Italian Rock trio Kippi's have made a few splashes earlier this month with their latest effort, Semplice Come Nuvole. It's gonna be really hard pinning the album down to a genre, so just know their sound is vibrantly down to earth.

The debut single Lady definitely shows their colors right away, but don't let the title fool you, their lyrical repertoire is based solely off the Italian language. Vocals aside, it's still just a simple song with half the effects of a flattering light shining its way.

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It's got a nice swing to it, and as long as you hear it through you can admit it's decent quality. Your ears should be able to weave easily between the lyrics, the bass line, and the guitar work. It'll be a familiar, well executed sound. Let it marinate for a while.

The surprise comes with the rest of the album. Individual tracks are pretty good, they're familiar with an added vocal peculiarity. All together, the release shows diversity within that down-to-earth niche. If you like Rock to exist with, the album should be right up your alley.
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The album has some calculated dips and twists while covering a nice selection of style, I just wish it had a single track that really stuck out. I have my favorites, but nothing really pops the first time around. It just flows past you like a cool breeze in summer heat.

You can currently buy and stream all individual songs from the album at their Bandcamp, and if you end up loving it you might just want to get yourself a vinyl copy while it's still around. If you're looking for  more direct source, grab the LP+CD combo at Sick Room Records, or see what the guys are offering at their Facebook.
New Zealand based singer songwriter Grayson Gilmour's just come out with his latest blend of oddities. The release weaves in and out of so many genres and sub-genres that it's best left at Singer-Songwriter-Alternative, and that alone should be enough to capture your ear that first time around. Who said music needs a genre?

Today's track is the latest single and it shows off that sweet breezy composition really well. It's difficult to pin down while easing the senses, so just let yourself slide into its mood and put your feet up. Let Grayson take you on his ride.

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A well tucked bass line and clear echoing vocals will pull you in. There's so many elements floating around that it's hard to say what keeps you there, but the culmination of sounds is what truly beautifies the track in the long run.

The way the song constantly moves upward in emotional scale is real similar to how the album plays off. It's a subtle upwards roller coaster that drops you back down in a graceful parachute by the end of its journey. The ride might not be diverse enough for everybody, but it's an interesting take based on a unique sound.
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Infinite Life! is definitely a release for certain moods. Those aired out epic compositions with subtle dark sides will affect you best if you're emotionally compatible. This album could be someone's metaphorical soul mate.

I personally felt it was a bit slow for me, but the talent was there and each track individually was able to work wonders. It's the entire project that fell just a little short of amazing album status. It's still definitely worth a listen, and if you enjoy that listen it should also be worth grabbing on vinyl.
Today we feature King Champion Sounds, an English/Dutch Alternative-Punk band with influences from Electronica to Dub to Jazz and beyond. The resulting sound is unique enough to stand out as a release, but shaky enough to give up on if you're not patient with it.

Orbit Macht Frei isn't my favorite song on the album, but it does show their Punk-poetic freedom. The incorporation of the lyrics is peculiar on its own, but with a decently thought out subject matter and a tolerable backing band, it stands its ground.

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Right off the bat you'll hear that looping entrance, which should be closely followed by quality lyrics that are honestly just talked out to you with a certain sensible quality. It's not impossible to imitate, but it's still its own sound.

The rest of the album will feature more Punk friendly vocals, making it an easy listen for thought-induced rebels. It's the music that sits a little awkwardly for me. I love the influences, I love the sound, but they don't really mold into anything after they've been set.
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Granted, this is their first studio release. Even when I complain about the occasional slightly monotone composition, it's just a minor complaint. I'm sure a live set would evoke this trippy passive-aggressive Punk vibe capable of the giant following they're already creating.

Punk Rock enthusiasts should at the very least give the stream a listen, it's a very catchy debut with plenty of fresh material and original ideas. I have no doubt they'll be making bigger waves in the near future, keep an eye out for their presence.
When musicians form bonds that last over a decade, it's safe to assume their chemistry will resonate exquisitely. Today we hear from Keaton Simons and Deantoni Parks as they delve into Best Revenge and leave us the first released effort off their Electro-Blues-Rock inspired project.

Expect quality production work from the two-man effort, as well as a well rounded sound that shouldn't be possible as well as they've achieved it. It's a little catchy, a little raw, and expertly fit together.

It's hard for me to contain my excitement here. The well manipulated keys, the actively powerful percussion (both manned by Parks) only straighten out the perfectly crooked riffs and appropriately rusted vocals. It's a song that tries to fix itself as it plays through, tugging back and forth and staying within the confinements of an elaborate happy medium while doing so.

Maybe it's just me, but I think they made something refreshingly familiar. It has those tones of that beat-down-Rock most of us enjoy, but their unique sideline intricacies pull it back out and keep the sound alive. All this, and not a single loop was used to achieve it.
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Click here for a video explaining where the inspiration stems, as well as a sneak peek at what a live session would look like, and for a quick view of Keaton's St. Bernard. If for no other reason, it's worth taking a look at to understand how elaborate the sound really is. Even when it sounds simple, they pull through with unheard magic.

It's a bit of an unspoken truth that I highly dislike writing about singles, an exception was made today. First of all this isn't even a teaser for any upcoming album or EP, there is no future release date. Second, though they say otherwise, there's no guarantee for future material at all. This single is a gem; this is potential in a tiny glass flask. You can see it, and you can taste it, but unless you show some love you might never get any more.
Today's Norwegian Pop Punk princess may be new to me, but her sound fits right in between nostalgic memories and brain tickling audio waves. The resulting EP is like going back a decade and leaving treasure chests of modern day talent for someone like Ida to find.

Since most of the EP can't be embedded, today we're featuring a bonus track that for reasons I don't quite understand, isn't currently for sale or download. If you end up really liking it, I apologize. Just keep her on Facebook or Twitter until the track's officially released.

It's not my favorite, but it is similar to the featured Pop side on Accidental Happiness. Catchy lyrics, fun strings, and enough of a Punk melody to get your inner youthful rebel kicking and screaming. Maybe a little too radio friendly at times, but the actual release makes up for it.

The average Pop-Rock enthusiast should already be checking out the EP stream here. Those of you still in need of being won over, my original pick for the day's feature track was Boogie with the Devil's Soul which inclines on Blues and ends up as a pretty sweet Funk Rock hybrid.
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With six well crafted tracks, Accidental Happiness is just a song and a few minutes short of being a well represented LP. A little more Pop than I would usually go for, but I can't complain. It served its purpose. It's a fun listen, and it makes you stay.

Where she goes from here feels like it's up in the air. If she delves further into Blues I could see a giant niche fan base crawling beneath her for support, but at this rate with her catchy hooks and interesting lyrics, if she never changes a thing she'll still be a decent listen with plenty opportunity for radio play. I have my hopes.
Earlier this month, newcomers to the Math Rock scene Zoo Books released their first ever demo release. Despite this being their first effort, and despite it being recorded in a basement, they make for a great first impression.

In the end it's their perfect chemistry that displays them in the most positive light, there's just no other way to pull off Math Rock otherwise. Aside from a firm Math base, expect some extremely peculiar vocals and an appreciated inclination towards Post-Punk.

Those vocals might make or break it for newcomers to the genre, but for people like me they only add spice. You've got sweet transitions and excellent displays of talent all coming together over a pretty traditional Punk singing style.

Then again, the demo works better as a whole. It's not that it flows, it's that it shows what they do best in sections. A single track might seem okay, but backed by the rest of their display it'll pick up its own life and slap you across the face with it.

Stream/Download @ Bandcamp
If you like Math Rock at all, or if today's feature track started tugging your ears in its direction, I'd give the release a listen. It's not even 10 minutes long, there's nothing to lose, and only artistic appreciation to gain. It's also a name-your-price release, so download it for free if it feels so-so. Let them grow on you slowly.

They're brand new, so any and all support will help motivate the next release. Follow the journey on Facebook, help them afford strings and sticks through Bandcamp, and if at all possible, watch them live when and if they make it possible for you. I'm just ready for whatever comes next.
Unless you're Postcode, when you're at a lack of band mates you probably won't make an album. You probably wouldn't decide to mix electronics out of the blue and just burst out with your own blend of Industrial music, and even if you did, the odds of it turning into something as good as today's album are slim.

The only way to really get into this album is starting at the very beginning. Despite the fact that Be Back Before Dawn is not by any means my favorite track, it's also clear to see how it explains the vibe. It shows you what to expect, both the good and the bad.

It starts subtle, so stick it through until you hear the well orchestrated chaos. It makes sure to grab your attention before scrambling on to something else, and it's that element of timed distraction that makes it such a memorable intro. That, and a pretty sweet opening bass line.

This just opens the gate for you. It crafts it all a little better elsewhere on the album, sometimes more notably than should be comfortably allowed, but it works within its own custom made realm. I still find some tracks culminate the extreme mediums better than others, but it just works as a whole. It belongs to itself.
Stream/Download @ Bandcamp
It's really easy to judge Zebratronic if you give it a mere few seconds of your time. You need to let it seep for a bit; you need to hear a song all the way through before discarding it, because for most people the sounds are entirely different to the norm. Once you can accept the different perceptive reality, you can see what the effort truly brings.

Granted, it's got its flaws. Lovers of crisp vocals or professional grade studio work probably won't find the positive light. This one's more so for the explorers, or for the admirers of dirty buried gems. If you're not sure where you stand, just give the album a shot. It's a name-your-price download, consider the donation when you find yourself loving it.
If the idea of a near impeccable Americana music blend doesn't excite you, today's free single might not be for you. You'd be missing out though, and it's free, so at the very least consider giving the trio their well earned listen.

Chunk of Change takes its time to warm up. It'll sneak up to you with that subtle melancholic Blues base and keep your mind at ease with a well played acoustic guitar. If there's anything to worry about, it's the equally melancholic lyrics.

Out of the upcoming 3 track EP, this song is my favorite. It's got a very classic touch to it that gives it an extra push in the right direction. It's the details that complete it, the little accents that perforate what would otherwise bore.

If for whatever reason the download link isn't working for you, try clicking here. Alternatively, you might feel the need to grab the Chunk of Change EP which should be out April 8th.
The rest of the EP is not currently streaming for the public. Just take my word for it that despite the title track being my favorite, it's not the only song worth hearing. You'll find diversity in style and a well composed maturity that gives the trio an edge.

If remembering dates is as terrible for you as it is for me, just keep up with them via Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively, give their previous self titled effort a shot. You might just want to keep it.
Canadian Indie Folk band Dark Mean just came out with this sweet little 4 track EP a few weeks ago and they're looking to inspire with it. Some subtle commercial influences make the overall sound stand out, but it's their passion that really ties the effort together.

Today's track is the single, Albatross. It starts a little slow, but it shows all their colors really well. Expect well produced acoustics, potentially nostalgic Rock vocals, and the urge to start a bonfire with a few beers and some friends.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp

A well made video fits just right with the general idea, but if you want something slightly more raw the rest of the EP might be to your liking. This one still has some decent time changes and a nice combination of well blended ideas, but it really takes you the entire listen before you can admit that.

The other 3 tracks hold that general idea just as well, and all in different ways so even as a short release there's no way to really bore you. It's still mood music, so dive right in if you're ready for tame vocals and acoustic melodies.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
The journey Samuel the Phoenix takes us on feels very natural, dipping and curving ever so slightly to gracefully plant you in a different situation. It'll start off with the title track, work it's way up to a dip by the third track, and then end on a high note. It won't necessarily beg for a replay, but it won't feel wrong to either.

Dark Mean don't plan on getting into a record label, and they don't plan to work outside of their comfortable jam sessions. This means that if you're waiting for them to tour near you you're probably better off just buying the EP or tagging along for future releases through FacebookTwitter or Soundcloud.
Today's LA based EDM has those commercial influences we expect from party starters, while also maintaining a talented bottom line and a firm ideal not to over-do where many others usually might. There's drops and loops and sweet lyrics that are all carefully pieced together to make a beautifully well balanced track.

It also features Crywolf and Aylen, both of which are big names in the Electronica scene. You already know what to expect, but don't over-hype it for yourself. Lean back and let the bass back the synths into your newly found colorful corner.

Now I don't normally mention the lyrics, but they really string together a debatable circle. On one hand, I dislike how the Electronica nightlife is painted, but on the other I appreciate the rawness of its documentation within a 4 minute song. It also serves its catchy dance-friendly purpose, which is all that should really matter anyway.

Then there's the musical background. It takes me a while to enjoy tracks with such openly commercial influences, but by the second listen I could hear beyond it. I could feel the excellently composed subtleties despite the Pop synths and overindulging bass, and only once I could feel the track as a whole did I allow myself the free download.

Free Download @ Facebook
Grab this freebie while you can (it'll only cost you a 'like') because I'm not sure it'll be available for long. At some point this year it'll be released on Paz's upcoming mixtape "From the Bottom of My Heart to the Top of Your Lungs" which according to the few details I'm aware of, is likely going to be way better as a whole than today's single can be on its own.

If waiting is difficult for you, you might want to download his latest Lights Out EP either on his Facebook or website. It features big exciting names like PrototypeRaptor and Bassnectar which really swayed me, but you'll get to hear and decide for yourself.
Today we've got this collection of work by Craig Welton, a multi-instrumentalist capable of some very relaxed Progressive Jazz/Rock Fusion.You know the stuff, it's got that '70s onto '80s vibe and relies heavily on the keys and guitar.

Most of his work is best for smooth and easy listening, so set aside a few minutes and let today's track soothe you. It won't be too long, and if you need a few extra meditative instrumental moments, there's a whole album waiting to be heard.

Drum machine aside, the track is pretty solid. The guitars flow well with each other, and the keys set a sweet background along with the bass that just places everything together neatly. On its own, it's a perfectly tolerable song, though maybe just a little elevator friendly.

The rest of the album works. I can't say I love it much more than I enjoy The Wait, but there's a few magical tracks in there just waiting to seduce your ears. I guess my main worry here is that 38 tracks feels like a little much.
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Even in its split original form, Atomic Man is 19 tracks long, and High Energy on the Loose is another 19 making for a real lengthy first listen. If time's not on your side, you can find other Craig Welton releases at his website. Otherwise, your best bet for streaming this puppy in its entirety is over in Spotify's direction.

Sadly, this is most likely all you'll hear on his end since Craig passed on back in 2002. Today's collection was put together thanks to his brother Kent, in Craig's memory. If you're curious for Kent's musical side, his personal website can be found here.
If you can imagine a world where machines are just as capable of creating musical wonders as humans are, odds are you could probably imagine what today's album sounds like, too. Today we showcase Roladex, a simple human duo with a strong synth influence and a mechanical soul's take on melody.

'Minimal Synth' sounds about right when defining their overall sound, but if even that's hard to define you could just hear any song off their latest effort. You'll hear some relatively stiff production work and monotone vocals aiding progressions that feel like modernized 1980s video game music.

The problem I find here is the extreme lengths they go to, especially in areas where I'd usually prefer balance. The monotone vocals could use a little depth, and the synthesized outline could be swayed a little more organically to really make everything stand out. Instead it's an extremely firm mechanized Pop.

There's nothing wrong with that, in fact I'd say it even works in their favor. The album as a whole really does feel like the emotion of an AI being, as best performed through music. It's clear cut, defined, almost perfectly executed, and because of this, perfectly flawed.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
Anthems for the Micro-Age didn't really feel like anthems to me as much as they felt like synth on a Shoegaze binge. It's really easy to overdo and grow tired of this one, but it's also just as easy to let it flow on until it ends. So go ahead, stream it, make up your own mind.

If you like 'em, show the support on Facebook or Twitter. They're a growing band so I'm sure they'll appreciate all you early fans. Alternatively, buy the LP. The record is up for sale on Bandcamp at a reasonable price for a nice 180gram heavyweight electric blue transparent vinyl, so if you really love the sound, grab it while you can.
Apparently today's ensemble has been considered Tropical Black Metal, and while to an extent I agree, you have to realize the tropic details are just the details that give the overall sound an extra push. The rest of their base is what we've heard before; screaming, matching riffs, and emotional extremes.

You already know what to expect. If it means anything, today's feature track isn't even as chaotic as the rest of the album can be. It'll have some very early progressions and complete time changes that make the track stand out significantly.

You'll hear the metaphoric death march as soon as you hit play, this isn't the only mosh-worthy song on the release, but it's balance does make it one of the more relaxed tracks on there. Once you let the anger blind you; the depth can take over.

The release isn't all as evened out as today's track is, but that's honestly the appeal. You have to want non-stop chaos and constant noise in order to truly get into the result; ultimately you have to want to feel their rage.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
If you enjoy hidden meanings within hyper-emotional and barely understandable lyrics, Stf Helix Nebula is one amazing listen. It is a flow of constant darkness injecting itself intravenously through your system until your inner peace is completely defiled. It doesn't sound nearly as enjoyable as it is.

If you need a quick venting source, stream it absolutely free on the above Bandcamp link. If you enjoy it, shell a few dollars for the tracks you love, or cough up the dough for the full release if it calls your name in times of need.
I don't remember where exactly it was I first found today's beatsmith, but I remember how at the time I really appreciated his angle on a modern Hip Hop beat. I especially appreciate the Brazilian influence present on the Da Rocinha collection, which focuses heavily on their Baile Funk.

The first track I heard was Pra Nós, and it hooked me because it came up on the background and dominated my emotion. It showed just how bass heavy he was willing to get while still keeping a short distance to the increasingly popular Trap. The rest of his music is similar, the evoked emotion comes from the limits he sets.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp

Today's track is shown a little later on in the album, and it shows much more vocals than his norm. This one's just a little easier to get into if beats aren't usually your thing, but if you can appreciate the production value here you'll probably find the album's to your liking. Just give it a minute or so to kick in.

The rest of the album is similar in that it sets well placed limits, strong bass lines, and subtle Brazilian influences. The reason it holds up as an entire release is because the inspiration roams. There's even one Aaliyah based track that I found myself really getting into.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
Da Rocinha 2 is a really solid little collection of work. It might not work for everybody as a continuous piece, but having a song pop out in your library's selection every once in a while is still a healthy way to appreciate this production. The music isn't exactly free, but at a minimum asking price of $1, it might as well be.

So he's not asking for much, but he knows his efforts are worth something. He's standardizing his own developed style into a signature, and producing just enough to keep the fans happy. If you're as new as I am to the Sango swing, you might want to check out the very first Da Rocinha too. That one's offered as free with the option to donate. Be nice, show love.
Electronic-Indie-Rock band Sir Sly just recently covered Drake's “Marvins Room”, the track found its way to my ears. While I'm not normally the biggest Drake fan, I can definitely admit this particular track was meant to be replayed. I'm also glad Sir Sly got around to covering it, because it feels much more organic to me.

There won't be many noticeable changes in composition aside from instrument-based alterations and the slightly awkward new guy tone; what really brings this one out of the light is the simplicity in those changes. The soft rock backing tones and the humanized vocal.

If you need the side by side comparison, here's Drake's original. The organs in today's version grow, giving the emotion the lyrics really ask for. Drake wrote it, but the production wasn't as snug as Sir Sly proved was capable.

Sadly, Marvin's Room doesn't seem to be up for sale or download, but if you enjoyed the production quality and their special blend of Electro-Rock, you might want to give their Soundcloud a listen. If you like their repertoire, the Gold EP might just be for you.

Buy @ iTunes | Amazon
Today's single definitely shows a lot of evolving factors within their sound, but Gold shows their roots best, and it shows them off in a very flattering light. While I don't always agree with the tracks displayed, I have to admit I always tap my foot or bob my head.

If you're lucky enough to live near one of their touring locations in North America, I'd follow them on Facebook or Twitter for the latest information. Catch them live and feel those vibes first hand. Otherwise, at least you can buy Gold for a reasonable price online.
Emerging from New York City night life with well produced Electro-Pop is Reigen and his first officially released single, Play It Cool. At first listen I had some concerns and appreciated what I could, but I also have to admit that as a Pop track, my only concern should be whether or not it sticks with you. I think it does.

Do expect radio-friendly percussive Pops and a very commercial production quality that's usually achieved with a dozen like minded producers. Don't skip out on this one, if he continues to tread this road we'll be seeing a much bigger Reigen in the near future. This is your first glance.

I see quality, I see cool ideas seeping through, but I don't find them big or bright enough to stand out as the beginnings of an artist. This is the track musicians hand out when they're already on the top, when they're much more comfortable and far less hungry.

Of course; it's just a start. There's time to adapt and to show the extent of the freedoms, Play It Cool is just another step in that ideal direction. If you dig it, show some support. Ask for more; feed the hunger of a talented artist.
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If you're in search for more of his work, or just curious of his musical background before today's single, you can find a 5 track playlist at his Soundcloud. Combined with Play It Cool, it shows the combination of audio fluidity and hard hitting Dance tracks that end up working pretty well together.

If you're not sure the single is for you, you can also keep up with the singer/songwriter/producer at his Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and website. I've dabbled into his business enough to know that there's a positive evolution going on, I just hope he hasn't reached the peak yet.
Thanks to a very vocal fan and some flexible spare time, I found The Precious Lo's and their Electro-Funk jams. Even though I was recommended the EP's lead single (which has its own video and is advertised as free to download) I saw myself agreeing with other tracks a little more.

Instead I'm leading things today with a personal favorite, Fly Away. It inclines more on production quality and instrumental sections than it does on lyrical content and poppy vocal ability. All their elements are still there, just in different levels. You'll see.

There's a certain taste in electronic genres, a bar that many people set and remember, and this production fits snug for those of us. It's a little repetitive, but it's constantly evolving. It shows a swaying progression and a musical balance in the process.

The rest of the EP has similar vibes accentuating the vocals, which means that it's toned down for the sake of the verbalized message. It's cool, it's appreciated, I just wish there was more of a happy medium between the talents than what's shown.
Stream/Download @ Bandcamp
The 6 track self titled EP marks a great stepping stone in their still very early life as a duo. It shows versatility within a relatively fixed style and an open-mindedness regarding their own music that refreshes your senses in waves. Not quite perfect, but they're not finished yet.

It's also a name-your-price release so chip in a few dollars if you want it, or show support through Facebook or Twitter if you can't. If you're hungry for more, to date they've released a couple of singles after this EP that you might want to take a peek at.
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