I felt connected. You know when you listen to a song that first time and it captivates you? It's not necessarily an amazing first listen but you want it again, and pretty soon you wanna keep listening to it in the future. It's the dreamy keys and the thick synths combined with those beautiful smokey vocals.

The blend, especially with Miranda Realino's jazzy vocals, is a success for the dream electronica sound, and it was everything I was hoping for from the EP, How Could We Have Known. Fortunately, it's not just this thick airy ideal, but a blend of chilled electronics with a number of friends lending support and character to the effort.

You can stream (some of?) it on Soundcloud.

I don't know where you could buy this
The duo are currently working on a future album that won't be out until at least the second half of next year. Enjoy this on the meantime, get used to the guests and the chill/bass driven sounds, it's to be expected for that future release.

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Off The Ground is Aaron Cohen's latest release. It's produced entirely by Kemal and the combination of both their talents is why this hip-hop EP deserves your attention. Think dark bass influenced music production with honest quick-witted rhymes.

The more I listen, the more attached I get to the tracks. Still, I know a lot of people that wanna get to what's good immediately, so a few D4AM track picks include:
  • Off the Ground
  • A Cosmic Sense of Humor
  • Grey Soul
It might take a little more hip-hop appreciation to understand the depths Aaron's exercising, but for the most part these tracks are good for anybody who likes rhymes and urban moods.

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I think it's safe to say this album couldn't be closer to expressing its mood with any other duo. During those few times where Aaron's lyrics allow you to drift off, Kemal is right there making sure you want to listen to what's next. When Aaron goes a little too far with impeccably rapped truths, Kemal is there making sure the production is up to par.

What I'm getting at is it's an impressive EP.

It's eight tracks long at just 24 minutes in length, and its replay value is high. Stream it (Off The Ground is available on Spotify) and you'll see what I mean. Every replay is giving in to your Aaron Cohen addiction. Enjoy.

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What do you get when you mix modern R&B with a quality urban background? And who are The Pheels to be presenting something like that?

likeWise is an enchanting experience. It's honest, and it sometimes coats ugly truths with quality production to make you fall into it. Thick bass lines, smooth musical transitions, and lyrics with nods to some amazing inspiring talents. A personal favorite example are Tupac lines on RnS.

There's a couple of tracks I'm not crazy about, but the rest of the EP has so much replay potential that I started singing along anyway.

I think they really nailed it with the track list.

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It works in a way that the tracks compliment each other. The result is an EP you want to stream all the way through. It's not the same listening to your favorite tracks without their surroundings, though the better tracks can definitely hold being played all on their own.

So, who are The Pheels?

I don't know, man. Atlanta natives making fresh music for a very wide audience.  I recommend remembering who they are, likeWise feels like it's just the beginning.

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This gem of an EP has been out for about 10 days now, and I've been listening to it since day one. Six tracks make up the list, and all of them connect with me. Novaa is great on her own, she'll offer lyrics with depth and beautiful melodies. Moglii focuses on production, smooth, natural, relaxed, and more often than not, upbeat.

Before Down Under, the German duo were solo acts, but it's not every day separate acts debut together, and it's even less frequent that it works so well. Just listen to the title track open the EP for you.

You'll get it.

It's wise to roam about with the music, leave the stream on a while. Different songs strike differently at different moments. As you pay attention, and if you like awkward electronic music, I'd have to recommend Same for an early listen.

Same features excellent bass and sampled vocals.

I hope there's more. This EP is a great way to spread their individual talents out into the world, and when you go to Moglii or Novaa's Soundclouds, you'll hear they don't really need each other. It's such a nice combination, and the EP is so well done, that I'd love to see what a full length effort would sound like anyway.

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I was hesitant. I've been focusing on Butterscotch's Youtube videos for a while now, and the way I saw it the EP could either grow into something stunning or remain an unpolished gem.

I wasn't let down. The beatboxing singer-songwriter provides growth, beautiful melodies and trip-hop attitude.

The magic of it is something doesn't sound like everything you hear in a weekly basis, but it's also hard to put your finger on it. Think of a clean R&B sound, and then think of the beat boxing completely matching with some great musical production. Think of silky vocals making it seem easy, and you'll have an idea of what the EP is made up of.

What's best, the entire EP flirts in the same kind of quality. Nothing ever goes wrong, there's always something to pay attention to. That's not to be without some really stand-out tracks, but the reason I find preference over some songs feels purely biased.

Stream/Buy @ Bandcamp
I recommend the stream, it's quick and will most likely bend to better suit your day. You'll see.

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I wasn't impressed at first, but after a few tracks (and then a few replays) you start to get where the production is going. It was only after I started to admire the work that I found out Blue Book took two and a half years to create.

What is it?

Tor's produced a very relaxing, almost ambient trip-hop. Unless you consider sampled or minimal vocals otherwise, the album is completely instrumental. Some might say it's excellent background music, but I think the album is much more attractive on its surface.

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If you wanna skip around a bit, a few personal favorite tracks include the lead single Days Gone, Myth, and Sunyata, but all the other tracks hold their magic, too. I realized upon re-inspection that much like a good movie, you go back and hear different things in different ways with each listen. Hear it out at least once and you'll see what I mean.

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What are we listening to?

Jasmine Rodgers is a singer-songwriter who's really good with folk and alt-rock. Her latest double A-side Sense / Icicles displays a little bit of both worlds, and the Icicles remix is there to demonstrate her voice suits multiple genres excellently.

Icicles isn't really my favorite track, but I admire how well produced everything is. I really do mean everything. From the music to the video to the bare poetry of her lyrics. Icicles was a decent start, and I just barely like it more than the drum and bass remix (which I still recommend you check out.)

Then there's Sense.

Sense is exactly to my liking. It's the alt-side of her music baby, and I personally felt it to be a lot more contagious. I'm listening to intricate acoustic work, pop fundamentals, and an excellent segue into Icicles.

I think I love that her music fits together. It's two songs, but it's still like fitting a puzzle together with random colored pieces.

If you like what you hear, these tracks will be out June 17th, and there should be a full album release sometime in September.

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It started with potential when I heard singles here and there with solid rhymes.

Then I finished it. It starts off wirh Morning Sex, a three minute intro to the iiiDrops experience. I thought I was about to be stunned. You'll hear it. It's quick wit and educated rhymes over layers of experience in a single incredibly well produced song.

About halfway through I started to feel it getting stale. I was wrong in a sense, but the idea of it deteriorating somehow is something I still hear pretty clearly.

The mixtape is basically a lot of potential and a few pretty good ideas, wrapped with his own experience and understanding.

For the most part he does an amazing hype job. Listen to tracks like Photobooth and you can feel it out for yourself. It's those moments that build the iiiDrops base. Everything else is mostly solid with a lot of room for greatness.

I'm not sure where I stand. I love the hype but I'm not feeling the lyrics of substance. I really don't like the moaned verses, but they work to the mixtape's advantage so I sucked it up and made peace with everything else.

Maybe the point went over my head. Maybe I'll listen to my favorite tracks in a couple of months and realize the iiiDrop references or something, or maybe nothing happens until Joey combines wit, charisma and substance on a future release. I'm ready to find out.

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