I've been listening to Jack Kovac's acoustics since his debut release a few weeks ago, and I've gotten myself really acquainted with the delicate beauties and vocal harmonies he offers. We're talking about someone who studied guitar performance and realized he also loved songwriting. If reading that is getting you excited, wait 'til you hear him.

Admittedly, my first listen was accompanied by this amazing little music video. To make absolutely sure the video wasn't influencing my thoughts, I listened to the song on its own over and over. I later realized I wouldn't listen to a song over and over unless it was a keeper.

Go ahead and take that video in. Let the melancholy melodies overwhelm your senses, and enjoy the story being told both on the screen and off. When you're done appreciating what you can, know that on that Soundcloud link above you can (at least for the time being) download the track free.

If you're willing to look a little more into the hard work he's put into all of this, the rest of the album might just be up your alley. Sometimes it inclines more commercially, sometimes the duets work perfectly, and it'll even end on an uplifting note.

Stream/Buy @ BandcampiTunes
This is a starting EP on a re-release. This is quality material being sent to the public for the purpose of catching on like a beautiful slow burning fire over a trail of mediocre every-day releases. Hopefully it will, especially with videos like today's.

Fortunately you can catch and understand the stream over at his Bandcamp page. Know that it's not quite a polished release, but it is well recorded material. Find him on Facebook or Twitter and catch him live if you're lucky, or just stick around for future releases.
Five years in the making, Radio Riddler's debut full length is a tribute to Prince's Purple Rain. Purple Reggae will follow the original track list to a T while incorporating the duo's dub influence and the guest artists' talents.

The lead single is the title track, a reggae-infused version of Purple Rain featuring Ali Campbell. Now, much like on the original album, this song is best heard at the end. It brings everything to a close, leaving nothing but a satisfied listener. That being said, it's just as well enjoyed on its own.

A few tiny changes in the composition might catch your ear if you've been listening to Purple Rain regularly, but they're absolutely crucial to make this version work. The same goes for the rest of the album. Without some interesting use of instrumental sections or subtle melody changes, a lot of the work would have a very awkward finish.

Every other song should be satisfying for the Prince and reggae fans, it's just a refreshing new take. It wasn't meant to be any better, just to provide a distant cousin you might want to check in on from time to time. This being said, I'm not even that big a Prince fan and I dug this release.

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The changes in overall composition are so few that, even with the uplifting reggae base, Prince's genius emotional layout stays intact. This isn't to say they don't stray from the path every now and then, but it does feel like what it should if Prince were in charge.

Right now you can stream the effort over at Radio Riddler's Soundcloud. After you're done with that and you know you love them, keep up with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
If you took the most recognizable face of indie-rock and coupled it with a keen understanding of musical progression and melody, you'll probably end up with something similar to Bass Lions. Their latest self titled effort shows an eclectic array of talents put into one of the last places you'd check.

The lead single is honestly a quick look at everything. You'll find amazing percussion, calculated vocal melodies, sweet gazing guitar subtleties, and an understanding for their love of bass. It's a short song, and even then you'll get the gist of it within the first minute.

Those first few seconds are like ripping a bandage. You'll dive head first into the sound, and they'll make you enjoy the crash. Frankly, it's nothing more than overly complicated indie rock pulled off well enough to make you wonder what their difference is.

To me, the most alluring aspect is the percussion. The time changes and math-rock-y inclinations really spin the indie base in a positive direction. The rest of the band have their own talented quirks too, but those will take longer for the dedicated listeners to find.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
The stream is free and highly recommended. It's gonna take a listen or two to hear the best their little corner of music can offer, but all that comes after you've realized how good they are. Tiny switch-ups and showcases of versatility will help.

Once you're in love, show some support. The vinyl includes shipping and a digital download, you might want to consider it. If nothing more, tag along on Facebook and Twitter for the latest info and tour dates.
There's only so much you can do with reggae before you have to turn it into another genre, but before you start dimming the roots you'll find bands like Backbeat Soundsystem who tug at the end of the rope and tie it with the beginning. Their sound might not be the most original, but it's bass heavy, talented, and contagious.

Losing Faith has been out for a while. The single's got some mileage and it's still pretty good, instantly hooking you with a classic swing, and sinking its claws onto you with sweet vocal harmonies. If you're unsure, at least stick around for the chorus.

Once you've finished the song, you've heard a grand portion on what the album's all about. It might be a little on the commercial side, but they make up for that with time changes and progressions that'll sway in and out of the track list. This one song can give a little insight, but the rest of the album will be crucial to how much you can appreciate their work.

Usually there's two or three of these commercially inclined songs per album, everything in between acting as a cushion. Background music that fits the mood of the singles. These guys went beyond that. They took their time pulling this off most likely because every other song on the effort is worthy of radio play.

iTunes | Amazon
To be honest, the first time I heard Together Not Apart, I wasn't too inspired. I simply heard reggae, not a bad listen but nothing felt permanent. I picked it back up a few days later and realized I'd only forgotten a couple of the songs, meaning this album was memorable after just one listen. I can only imagine the pull they might have in a live setting.

I definitely recommend giving it a stream if you were into today's single. You can find a few tracks on their Soundcloud, a few more on their Youtube, and the album in its entirety on Spotify. Give it a day or two if you must, but once you love the music be sure to show some support and tag along on Facebook and Twitter.
After years of using virtual amp processors, the day came where I grew tired of its limitation. I felt the need to expand and experiment. A few months ago I liked a Facebook page called Kartakou Amplification where they had these amazingly cool glowing pedals. Visually I was hooked, so I contacted the owner and creator of Kartakou amps, Vasili Kartakou, to talk about his intriguing pedals and before you know it I got sent a Warmer Overdrive Pedal. I had one mission: to perform a demonstration song using digital amp processing together with external pedals. The result was a success.

Cosmetics and parameters

The Warmer OD casing is very light, strong, and durable. It's safe to say that the inner circuit is under all the protection it needs. You'll find it to be a very simple and on point pedal, very similar to the world's most sought-after overdrives.

It features a volume, tone, gain knob, and 2 switches. One switch is a Bass Boost and the other an asymmetrical clipping switch.

Inside the pedal there are 2 more switches (I will explain what these do further on) but aside from these extra switches you will find a very versatile tool, exchangeable tone chips. Each one with its own characteristics and tone color.

Switches and tone

To cure you from that bad case of curiosity, here's what those 2 unexplained switches do. They are battery saving knobs that control how many lights your pedal will have while it's on. Yes… I said lights. The Warmer Pedal literally looks like it's warm, like it's on fire! Vasili has put these 2 switches to control the battery life. Now that aesthetically we've found out that this pedal makes you want to play the hell out of it, next question is: how does it sound?

Many of you will be hurt and confused to read this but the Warmer OD will sound better than most legendary overdrive pedals. Comparing it to the Ibanez tube screamer and Maxon 808, Vasili has found a way to further better where these pedals left off. Thinness and noise are corrected, feedback and over coloring are fixed. This pedal will leave your guitar and amps natural tone intact, while simply adding on to the gain stage and dynamics of your signal.

The bass boost switch is very powerful and deep, and I consider the asymmetrical clipping switch to be a boost on the high-end gain to give it more crunch and definition.

Final thoughts

After tone searching using the following signal chain:
Rick Hanes (shred guy model) > 4 seasons pickups > Warmer OD > Line 6 POD Farm

The result was unique and brutal. For the type of riffing used in the demonstration song, the Warmer OD definitely worked its charm. Notes were clear and articulate, focusing the mids together with the virtual POD farm amp. It resulted in the use of very little gain making the guitar sit in the mix perfectly well without any use of further plug-ins. I can for sure recommend this pedal for the player that is looking the clean up his distortion without sacrificing tone and low-end. Whether you are using virtual amps or tube amps, the Kartakou Warmer OD will give you positive results live or at the studio and its fiery lights will keep players guessing. You will feel pumped and proud to own such a cool looking and sounding pedal.

For more information and purchasing you can contact Vasili directly at his Facebook page or like and message him on the Kartakou amps Facebook page.

— Gio Mirage

Gio Mirage will play and review your gear!
Contact @:
Free tracks are released and sent to me all the time. The free singles that caught our ears this month are from a sweet variety of artists, both known and unknown to D4AM. We'll have the Easy Star All Stars, Rendezvous, Kong Fooey, Lucian, and a Jr. Hi remix by GXNXVS.

We're starting this off with the All Stars. Thanks to their stunning success with Dub Side of the Moon and everything that's come along since then, they're releasing a special anniversary edition of the album with updated artwork, an in-depth liner note booklet, and two bonus tracks. One of those tracks you can grab now, for free. Give it a listen.

The only excuse not to grab that download while it's live is either a dislike for reggae in general, or your intentions of buying the republished effort on iTunes or something. If you're grabbing the freebie, at least show them some social love. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Next up is Rendezvous, an Israel based electronic rock duo who've released their latest single from their upcoming album absolutely free. No donations allowed even if you wanted to. It'll cost you your email, and you don't even have to keep their updates if you don't want to.

This relaxed indie rock with subtle electronics makes for a beautiful passing listen. It's memorable without trying too hard, leaving the details to catch up with and surprise you later on. After you've gotten it and checked out their debut, consider keeping up on Facebook and Twitter.

If you've been waiting for the funk, you'll be glad to bring New Zealand based Kong Fooey into your arms with their Bruce Lee influenced single. Add some well written hip-hop style vocals and the groove will never have to end.

Stream/Download @ Bandcamp

The video is a great watch too, you'll see parkour pros being like water. After you're done with the mesmerizing watch, you should go ahead and grab the single. This one's a name your price, so grab it free if you like, but don't feel bad about donating a little something if you can. You could also just show some support by tagging along on Facebook or Twitter.

D4AM regulars might remember Lucian from prior posts and socials, and he's back with a free download of his latest remix. The original song? Alanis Morissette's Forgive Me Love. It's safe to say the track is his, it's almost unrecognizable, but it's also a strong house blasting track.

It might be a little strong, and if you're an Alanis fan you might not be content with the end result. Truth is, this is a mid-party/mid-playlist kind of track. It hits a certain sweet spot like that. It's also free with a subscription to his Soundcloud, but if you feel like keeping closer watch you can find him on Facebook and Twitter too.

Ending things on a softer note is GXNXVS remix of Jr. Hi's Secrets. It'll feel a little fuzzy, it'll start a little slower, and the satisfaction of the drop will come with a more relaxing pull. It's basically an audio massage. Give it a try.

That smooth touch is often negated in remixes, usually opting for cutting some corners or changing the style more dramatically to make up for it. I'm not sure how much time GXNXVS put into this, but the effort shows. Even if the mix doesn't feel like it belongs in your mp3 player, you might still feel the need to check out the Facebook and Twitter or Bandcamp.

Nothing's more important than enjoying the music when it comes to these downloads, but all artists like to receive something for their hard work and continued efforts. Some are content with money, others only need your thanks, some are content knowing their music is being shared. Don't keep the goods to yourself. Enjoy.
Honesty, confidence, and experience, all make up defining factors for quality hip hop. These are factors that Aaron Cohen is mastering on the same EP he's giving away for free. Not only is it free, but it's the studio-grade quality kind of free. It won't sound like lazy bedroom-production, and it sure doesn't sound like he's saving his best rhymes for later, either.

Today's featured track leans on the dark side, but it shows all the elements that make the entire EP a worthy listen. Lend it an ear and allow his truths to overwhelm your senses. This is a page from his book, for our pleasure.

It's not that similar subjects haven't been used before, it's more about the execution. It feels pure, there's an air of yearning desperation dying out in the background. This is all followed by the apathetic and desensitized chorus that fits his point of view perfectly.

I also wouldn't say this is the best, or the darkest, song on the EP. It's definitely up there, but there's something about crude honesty that he spins into an alluring silhouette on most of the other songs. There's always a little wiggle room, but for the most part this is just a chunk of a well painted autobiography.

Stream/Download @ Audiomack
If you're scared the rest of the effort might offend your sensibilities, it probably will. This is not for everyone. It's for those who've been through certain kinds of difficult moments, it's for those who are still going through them, and it's for those who are curious with an open mind. That takes absolutely nothing away from the talent he's poured into the EP, but it does restrict the listening audience a bit.

That all being said, it is free. The stream can be found on Soundcloud if that's any more comfortable for you, and it's just seven tracks in length. Worst case scenario you're uncomfortable for a few minutes before moving on. Best case, you've found your new favorite rapper.

If you dig what you've heard you should consider showing some support. Find him on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.
Today's psychedelic space-rock effort has been around for almost a year now, and it's thanks to a reader submission that I was made aware of the gem. Somerspace Canopy is a quick and cohesive effort showing off some extremely well pulled off retro-futuristic sounds.

Buzzlightbeer is my favorite from the five-track EP. It's not afraid to explore progressions and irregular ideas, but it really grabs the more vintage ideal of the future. Something a little happier, brighter, and eclectic, than the common modern-day visual.

It's also the longest song on the release, so it really takes its time to create itself into the well rounded performance it ends as. Don't rush the listen, give it a minute or two to really sink in. Feel the space-influenced details, the surf-rock guitar, and the song's emotional sway.

Yes, this is in my opinion the best the Somerspace Canopy has to offer, but not by a long shot. I'd say with the exception of the fifty-one second intro, every song is full of beautiful detail. And frankly, even that song has character.

Stream/Download @ Bandcamp
The talent they've put into this is such that it takes a dedicated listen to hear the lo-fi production. It's probably cheaper to make their music come alive than should be possible, and that's most likely why the EP (and their debut EP) is a name-your-price release.

All the same, if you give the stream a listen and realize you love it, you should consider donating whatever spare change you can. If pockets are empty, be sure to download it anyway guilt free, the whole point is to become known. Share the find with friends and music lovers, or join them for the ride at Facebook.
If you like the way jazz instruments flirt off each other, you will love Kinkajous' debut self-titled EP. I promise. The London based quintet have created a beautiful display of modern jazz by twining the organic use of physical instruments with digital samples and sounds.

Electro-jazz is no foreign concept, but the talents and ideas displayed here are so perfectly integrated that you can't help but wonder how far they might be from the genre's peak. Their latest single, Limb, should give you a rough idea of where they stand and where they're going.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp

It starts with more of an electronic tilt than some will be comfortable with, but once the song really kicks nothing will stop it from winning you over. The subtle keys, the time changes on the drums, and of course the airy bliss of the clarinet, all feed off each other and into the electronics. Nothing is overdone, everyone shares the spotlight, and the listener gets the best possible experience from it.

Unity and chemistry will hold them together and pull you in throughout the EP, and it's just a quick fix. It'll have three original songs, two remixes, and an extended version of Limb to make sure you get what your ears need.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp | iTunes
Of the six songs in the EP, only Krunzcahrt's Metra remix feels slightly out of place, and even then if you don't mind some light displays of house music you should be happy. Mariama's beautifully diverse vocals will be featured on my favorite song on the effort, Vinam, and CHPLN will remix that into a dub-y bubbly earthy blend. The shared artistry all throughout is nothing short of stunning.

I highly recommend the stream if you're ready to exist for a small chunk of your day. The release is ready to expand minds and introduce talent and skill to those who aren't used to it, just as well as to those who admire it. Once you love them, show them support by tagging along on Facebook.
Meet Blxpltn. They could spin kick the face of traditional punk in the face and claim its throne if they wanted to, but instead they dedicate to the more personal Afro-punk influence. They take classic punk sounds and add culture; creating a powerful blast of emotion that'll thrust through the ears of the people that need it.

Today's featured track is far from my favorite on the effort, but it's the most readily available to the masses and it gives a good idea of their essence. The very beginning of the lyrics are enough to start triggering a punk-happy anger-endorphin.

Pressure really feels like the tip of the iceberg when compared to the rest of the album. An electronic drum set will give you a ridiculously well defined percussive pop, and the rest of the musical layout kinda just sits. Musically it feels undefined, but play this one loud at a club with unwinding punk enthusiasts and you'll see magic.

The rest of the album never dips below Pressure's quality, but there's a gem or two in there that really stand out. You'll hear lyrics so honest it's funny, and some so brutal and catchy you won't be able to help singing along. That's half the punk ideal right there.

Buy @ iTunes
Black Cop Down is a nine song collection for the here and now. It will help release the pent up anger from unjust doings, and it creates awareness for the uninformed. It's a small gift that proves the road is long, and they're just getting started.

We've got plenty of material here until that future release comes along. You can stream the album in full at their Soundcloud or on Spotify, just be sure to buy whatever you like if you can. Alternatively, show your support by finding them on Facebook or Twitter.
There's hip hop artists out there spending decades begging for fame while exercising minimal talent, and then there's rappers like Oswald who push out a debut EP at the age of 18 and start building a legitimate name for themselves. I'm not going to paint it a beautiful picture, the effort sounds like a debut. There's lots of room for improvement, but it shows equal amounts potential.

Today's feature track is possibly the most well produced of the offering. Sea Full of Sharks is ready for radio play, catchy, fun, and a clear example of where he's aiming for on the musical pyramid. He'll aim high, and guest vocalist Hannah Georgas will seal the deal.

You'll hear the best and the worst. Transparency as a verbal artist, and  subtle hesitance in the flow. Maybe it's just his style, but I have a feeling that with time and experience he'll be able to ease in and out of verses and keep them in the same flow throughout.

I'm looking forward to his next release. I'll be able to compare the talent and visualize the growth. You can hear the passion on Sea Full of Sharks, and the rest of the album will definitely sound like no one else but him, but I feel his emotion should escape into his words a little more often for the best punch.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
Give the EP a listen if today's track inspired you. The path he paints himself is elaborate and difficult, probably to refrain from limiting himself. I just hope that, in the long run, his style keeps in sync with the power of his written message. For now, Ride is just a taste of what can be.

Following the young musician is a difficult task, but if you're truly willing to keep up with him you can find him on Facebook and Twitter. I recommend keeping an eye on his Soundcloud, too. Just in case.
Today's aptly named beatsmith comes at us with an awesome selection of genre inspirations. The resulting album holds one thing up proudly: the cultures of the world layered into a box and used together appropriately. An art that few have been able to control as well as Captain Planet proves he's capable of.

You can't rely on a single song to give you the rest of the effort's view, but there's a few really good songs to start off with. The latest single, In The Gray, does an awesome job if reggae influences are to your liking. I think the second best is today's feature track, Tudo De Bom.

Here we've got soothing female vocals, and a bossa mood to ease the song into its worldly funk. The acoustic influences and the beauty of the Portuguese language are the listener's focal point, but the tiny details that surround it give the track life. Samba instruments, the familiar pop breakdown upon the chorus, and a musical breakdown that'll explore Afro-percussion as well as the Spanish guitar.

Tudo De Bom shows some of the appreciation Captain Planet has for Brazil, but the scope of his admiration reaches farther out through the world. Africa, Asia, and Latin America, are all huge influences that get mixed and mastered together with modern norms like hip hop or house music.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
When a true world effort is brought out to public light like this, it's usually a difficult to really enjoy. Just when you start feeling like one well developed sound, the next song rushes in and tackles the idea head on with something completely different from the opposite side of the world. Captain Planet has begun to perfect that harsh battle. He makes music you'll enjoy, adding different instruments and backgrounds as he sees appropriate.

Where the album started losing me was with the switch from club tracks to downtempo gems. The switching back and forth makes it feel more like a few decent mixtapes being played one after another, instead of one long very well produced album. It's pretty easy to overlook, but only after you've gotten yourself used to all the influences.

If you don't mind listening to more genres than the radio can play at once, you'd be best off giving Esperanto Slang a listen. After you've let it wash over you with its variety of delights, share some love and find the Captain on Facebook.
Just when everything starts sounding the same, bands like The Grayces sweep in and bash your ears open with a great take on classic sounds. Dirty grunge riffs meet some psychedelic influences with today's born-to-rock-out trio.

My first earful was their single Lord and Gods of Alcohol. Pressing play is like diving headfirst into murky unknown waters, and the experience relies heavily on what you're into. Creepy female vocals, gritty riffs, and an awesome display of unique ideas. It sounds like October.

It's a quick punch-packer and it'll settle you for everything else that's in store without completely giving the album away. You'll hear subtle time changes and mood swings, but you'll get it. You'll understand their little corner of music by the time it's finished, and it's such a quick listen that getting into their sound requires little effort, if any at all.

To give you a good idea on what to expect from the album, they're coating themselves with that sound you'll hear at a rock club after midnight. Everything from classic rock ideas to punk tendencies circle around their debut full length release.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
Westing isn't exactly perfect, but it's pretty close. About half the effort is ready for repetitive play, with the other half just containing well composed songs. The effort is so good over so many ideas that I wonder if they have it in them to make another solid album in the future. We'll have to stick around and find out.

If today's featured single sounded pretty good, you will not be disappointed with the album. Give it a stream any which way you can. After you're done loving it, join The Grayces on Facebook and Twitter for the latest info and tour dates.
It's been over a year since we last heard from Young Creatures, and as expected they've matured just enough for their first full length effort. It doesn't quite seem like they've reached their peak, but they've managed the album well enough for anyone with an indie ear to slide into the work with ease.

The album grows on you more and more with each listen, so I figured I'd share one of the tracks that caught me immediately. Someday shows what they're made up of. Airy pop rock backgrounds with the occasional dark interlude. Decently sung lyrics and awesome band mate chemistry tie everything together really well.

It starts off a little generic, but all it takes is fifteen seconds to see the road they wander on. You'll get to follow the lyrics and step over every melody change, be it a mood change or a quick and swift guitar solo. You'll have a pretty good idea what the album's like after this one, but it's still important to keep an open mind before you go through with the full listen.

Fear All The Things feels more like a stuttering idea. It gets somewhere, but it feels like they got lucky with trial and error to arrive there. This still makes for a great listen, it's just an interesting detail. You could notice mood fluctuation and some odd changes in style from track to track that might turn you off if you like extremely cohesive releases, but if all you want is some more-than-decent independently released pop rock, you'll find yourself very pleased.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
It's a little difficult weeding through the generic ideas on the album to find their talented tidbits, an effort that I feel will come easier to the listener with each passing release. The moments that spark, though somewhat hidden, are easy to find here after several listens. Essentially, if you dig the album the first time around, it'll only be getting better.

You might want to check out the Soundcloud stream if you're a fan of audio quality, or their Youtube for the comfort. Give it a nice long listen, enjoy it, and keep up with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
I was recently introduced to rising baroque-pop indie-rock band Wartime Recitals and their debut EP. The effort has quick snappy radio friendly tendencies and a touch ready to seduce your ears after repetitive play, but that's rarely my cup of tea. The reason this rising band caught my attention is because of their overall growth potential.

My favorite track, the one that truly won me over, is Wind Up Luck. It doesn't try to be ordinary, but it maintains its pop influence. It's just as ready for radio play as it is to expose genres and ideas, and that alone was inspiring.

It starts with that awkward piano, but by the time the song kicks in everything fits together and makes sense. The sway of the composition suits the playfulness of the idea, and the talent put into it is such that it still allows you to take it seriously. Add layered vocals and uncommon use of their musical arrangement, and you'll also see a faint view of those future possibilities.

There's no way to tell for sure if this elaborate zigzag of an idea is their goal as a band, especially with all the other influences and ideas thrown together on the rest of the EP. Traditional pop is usually very dominant in their sound, with fun humored lyrics being the biggest separation from them and everyone else.

iTunes | Amazon
This is a great EP; more because it serves them and the audience a purpose, and less because the musical quality is superior. The band will play with the concepts they've put forward here, and the listeners will understand where they're coming from and bob along to the extremely catchy tracks. My only fear is that most of these songs become forgotten a little too soon. Hopefully a future effort will fine tune their best assets for a more unique overall Wartime Recitals sound.

Until then we have this EP. Check it out for yourself, it's a quick listen and you can find it on Soundcloud. If you like what they do and where they're going, show them some love. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Take the gritty lo-fi garage-built sound that usually comes with true punk, and couple that with talented psychedelic air and an appreciation for classic dirty rock. Mix it together well and you'll get Pet Sun. Their latest EP tackles the most primitive emotion rock and roll can offer, without ever needing to lose their cool.

The title track, Feel Like I'm Going Away, captures their flavor excellently while also being the most immediately entertaining. This is the icebreaker. The one song that shoves and molds your idea of them regardless of what you felt before, and lets you listen to the rest of the effort with ease.

Lyrically, this is about as repetitive as they come without blatantly brainwashing you. The fact that with minimal additional lyric this is able to tell a story says wonders about the musicianship. Even then they never really out-do it, they don't try too hard to sell it, and part of that rebellion is what makes it such a good song. This is theirs, you can either take it or leave it.

That attitude is found throughout the effort. There's solos, dips of compressed emotion, and a flair of beach-rock-y tendency that sits well with the idea of a night-time rock concert with the ocean's tides angry in the background.

Soundcloud | iTunes | Sleepless Records
The EP fluctuates in the weight of that raw sound, but it's always present. Five songs and over twenty minutes worth of material will leave lo-fi rock lovers extremely happy. You can expect some solos, those same monotone-haze vocals, and a yearning for more after it's finished.

If you liked today's featured track, don't even hesitate on streaming the album. At the very least you'll feel satisfied after it's finished. If you like where they're going and look forward to their future, show them love. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter.
Suburban Haze are a misleading bunch. The first time I heard them I figured I'd be biting off a spiced up blend of punk rock, and though that brew is part of what they offer, they're a much more diverse band. Softer moments full of precision and passive emotion is more their norm.

Today's featured track shows a bit of both worlds. It'll start off with the slow melancholy base that most of the album handles so well, and it'll work its way up to a stronger rock feel. The composition's gonna be a little odd, but if you enjoy your occasional post-rock-y head bang, you'll be glad to stick around.

If it's a little too slow, you might want in on one of their singles. Thells shows the band's overall precision extremely well, while carrying a smooth upbeat melody. Then there's Extreme Right, a punk track with tons of attitude and heavy riffs. You'll have a rough idea of what to expect by the time you're done with those.

New Coliseum brings both of these worlds together, the band's debut full length shows passion when it needs it and talent that's ready to slice away at most garage bands with nothing but a quick listen. The main problem for me was in its length, and with a select few songs I felt fell a little short of the general mood.

Stream/Download @ Bandcamp
Considering the album is their full length debut, and considering these guys have only really been together for a year or two, the effort is solid. It might be a few minutes overcooked, and there were some songs that didn't strike me personally, but then the work is name-your-price. Grab it free if you're unsure, and donate something to the cause if your wallet allows it and the music is worthy.

You could also check out their origins with their previously released The Lost EP which is also an optionally free download. Once you've heard all they offer, show some love. You can find the band and tag along during their beginnings on Facebook.
I didn't think alt-J could outdo An Awesome Wave, and I was wrong. If we're dissecting the music by its self, maybe they didn't do much. The unique vocal tones combined with acoustic talents are incomparable to anything but themselves and their efforts, which can be a setback when making a new album with the promise of a different feeling. Where they really sold This Is All Yours was in the experience.

Take for example today's feature track, Every Other Freckle. If you can, listen to it on the below Soundcloud player. Hear it on its own, let the lyrics travel and let the music flow. Then when you're done, change the perspective drastically by watching both the official boy video and the official girl video. You'll see and feel things you might otherwise have overlooked.

Don't get me wrong, the single on its own sets a romantic spotlight where you wouldn't imagine it to aim, but their videos incorporate a different kind of magic. Where you would first listen and move along with other tasks, they've stopped you. They captivate you just enough for your attention to stay focused while leaving your senses loose enough to ask around, to wonder, and to entertain the questions and answers that come from their musings. This is as true for Every Other Freckle as it is for every other single they've released so far.

This additional sprinkle of magic speeds up the music loving process. Typically you enjoy an album before giving it various listens and understanding the depth the band incorporates. It takes at least a few days for you to start reciting lyrics and acknowledging the puzzle pieces if there are any. With what alt-J are doing now, it's possible to love the album before you're even finished.

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I don't want to spoil it for any eager listeners, so I'll just mention that there are numerous different ways to enjoy This Is All Yours, and they all involve focusing a little differently than you normally would. If you enjoyed their prior effort, and don't look forward to their evolution as entertainers outside of ordinary musicians, you probably won't enjoy this album any more than their last. I do highly recommend an open mind, though.

If you're ready for more, you might want to check out their latest Youtube uploads where you'll find both their music videos and individual song audio. You might also be interested in streaming the full length effort on Spotify.
I used to think Postcode went out of their way to make their peculiar signature sound, but as it turns out it's an inevitable attachment to their core. Their latest alt-rock/indie pop effort shows that even when the intention is a more universally normal genre, the music keeps its zebracore touch.

At Last is one of the lengthier tracks on the EP, but it shows the overall idea on a more balanced pedestal. It strays enough away from their norm while still applying the musical background they always bring. It might take a few minutes to get into, but stick around and try it on if the idea of popped post rock sounds intriguing to you.

This one almost has a taste, and at first it's a kind of bland and mushy one. It takes some chewing over, some savoring, and maybe a hint of its aftertaste after you're done with it. It takes a few listens to appreciate the escalating roughness and the power it packs as it goes on.

From here, you might want one of two things. You'll either find the idea pleasing and want to give the rest of the EP a shot, or think you want something a little darker and even more experimental. If the latter calls for you, know that this is the follow up to The ZebraATP EP which is what you really want. That other half might still be to your liking if you enjoyed today's track, but I'd consider hearing the rest of Year of the Zebra first.

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Year of the Zebra is the best possible introduction to Postcode for anyone who's not too comfortable with experimental music yet. It's also an excellent start on Postcode if you haven't given them a fair shot already. The EP will show a light side while still shoving odd ideas through your preferred audio-perceiving orifice.

Nothing is lost if you hear even a glimmer of awesome on the EP as it's a name-your-price release. If you love it, some monetary exchange is always appreciated, but the most important thing is that you give them a chance and put their music where you can hear it. Once you're a fan, keep up with 'em on Facebook and Twitter.
A chilly ambient air surrounds Labyrinth Ear's latest release. Calling The Orchid Room electronic pop is almost as misleading as going to Antarctica and saying the weather is very southern. You're not lying, but there's a whole different angle to view the information with.

The song that best fits the effort for me is Marble Eyes, their latest single. It starts slow, hazy, and dreamy, allowing the vocals to lure you and the instruments to peacefully make energy. It's creamy music to dream with.

With or without the video, the song will capture you on a different level depending on your mental state. I would know, I've been hearing this for a couple of weeks now and tolerance of stress and happiness have balanced out well after every listen.

The rest of The Orchid Room isn't all as comforting as today's single. There's the occasional thick house track, and a lot of songs that I find are the equivalent of watching rainbow colored goop drip onto a golden plate. It's all great in the right mind, and that's its only problem; you have to be in the mood for it.

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There's three additional tracks on the deluxe edition, and they're all worth it. First you get Bitter Almonds, an original Labyrinth Ear addition, and you'll follow that up with some excellently produced remixes of two already great tracks from the album. If you weren't sure which to go with, now you know.

You can find the album for stream on Spotify, but you can also find a large selection on their Youtube and some spare tracks on their Soundcloud. After you've made up your mind and enjoyed them to their fullest in the background, consider spreading some love. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter for the latest.
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