The '90s bass and smooth vocals weren't enough for me the first time around, but when I heard the Silent Type EP all the way through I found Hannah's magic. She's got a different kind of sweet spot, the kind where she's more of the music's acquaintance than she is a part of it. It's a little off but it makes wonderful moments.

I don't think there's a better place to start than with the beginning, the title track. Silent Type starts off with a vintage rock sound, too new to be called classic but still able to reminisce in decades past. Give it a nice long listen, progressions will make it a memorable listen.

It takes a while to start switching things up, and that might bore some of you away from it. Maybe it's just not for everybody, maybe most people really need that click between band and voice, but I see the beauty of an amateur organism in a very controlled environment.

Those of you who might not be in the mood for droning rock very often, know that the remaining two songs tug at completely different influences. You'll hear something similar to indie garage rock and even a dab of Americana. It shows more versatility than consistency, but that's what EPs are for.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
If you're a general rock fan, you should definitely give this one a listen. I admit, it points in no specific direction for Hannah's music career other than smooth vocals and electric guitars. If you don't mind vague beginnings or short but varied efforts, you won't be disappointed.

After you've heard it all and settled your thoughts on the rising talent, consider a little digital love. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Tumblr.
Before we can define Whitewash's debut EP, we have to define 'The Magic.' In just about all forms of art, there's that thing that flips a switch, in music's case it's usually  series of notes or melodies that work together in such a way that your brain finds its switch and screams magic. Whitewash will never ever make that switch flip at the beginning of a song, on the contrary, they will wait until you think the song is over to start something completely different and attack you with magical musical powers.

That being said and acknowledged, there's no better place to start the EP than at the beginning. I can't really point out why other than that's how they put it together and it works. Each song is decent on its own, but hearing the transition from song to song probably wouldn't sound so nice without the context they give it all.

There's no real nice way to put this, it's gonna start off sounding like generic smooth rock band. It's nice, kinda jazzy with overly relaxed vocals. This is and isn't an accurate representation of their music. The style is pretty much right, but it's not half as boring as it might feel it could be. I'm not sure it should be called progressive rock, it feels more experimental in the way it crams several tracks into one. You'll get it soon.

It also kinda doesn't sound experimental at all if you don't pay attention to the track list. It feels more like shoegaze psychedelic rock without its ADD medication. This is probably gonna be amazing to your ears if you have attention problems, but it'll suit anyone who can enjoy a variety of sounds just the same.
Stream/Download @ Bandcamp
Fraud in Lisbon is just about the most LP sounding EP I've ever heard, or at the very least it's one of the top five. It's "six" tracks in length, and those won't even cover 30 minutes, but it still feels like depth and understanding create a completed album.

After you've gotten past their surf rock and intergalactic softcore porn star tendencies, you might want to give the album a nice long stream and/or download. The digital is a name-your-price release, and Human Sounds Records were nice enough to make it a (reasonably priced) physical one as well. Once you're done grabbing what you need to, find them on Facebook and Twitter, show your support.
Almost as bad a tease as a single is the two-track EP, but Oh, Malô take the opportunity and turn it into ten defining minutes for their ambient-alternative dark indie-rock baby, Blue. What might take many other musicians four or five songs to accomplish, Oh, Malô can do in two.

When we're talking about something this short, there's simply no other way to start than at the beginning. If you can, the video will continue the playlist through to the next track, and the Bandcamp link won't be limiting you either.

I didn't think they could make the experience any better, then I saw the videos. Equally experimental, adequate representation of the sound. It's as if they could see the soul of the music they played. It doesn't have to make sense to be enjoyed; it's more primal than standard logic.

I highly recommend you continue the listen (or the view) onto the next song. Feed is my favorite of the two tracks, but Sweet Dreams has a certain magic that ends everything on the right note. It has to be heard to be understood, and all it's gonna take from you is a little bit of time.
Stream/Download @ Bandcamp
After you're done with the stream, if the music's growing on you, know that Blue is a name-your-price release. Grab it free if it's tickling your fancy, and spare a few dollars if you think it's worth it. It's not every day these kinds of ideas are offered away, so make the most of it.

Donate or not, if you like what you hear you should show your support. You can catch them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. If you happen to find yourself in Boston, you might even be able to catch them live.
I'm noticing the growing popularity of today's punk-grunge movement, and because of its popularity I've become particular. I first heard Bugs in the Dark a few months ago, and they've held up through time with what I consider a failed attempt at passive aggression. It's basically what you get when you couple the roughness of grunge, the erratic punk side effects, and an indie musical production. It sounds badass.

Today we'll be featuring the lead single, Dirty, because it should be your first listen. It's not too awkward, it shows the grunge side with the right kind of flawed display, and the punk aspects give it new life. It won't compare to the complete listen, but all we're looking for is a starting point.

It's not exactly quick to start, but that only builds the anticipation. Once the riffs start to settle and you can grasp the action-villain-walking-down-a-hall vibe, everything turns to the right direction. Just a little play with commercial tones and catchy vocals will twist the end result into something agreeable to the hard rock loving community.

Listen carefully to the way they repeat sounds into a hypnotizing tantrum. That's probably the one thing that's repeated throughout the five-song track list, and you better be ready for it because it comes on strong. In fact, I'd say it's the EP's only down side.
Cross My Heart Little Death is best enjoyed when you're basking in a bubble of negative emotion and you don't feel like showing it off. This isn't to say that's the only emotion to enjoy it in, but the listen becomes significantly more enjoyable. I'd also have to assume that live, in person, chanting and hopping along has to make for a killer experience. Don't miss out if you have the chance.

Be sure to stream the album any way you can (you can find it and all their prior efforts on Spotify.) If you're looking for the opportunity to catch 'em live, or just feel like keeping up with the band, tag along. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
I'm not usually a fan of Canadian pop. In fact, Canadians have this knack for over-commercializing their music that's usually far beyond my comfort zone. Adrian Underhill is my first exception. Now, don't get me wrong, pop is rarely ever my preferred genre, but Adrian's got this soulful R&B tendency that would likely stand out anywhere a mellow mood is appreciated.

I think the most balanced track on his latest effort is the lead single, Bed of Roses. It's got that soulful swing while maintaining a delicate air, and the background music doesn't work too hard but still remains talented. It feels composed lightly, but it's executed with a detailed performance that drapes the listener cozily.

This song will start the EP. It's quick, but subtle. It's the perfect pillow for the comfortable nap you're about to go through. By the time the song finishes, you'll be ready for the slight electronic twists and the much smoother sides.

Sadly, those three sides are the only ones we get to see here. The EP is three tracks in length, which falls a little shorter than I can usually appreciate. The truth is there's enough quality on there to hold you over for a future release. Tons of replay value.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
The careful layering of tracks and sounds on this EP, together with the vocal and written talent, lets my mind bask in the possibilities. I've no way to be certain if he'll be any good live. The production aids to such perfection; it could just go either way. That thought is followed by potential for future releases. We're seeing three very different yet incredibly similar songs on this release, could the material keep its quality in a full length LP?

I'm looking forward to finding out. I don't know when, and I don't care. If I get the chance to see him live I'll take it, and I hope to find out about a full length as soon as it's out. If you hope to get there as soon as I do, tag along and find him on Facebook or Twitter.
Just slightly out of my comfort zone, Sam Burchfield's debut EP is a folk-soul effort with an emphasis on the folk. Americana roots are obvious, but it's the jazzy tendencies and the soulful whims that make the effort such a promising entrance to our ears.

One of my favorite tracks just happens to be his latest single. She Got Your Love kinda feels like folk meets a nice soulful blues. The chorus will feel a bit commercialized, but there's a musical chemistry that really evens the setting out.

You'll hear the playful air instantly, with a jazz-scat-like melody twirling itself around your ears and with a backing band that gives active life to everything it graces. What stands out is the combination; here the culmination favors soul more than the folk beginnings, but that doesn't mean those roots are left behind.

The EP keeps a similar kind of cool, much like the centered base that gives She Got Your Love its balance. You could say that cool is a means to keep the effort safe, never delving too far deep into unknown territories, but the truth is his mix of genres is difficult enough to pull off on its own. If this is the debut, I look forward to the future.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp | iTunes
Where to Run will feature some pretty impressive vocal displays, and a clear appreciation for well played instruments. Even the simple details have more effort than the average modern day soul single. Where the EP might fall a little short is in new ideas. It keeps itself quick, sweet, and enjoyable. It doesn't give itself a lot of replay value, though I do admit it gets better with each listen.

If you're feeling the single, or were already a fan of the American Idol contestant, be sure to give the release a stream. You can find it on Spotify if nothing else works for you. When you're done getting to know the music, keep up with him on Facebook and Twitter.
I think it's a little too early for Christmas compilations to start springing up, but this one really hooked itself onto my ears. Most of the songs on here will at least mention Christmas, and of those, maybe half will actually feel like it. No, this was a Christmas effort put together by a bunch of rebels, and I like the way it sounds.

I think my favorite track could be a bit misleading. Nanaki's version of Auld Lang Syne remains true to its original composition, it just happens to have some progressive post-prog values added on for the fun of it. If you're into rock and the sounds of Christmas, don't pass this up.

Alright, so this is pretty cool. We've got that kind of slumbering rock feel at the beginning before the guitar truly picks things up, and it'll be even longer before the strength of its full force is shown. It's only six minutes long, stick around.

Here's where it could be misleading: this is a traditional holiday piece. All we see here are some alterations to make it unique. Most the rest of the album doesn't even bother with that. You're more likely to understand what the effort's about by hearing The BordellosHappy Christmas (McGee is an Arse).
Stream/Download @ Bandcamp
Don't go thinking the whole album is a humor-based Christmas spectacle, that's not what they want to portray. There's some humor, there's some new adaptations to old classics, and there's plenty of original Christmas/holiday related work. It doesn't have to be done, but they're doing it anyway.

I don't really know who the effort is or isn't for. You don't necessarily have to be in the mood for rock or the holidays, so this is more for the people who think it sounds interesting. The stream is free, and the album is name-your-price, so you lose nothing after you give it a shot.
In anticipation for his forthcoming album Misunderstood, Ethan Tucker has released a sweet live-set acoustic five-track EP. It's a free download, and we don't often get free music with such humbling emotional range. The least you could do is give him a quick listen.

Now, if you were taking the word "quick" literally, I'm sorry to say I'm going to stretch it out as far as possible. My favorite song from the EP runs just past six minutes in length, it's a cover of The Police's Roxanne with a bit of a twist. Without spoiling too much, let's just say you'd be crazy not to finish the listen. Don't spoil it for yourself, read no further, click play, and enjoy.

Don't be quick to give up on Ethan's cover. It switches a lot around, but realize everything he's going through. All this sound is coming from one person and his guitar. Take the time to admire how he switches his playing style at a whim as he sings, then follow that for an admiration of his readiness to beat box, and for how he manages to sneak in the classic Gnarls Barkley hit in such a way that it sounds like it belongs in the original recording.

The rest of the EP won't be ready to bend ideas as easily as the Roxanne cover, but that's only because it's not a cover release. You can expect three original songs from the upcoming album, today's featured version of Roxanne, and a cover of Bon Iver's Flume.
Free Download @
If you like acoustics, and you don't mind a live setting, go ahead and download the release. Streaming it in its entirety is currently impossible, but you can check out Cool Kids on Soundcloud to make sure he's for you. The download will cost you nothing more than your email address, so grab it while you can.

If you can't quite find it on his site right now, the above embed should work fine. If you're reading this early, he might still be on tour. He should be finishing up with California soon and moving on to Mexico in no more than a couple of days. Be sure to check out his tour dates to see if you can make it, or just tag along on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
It took me a while after I stumbled on to this jazz/funk cover album for me to realize who Shawn Lee was. The familiar sound was more than just a common appreciation for more relaxed elements, I heard this guy a large chunk of my youth in the Bully soundtrack. This guy is responsible for some fond old memories, so what better way for me to find his work than with an entire nostalgia trip of an effort with his Ping Pong Orchestra?

If near instrumental jazz sits well with you, you're in for a treat. You'll be hearing covers for everyone from Amy Winehouse to Missy Elliot, and from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Blur. This should give you an idea of the general era the album captures.

Today's feature, a cover of Badly Drawn Boy's Once Around the Block is one of my favorites on the release. It's got the same laid back air as the original, while experimenting with some ideas that change the composition a little bit while still maintaining the essence. I particularly like the way it incorporates a small chunk of My Favorite Things.

Most of the album goes through very similar moods, which means that most of the songs on there had to go through very extreme changes. The cool thing is how it all fits together, even if something sounds a bit more like surf rock or if the funk truly outdoes itself.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
There's some amazing transition work going on throughout the album, and there's also a notable appreciation for how catchy this era was supposed to be. The smooth jazz bit gets so good at some points that, when combined with iconic melodies, really just reminds me of a Richard Cheese cover. This isn't to say the music is comedic, just that there's a certain humorous medium between genres.

Give the stream a decent listen and see if it doesn't grow on you. If you end up loving the material, there's a pretty sweet yellow vinyl double LP you might just be interested in. Otherwise you might look forward to future material so tag along on Shawn's Twitter or on his joint Facebook account with AM.
To continue in the tone searching situation that I put myself through when I imagined the second part to my original song, The Programmed Lifespan, everything pointed towards the incorporation of three very special pedals. The song developed in such a way that the use of these pedals became natural. From mellow to intense, Nemphasis pedals worked in harmony with digital amp processors to achieve a pretty unique overall sound.

Perfection came with the names of: Liquid Mind Analog Chorus, White Scream Overdrive, and Silver Box Booster.

Overall cosmetics, tone, and personal thoughts:

Liquid Mind Chorus
A chorus pedal is something that no matter what type of musical style you play, you can always find a tasteful way to put it to good use. The Liquid Mind Analog Chorus is simple, elegant, and filled with the most sought after tone variations without sacrificing originality in the way it achieves these tones.

Depth is very deep and wide. Here is where the intensity of the effect does the Nemphasis magic. In its use on my song you can tell how the depth makes it feel like it's huge, like it has a long cave-like darkness to the tone.
Speed is where you can shape shift all the elements this pedal has. Many classic styles of chorus pedal uses are most commonly differentiated by the speed the chorus is set to. In my song you can clearly hear that the speed is set fairly high to further achieve that vibrating mysterious depth of feel.
And finally, Color. The Color knob on this pedal is something of great but simple detail. It works as a tone knob, but it doesn't let you wander off into settings that are questionable like in cheaper chorus pedals. In my song the color knob is set to a fair sounding middle setting, where it's neither too open nor closed.

Overall this pedal just screams smooth in the simplest of ways.
Depth - 10
Speed - 5
Color - 6

As the song progresses we enter a small buildup before the distortion rhythm part kicks in. We hear for the first time the outstanding tone of the White Scream OD.

White Scream Overdrive
As a metal guitarist, overdrives are just something you're into. It tames your amp in such a way that max tightness and definition can be achieved. The White Scream is a very special and unique OD. It's very clear and articulate in both high and low gain settings. The level knob is very wide and its response to dynamics is where this pedal shines the most. I consider it to be a more vintage type of overdrive, but with modern capabilities. With its treble and bass knobs, it becomes a versatile beast. The gain knob carries just the right amount of kick to be used alone or to push an amp's gain stage.

The settings used for my song are:
Level - 5
Gain - 8
treble - 7
Bass - 7

Overall this pedal will work for anybody that is looking to get out of that plain/stale sounding overdrive tone and into a more dynamic and powerful distortion amp gain push.

The song carries you from a calm ambient feel, to a more punchy and aggressive feel. One can't end a song like this without a good old fashioned solo! Here is where the cream of the crop steps in, my personal favorite boost pedal, the Silver Box Boost.

Silver Box Boost
Boost pedals are just so much fun. They truly carry endless applications for its use on a signal chain. This pedal, as I mentioned before, is my favorite boost pedal ever. It's so clean, yet it can really get dirty at the gain stage. The Silver Box can do it all; from being a regular boost, to behaving like an Overdrive and Distortion pedal. In my song, it's used to further add on the tone and gain that the White Overdrive is giving. The result is amazing, it cuts through the mix with ease and shines like no other boost pedal has, considering its application with virtual amp sims. It almost seems like no matter the setting you dial in, it manages to sound amazing.

Level - 10
Gain - 8
treble - 7
Bass - 7

There are few pedal companies out there that could withstand being the lone brand on a whole pedal board. Out of those few, Nemphasis Pedals is in my top 3. Having these pedals work together for this song has been a very refreshing tone experience. I recommend this company to anyone that is looking to invest in quality, true bypass pedals without sacrificing nor compromising anything. Owning a Nemphasis pedal is just a win-win situation in my book, even if you are just a studio sesh player or a live gig player. Nemphasis truly backs it up with serious products when they say “Play your inspiration.”

To purchase and contact Nemphasis Pedals please visit the links below!

Liquid Mind Analog Chorus
White Scream OD
Silver Box Boost
Nemphasis on Facebook

— Gio Mirage

Gio Mirage will play and review your gear!
Contact @:
What a release! Bent Knee's latest effort, Shiny Eyed Babies, fits under many labels (my favorite of which being avant-indie.) The best way to enjoy this experimental listen is to go in blind, though. You will only fully understand what to expect after you've heard it in its entirety, and even then the sounds will find ways to trick you.

Today's feature track is just one of my many favorites from the album. It'll start peaking your interest immediately, and it'll spread open its wings of talent with the same intensity. Once the vocals kick in and the music eases into itself, you'll have experienced an overload of emotion. The best part is it all fits into itself, tying itself together, and creating one giant knot of perfectly layered sounds.

If you go into the Bandcamp stream you can read the lyrics. They're a little difficult to hear the first time around, but understanding them is almost as rewarding as listening to the ins and outs of the melody. What might not be as pleasing to some is the alteration of melody at around the midway point. It'll end beautifully, though. A sweet piano based jazz will ease you into the opposite mood.

From here, comparing the rest of the album should only leave you with a hazy outline of understanding. Take the same experimental flow, some of the vibe, the intricacy of the lyrics, and keep it. Everything else is susceptible to change.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
I think my favorite part about the whole effort is they truly submerged themselves in the experimental idea. They'll experiment with instruments, ideas, and genres. You can hear the most beautifully out-of-sync tune and hear a slightly commercial track afterwards. Musical progression, symphonic inclinations, vocal range, it's all out there and most of it sounds mastered.

If you liked today's track, do yourself a favor and give the album stream a listen. You won't regret it. It took me the first five songs on Shiny Eyed Babies to realize I was in love, and I don't think it'll take much beyond that to convince anyone else. Once you're done, after you've bought the album, find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, for the latest news.
I'm more a fan of the distortion The Flaming Lips bring than I am of the band itself (I think it shows.) In their latest venture, covering Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in its entirety, I found myself mostly pleased. Sure, maybe track or two didn't sit well, but they turned most the album on its head. It couldn't all work.

One of my favorite songs from the release is their version of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. It'll feature Moby and Miley Cyrus, which sounds like it should be the most awkward pile of sound found in the main stream. I'm not saying it isn't awkward, but it's way better than it sounds.

The following embedded video is NSFW, it features an abundance of female nudity. Hopefully this SFW video is still up by the time you read this, otherwise you can find the single on Spotify.

The video alone is a hectic mess of a display, and then comes the music. Whatever Moby did, fit. When the chorus kicks in and you hear the explosion, it's surprising how well the chaos meshes with the rest of the song. Add Miley's smooth vocals, and you have a near experimental success.

The rest of the album features that same kind of mess. It doesn't always work, at least not for me, but plenty of people really dug their version of Fixing a Hole. If you end up not liking either of the featured songs, this effort might not be for you.
iTunes | Amazon
Some songs will be funny, some will turn through prog-rock corners, and others were clearly just for fun. It's gotten some pretty terrible ratings elsewhere on the net, but the truth is this album isn't made for the masses. If you get it you'll really enjoy it, and if you don't, you'll probably prefer the original versions so much that this will come off as rubbish. This is all okay, just be a good sport and give it a try first.

All proceeds go to The Bella Foundation, so give it a nice long listen and see if it's not worth purchasing. You can find the stream on Spotify.
I'm still not sure where I stand with L.E.O. (aka Love Equals Omnipotence.) There's themes and production based ideas that could rock the hip-hop world on its side if only the execution were a little smoother. And it's not terrible either, but it feels like he's got that word-by-word old school rap flow, when in modern day that's been smoothed out to a silk-like pattern.

The EP starts off with Aquaman, a well produced track that's very timid and sensible when compared to the four following tracks. It's a well told story, a smooth musical listen, but it still does its best to push away from the common perception of the genre. L.E.O. shows us in less than five minutes that he's real.

Here you'll hear a little bit of that squared off rap flow I mention, and frankly, here, it's more than tolerable. This track feels complete, it behaves as a well produced little extra for the fans willing to buy the album, except that the rest of the EP contains up-to-par quality and is yours for download absolutely free.

As the songs pass by the flow feels less and less polished, which might be a slight turn off for some. If you keep listening, though, you'll find some of the most matured rhymes I've heard this year. We're talking about eye-opening change-your-point-of-view lyrics, and the samples and skits you'll hear in between will only aid those ideas more gracefully.
Stream/Download @ SoundcloudAudioMack
If you're a fan of hip-hop at all, do yourself a favor and give Love at least one good listen. Even if you don't keep the music, the messages he brings are so positive and so honest, that it'll at least show you what can be done with the genre.

If you end up loving what you hear, show some love. Catch him on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest rhymes, news, and videos.
Heading into this with my open minded punk rock views, I tripped over something that sounds like it came from the late '90s with today's production quality to back it. Sunny Gang ended up being a punk-rap group with some other ideas floating in the background. You'll hear a little bit of Ska, and some of that rocked out rap that's been dying out.

Creep Jawn is one of my favorite tracks. It shows a bit of everything I've mentioned so far, and it's as addictive as it is rebellious. It's a good head banger and it's a decent mosh starter, which generally just means it's a pretty fun listen.

If you're looking to see more of that ska side, try Bloc Party, another one of my favorites. Between those two tracks you can really see their general vibe. I could see them playing at that one small local club where the music's always good, or at the 21+ beach concert.

After you've heard these tracks, be sure to check out the rest of the EP. It's all equally quick and fun, and most of it really sticks with you. The variety is enough for the five songs to benefit off each other, but it's all knit close enough to feel like the same thing.
Soundcloud | iTunes | Bigcartel
My main concern is how short the effort is. It's a tease of an EP, but it works so well I have to wonder if they can keep it up. There's variety, but I don't hear anything that needs a push. Maybe my standards this time are too low. I'd love to find out.

Until their next release, keep up with this one. You can hear it on Soundcloud or Spotify, and you can buy it at most major digital music stores. Once you've done all you're gonna, show some love by tagging along on their Facebook and Twitter.
Stumbling onto Kalacoma, I heard a first. Trip-rock is a thing, and the best way to understand it is to hear it. If I had to explain it, I'd say it contains the bubbling sensation trip-hop is usually known for, while maintaining the emotional flexibility progressive rock excels in.

A lot of their music might be a little too complicated for the average listener, even their lead single is a progressive and equally beautiful mess. To better cope, today we feature the EP's title track, Lost for Words. It's the first song on the effort and it really sets the mood.

Experimental percussion instantly catches my ear, sound distortion and other electronics help guide the complicated sound between the vocal echoes. Enter progression, individual talent, chemistry, and you'll start to see why their blend deserves to be heard.

The track list is well crafted. I can't lie, There For is by far my favorite song on the album, it's just not appreciated as well on its own than it can be when you hear every song back-to-back. The experimental sound needs that little bit of help to ease and guide into your appreciation.
Stream/Download @ Bandcamp
The stream is free, and the effort is name-your-price (or Pay As You Feel in their words) so there's really no excuse for leaving this one 'til later. The magic they've made deserves your ears now. Do keep in mind as you listen that their album feels like a finished effort, but still crisscrosses through different genres and emotions. Nothing an open mind can't handle.

Once you love the effort, which might take a few more minutes than usual, consider showing some support. Pay something for the work if you can, Like them on Facebook, Follow them on Twitter, or show up in Australia and watch them play live. It's bound to be a killer experience.
I wasn't expecting The Love Dimension's eclectic personality to shine as bright as I'm realizing it does. Punk, grunge, and regular old rebel rock and roll, will combine with beach rock, some swift pop rock tendencies, and even a traditional Americana side. The progressions involved in pulling this all off is where things start to get really good.

They're trying to push Inner Eye Insight out there, and it's a cool single and all, but it's got a lot less wow than some of these other songs. My pick today is Sure Get A Lot. It's gonna start with some obvious influences, it'll blend psychedelics with classic riffs from all over rock history, and it'll leave everything bubbly with the rock origin style vocals.

This one's gonna be a great breaking point for any listeners not already into progressive rock, and it'll ease into that by staying on a relatively simple path for long periods of time. It's nearly five minutes in length, so subtle time changes and musical partitions feel more like keeping things fresh rather than experimenting on their style.

Sporadic freak-outs feel at home on the album, and with The Love Dimension's warm embrace, you'll be sure to feel at home too. Some changes might be a little drastic, inspiring quick neck turns or a raised eye brow, but that's all part of the plan. They catch you with the peculiarities, they keep you with their talents.
Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
I think Create and Consume's only downside is the very component that makes it special: variety. It's so varied, wielding so many well played angles, that you kinda spoil yourself with whatever your personal preference is. The album as a whole makes for a great listen if you have the patience, but there's gonna be that one song that sticks with you a little more than the rest will. This is still pretty difficult to complain about.

Once you've given the album a good stream, show some love. There's limited edition vinyl copies if you really fell in love, and that'll come accompanied with an immediate digital download. You can also keep up with the band at their Facebook and Twitter accounts, or check out the live dynamic on Youtube.
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