Jaunt - Chat

Jaunt made a cute pop rock sound, applied it to an entire EP, and demonstrated that you can be fluffy and inspired at the same time.

It's not like it's impossible, and it's not that it hasn't been done before. It's just that when you listen to a track like Hello, the album's opener, you don't normally expect a dedicated work of art. It's a wonderful surprise when that's what you end up with.


I can see Chat painted on a canvas in bright colors with emotionally complex silhouettes.

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Lyrics and titles can help guide you, but it's so heavily reliant on how tangible a beautiful sound is, that I found myself lost in the effort before it was finished.

I didn't really love track 2, Gentle Reminder, but the way I see it, 5 out of 6 is amazing. Even if I wanted to nitpick, the fact that this is the kind of album that exceeds my already high expectations kinda makes up for a lot of non-existant flaws in the EP.

If you're feeling it the way I'm feeling it,
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