San Francisco trap producer and DJ made an outstanding experimental house track titled “Love” where he truly explores the realm of house music, mixing it up with intricate rhythms laid over astonishing melodies. The track starts with a regular (but really original) house progression. Halfway through he mixes everything up and turns the track into a whole other thing. If you are looking for THE track of this compilation, this is definitely it.

Finally, we just have to talk about the rap featured in this compilation. First off we have Leeland Aleem’s “Momma’s Hoopty”, a track that essentially talks about its title. It’s a very enjoyable song as the lyrics always stay in the same key. Although it has its lyrics, the track feels like a combination of samples as, especially the choir, gets really repetitive. Next we have Jay Prince; the London based rapper and producer delivered “All You” in which he embarks on a ‘love song’ with softer lyrics, subtle melodies, but with his signature sound remaining intact. This has been a great year for this rapper; his collaborations with producers from both Soulection and How, What & Where Records have been on the radar since last year, and I bet this year he’s going to explode just like our final artist: GoldLink. With his free release of “The God Complex” mixtape earlier this year, and with his performance on MoMA’s PS1, GoldLink has proved to us that he’s a master both in rhyming and collaborating. This time GoldLink brought a freestyle to the table. Titled “Velho”. This heavy bass tune, produced by oriJanus, will surely make you want to just vibe and chill out. The lyrics about recklessness and hustling mix perfectly with the bossa-trap melodies, creating a perfect follow-up for his latest releases, and vibeful track for this compilation.

“The Sound of Tomorrow” compilation is a piece of art all by itself. Compiled and produced executively by Joe Kay, the track selection and the track order are simply astonishing. I highly recommend listening to the full length of it when listening for the first time, it’s truly an experience. Not only did they put great effort into sound, but they also made great a artwork for its cover; sometimes minimalism is the key, and this is definitely an example of this statement.

Stream/Download @ Bandcamp
If you really liked it, you should consider looking at this limited Stussy x Soulection merch collection in which Stussy contributed their part on this project. It’s not that cheap but to some it might be worth it to spend a few bucks on these items. The compilation is only avaliable online through their Bandcamp and it's free, unless you want to make a monetary contribution for the development of the label. You can stream this, and their other releases, on Soulection’s Soundcloud; and you can always tune in to their Saturday radio show on Rinse FM from 6-9pm on their radio page.

— Memo Torre
Memo produces and mixes.
Keep up with him at:
Bass loving electronica is the present trend, and where many exploit trends to their fullest known potentials, others like Jr. Hi bend the rules during exploration. The genre will be hard to pinpoint, and the music will get awkward and curious. It's the right balance of ideas that makes the Virtual Lover EP worth your while.

In this case, 'right' is extremely relative. There's an '80s synth feel coupled with jazz and modern R&B details, all of which is soaked in electronica. I'd normally find the mix haunting my ears, but Jr. Hi really came up with a unique enough idea for the movement of bass music.

Naked w/ U initially feels a little generic. It takes time and development to see the poetic side of decade old text-speech and repeated vocals. By the time your foot starts to tap you'll have felt the nostalgia of times past put together in something you've likely never heard before.

If it's a difficult journey, you might have been better off listening to the more rock-inclined single C-A-R-A-M-E-L. It features easily enjoyed ideas while numbing the overall Virtual Lover feel. It makes for a great start, but the idea of virtual romance is laid out so well throughout the five tracks that by the time you reach the end, rock inclinations make little sense.
Stream/Download @ Soundcloud
I have mixed feelings about the debut. On one hand I love the new direction, the freedom it abuses, and the fact that it's made to be loved for the masses while incorporating legitimate talent. On a more negative note, the layout feels unkempt and the final touches on some of the tracks feel like they're in need of polishing. I feel I'm either not ready for the release, or witnessing the beginnings of a new movement. Either way; the results sound promising.

For the time being you can grab every individual song directly through Soundcloud, free of charge. The quality is less than stunning but you'll get to enjoy the future and let it grow on you. If you've already got love for Jr. Hi, it might be time for a like and a follow on Facebook and Twitter.
I've followed Sir Sly's electronic indie-rock growth closely since their last feature on D4AM, and I was always sure they could either tumble into monotony or survive through those tiny wobbly nooks. Their debut full length effort, You Haunt Me, proves both that my worst thoughts were reasonable and that the band have the talent to pull themselves together regardless.

There's two tracks I could easily feature: either the prior EP lead Gold, or the title track for the album. Now Gold is a fascinatingly built track, but it was too easy for me to say Linkin Park meets Alt-J. Despite that being a great mix, that's kinda just it.

Now, You Haunt Me felt a little more unique. That swelling prideful intro doused pop percussion and well voiced vocals made for a great start. Not quite perfect, but fulfilling. Where it lost me was the chorus, the few seconds after every verse that feel like the happiest radio moment everybody tries to recreate.

Surprisingly enough, that wasn't totally emulated throughout the album. Radio friendly sounds are extremely common, but there's still huge signs of artistic freedoms at their peak. The album feels a little like an ad, in the sense that pretty things are sold but there's something crooked going on in the background. It's the crooked background that I love.
iTunes | Vinyl
For me, You Haunt Me is a full length background project. It's like the photograph of a promising subject. You can see it and understand what it represents, but it's not quite promising enough on its own. I still recommend the listen, the artistry doesn't stop because it's not what I'm used to, it's merely different in very similar-to-radio ways.

The full stream is temporarily available at their website, and if that's not working you can find it on Spotify. If you like what you hear and you want to keep up, you can find them and tag along through Facebook and Twitter.
Mixing the best of both worlds successfully is very often the key to success. I believe that's what Meridian Lights were aiming for when they decided to mix their acoustics with some electronic flair. Now they haven't quite perfected the balance, but they're onto something real good here.

Bombs is a personal favorite. It'll showcase some amazing talents right off the bat, and then grow into both a musical space and a social message. The jazz swing adds flavor and flow while mentioning some harsh realities, making an oxymoron of an emotion for the listener.

Sharp vocals bring the lyrics across without a shadow of doubt. The music only eases and comforts a difficult situation, almost satirizing the source without disrupting the message. It's this kind of song that takes different ideas and views, and turns them into art.

My only problem with the track rings true for most of the album, too. It's that even though it's a rare find, it's been done before. It's on its road to something beyond what we've heard, but it's still got a lengthy trip before it actually gets there.
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Don't let that take any credibility away from the release, though. Hard work and passion are obviously huge parts of why the effort has come to be. It might run a little too pop for me sometimes, but for the most part it's an easy going listen for a spring kind of mood.

If Bombs was to your liking you should give the rest of the album a stream on Soundcloud or Spotify. If you've heard it and are ready to show some support, you can find Meridian Lights on Facebook and Twitter.
All you need is one listen in the direction of the right single to fall for Odessa's sweet vocals and classy composition. Throughout the EP you'll find folk roots and pop tendencies,  but it's songs with bits and pieces from all of her influences that really stand out.

That perfect single is probably I Will Be There. It's just repetitive enough on the keys to comfort the ears, and that's where her vocals stand out. As lyrical as they are melodious, her vocals and the composition combined make for a magical moment.

Pop monotony stores itself in the background, progressing through the track with percussion and added instrumental details. It becomes something more powerful and more beautiful as it goes on, leaving little room for a negative thought.

Then you get the remaining three songs. None of them are built quite as well as the lead single, but they all hold healthy doses of passion to keep them afloat. Some real strong folk influences will give the effort some down-to-earth momentum, and the musical arrangements sway in such a way that you can tell production was a lot of fun.
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The joy put into the making of this EP reflects so positively on us when we listen, that it's almost impossible to emerge out of the release with a frown. It might be a little too twangy for some, but with an open mind and an appreciation for talent, nothing could stop you from enjoying Odessa.

You can stream the release on Paste Magazine or Spotify if you'd like to become more acquainted with what she offers. If you already have some love, be sure to show it off with her on her Facebook and Twitter accounts.
I'm not usually for musical teasing, but this indie-psych project by The Foreign Films shows itself in a different angle entirely. Here you'll get five songs, or the second side of the double album, and you can download it for free if you so wish it.

The first track I heard, the side's lead single, is Teardrop Town. It's a suave track with all the elements this side brings. You get the traditional indie rock feel coupled with some of that psychedelic freedom. It flows easy at first, but it's not until a couple of minutes have passed that you really feel the talents put into it.

Stream/Download @ Bandcamp

The video might help suit the mood, but the song does all the hard work. Hooking your ears with a beautiful duet, and knowing how to use those fluid western-movie riffs. It all helps the composition tie into itself really well.

Unfortunately it's not the best song to prepare you for the rest of the effort. It'll start off with blasting psychedelics, and end with the kind of quality indie-pop you don't hear every day. If you like the genres presented, coupled with the talents involved, I could practically guarantee your satisfaction.
Stream/Download @ Bandcamp
I'm usually a little upset when talent and hard work are simply given away, but there's a logical catch with The Record Collector. As the months pass by, more sides will come to light. It all leads to the completed effort: a double vinyl release early next year. All I've heard is this side so far, but if what's to come is any as good as side 2, that double album is gonna be one great success.

We hope to cover the future releases right here on D4AM, but just in case the efforts slip through our cracks you should tag along with the project on Facebook and Twitter. Show some love, or donate whatever spare change you can.
There's this kind of band that plays live and let you enjoy everything from their punk rock brew, but for whatever reason their name completely slipped your mind. Maybe you had one too many to drink, or maybe you caught up with a friend before they finished their set. Cross Wires sounds like that band. They sound like that awesome local group of deviants who brought you that well balanced concoction.

The differences might be minimal as far as the music goes, but where Cross Wires stands out is that they've actually released their music, and their latest effort is absolutely free. Genres will shake a bit throughout the tracks, but that classic home-made punk sound shows its presence from beginning to end.

Modern Art feels like the album's soul. Before you know what to expect it's sitting before you, and by the time it finishes you know who they are. You've felt what they are and what they can be. The comfort outweighs the predictability.

It also makes for a great segue into the ska/beach rock track that follows it. The rest of the album rides up and down the commercial roller coaster for a variety of sub-styles to the punk they've branded. If you're satisfied by rock whenever you hear it come on, you should be more than happy with their collection.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
Fifteen minutes worth of music spread through five tracks make Your History Defaced. It's a quick easy listen, and it's worth way more than the price they've tagged onto it. If modern and pop punk genres don't upset you too much, you'll be completely satisfied.

If you feel obliged to show some support, or feel like keeping up with future projects, you can find Cross Wires on Facebook and Twitter.
Six Degrees Records' latest compilation album explores a lot of the Middle East, some of Africa, and other "world" genres as it leaves an ambient-style residue just past your speakers. Expect psychedelic renditions of chilled electronic genres as various artists remix some of the label's more peculiar singles.

One of my favorite tracks on the compilation is Dimond Saints' remix of Dirtwire's Taiga. It's about as open through the world as possible while playing with the bass and other electronic effects. It'll draw the line right between world and electronica, and it'll walk it with a strut.

Don't be quick to judge. The realities between both genres make for a harsh clash at first, but before the minute's up they've created enough intertwined balance to hold the song's ground. The song will remain in constant motion all the way through the end, leaving its essence unscathed while giving it a complete makeover.

Tracks like these act as mid-ground between the more active and the more laid back songs on the album. The effort is really well put together as far as genre synchronization goes. Sub-genres stack on top of each other to make what feels like an audible pyramid system.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
The rest of Psychedelic Planet will zigzag between repetition, ambiance, dub, and a very strong psychedelic element. If any of that sounds good, there's definitely something in there for you. There might be a song or two that don't sit too well, but that's to be expected when the artists and producers involved are as varied as what's being offered.

Giving the rest of the compilation a listen really depends on your mood. If you feel like intricate background sounds, you'd be doing yourself an injustice by not giving it a shot. If you're in the mood for more cohesive, or less electronic sounds, you might be better off saving this for later.
Passion can make great music extraordinary, it can ignite the soul, and it can make a friendship's value transcend lifetimes. It's the passion that Al Jarreau put into this effort, in celebration of his friend, that makes it such a stand out release.

George and Al started playing together in the mid '60s, and it's from there that they both gained recognition. George Duke passed away August of 2013, and now his old friend performs 9 of his songs and a self-written title track. One of my favorite renditions is Brazilian Love Affair with Dianne Reeves.

It's quick to start and show off all its flavors. Afro percussion with samba details, bossa guitar sways, and a very firm presence from the duet. It takes about a minute to build up, but it's so charismatic that every second after it's begun becomes an untold story with the listener in the front row.

Most of the album has that classic old school vocal jazz feel to it, but it's open enough to feature amazing displays of R&B, soul, and blues. Add brilliant featured artists like Marcus Miller or saxophonist Gerald Albright, and there's little room for the release to go wrong.
iTunes | Amazon
There might be a track or two that don't particularly excite me, but the album holds firm ground if you've ever loved either of the two greats. The featured artists are a definite bonus, but the compositions have hold their own with less name-throwing. My Old Friend is essentially a 'Best of George Duke' à la Al Jarreau.

You can find the entire stream on Myspace or Spotify, but you can also find most of the tracks on Concord Music Group's Youtube channel. If you haven't already, you can follow Al on Facebook or Twitter for news and future projects.
Often acoustic, but with varying emotion, Jeremy Mage and The Magi bring us an effort not fit for proper categorization. The only things that ever stay true the whole album through are subtle classic rock influences, and a tender link between Jeremy's voice and the music.

I've been listening to this for about a week now, and I think it's safe to say that each listen has brought different views and sparked different ideas. Because of this, it's hard to pick a single song that best represents the effort. Let's just start at the beginning.

Next Again starts the album off with beautiful acoustics and crystalline vocals. It's a little confusing, but the composition and the lyrics do an excellent job of portraying a message. It might take a little effort on the listener's behalf, but that's what makes it such a great entrance. This is music for the brain, for the ear, and for the soul.

If you like the track but it doesn't snug onto you, I highly recommend the rest of the album. A similar mood will carry it through, but the musical variations are such that there's bound to be something you'll fall in love with. After a week or so of listening you'll notice every track gets along with the next, making your favorite song nothing more than the high point of a great ride.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
The album has its flaws, there are moments I might less-than-desire, but as a whole it's an outstanding listen. Couple that with the fact that it's his debut effort and there's nothing but a bright and promising future for the talented multi-instrumentalist.

Once you've satisfied your needs with the stream, consider getting more closely acquainted. You can find out about his involvement with the Easy Star All-Stars, his pre-debut Grammy, and more, at his website. You could also just follow along for the ride on his Facebook and Twitter.
If you're getting tired of hearing the same old instruments in a typical band used the way just about everyone uses them, it might be time to hear something like Dirtwire's latest electro-acoustic release. If you took the Americana twang, introduced Afro-percussion, and added household objects and inspirations from all over the world, maybe you'd have some kind of idea of what you're about to hear.

The concept might be a little hard to grasp on paper, and that's because it's more than just the thought of it. They made irrational ideas and perplexing combinations work. It's not always as perfectly executed as in today's feature track, but it is always very well pulled off.

It feels like movement. It has ideas we've all heard before, but it also brings out odd sounds and influences that many of us have never even experienced. There's excellent composition, a clear idea, and an ultimately well framed song. By the time it ends your listening experience should feel complete.

Even though I personally feel this is one of the better tracks on the EP, it'd be unwise to compare it to the rest of the effort. You'll find more than just details representing several different continents displayed all throughout the seven songs that make up The Carrier.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
I wouldn't necessarily call The Carrier a refreshing effort. I'd say it's a different view, I'd say it's a fun look at what music can be, and I'd even go as far as to call it innovative in certain aspects, but it feels too old and rusty to feel fresh. It has enough character to tone things down, and for most people I think that's a good thing.

If you're hesitant to give it a listen, you probably should. Even if you don't end up grabbing it; it's a great mental exercise to try and accept these peculiar compositions. If you end up liking what you hear, show them some love. Find them on Facebook, Twitter, and check out their website if you'd like to see them on their tour.
Some people are calling this synth-pop, but the truth is Salt Cathedral are an electronic band that make sounds too unique for a single genre. It kinda feels like trip-hop meets vocal jazz with captivating bass lines, and yeah, there's some synths thrown in there too.

One of my favorite singles from the release is Tease. It's quick to start, and it's almost a nuisance until the bass line kicks in and lets itself fall apart to bright and delicate vocals. The first few seconds might be misleading, but the course of the track never really sits still either.

By the time the track has finished you'll have heard combinations rarely used so successfully. Club music tendencies with elaborate vocal melodies, downtempo bass lines with harsh stand-out keys, and progressions in and out of what almost sound like separate genres.

For a lot of people it's a peculiar start. It's not bad but it's not particularly great either, just a mix of ideas thrown together into a song. Then comes a second listen, the brain allows itself to adapt, to better understand the progression and visualize patterns, and the song gets stuck. It's catchy once you understand it.
Stream/Buy @
The rest of the EP is just as strange and elaborate, while also taking long pauses to display a gentle side. If the music they produce could reach out and caress your cheek, at certain moments in the album it probably would. But again, just like with Tease, it might take an extra listen to understand.

If for whatever reason you can't stream the effort on their website, you can also find it on Spotify. You might also be interested in checking out their Soundcloud. Once you're ready to support, check them out on Facebook and Twitter and show them some love.
Kerretta's latest experimental rock effort has these jazzy sways that soothe the ear just before crunching the sound waves into their djent-y post-rock purée. The resulting album is well crafted story line, a tale with minimal vocals for an overall instrumental feel.

If you're new to experimental/instrumental rock, one of the better songs to start off with is Warnlands. It's a great look at what they offer without overwhelming the senses. It's quick to start and it's easygoing with its transitions, but it's not afraid to rock out after a well composed slumber.

It'll start off with an echoing guitar, and gradually introduce the completed brew. Excellence behind the drums, an ear for transitions and melting ideas together, and a firmly united chemistry, could be compared to the perfect jam session.

Liking the components to this song is more important than its structure; if you're going to segue into the album. The melodies carried through the strings, the percussive precision, and the hard rock feel, are all very active Pirohia ingredients.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
Most instrumental albums remind me of movie scores, and that rings true for Pirohia in certain aspects, but there's transitions and ideas that are too complicated for standard film. This one's best left to well developed ears, or to the open and perceptive mind.

The stream above is definitely recommended, as is purchasing the CD/vinyl. If you're curious about the roads they've taken to date, you can find a lot more of their work on their personal Bandcamp page. Once you love what they do, keep up with them on Facebook or Twitter.
From electro-soul to trap, and from psych-punk to heartfelt acoustics. Here we feature some of the better free singles from last month. Give them a listen, snag the ones you want, and enjoy the rest of September with these quality tunes in your library.

First we've got DosLambos with a trap remix of The Black Eyed Peas' classic Where's the Love. It's pretty gutsy remixing a track with such recognition and complete musical composition, so take it as a new song. It's made for the bass lovers, and meant for a relaxed mood.

If you like what you hear, download it. You can also keep up with DosLambos at Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Andrew Marica's first ever self produced/self released project is his debut single Forever Gone. The echoing indie melancholic release was written on a lonely night after the death of someone very dear to him. The song is as personal as it is beautifully composed.

The Romanian singer-songwriter is fresh to the music world, the only way to show your love right now is grabbing his download and following his Soundcloud. Keep your eyes peeled for Andrew in the future!

London based Whilk and Misky re-worked Portishead's Glory Box with their electro-soul magic. I wouldn't go and listen to the two versions too carefully, but it's safe to admit this re-work is a fine display of their talents.

Grab that download while it's available. When you decide you love everything on their Soundcloud, check out their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You'll be upset if you wait 'til they're less intimate with their following.

D4AM regulars should remember Lucian from past posts and social plugs. Here we've got his latest remix, an electrification of Phoenix's Armistice. Frankly, I prefer the remix. It tones things down while making the song loud. It's a nice combination of ideas.

This one's a bit of a hassle to get through, but it should all be worth it. Lucian's proven to be a decent producer. If you wanna go for the extra mile, support him with a like or a follow.

Last but not least, Puerto Rican punk rock adventurers Campo-Formio released a free single from their debut full length effort. The track starts off with a garage rock intro before morphing into a brew of unsettling psych-punk.

Give it a second listen if it felt confusing. Give it a download if you liked it, and if you did you could show some love on Facebook and Twitter. Alternatively you could buy the full length, either digitally or from the limited edition double vinyl.

Remember to share the tracks you love with friends and music aficionados, to show support for the music you love, and to spare some change for good music when you can!
Sometimes the best way to relive generations of classic music is by drawing over them in the present with a very thin and blurry line. Indie quartet The Passives outline classic punk, Britpop, garage, and grunge. It's a mix that does little help to define them on their three-track debut, but does wonders to call for attention.

One of the better attention seeking tracks is their video single, Time and Patience. It carries through with a thick punk flavor, remains catchy, and begs you to jump up and down as you enjoy the refreshing raw tones. Give that first minute a listen; see if it suits you.

The only downside to the single is how it can't exceed expectations. Or at least, it's not possible for it to in digital format. It's punk, it's got some pretty sweet vocals and some decent lyrics and, even though you can start to see some inspiration from elsewhere in the music world, it never really leaves its mold. That's great if you want comfort music, but it starts stripping away their capabilities.

Luckily, the rest of the EP shifts things around a bit. No individual track shares too much resemblance with another of their own. It leaves room for for your expectations, and whether or not it lets you down will rely almost entirely on how realistic those expectations are.
Stream @ Soundcloud
Unfortunately, part of their raw essence is shaped by their indie base. Unless you're finding yourself in Helsinki, coming across a copy of their EP is gonna be a difficult task. You can stream all three songs on the Soundcloud link above to hold you over until it's released.

They do intend to market the effort for global distribution in a not-so-distant future, so keep up with them on Facebook or Instagram for updates. If you're looking for more of their music, try their Soundcloud and Youtube.
Back in May of 2013, folk-estral band Echo Bloom recorded a live concert film/album at St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Harlem, New York. The videos have been out for a while already, but just recently the effort became available for purchase.

A dark echo-friendly church was a great way to present their folk-rock efforts, but even purely from a musical perspective you can tell they've found a magical spot within themselves. The chemistry is spot on, and they're able to pull it all off without studio magic.

The Flood is the longest track on the effort at just past seven minutes. It'll show them in just about every angle and under every shade they can put themselves in. From humble softness and uplifting highs, to well produced musical combinations and excellent transitions in melody. The Flood is as comfortably complete as they get.

Of course there's more to the album, the feeling builds up over the course of their hour. They created an experience worth reliving, and though the show was a one-time-only deal, the essence of that night lives on through this recording.
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Kyle Evans, Echo Bloom's metaphorical soul, says Blue Shift is a breathing snapshot of Blue. If you're interested in Blue, the original studio effort, you can find it at the Echo Bloom store. You can even snag it free if you don't mind less than great quality.

You can also check out some of the Blue Shift videos at the Echo Bloom site, or the entire stream on Soundcloud. After you grow to love the effort and its passion, you can either buy the digital release or follow future endeavors on Facebook or Twitter.
It's always appreciated when pop rock smacks you across the face with elegance. Today we face Fragile Creatures' stinging echo while enjoying their memorable tunes and well written lyrics. They're not quite the perfect pop rock band, but they're pretty close to ideal.

Most of the songs on the EP make for a great first impression, so today we're featuring their self titled track. I wouldn't say this one's the best lyrically, but it does show off those catchy melodies and an interesting use of vocal charisma to make the story linger in the ear.

The karaoke style video might seem a little cheesy, so keep in mind these are their very first steps as a band. To show off a song like this right off the bat is impressive on its own, but to follow it up months later with an equally impressive EP, is amazing work.

Their EP is also an irregular beauty. It's longer than your typical four-track demo if you snag the bonus tracks, making it more of a mini full-length. It's just long enough to wet your appetite, and just short enough to keep you yearning for more. It's probably the best debut a band with this level of talent could offer.
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Having this effort be self titled says a lot. It shows a lot of their capabilities, a general direction, and a strong desire for radio play. It also leaves room for improvement and self awareness. The effort is pure, funded by passion and barely tainted with greed.

You can purchase the album with its bonus tracks on the digital retailers above. You can grab four of the tracks as a name-your-price, or the physical CD over at their Bandcamp. You'll be able to stream the release on their Bandcamp or Spotify, and if you wanna show some love you can find them on Facebook and Twitter.
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