Genres of the world were mixed together into the Punk Rock concoction that is Misery; as Butcher Knives demonstrate what Gypsybilly sounds like. Well crafted peculiar sounds await those of you curious enough to give them a try.

Today's feature track has enough popular influence to remain heard, while creating its own blend of Rockabilly roughness. It's also got a pretty entertaining video to show off, so even if the music feels too odd at first, the video will keep you around long enough to condition you for the best moments.

There's also an amazing variety of genres that are pulled together with perfect chemistry. The way they managed to pull all of those strings off and still have a cohesive composition is the beauty here. The video might help you visualize that a bit, but the magic boils down to their own individual minds.

In the long run, the collective of great minds from all over the world have made fun. The album creates an uplifting sensation that's most commonly attributed to good times with good people. It goes above and beyond because of the range of its influence.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp | iTunes
That means that yes, Misery feels far from miserable. Maybe a closer look at the lyrics will have you groaning in the opposite direction, and maybe those dark corners in most of the songs weren't meant to show off anything other than the depth of a shady situation. It becomes this immensely enjoyable roller coaster ride anyway.

I feel a little bit of Ska and a little Cumbia just peeking through every now and then, with some faint Asian influences immigrating into the bundle in the background. It's those final details that win over my respect, that make an album worth listening to at least once in your lifetime.

If you're digging it as much as I have been, show some support. Hear the latest at Facebook, Twitter, or Soundcloud.
Funk-Reggae-Soul fusion band Eufórquestra released their latest effort just a month ago, displaying a heightened state of musicianship. This isn't to say the effort is without its flaws, but despite them, it works towards your emotions. Their Fire rekindles itself if anything should seem to go wrong.

Today's feature track inclines much more heavily on their Reggae side while keeping a funky bass line that really works in the tracks favor. It also features Elliot Martin (of John Brown's Body) breathing freshness into the track and setting a quality standard early on in the album.

It only takes a few seconds to hear it come alive, but what might take a while for the ears to even notice is the Funk influence. The subtleties that separate the track from the herd of Reggae songs making their way to our ears on a regular basis. Topping all that off is graceful chemistry, and well written lyrics.

If you give the track a listen through the album stream, you'll hear how fluid the transition is from Solutions' Reggae, to Soul, to flat out Funk. It's at that point you see the thought that went into the production of the album as a whole, and it's because of that vision that Fire works so well.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
The albums worst set back is that, occasionally, it'll show signs of overproduction. Certain areas sound a little too perfect where some hearty mistakes would have been appreciated. It's at those moments that an organic negative could turn a track into true Soul, into a breathing project.

It says a lot when the worst you can say about an album is that it's too perfect, so stream it and make sure for yourself. Let their music wash over you, and allow your own listening experience to become the humanoid aspect they just barely lack.
English troubadour Owen Tromans has had this little gem out for a short while. It's a fine display of stern acoustics over an emotional vocal base. He makes music you feel, and maybe get a little uncomfortable with.

My favorite track just happens to be the longest on the album. It's got some nice time changes thrown in there, but for the most part it's easy on the ears both with melody and vocal prowess. Hit play, get ready for the ride, and enjoy 1682.

It starts ordinarily enough, pleasurable and understandable. Give it about a minute and a half to work up some true feeling. Take that special gist and watch it guide you through the solos, slight tempo changes, and that last powerful gust of wind.

Granted, this is my preferred track. It's a happily snug fit, and it feels like it was all thought out and achieved through a calculated system. The rest of the album, beautiful as it can be, often sounds darker than the messages it provides.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
The best way to understand the album is to stream it yourself. If you want a quick fix, here's the lead single and here's one of my preferred uncomfortable songs. Those of you willing to take the time will notice that, though it all blends together really well, the album feels like a jagged cut. A little rough around the edges with the potential to be deep and powerful.

When you've replayed the album enough to realize you love it, support the artist and grab it. If you're a fan of holding your music, the physical album should be out May 5th. Keep up with Owen on Facebook and Twitter to grab a CD as soon as it's out, or check out his Youtube for a little more persuasion.
It's been a while since I've been able to sit down and truly enjoy an American Reggae album, and then Christos DC came up with this little gem. The guy was born in Washington D.C. to Greek Opera singing vocal coach parents, only to spend copious amounts of time in Jamaica where he refined his sound.

It works. You can tell it wasn't just him floating along; you can hear the passion in the composition and some of the lyrics. Today's track should show a lot of that off, though honestly it pales in comparison to an entire album's listen.

Just Talk to Me is the first single, and is definitely a fine display of composition off the album. Decent lyrics might top it off, but it's the emotional impact the collection of sounds create by the end of the song that really sends a message. It's nothing new, it's just really well done.

What might be a little new is the Jazz influenced air. The occasional brass, the mishaps, and the empty spaces ready for full on improvisation on a live set. Any fault the album might have is ready to be worked over on a stage, if the occasion should arise.
Buy: iTunes | Amazon
Long Road is extremely consistent as far as lyrical quality and musical talent, which ends up being its own worst enemy. You know what to expect, you understand where he's coming from, and then you get more of it. There are a few other standout songs that keep you interested, but it could use with a little more diversity.

Go ahead and stream the album. When you're done nitpicking over quality, you might want to give the Just Talk to Me Interview a few minutes of your time. If by the end of those you decide you're a fan, find him on Facebook and Twitter. Show some love.
Exposing more classic roots from the Downtempo scene is Audioglider's debut album, the aptly named Accidental Beauty. The project stumbles while grounded to an organic light, keeping it down to earth as it explores your surroundings.

Today's feature track is a personal favorite as well as the album's ending. It features swift progressions and a glowing composition that could ease you into the idea of having your own personal soundtrack. If you don't mind length; you should already be listening.

Cortexaphan starts with a slow, embracing entrance. It works its way up, becoming warmer and more elaborate with every passing second, and then it releases. There's no fixed point as to where it becomes majestic, it just happens. It brings you in and floats you through it.

The rest of the album offers those same composition-based happy-gaps where you can just float off with the song and feel content. Where it lacks a little more is fluidity and comfort. There's a lot of long tracks, and a lot of those long tracks don't really need to be.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
If only it were a soundtrack there would be nothing wrong with this. It's a beautifully composed, excessively long display of elaborate talent within a box of pushed boundaries. It's just not best for those with short attention spans; in the long run it's just shy of Shoegaze perfection.

I'd definitely recommend the stream if you have time to burn. If you're looking for more of Audioglider's work you should check out his Soundcloud. If you want to support and keep up with whatever comes next, have his FacebookTwitter and Myspace.
Almost by accident I stumbled onto Glasser and her blend of honeyed vocals over future-production. Expertly composed bass lines and an understanding for where Electronica is moving towards helps her form Interiors, her latest effort.

The first track and the lead single, Shape, is the go-to track for a firm idea of her goal. It's also probably one of the better balanced songs on the album, turning upbeat Synth Pop into a smooth Downtempo production that will open your ears for the album to come.

The perceptive Electronica enthusiast will have their ears perk up with those first few seconds of double edged potential. It'll take about a minute to release the culmination of sounds into one blissful package, and only a few seconds more to hear her vocal range and swiftness.

There's some really well crafted details in there too, cloaking monotony with spirals of detail that end only when the song does. The album doesn't quite fit that mold, but only because it's too busy diversifying. There's never a true dull moment.
Buy: CD | mp3 | Vinyl
Within its chill vibes, Interiors can be a little erratic. It all fits as a general sound, but the instability might be a bit of a turn off. By the end of the listen it kinda sounds like Glasser's trying ideas that should work that often don't. The album still holds up; despite a track or two out of place.

If you find the stream, enjoy it. And if you just like Shape a lot, there's a remix EP waiting for you. Find it here, and give Deetron's Remix a warm-up listen. Then go back to the full album and wash it down.
I know very little about Canadian Synth Pop project DAVIDS. Aside from what can be heard, the only thing that's certain is that it's not Davids and it's certainly not David's. With such limited background, there's not much else to do but to give it all an unbiased listen. I like the idea, myself.

If you're digging the vague binge, stop reading and enjoy the music video below. If you're a rebel, know you're listening to one of the many styles heard on the album. Don't be too stingy about your tastes right now, you might miss out.

Stream/Download @ Bandcamp

There is a well positioned turning point at 2:21 that makes the whole Pop surface worth it to me. It's that brief moment of refreshing '80s air that gives the track balance. It's the spark of yin in its yang. Everything else is just decent production and silky vocals.

A little more mainstream than I usually get into, but the rest of the EP makes up for it. Influences from the same era, from the same electronically raw backgrounds. The Rock and Roll mentality passively expressing itself somewhere in the background.
Stream/Download @ Bandcamp
0613EP creates one of the few occasions where I can listen and tolerate something that I'm negatively biased about. I can not say I'm in love with the concoction, but I can definitely say it's a damn fine display of talent. The very least you could do is give each song a few seconds of your time. It won't take two minutes.

If you need any motivation, the EP is a name-your-price download. It's an encouraged free download, so don't bother feeling guilty. Add it to your collection; let its diversity sink in. When you're feeling thankful, check the Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.
It's been a few months too long since the Captain's offered us one of his sweet Funkified remixes, so he took it upon himself to remix a Michael Jackson hit for the fans. Those of you not already familiar with Captain Supernova should expect Funk and Jazz fusing together electronically in such a way that your dance moves will bust right out of you.

Not that MJ's original really needed an extra dose of Soul or anything, but when Captain Supernova provides it, we know better than to argue. Click play, stand up, and bust a move.

If you're checking the original out and watching the legend's expertly executed music video, don't let the visuals cloud your senses. Sure, the musical background to that track didn't need much help to throw you onto the dance floor, but CS adds the magical spark. Funk guitar, spacey synths, and a very pronounced bass line.

This is just the latest edition of the In Space Remix collection preceding the debut album Imaginary Voyage. If these mixes are any proof of the quality the alien encounters will display, that debut album will be an unstoppable Electro Jazz-Funk force.
Free Download
Until then we have these remixes. If you're late to the early stages of the Voyage, check out his Soundcloud for the tiniest nibble of what's to come. There will be more, so bookmark that page and be on the lookout.

If you're ready to accept Captain Supernova as a Funkadellic gift from our solar system to us, check out his Facebook or Twitter and you'll get all the latest anyway. Alternatively, just follow D4AM via our social mediums.
It might just be time to hear something you'd never otherwise experience as Thomas Blondet releases his appropriately named debut, Future World. The genre-naming title explains exactly what you should expect, despite the fact that it'll be near impossible to imagine before hearing it for yourself.

One of the better songs to ease you into the idea is today's feature track, "Un Amor." It'll feature Spanish vocals, Arabic tendencies, and a Downtempo base that'll add to the majestic feel. The concept won't be too difficult for the ears; try it.

This is just the first taste, the general view before you dive head first into the deep elaborate trenches Blondet has to offer. As far as I see, Un Amor is actually a little stiff. It's basically a loop. A very pretty loop, but still just a mostly recycled beat.

The rest of the album will explore so many different genres within so many different cultural backgrounds that it's hard to find monotony outside of the frequent House baseline. It won't always work, and yet it never falls flat on its face either. Some tracks are just better than others.
Buy: iTunes | Amazon
Indian, Arabic, Latin, and European influences are just some of the more notable reasons Future World is such an amazing release. You'll find mandolin and accordion solos that resonate long after their respective songs are over. Every beautiful detail is twisted into the Electronica and transformed into an evolving cultural clash.

The only way to really grasp the Future World concept is to listen to it yourself. Check out the first video single Tu Va Partir, or stream the album in its entirety on Soundcloud. Be curious, have the will to explore, and you'll likely find an album begging for your ears.
Deela's love for Afro-beats has only defined itself further since Dancing Fires. His latest EP focuses a bit more on Cumbia and different ways to mix the genre with modern sounds to create a true Deela experience.

Today's feature track displays instant base-genre signs, as well as an addictive Biggie Smalls sample that'll surprise anyone who's heard the original. Don't ruin the surprise just yet; click play and let the hook take you off guard.

Stream/Download @ Bandcamp

The most shocking factor is probably how comfortable the mixture of sound is. Combining traditional Latin American influences with quality Hip-Hop alone is impressive, but then he went the extra mile and made it normal. Everything sounds like it belongs. It's not alien; it's just different.

Most of the EP runs the same way. Not every track keeps that total comfort all throughout, but every track makes the effort work in its favor. The resulting 4 tracks show maturity. They show the risks Deela was willing to take were calculated enough to result in the best possible outcome.
Stream/Download @ Bandcamp
Revenge of the Calavera is all kinds of fun stuffed into a tiny 15 minute window. It'll feature some Busta Rhymes, some Joe Cuba, and other more subtle samples that you'll understand better after half a dozen listens.

He states the release is a free download, so grab it guilt-free at the Bandcamp link and share it with friends. If you truly love some of what's offered and have enough spare change in your pocket, go ahead and offer a donation for the work. I don't think he'll complain.
Contrary to what your initial instincts might be, we will not be hearing Christian lyrical backgrounds today. Instead we have a technically sound combination of Rock with Soul. Today's single has a vibrant Indie Rock feel without delving head-first into cliche vicious circles.

The brass helps a lot, and maybe it's all the extra musicians that make the song 'pop' in the long run. How the 15 piece band pull off such exquisite harmony is an overwhelming thought, so just store that in the back of your mind and enjoy what they offer.

It probably starts off just a little more majestic than the song actually is, but it takes none of the magic away from the finalized single. It evolves, it reacts, and if you're lucky it'll even evoke emotion. I can't think of a detail the track is really missing. If anything, I'd just add another minute's worth of smooth solos.

The real problem lies after it finishes. You've just heard some above average composition as displayed by quality musicianship, and there's not much more to follow up on. This single isn't even the warm up for a future album. It's just a single.
Buy/Stream/Lyrics @ Bandcamp
If it grew on you quick, it's up for sale. It might be a little expensive for what it is, but that's the price to pay for a 15 piece band. I still think it'd sound a lot better as an album with songs preceding it to cushion the emotion better.

Until that album is out, you can follow War up with their cover of Nirvana's Lithium (which I might like just a little more than the lead single.) It's a name your price track, so grab it while you can. Alternatively you can find them on Facebook and Bandcamp for the latest info.
Darkened, near steampunk Electronica meets ghostly vocal samples and a deep respect for a steady bass on Ambassadeurs latest single. This'll be just a taste of his upcoming debut album, which should be out summer of this year.

It's nearly six minutes of an evolving composition. Its layered sounds add dimension as well as include the unique genre-less touch that will either pull you in or spit you out. Keep an open mind, click play, and let the bass move you.

Really gotta love those subtle progressions hiding behind the beautifully warped vocals. The extra little details like the liquid drops or the echoing metallic clunks just give the song a story. Technically that's what those vocals are for, but the details make everything come to life. An audiophile's scenic route.

The problem with this taste is that it turns a page in both style and emotion. Even when you do check his earlier stuff out, you won't find anything quite like this piece. I doubt you'll find anything identical on its album either, but I do expect amazing progressions from track to track.
Free Download(s)
If you need more, or if you want to make your own Ambassadeurs predictions, you might want to check out his Soundcloud. If you want specifics you should hear Alone in the Light and Trouble EPs, they give you a taste of his capabilities. Just expect relaxed, well composed Electronica.

Alternatively you can download RAIN and every other free download he has to offer. All he asks for is a Facebook like and enough of your attention to click on other fancy buttons.
If you enjoyed Paz's previous catchy single The Silence, then you're in for another dazzling treat today. This time it is a collaboration with the talented rising star HeRobust. Grab it for free on his Facebook.

'Never Die Alone' features catchy pop vocals with glitchy electronics, and a juicy bass with a hint of hip hop. Paz successfully uses elements that welcome a larger audience while appealing to the more intense electronic fans.

The ambitious 25 year old LA producer has been in the spotlight lately for good reason. This last April Fools Day Paz pulled a stunt in which he meticulously replaced 5000 Justin Bieber CDs with his own. Instead of Bieber, young girls cried in horror as they looked at a Doge stuffed taco. One of these planted fakes sold for $183.50 on Ebay.

Head over to for more on Paz!
Paz on Soundcloud
While he's pulling ingenious publicity stunts, he's also producing more great music on his album 'From The Bottom of My Heart to The Top of Your Lungs' with big names such as Porter Robinson, Dillon Francis, Kill The Noise, Bassnectar and HeRobust. This is reason to be excited; we'll get to hear the rest soon.

If you want to know more about why Paz replaced all those Beiber CDs, have a look at what he said.

Paz on Facebook
Paz on Twitter
Paz on Soundcloud

— Electric Addict

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Today's duo may have been around for a few years, but their debut album has only just been released in all of its genre exploring greatness. Within its nine-track confinement you'll find dozens of influences; from Disco, to Reggae, to Country, and every little crevice in between.

We're featuring the title track today. Electronic base, Dancehall vocals, Reggae influences, and a Folk twist just to make sure you've never heard anything like it. Because of this insane mixture, it might be a little difficult to get into. Give it a few minutes, see if it doesn't win you over.

It's also just over seven minutes long, which might make the listen a little overwhelming if electronic musicianship isn't your usual thing, but it's absolutely necessary for the progressions to work. Just listen to that Folk twang echo through the bass, feel the composition shape itself for its own situations.

The track alone shows intense diversity. The album might not be as elaborate from start to finish, but it does show the range they attempt to explore. It shows fearless composition between grand electronic production and a top notch guitarist.
Wild Rumpus Soundcloud
Cosmo and Gary have been on this project for so long, you can actually hear maturity between tracks. Subtle differences in the ways songs play out, in the nature of the progressions, or the extreme lengths they make their genres leap through.

If I were to nitpick, I'd say it could be a little more cohesive. It feels like it'd sound just as good if you shuffled the tracks, which isn't really a bad thing anyway. I just couldn't quite find the story. I couldn't find the reason I'd listen all the way through a second time. Maybe I just need another listen.

The album won't be out for another month, until then you guys can check out the above linked Soundcloud for an idea of what's to offer. If you're eager for anything, prior efforts have been released on Bitches Brew.
Have you heard of Kongos yet? Odds are if you haven't already, they'll be swarming your ears soon. The four-piece South African set are sibling sons of John Kongos, which means the chemistry is there, the talent is alive, and all that's left to perfect is production.

I first heard them on this trailer for Holy Motors a few years ago, but they haven't really stopped booming since then. The waves of their creations have just recently hit North America by storm, inching them ever closer to global recognition.

Today's feature track is their latest single, falling a little heavy on percussion and taking its sweet time comforting you. The truth is, this is the kind of song that takes half its length before you realize you're hooked to it. It's not even subtle, you'll just feel yourself bobbing your head all of a sudden.

It's also not even close to my favorite track on the album (that's probably goes to Come With Me Now.) The rest of the album falls under deep surveillance for me, often heading too far into commercial realms for me to enjoy all the way through.
CD | mp3
About half the album was really worth it to me, meaning the album felt complete overall. Not ideal, not near perfect, but decent. It's got your occasional Reggae inclinations, a strong Pop Rock tone, and potentially revolutionary accordion solos.

The production is where it all falls short, being just good enough for commercials and other 30-second-thrills, but not maintaining a consistency through to the end. If the linked tracks caught your attention despite this, you can find the complete stream at their Myspace.
Crawling away from their earlier Folk Rock tendencies are Emily Danger with their latest in Dark Cabaret Rock. Expect quality musicianship from each band mate, as all of them are classically trained and do their part in showing nothing but the best they have to offer.

It starts pretty slow, so prepare yourself for the first few seconds before the vocals kick in. Everything after the point should be mesmerizing. Just sit back and let yourself shower in the emotion.

Then we have that amazingly executed video, directed by John Patrick Wells and pieced together by a cast and crew who were obviously as dedicated to its production as the band was to the song. If anything, the video might slightly overshadow the music; depending on your personal tastes.

The lyrics finish the project off by bringing an unclear focal point within the whole scenario, leaving the message up for interpretation. The track all its own allows you to adapt itself the best way you see fit. It's music to think about.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
If you wanna get ahead of yourself and show support for the worthy artists, you can buy the single right off their Bandcamp on the above link. However, with a little patience you should find it within their upcoming full-length sometime in the summer of this year.

You could also hear Easy in its original form on their debut EP Paintings. It shows their Folk Rock colors well, and might be a little easier to get into if darkened music isn't your usual cuppa. I find both versions of the song extremely well composed, so it should only be a matter of preference.

Not sure you'll remember to check back on them in the summer? The upcoming Peace Arch album will be documented right here on D4AM, but you can also find them on Twitter, and at for the latest news.
Singer-songwriter Shanee Pink just released this rare jewel of an EP late last month. It time traveled just enough through music history to gather character, but has a true beauty that relies almost entirely on the passion-woven dark trails her voice eases through.

The lyrics add to the mix, keeping about as precisely raw as the production of each individual track. It makes for a seductively familiar tone, while introducing dedicated freshness. The title track probably isn't the best place to find all this, but it does show off beautiful ghost-like vocals over impressively similar musical composition.

It also has an amazingly well crafted video to fit it. The culmination of each imaginative medium might help sway you in its direction. If it doesn't, you should at least dissect the elements and find which ones are worth your time. If it's vocals or lyrics; I'd recommend sticking around.

The EP as a whole is so ridiculously well produced, it actually feels like a thought out LP. It sways through emotions and ideas so swiftly that by the end of it all there's a moment of satisfaction. It displays the potential, her very essence.
Stream | Buy
I definitely recommend giving the stream a listen if the title track was to your liking. I also recommend it if you like Folk-Rock combinations, Electronica twists, or the foundations of modern Rock. It was made to be heard.

All this coming from someone who usually shares the spotlight. Imagine what just a little more exposure could do to her. Once you get to the point where you're waiting eagerly for her next release, you might want to consider stopping by her Facebook or Twitter or something.
Fans of the The Wolf of Wall Street will likely dig this track. It was a pretty good movie. If you enjoy something a bit edgy with NSFW lyrics, this might appeal to you.

I'll admit this isn't my normal cup of electronic tea. However, the track has warmed up on me. The bass replacing the chest thumping is juicy. The vocal clips are simply awesome. Without the lyrics, there wouldn't be a whole lot going on the track but it doesn't need a lot. The lyrics are the focus.

Eclectic Method also made this little video remix. It's essentially just clips from the movie.

The track is free so download it here or go to the Soundcloud to check out more from Eclectic Method.

 — Electric Addict
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New Zealand based Lightning Bells just barely made it to my attention a short while ago with their debut Chime EP. It's not a perfect release, but it shows a conscious effort to exceed the average mundane Indie Pop release.

Today's track is a personal favorite from the record, displaying vocal emotion and transparency that isn't quite as fluent on the rest of the release. It's a simple acoustic with rich lyrics and character; pay attention to the stream.

More than anything, this track proves potential to me. It evokes emotion whole making peace with your ears. It's like musical emotional bribery, maintaining balance as it tells its story.

And then we've got those lyrics. They're basic enough to understand, but written well enough to introduce different angles and deep meaning. They're straightforward while evoking thought, and just poetic enough to stand ground A Capella if necessary. It's the way those lyrics are written that the entire release has to offer.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
The EP as a whole, from a purely melodic perspective, isn't all that amazing. It's a somewhat common sound with an occasional leap in the right direction followed by more of what we're used to. The redeeming factor is the lyrics, and the avid interest it shows in bettering itself.

If you see a future for them too, or if you want to watch them grow personally, be sure to check them out on Facebook. Show some love, feed them support, and grab the album.
Indie Folk-Pop. Just breathe that in for a second, try to visualize it, try to understand how both concepts would work. When you fail, you'll be ready for Alice BrightSky's Box of Me. The debut effort that transitions the often monotonous Pop hooks and classic influences with ease.

Those of you inclining more towards Pop will like her latest focus track Up Up and Away, but that one didn't quite capture my attention like Pry Me Away did. It's a little more Folk-y, with strings aiding the overall emotion of the track.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp

I like the change, I like how it feels smooth and innocent as it turns into a complete scenario. It builds slowly, tying together with the lyrics and becoming one cohesive object. I suppose the musical production could have a little more depth to it, and that's where the album comes into play.

Each track on its own can be fulfilling as it plays, but the album as a whole feels complete for longer periods. It's emotionally memorable and lyrically compelling. The only fault it might have is that you really need to be in a Pop mood to truly enjoy the entire effort.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
If for nothing more, the album's worth the listen for the lyrical quality. The way Alice binds words and creates vivid 3 minute stories is a wonderful experience that's only topped by occasional instrumental backgrounds that perfectly fit the imagery. It's here, because of that chemistry, that that Folk and Pop can coexist so well.

Appreciation of the album can be shown multiple ways, including buying the independent effort. Alternatively her Facebook and Twitter are welcoming of new fans, so go give her a shout and show some love. I'm sure the growing support is appreciated.
Fans of Instrumental Post-Rock should be thrilled for today's travels as we explore Nanaki's latest EP. Composition and performance are all entirely manned by Mikie Daugherty (of Postcode) making the fluidity and creativity an awe inspiring factor for the release as a whole.

I should feature Regretfully, I Must Decline Your Invitation today, a video single with direction and talent, however it didn't really win me over. It's a complete song, shows the diversity, but instead I want to showcase it's anger fueled successor, Fuck Spotify. It's just more fun.

Seven minutes and a few spare seconds will create the story. It's a legend full of chaos, loops, and epic climaxes. Multiply the invested time and you'll find yourself listening to a soundtrack for your favorite action star's latest flick.

Of course the rest of the EP isn't exactly like that. Expect sweet transitions from track to track, excellent progressive skill, and insight into the depths of an elaborate artistic mind.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
It is all based on Post-Rock, so don't go into it thinking it's anything else. A few progressive twists and some emotional background might sway some of you, but it's important to note that it's all explored within its base genre. It's a difficult task, and Afterlight presents it well.

It's a name-your-price download so pay what you can if you're capable, and grab it for free if you must. If you love it, consider buying the well priced limited edition CD. Otherwise, just show your support through the Nanaki Facebook and by spreading the word on your own time.
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