Grupo Fantasma - Problemas

Grupo Fantasma came out with this Latin multi-genre album just a bit ago and I personally feel that this one is weird. Weird doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing. Weird can be awkward, sometimes more intriguing than usual, and in this case, a lot of fun. I can't say I love the album in its entirety, some of those weird dips lose me, but I applaud them for what they've done because aside from being weird, what they're doing is also ridiculously difficult to pull off.

Roto el Corazón was my first listen, and it was a great first listen because it prepares the rest of the album pretty well. The single has some awkward moments, but it also carries that slightly progressive flow that makes you wanna shake.

The other publicly available single is Sólo un Sueño which might be worth checking out if you're curious about the variety. If you dig it, you might wanna find the album stream. I found it on Spotify but I'm sure it's elsewhere on the internet.

What I ended up loving about the album is that there's songs on there that are way better than Roto el Corazón. The Afro-percussion is of quality, the Latin influences are varied and strong, where it starts to lose me is with the lyrics, but that's mostly because I understand Spanish and I see how different these lyrics can be when compared to the genres they're bringing back to life.
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I put Problemas somewhere between albums you need to hear, and efforts that could have been significantly better with a little more insight. To the average listener this is one of those catchy albums that you don't wanna play too often, but you love to put on regardless.

Find it on Spotify or wherever you might find it, enjoy the stream, become a fan, and support them with a purchase if it feels right.

Otherwise, feel free to connect with them on:
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